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I started cosplaying with the character No Face from Spirited Away. It was Halloween and it seemed so simple, black cape and a mask. It was easy to do. After that I made Natsuru from Kampfer, and wanted to do more.
My fisrt convention was Kitacon 4, and I was treated a whole lot differently than I normally am elsewhere, as in people actually liked what I was wearing and praised me for it. I had so many photo's taken of me, I felt like a celebrity!
Bottom line, I enjoy it, so I will continue to do it.

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So once again, I forgot pictures (I'll take one before making any more progress next time).
Basically I spent about 6 hours working today (got a right fucking blister from using scissors for about 5 of them), and I prepped a balaclava and did all the foamwork. Well, I say all the foamwork, now I'm away from it I'm doubting myself.

The jaw sort of moves. It's quite subtle unless I really exaggerate with my mouth (which I will do for photo's and masquerade and stuff), otherwise just talking you really have to be looking for it to see it. For a first attempt at a fur suit type head though, I really can't complain. I really love it so far :D

Looking through all the bits I already have finished for this, I realised I'm already over halfway there. At the start of this costume, I made a list of things I'll need. This read:
-Red coat
-Yellow leotard
-Pointed ears
-Third eye
-Green face/body paint, light and dark
-red boots/boot covers
-neckbrace and cuffs
-green leggins/tights

Just bringing in things slowly, I can now cross things off already. I've done the coat, leotard, tights, ears, boots and that's already looking great. I've ordered the wig, when that arrives it'll obviously need styling, and I still need to order the third eye. The only thing I've really got to make now is the neckbrace and cuffs, but I just got the fabric for that today, and if I get the time, that will all be sorted within the week :D

I'll finally be wearing Mikasa for a con despite the fact I never got the maneuver gear done. I'll be bringing her out for Amechibi. Will be nice to finally do this at a con, only worn to a casual event so far.

So it's done, finally... except one thing.
I was going to make shoe covers to give me paws but I just don't have the time now. Sisters birthday tonight (so I can't work on them) and I'm packing it all up tomorrow so... gonna wear my black boots and hope not too much attention is drawn by them. They'll be a thing to add to the ensemble at a later date.
Btw, so glad the weather has been getting a little colder again 'cause this entire outfit is made of fleece and is stupidly cozy during all this cold. Love it :D

Unfortunately, making Delphox is proving to be more time consuming than I thought, so making maneuver gear on time it going to be difficult. Therefore, to avoid stress seeing as I also have a college deadline within the week, I'm putting off being Mikasa until further notice. It will happen eventually, just not now. Sunday at Kita will end up being a re wear of Cardcaptor Sakura, or Haruka from Uta no Prince Sama. We'll see

Costume arrived today, and I love it. Although, tip. If you have a bad throat and are finding it hard to breathe anyway, don't wear the helmet, 'cause it's pretty damn hard to breathe in that thing.

Finally, I remembered to get a picture '-.-

So in this session I literally took chunks out of my fingers, making the tips bleed and sting for a couple of days, and I still can't use them properly. Good thing i'm roght handed and the cuts are on the left really.

Forgot photo's again -.-

So I've had another 2 sessions of working on it since my last entry. The first one, whilst hacking away at foam, I successfully managed to slice a long and deep cut into my finger. Bled so much, was ridiculous.

Today, I managed to get PVA glue into a cut on another finger (which I got biting my nails too much). Seem to have gotten it all out, but my god it hurt!

Next time: Probably some other injury, and photo's hopefully, but progress is going well, it's actually starting to look like a Delphox now anyway. Need to attach the ears though.

So with only 1 day in the workshop so far and me using it to make my Delphox head as well as the maneuver gear, I didn't get a whole lot done, but I did get all the sides cut out and ready for the gear boxes. Want to see if I can get some working time in on Sunday afternoon too, so hopefully a bit more progress then. I want to get my swords done :D

Also things are arriving for the cosplay! The cloak and wig are here (might need to sort the fringe out a little though, keep poking myself in the eye -.-), just waiting on the belts and jacket now. Estimated for delivery before next Friday though, so should be getting them soon.

