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I am very new to cosplay lol...well I basically got forced into cosplay about a 2yrs ago by my partener (relentlesskay) who is a major geek LOL!! Just kidding lol =]
Kyrie (relentlesskay) basically makes alot of my outfits with me & she is amazing at it & always comes up with the best ideas! ....But I do help as much as I can!! :)

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Me as Isabela from Dragon Age and Relentlesskay as Rogue Hawke!
Thankyou Relentlesskay, your cosplay is amazing too as Rogue Hawke!!!

Finished and Worn at London Expo in May 2012! Very happy with the finished result, thankyou relentlesskay for helping me make this amazing outfit all from scratch!!! My fav cosplay yet I think! Will have to wear it again soon for more of a photo shoot I think!

Very nearly finished my Isabela cosplay all ready for May 2012 London Expo! :) Me and relentlesskay, will start on our weapons/daggers soon for isabela and her rogue hawke, but they are not the most important thing in the world as long as the outfits are last thing to really focus on first for me, is that weird looking neck rope thing on isabelas necklace, abit confused what to make it out of, thinking of foam and newspaper, but we will have to give it a shot and see how it goes! Fingers crossed! :S

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