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Previous cons/events:
Manchester MCM Expo; July 2011 - Cosplayed as: KHII Sora
ReplayExpo; November 2011 - Cosplayed as: KHII Sora
DokiDoki Festival; November 2011 - Cosplayed as: KHII Sora
Midlands MCM Expo; February 2012 - Suited as: Blitz
SunnyCon; March 2012 - Suited as: Blitz
Manchester MCM Expo; July 2012 - Suiting as: Zeph
Play Expo; October 2012 - Suiting as: Zeph
London MCM Expo; October 2012 - Fri: Dino, Sat: Adult Lambo, Sun: Dino Cavallone

Upcoming cons/events:
Manchester MCM Expo; July 2013 - 10th Doctor

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Annoying or what!? Well just finished drawing a quick plan of action out to make the gloves D; Not gonna be that good but they'll hopefully be better than the ones that come with the cosplay and theyll do for one expo eh! xD
AND HOPEFULLY my cosplay should get here in the next day or two! So ther'll be picture of the full costume on ASAP ;D

I think I've bought everything now. Apart from maybe a new necklace and gloves, I'll have to see what they look like when they get here. But so far now I just need to pick the wig and shoes up and wait for the cosplay to come :D

Found an awesome person who is commisioning the Sora shoes for meeeee :D
Might get the wig from her too if I can fork out enough munny >.<'
Gettin the cosplay ordered at the weekend woo!

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