After lugging a heap ton of upholstery foam across my town center to the workshop I'm building at (which was awful, never again -.-), I finally made a start on the head today (forgot to take pictures though). So far I've just assembled the pieces, cut the head hole and made a start at making it round, which is proving to be a lot harder than I thought. Still, I'll keep at it, I'm determined not to give up on this. It just might now look as good as I imagined it to be in my head -_-'

Well the wig I'm going to use arrived yesterday. Amusing as it is so similar to my natural hair colour. If I didn't dye it I could've gotten away without a wig XD

I have a black jumper that works well, and jeans. I'm just considering which shoes to wear. Well, the image I'm following she wears red heels. I have black heels in the exact same style, so I could wear them, or I have some red flats. Then again, I'm wondering if it might be fun to stray a little form the design and wear boots with it instead. Hmm...

Just ordered the wig and cloak. Monday I'll order the jacket and belts. Thinking into getting jodhpurs for the trousers for this one, as they're thin and will fit all the belts and boots around them quite easily.

The dress is made (including that red underskirt that was a nightmare to make), I just need to do the gold decorations on it now. Also I need to make a choker. We're getting there :)

Goku is all finished too :D

The top half of the dress is done! ^^
So it's onto the skirt and accessories for me now.
Also Goku is pretty much done now too. Happy days :D

I bought all the fabric I needed to make this today, and from Wednesday to Saturday this week, I have the house to myself whilst my family goes on holiday, so I'll be making a start on it this week :D
However, just like J-con last year I have to make 2 costumes in this short time I have left (It's only like a month away already?!), as this year Adam is giving up his Tonberry knife for a Goku tail. Yeah, Goku from original Dragonball. I need to make that for a 10 year old at the same time -.-

Fabric has been bought for the skirt now :D

Also I have a waistcoat that whilst isn't perfect I think will do quite nicely. I have the wig from my Winter variation, and I own a short sleeved blouse, so all I really need to do is make the skirt and tie then buy black socks.

Simple enough! Might wear it to LAC next month. Only going down for the day so I can meet Eggman :) Will probably wear later in the year when I get the chance too. Maybe expo in October. Never been to one before, but it'll be around my 21st, so hopefully lots to spend

I caved and bought a wig. No way it was going to be light enough in time. Ah well, I love it! All I need now is some decent shoes and knee pads. Also I need to ask Gemu's policy on fake guns...

I'd done my best to avoid using jersey fabric for my cosplay (a fabric it seems most Sailor Scout cosplayers use) due to the fact I thought it would look terrible, be awkward as hell to use and be incredibly uncomfortable without an overlocker (which I don't have). However, using the fabric I was originally going to use could not have gone worse. It's the wrong size and I can't alter it the right way without making it look odd. So it's looking like next opportunity I get I'll be buying a couple of meters of white jersey. Oh the joy -.-

So after losing my pattern pieces, it's looking like I'll have to make them again from scratch, but oh well, it's doable.
Also, the 2nd wig I ordered (after the first one getting destroyed) is a much better colour than the first for the live action, but also a lot smaller. Gonna need a huelluva lot of pins to keep it in place, also thinking some sort of spray to catch the bits of my hair that will inevitably be on show, just to make them a little lighter.
Also, I want to make a Luna to come with me.
I ordered my accessories from a company in America. The tiara is amazing, I love it!

Awaiting pictures though... Will see about doing a few before Gemu, but most likely they will be uploaded afterwards when I actually have some good shots.

Still need to make 5 starish boys, looking like it will just be me and Masato at this rate :/ We will see

I still need to make the other 5 Starish boys -.- Although I am leaving that till last as it's not a neccesity. Worst comes to it it'll just be me and Masato.
Anyway, the wig is now my new favourite wig. I absolutely adore it! Also, I have the red bow and bought a jumper to cut the sleeves off. Waste nothing though, I think I can use said sleeves for my Meryl cosplay. Happy days!

All I need to do now is:
-make the skirt
-Sew the patch to blazer
-stitch pink ribbon around jumper neck
-modify jumper sleeves

...And them I'm done!

Last weekend I went out to an army supplies shop and bought myself a tactical vest, trousers and gloves for this cosplay. I'm also in the process of lightening my hair. It's also short now. Next time I go to get my hair coloured, I'm going to ask about the style for advice on how to do it.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance next Friday! Can't wait!

I have all the fabric I need :D

I'm buying a blouse in the new year now (I never did get one when I said I would before).

When the blazer came, it turned out a lot darker than the display image. I think it could still work though. Also, I found a bigger patch for it on ebay too, so that's better than the little one I was going to use before. I'll find a use for the littl one though.

I made a Masato plushie too. I'm gonna be making all the Starish boys eventually, just gotta get Christmas put of the way before starting a new one though.

