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So as said my soon to be cosplays are focused around Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem , I recently started making my own cosplays about a year ago , making armor for the first time this May :D I want to improve my sewing skills but lack of money I have to cut back :/

I got started in the Hetalia fandom and ordered my cosplay online starting off as Canada only buying a simple hoodie and wig then cosplaying Austria for the past 3 years . Then I broke out of my shell and made my own cosplay last year which felt great :D My greatest achievement was making Titania this year as I broke away from Hetalia and tried something challenging for me which was armor and all the compliments I got brought me to be confident in making more challenging cosplays such as Firion :D

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Okay my breastplate is kind of snug . So, I added 2 extra panels on the sides as my chest has grown in the past few weeks |D . Gah i`m not ready for this.

Well only 2 weeks left and I have more than enough to do , interview tomorrow and a college deadline the week after expo ;;3;;.

My list of what I need to do :
Sew together the breastplate
Pin and sew trouser panels .
Insert padding into the breastplate
Sew boot covers
Add the elastic to armor
Add beads to bandana
Make the belt
Dye cape fabric
Paint the sword

I think that`s it - there`s probably more.

Good luck to everyone for the next 2 weeks!

Just realised I haven`t been updating this XD;; I bought all materials for the trousers and a ton of craft foam to start with making his armor. I finished his wig over the christmas holiday and started making the templates to cut out for his weapons and armor.

Pffft and I just ran out of gold spray paint |D Sealed it with varnish and leaving it to dry so nothing can touch it. If it keeps cracking I don`t know what to do XD

Need to add studs to the gloves and then completed :D Sorry haven`t uploaded any photos yet , hopefully will do in the summer.

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