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Started cosplaying in Oct 2005, with the first Ichigo the attend MCM Expo. No one knew who I was except a group of Japanese people who went mental. Bleach had only been out a few months by that point.

Been spending ever higher amounts of money and invested time ever since. Have attened every expo since then, including Japanex.

The costumes that have not been made solely by me have had the credit given.

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The gold trim didnt do what I wanted so I noticed I will need to use twice as much as I needed before I make it work. Damn.

Today I made the double breast, sewed it in and then sewn in the lining.

Made the coat lining today. Found this awesome burnt orange material in the local material shop. Literally only had like 2.7 meters of it left, I needed 2.6! Unfortunately the camera doesn't pic up on the awesomeness of this material.

Begun the coat today. Managed to get the main bulk of it done.I think I may have put the two lower front panels in the wrong way round as the coat doesnt meet in the middle. But having thought about it I think this may work to my advantage.

Myself,Josh and Charlotte had a costume dry run yesterday. Some issues were noted on all costumes but all in all it was a great success.

Finished the bracers by painting the backs and lacing them. Also finished off the belt system.

Finished painting the swords and daggers and second set of throwing knives. Started on the belt system and sword frogs.

I have added eyelets to my trousers so the greaves can be tied to them stopping them from slipping down.

While waiting for the paint layers to dry on the swords I have made a large potion pouch.

Ok so after tonights dry run I have realised a few things.
1) The leather straps I bought on purpose because I thought it would look more real than rope snaps and I cant tighten anything tight. So I will need to go with rope anyway :/
2) I really need to find my braces that have completely vanished or make new ones :/
3) The tops on my greaves slip down as I walk so I will need to think of a way to fix that. Still need to make gauntlets but other than getting the pouches on, throwing knives on and extra little bits a pieces its all looking good :D

Started the short swords today and also layered some filler on the daggers.

Added the padded armour to the stomach section. Progress so far.

Added a pair of padded armour sections to the trousers.

1st set of knife scabbards are rivetted. Need more eyelets for corners.

Finished the belts by painting the back brown and the sides to cover the white of the interfacing.

Some throwing knives laser cut by Chris. Needs edges and paint.

Completed the boots and the lower leg armour. Started to modpodge them and paint them. Also mounted the pockets onto the belt armour.

Painted the chest and back plates. Also Josh found some split pins to finish off the effect.

Started the paint the belt

Started construction on the boots

Josh wired up my LEDs today for the belt and the front and back of the chest.

I started and finished a gauntlet.

Also, started a arm armour section and added the ipod to it.

Started the gloves by adding the nails.
Charlotte made two pouches for the belt and clip harness.
Mounted the LEDs into the armour.
Second makeup test done by Charlotte.

Started moulding the upper boot base and added the clips. Run out of hot glue sticks so no more work until these arrive. :/

Templated and cut out the foam for the armour boots.

Templeted the thigh armour, cut out the pieces, shaped them and added detail to one of them. Covered in PVA to seal.

Also ironed the coat flat.

Hemmed the edges, the bottom and added the sleeves and hemmed them.

Josh was also kind enough to mess up his gauntlets so I can have them since they fit me fine, cheers.

Pattern cut out. Pieces cut out and the main coat shape sewn followed by the collar.

Belt armour templated. Then cut and shaped and stuck. Then I done more detail work on the chest piece.

Added straps to the armour so it fits me and moulded it some more. Im now happy with the basic shape.

Templated the base armour. Cut out the foam sections and started moulding.

Completed the cloak today by sizing and hemming the sleeves. Also the bottom of the robe to my size. Also added the collor section to hide the seam around the neck.

Started the cloak by cutting out the material, and then piecing it together using the overlocker. Then made a hood pattern from a guide on the internest and pleated it to fit my cloak.

Need to hem the sleeves, hem the bottom and add the collor.

So I ripped out some pockets from an old pair of trousers I had and added them to the Tachigami trousers to help on the day.

Had a test fit today and everything looks great. I really happy with it all.

Just had to add a stitch into the sleeves of the cloak and the ribon on the arm sleeves.

Made the belt. Made it really long and added loads of velcro so it takes the weight of the cloak well.

Made the scarf out of black fleese.

The sword is now completely blue :D

Started and completed the dangly bits.

Cut the holes in the sword and covered in PVA.

Fillered the holes and errors in the sword.

Added the spine down the length of the sword. Also screwed on the L pommel.

Also started and finshed the socks today too.

The sword pommel was cut out today twice and glued together. Also the hand guard was cut and glued to the sword.

Cut out and applied an edge to the sword.

Marked out the sword on the foam and cut in the pole through the middle

Started the sword with sticking together the two foam sheets to create one long enough for the sword. Then templated the actual blade section.

Worked out and contructed the sleeves.

Airbrushed the robe with the pattern

Bought the material for the cloaks and the coat today along with the patterns needed. £177 all in all...

The robe has been finished off construction wise. Happy with it. Just need to airbrush the red pattern on when I have the mindset.

Also added the zip to the red top. Have found out though that it doesnt sit right around the neck so will need adjusting.

The second batch of material turned up today so I managed to get the last sections cut out and overlocked. I started construction on the robe, it was very large but by the time Id pleated the top it fitted fine. Just need to adjust the sleeves and add the hood.

I started the top today. Finished the basic shape. Just need to wait for a zip. Then need to add the details like the dangly bits.