Just realised I have much more white fabric left over than I thought. So all I need to buy when I go shopping either Monday or Tuesday is the blue and pink.
I'm ordering my tiara, earrings and odango's (is that right?) in the new year. Also I've decised on boot covers to actual boots. Cheaper and easier to get in my size

My patch to put on my blazer came today. Smaller than I thought it would be, but brilliant all the same.
Also after much decision on which one to order, I finally decised on a blazer too. I'm worried it may be a bit too blue, but I did see an image of a cosplayer with a similar shaded blazer to the one I ordered, and it looked good so that pushed my decision for me.
I ordered my wig too. Though it turns out they ran out of stock, though they said I'm the first one to be sent one once they get in a shipment. With a bit of luck I'll get it before Christmas, although as long as I get it before April I'm not too fussed.

So my wig arrived in the post a week early!

I love it, and it fits so well. The only problem I seem to have is the base of my hair showing at the back. I dye my hair black so this could be a problem. If I actually go through with stripping the colour from my hair like I've been saying I would for about a year now, I may be Ok. If not, I may just get blond hair highlights at the base

That would be stange :S

I'm changing this now to in progress because I won a wig on ebay today! the hair on it is so long, and the style looks great. I was going to put off buying a wig for a while, but I fell in love with this one, and it was a bidding with only one left as opposed to a shop with many on buy it now, so I had to have it.
Also, I've decided to wear this one to Gemucon next year too, so I need to get it started.

I have a long sleeve red top. That will have a white crescent moon put on it in the near future. I'm also bidding on red jeans on ebay that I will hopefully get. I have a red belt which I will attach a tail to, which I already have the fleece to make, just need to do it. Also, I've decided to make the gloves myself, seeing as I'm quite broke, and that way I can make them to my size and comfort. Also, shoe covers is what I'm planning seeing as I can't find the shoes anywhere...

I just finished watching the Uta no prince-sama anime today. I loved it to pieces. I'm working on a bit of fan art to celebrate ^^

I've changed my progress on this cosplay from planned to in progress. I'm going to buy the blouse next week, and I'm bidding on a waistcoat on ebay (as I'm also planning on doing the Summer uniform version too). Ebay also has the school uniform patches and this gorgeous wig that gradients darker at the tips, I must have it!
Right now i'm trying to look for an affordable yet good looking blazer for this, once I've decided if I want a navy blue or dark green one. the colour just looks so different in different lights. Also, after a quick search, I couldn't find any v-neck sweater vests, so I'm gonna buy a v-neck jumper and modify it I think.
As for the skirt, I'm making that myself. Making it a skirt as opposed to the dress, as I'll be wearing the vest all the time with the winter uniform anyway, so I can save time and fabric by making a skirt. I'll make a yellow checked one (Winter) and a green checked one (Summer), and possibly a light black one with lace round the bottom to wear underneath both.
Also, I've decided I want an Ittoki plushie, so I'll make one of them and carry him around when I cosplay :D

So both costumes are done (yay!), and I have to say, big relief. I can have this evening to myself not having to worry about last minute preperations.
Overall, I think my Vivi is Ok, but I'm not too happy with how the mask turned out. If I start wearing this more often, then I'm gonna take serious consideration into making a better mask.

So basically I was keeping this cosplay under wraps for a few reasons:
1- Didn't want to know what everone thought of it until it was too late to change it. People influence me too easily, and if someone didn't like the idea I would've changed it probably, but I wanted to do this.
2- Groups. I don't mind being part of an FF group one day, but I wanted J-Con to be about me and Adam (my little brother) cosplaying together at his first con. He's a Tonberry.
3- Suggestions. It annoys me when I have something perfect in my mind and people try to say 'you should do this' and 'you should do that' then get really dissapointed when I don't do it. If I need help, I'l ask.
4- It's a nice surprise on the day! (well not anymore now I've told but...)

So anyway... So far the coat is finished bar the fastening, the trousers are finished bar elasticating the waist and getting a red belt. I have brown ankle boots that will work well, and I have a black roll neck top to wear under the coat. All I need to do is the hat, mask and finish the staff. Sounds easy in 5 days right? Well, I have to make a Tonberry outfit on the side too. Adma's only 9, he can't do it. No one else will help him, so it's down to me.

But I'll do it! I can do it!!

I think I found THE perfect wig for this. AND, it's only a tenner. It has a fringe that dips down like his eyebrows and everything! Me thinks I will be getting that soon :D

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