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Went to our first convention in July 2010 (LFCC) and she fell in love and awe at the costumes on display.

She was determined to give it a go for LFCC 2011 and the planning started in January 2011. Since then, any Con she can go to, she will and anything re Cosplay she's interested in (and I've become an expert in editing programmes for her that people tell her she should watch....)

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Going for something simple this time. Just using an old dress and just adding cut out felt for the trees, clouds etc.

Almost there. We've cut the sword stick in half and put a screw thread inside and, remade the belt buckle. I think that's it.

Very rough cut, but with a bit of sandpaper (and some luck) we might get there this time.

So we measured out and then cut into vaguely the right proportions then marked out for further cutting.

So having failed horribly at the practice sword, we're going to try and do Needle because that will be soooo much easier (won't it?)

We're just not going to get this ready for May. Switched to LFCC. Still at least we can go the whole hog with the extra time.

Our sword making skills are poo......

...time to get started. A change of plan in that we'll kick off with the basic costume first (i.e. without the shoulder belt and all the kit, grenades, knifes, guns etc) and hope to complete for May Expo. We just didn't have the time/funds last year to do these so we'll aim to add the extra bits for July's LFCC. At least that's the plan...

Some wash in/wash out and it looks not too bad.

We've permission from her school to go ginge!

Cutting both t shirts the same and then sewing the right bits together...

Just need a cunning plan to merge them together....

It works! Just need to paint it up.

Ok, so we just wrapped some leatherette around itself and then added a buckle, but we're quite pleased

Sketching out the template and the all important task of making sure she can get her sweeties in it!

Gloves and boots bought in the sale (hurrah), skirt sort of done. Cape also (might need some twiddling to get to sit right). We've done a dry run of the mask but need to adjust the model slightly also we need the right colour (blue?). Two T-shirts on the way (one blue, one black) which we plan to cut up and sew back together to get the tshirt design right. Then it's just the the utility belt...

Pair of size 8's in the sale to be cut down to size something or other. Very small anyway....

El's asked me to put as many pictures of her making this one up as I can. (I think she worries that people don't thinks she makes most of her own costumes) so here we go. First cut....

Ack, looks awful. Have to try again.

With El being a fan of the old school Birds of Prey this seemed to be a natural for her. The big plus for us is that it's almost a "hit girl lite" and will give us the chance to practice making a cloak and utility belt.

So we're going to do the props first - all of them! We'll leave the actual costume until a little closer to the time. This might be tempting fate of course but children do have this habit of growing and the thought of making it all and then El shooting up a few inches..

Of course, I could always not feed her for a bit but that does seem slightly extreme. Slightly.

Switched back to in progress as we're determined to make the sword and give this one a proper airing.

Ended up late getting to Expo due to train delays, so after the mad rush to get the costume finished, poor El had about an hour in it before having to get changed for the masquerade...


Mad rush today to make the blouse and finish the trousers due to other things on. Icky moment when we released we'd sewed the sleeves on back to front (oh, how we, thinking about it we didn't). Just need to tighten everything up and add another drawstring thingy and we're done. No sword for Expo though :(

Hacked and slayed the trousers to a better fit and started sewing up...

Adding a tag to the tie to stop it flapping around....

What with the move, everything's been a bit slow but we finally gave the guns their first paint job. Still to tidy up but getting there.

Everything's slightly too big but with a bit of tailoring and the right hairstyle we're pretty close. Must crack on with the gun.

Just got the blouse.....only the gun to make now

Found the material! We can finally start making and cutting...

With the main hit girl costume being more complex than we thought we're going to throw this one together as a standby. It'll also come in handy in case the other costume gets too heavy or hot allowing a quick change for some respite.

Toy pistols on the way - they'll need a serious paint job though, but should do the trick.

We might have also found the smoke grenade (currently a fishing float at her Granddads...)

Think I've managed to track down the right models (not real ones obviously!)

Cripes this is going to a tough one to do well.

The costume might not be too bad. A catsuit (OK, done one of those), with some strange knee and elbow pads (Hmm) plus a cloak. Not too bad so far. Found some different material too which will be lighter but is more the correct colour.

It's the extras - and how many to include. Belt, obviously. But sword?, Balisong?, knuckle dusters? (knuckle dusters!). Do we do the gun jackety holster thing? If so then guns, knife, and grenade are needed.