Today I worked out the pattern for the robe and after much hardship drawing it out on newspaper I finally started to cut out the sections needed. I didnt have enough in the end so need to wait for more to turn up. I cut out the sections and overlocked the edges.

Started of by sorting the pattern for the top. Used and old T Shirt and modded it to how I needed it to look. Then cut out the sections and started sewing them together. Kind of need to make it up as I go along abit.

Started the trousers today by cutting out a pattern and cutting out the material. Hopefully the pattern I have done will be right. But we shall see tomorrow when I put it together.

I fitted the shirt to myself completly. It fits me so well I have to put it on by stepping into it since my hips are smaller than my shoulders. Also I have to be naked to it to fit over my arse XD so yes it is as tight as it can go.

I cut out the back of the shirt today and as I feared it will need interfacing, so I have ordered some iron on interfacing from eBay.

I have redone the collor and am much happier with the results. Also mostly completed the tie.

Attempted to make the collor, however I am unhappy with my efforts. I think I will attempt a remake soon.

Done the first stage of the shirt today. Same as my Black Star basicly just took it in abit around the arms and neck so its not so lose fit. Need to add the collor and shape it to me. Then I need to work out removing the back...

Made the box bits at the bottom of the Nikita and put it all together.

Started working on the Nikita Missile Launcher :D

Cut the tube down to size and made the sight.

Completed the blue sections under the knee and elbo pads.

This completed the costume :D

Finished the holster for the gun and fixed it to the armour :D

Added the three pockets to the armour.

Finished the last of the three small pockets.

Finished two of the three smaller pockets :D

Ordered the gloves, elbo & knee pads, gun holster and wig today. So thats everything bought, now just to finish the making of the costume. Just the pockets and the blue sections on the grey undersuit to be do when the knee & elbo pads arrive.

Started work on the smaller pockets on the body armour. Cut the card and fabric, made up one pocket.

Also finished work on the grey top shoulders. Sewed all round the sections.

Started on the shoulder sections on the grey top. Added the eyelets and started attaching them to the top itself.

Added the claymore pocket to the body armour.

Ajusted the collor on the grey top to have a better latch. Added a longer back to the grey top as it was to short, when I bent over i got builders bum lol

Also added some elastic to the trouser bottems to go under my feet to keep the trousers down.

Adjusted the webbing so it fits better around my nuts and arse XD

Completed the body armour today. Just got the pockets to attach to the belt.

Started on the shoulder straps and managed to finish the right shoulder before having enough.

Sewed on the collor tonight. Looks good :D

Done some more sewing on the main body armour. Prepped the collor to be sewn on.

Added the front velcro flap to cover the zip used.

Bought some more thread and some elastic so can now finish the trousers and the top.

Base armour sections sewed together. Got the zip from an old coat I dont use anymore. It fits me great but no longer fits on the dummy :(

Cut template into sections and used the template to cut out the foam.

Cut the material out.

Sewed it all together.

Base of the body armour done.

Templated the body armour using card and tape.

Done most of the Top today. Just need to add a sleeve and sort the cuffs. Then all is required is making into military wear.

Added some velcro to the trousers and legthened them abit.

Cut out the pattern for the top and the material needed.

Started and finished the trousers today. First time Ive used a sewing machine to make a cosplay and Im very happy with how it went.

Suit turned up, its epic.

Now need to sort out the buttons on the front.


Basicly finished everything except the feet armour and the capes.

Painted the sword, moulded the shoulder pads part 1 and fibre glassed the elbo armour. The covered the elbo armour in filler.

Painted the upper leg armour parts along with the sword layers. I also put the handle in the sword, doing this I did break it so I had to fix it with filler. I also fixed the triangle sections to the knee armour.

Filled the sword with expandy foam to give more stability. Sanded the sword, sword pieces and the upper leg armour. Then covered all these with filler.

Repainted the body, and done some more fibre glassing on the sword parts. Also fibre glassed the pointy knee pieces.

Fibre glasses the sword, and created the mould for the shoulder pads. Covered the body with a protective clear paint, however this took off the shine so I will be repainting the body.

Primed the body and filled the holes found with pva and primed again. Also cut the shoulders so I can get in it, though this did scrap the f**k out of my ears :'(

Primed and painted the little skirt pieces and small arm pieces.

Fillered the small arm pieces, fake layers on the skirt and grieves. Sanded all these pieces and started to hand sand the costume to make it super smooth.

Added the layers to the 'Skirt', fibre glassed the top leg armour pieces and added and sanded some more filler.

Main body section fillered and sanded down.

Fibre glassed the top side of the arm guards and started the body, but the temperature is causing problems.

After consulting screen shots of Lelouch and the Geass I have decided the contacts are right.

what you guys think?

The contacts arrived today and are two different colours FFS!!!!

Have sent them an email to see how this can be sorted out.

Have now added red contacts and custom fangs to the costume.

Today the total time racked upto around 13 hours.

We completed the lower leg armour pieces, the knee armour pieces, started and failed the shoes and started the elbo armour pieces.

Today we completed the outer skirt, the lower skirt, the grieves and the thigh sections.

Total costume time so far around 9 hours.

Finished the 'under arm guards'. These took about an hour.

Also tried and epicly failed the shoulders, now going to mould them.

After nearly 5 hours I (and Wayne) have managed to do the base for the chest piece.

Also I have managed to make a cast of my legs to able me to make the leg pieces without someones help.

Ive ordered contacts from 9mmsfx for this costume. They were £217 with postage so they had better be dam good! Will post a pic when they arrive.

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