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Been juggling with cosplay alongside my studies for a couple of years now but still learning lots and lots of new stuff!

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Necklace finally done! spray painted and glued the pendant and then attached the ring, inner jewel and chain. Really pleased with it. :) (plus, my new wig arrived!)

Covered the entire thing with paper mache to go over rough or gappy parts between the styrene and foam, I'll go over it all in PVA and then hopefully I'll be ready for painting!

Styrene plastic glued over all the edges for a better finish and support. Started work on the hilt too using upholstery foam for the main body and then covering with styrene plastic also. I think I may just beat this thing! :)

It's been quite a mare to make this but the hardest part is over at least! Used air dry clay for the pendant (the rings were very tough). Just needs some cleaning up then painting before I can finish off the rest of the necklace.

I used an old pair of military style boots I had and panted the whole shoe with khaki and white paint - still need some cleaning up around the edges but are pretty much done! Also had to buy some black boot laces. I'm so happy with how they've turned out, didn't think I'd manage to get something as similar to hers as I have. :D

Almost finished the skirt! I'm really pleased with how it looks on (will upload a pic once I get the details done.) Fabric could have slightly more white in it but I can deal with it. Managed to get this done fairly quickly too - focusing on the blouse now :)

Scoured hobbycraft for bracelet and hairband beads. Happy with this for the hair band, crossing my fingers it holds together as I'm definitely not much of a jewellery maker >.<

Glued craft foam pieces to the foam body to give it more shape and structure. Will then apply styrene plastic to the edging.

Slowly eating away at the main suit. Needs more adjustments but I've put together the torso and shrug-like sections using leather and brown velvet. My resources are failing me with this one and i'll need more leather for the skirt before I can do much more. Powering through though!

Have been working on the feathery bra type part of the costume using an old bra and covering it with brown velvet and then feathers. Still a bit to do but I'm out of glue!:'(
Anyway, progress is good so far.

Doing a little work on the sword body right now - shape cut from upholstery foam. Lots and lots and lots to do!
- planning on adding structure and better shaping with a layer of EVA foam and then plastic styrene :)

So so pleased I attempted to make my own Paladin for this cosplay! It's pretty much finished now but it's taken me over 10 hours to complete.
I started with a wooden base cut from a basic template of the gun (about 4 sheets of wood stuck together). I then padded this out by cutting the outer, detailed layers out of foam and carving in the details of these with a craft knife. I used air dry clay to shape all the edges (and a hell of a lot of sanding). I primed with gesso and used spray paints for the base colour ( the handle is a textured base paint) - then all the painting details were done with acrylic :)

Just a couple more details (barrels, trigger) and it's all done and dusted :D

So I've been focusing on the top of Miri's suit and the hardest part by far was the pattern itself. I made my own block print for the hexagons ( actually 2, but I decided the first was too small) and then printed the 3 metres of lycra myself T.T they were the bane of my life for quite sometime but they turned out alright, I think.

Anyway, making some major progress on the top itself (lots more detailing, hemming, adjusting to do but still). It's been a real challenge to make as I'm quite a beginner but I'm actually very pleased with how things are going :)

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