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I wanted to cosplay and go to the MCM Expo in London for a long time before I actually got to do either. I finally got to go for the first time last year, for a day each in May and October, and then the full weekend of May this year. From the moment I started it was obvious I could never stop.

First one May 2011 I went as Sealand from Hetalia. It was pretty bad considering it was last minute, I only knew I was going 3-4 weeks before the event. Luckily, I didn’t care too much about it then.
Second October 2011 I cosplayed as Zexion from Kingdom Hearts, a lot more successfully than the first attempt and I got the random hugs and compliments to prove it.
May 2012 went as Zexion again and the reaction was similar to the first time. I was also supposed to do Professor Hojo from Final Fantasy VII but at the last minute (Saturday night of expo) changed it to Renji from Bleach (just because I had bought the clothes and sword that day). Considering it was last minute it turned out pretty well, but not as good as it should have, so I’ve vowed to cosplay him again one day to make up for it.
In a few weeks I’ll be going to the MCM Expo for the weekend again. This time I’m going as Deidara from Naruto, Zexion again, and Jushiro from Bleach. I hope they all turn out well.

I have cosplays planned properly for the next four expos as well as a number that don’t have dates yet, but obviously the dates for each may change. I’d like to go to more things like this in the future as well, providing I can afford them. Also, after this year I’m making everything myself, which I’m really looking forward to. Up until now everything has been bought with the exception of the shoes for this expos cosplays. Just from that I know it’s going to be really fun making my costumes and props.

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I went on my first trip to a fabric shop today. The one I went to is called Abakhan, which I'd heard a lot of great things about and after seeing it today I can say it really is. I was able to buy everything I need for Silica's outer coat and skirt things.
The red is something called Drill and is exactly as I imagined them looking and feeling, even though I didn't know the name of this material before today. The yellow is very similar and it's called Velour Wool. I think the tags said they're both a combination of cotton and polyester. I think the colours look pretty accurate and they look great together. For sewing them together I was also able to get a yellow thread which is almost exactly the same shade.
I also bought a couple of small buckles, for the little one she has on her sock.

Now I just need to find a way to make the pictures I took smaller so I can show them.

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