I need a lie down....

Starting working how to do this.

The top looks more difficult than we thought (those ruffs at the top) but we'll work it out

So some sample leatherette arrived but it just doesn't look right - not sure it's the right material type at all. Must research more.

Got some cheap boots which we're going to modify.

Prototype done. Eleanor's old Baby Bjorn doll now has a fetching catwoman cowl...

Ok, so big push today with lots of progress. All good until the goram zip broke...

Rude words may have been said.

Arms done, but a long way to go yet. Only 9 weeks to expo so we'll have to put a bit more time in..

So the bodice is now officially put together. We've sewn an arm and , er, don't know what to do with it next. But we'll get there. Probably.

OK, other than the pass it's all bought via Asda or Claires, but still fairly passable considering the timeframe.

Sudden clamour for a costume for Super Comic Con hence a quick fix.

Eleanor: It looks like we will need two cans of hair dye. It felt like air coming out of a can.

Leatherette's turned up as has a rather natty pair of glasses to convert. Quite excited by this one if we can make it, that is..

We've seen where we can get the right colour leatherette and we've just bought some hair dye for a trial (yes, I know it should be a wig, but El hates wearing a wig). We'll see what a purple bob looks like on her next week....

Eleanors dad: Paint test was a success!

(we just need to paint another 1,186 of them now...)

We're convinced the nailheads are an off gold colour. Burnished Gold maybe. Anyway, trip to Halfords to see what they had and Ford did a paint close to what we think we need. We've pressed some nailheads into some bluetack and given them a quick spray. For the moment they look good, but we'll see what they are like when dry.

Trying to work out what colour the nailheads should be. Gold? Brass? Bah! We've got silver at the moment so we need to paint them but gold looks too bright. Brass then. Probably.

Nailheads have turned up. Need to paint them first but we should be able to start marking out this weekend..

Finally got around to taking the measurements today. Just need to get some leatherette now..

So we redid the voil, fitted the dress and we're sort of there. All sewn up. Just have to mark out the pattern and learn how to fix 1200 nailheads to a dress. Easy.....

Eleanors dad: Fitted the Voil. Hurrah!...and then we trimmed a bit too much off......:(

Eleanor: We have now finished the straps! We now need to do the voil.

Eleanor: We have started the voil we have traced around the other part of the dress so we can get the pattern about right.

Eleanor: The glue isn't working for us. We did a experiment, and the glue stained the material so we need to find a new glue.

Eleanors Dad: So we have the panels with hems done which is good - we now have to put it together into a dress. Um.

We're going to use fabric glue at first just so we can re-position the panels if we get it wrong. So far our tailors dummy has been El lying on the floor on top of the fabric as we wrap her up in the panels. Not terribly sophisticated.

Once we're happy with the glued position we shall (drum roll) bring out the sewing machine! Oh yes, indeedy.....

(and of course if we're not happy and the glues dried we just throw it in the washing machine until it comes apart again)

We were searching around for a 3rd cosplay for the 2012 "season" until I saw Kick Ass last night. No way El can see it in full (not even sure she could see an edited version to be honest) but she would be the right size/age to carry it off.

To buy or to make?

(eep, and if bought, where from without it being embarassing)

Eleanor's dad: At a loose end so made the template for the charm at the end of the whip.

Eleanors dad: The roughing up of the foam board went OK. Scrubbed it with a scourer, painted it and then scrubbed it again. Finally washed it with diluted brown paint. Came out nicely battered. Edges are still rubbish though so need to tidy up and put the string handle on.

Eleanors dad: Sword is finally there. We weren't happy with the 2nd prototype but 3rd time is a charm (bah. Update - no it isn't. We've just realised we're missing a slight curve at the start. Drat). We've used balsa wood which makes it light enough for El to carry around but is also easy to carve. We've trimed down the "blade" part so it looks less square and cut in the notches as against just having them painted on. Much better. The axe alas is a bit of a bust. Painted foam board just looks wrong. Far too "shiny". Back to the drawing board for that one.

Eleanor: it's going to take a while to cut but the nail heads will take longer...

Eleanor: I'm using an old dress to make a pattern

Eleanors dad: Well we don't have a clue what we're doing (do we ever) but we have the material....

Eleanor: We have our prototypes! We're happy with the axe but the sword needs some work.

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