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Cosplay ain't that far from what I study. I love it.

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Glass pearls and flatback gems, with possibly sequins to follow on the shoulder bits. The main body of the top will be covered in scattered iridescent sequins and flatback gems, with some Disney sparkle stars™ formed out of the gems.

A poor photo of the beginning of sparklification. Iridescent sequins sewn in a (wonky) scale pattern around part of the waistband with green swarovski beads and barely seen green seed beads :P the edge of the "fins" are also coated in glitter.

Bought all the fabrics for this, so now in progress! Made this mock-up to test the fit and such before cutting into the lovely (expensive) 100% silk fabric I got for the proper ones. I've decided to make the shorts into mini bloomers for a few reasons (not that the design isn't already fabulous because it is) :P but i think they're a bit cuter and will go with the outfit a bit more, i'll feel much more comfortable in these than i would in tight hotpants, and (weird reason) the puffy shape personally gives me more images of it being inspired by the sea than hotpants made of more rigid fabric would? this sounds ridiculous, but they're my reasons xD (made using the coletterie madeline mini bloomer pattern/tutorial)

As Margaery's dress is quite revealing, and I'm having to walk a little bit to get to the event, I've made a matching shawl in case I need to cover up :) quite simply a length of dark blue jersey fabric which I've sewn gold trim on at the edges and three gold roses in the centre of each side

Sculpted from fimo. The central rose for her belt and the smaller rose for her ring!

Just realised I've not posted any progress photos here and i'm nearly finished with this outfit! the base shapes and centrepiece for the most stunning part of Margaery's dresses in my opinion! Going to make it 3D with careful hotglue application and then paint :)

extraordinarily bad photo but you get the gist! not bad for two hours of work :D

Been going crazy looking for suitably close looking fabric for the fancy brocades on Margaery's dresses! Found a couple so far that I think may be the closest i'm going to get (without accidentally stumbling onto the actual fabrics used on show). For this dress, i think the fabric looks quite close, could be ever closer if it can be turned onto the other side so the gold is the background and blue is the detail.

cut out about a million foam scales freehand so they have a more organic look and glued them to one of the eggs while watching eurovision last night ;D going to be painting it today, probably as viserion's egg as i think it will go the best with the dress!

dragon eggs! will be covered in foam scales and painted this weekend. probably only going to be carrying one egg around with me at expo, not sure which one yet :)

Unsurprisingly, this was an absolute bitch to do, haha. Still, I'm hoping that if I practise enough, when the time rolls around to do it for real, I'll be able to draw them nice and neatly and without having to rub parts I messed up off every few minutes.
I think I'll need to get a brown pencil to do them in, instead of black also...

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