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Started cosplaying years ago on a whim, initially I made a Halo helmet to challenge myself (Pepping one-handed? Madness!) and managed it so I ended up making a whole suit! And with a suit, well, I had to go to a Con eh? Went to Dee'Con, loved it and just carried on from there.
Picking up again after a rather nasty relationship-related hiatus and just going full-steam ahead this year!

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I learned a lot from my Sarge cosplay.

Sizes: The shoulders need to be a bit bigger, as do the chest and thighs (the thigh pieces bit into the back of my knee terribly) and the glove pieces are ok but may be slightly better being a teensy bit bigger.

Smoothness: All in all the Sarge suit went down amazingly even with all it's imperfections, but it made me see for my own sake I really want to smooth the Meta hugely to get the right look in white!

Fastening: Big thing I learned was to make the fasteners tougher and more secured on. The chests upper fastener came apart at the end of the day as did the codpiece one. The idea since was to do a rig that sits on my shoulders, wraps round my chest and acts as an anchor point for the shoulders / cod / thighs. The calves also need something to hold them straight and up.

Padding / comfort: Overall I'm happy with the padding really! Could have been better but it served it's purpose and the only aches I have are muscles from 5 hours in the suit and a bit of wear on the back of my knees. One change I'd like to make would be to add in working fans to the helmet as it steamed up something awful.

All this is a learning experience for me, and it gives me a slightly better starting point for the Meta suit build... Temptation at the moment is to rebuild the t highs / shoulders slightly bigger and better smoothed, then cast them and make two sets, one white, one red. That way I can upgrade Sarge step by step and build the Meta...

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