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I started cosplaying in oct 08 and started as an nod sadly put Iv lean an lot over the years and relly wold like to change my self I still have an lot to learn.

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enjoin ^_^

Im working on the deadly nadder tonight at 6.15 =^^=

After having a great week of work Iv done most of the foaming and this week I will be working on little bits ^^

the frame work is near complete which is great XD next week I will hopefully get foam and the head finish ready for frabric yaaay ^_^

just an little update on my laughing octopus

It going great all I have to do more is to get the arms to the lentgh I would like and paint that. An little more work on the boby suit I would have it all do be more but I been helping people get there cosplay finish but it be fun I just so lucky Im of an week be for expo ^o^

I don't like this part of making an cosplay measuring and taking the time to make sure that how you going to do it will be the best way and this is what I get tyed with as I would like to jump in and start on the big stuff but has learn in the bast Not to do that any one can tell me that T_T

the boby suit is getting there getting more detail wish I would have gone with black but on well my confident about my weight loss and going swimmer 3 month before the event to trim up

and is working on the head think next yay

As Im cosplay shoping next week I hope to get everthing together to start instead of making it bit by bit and sorting me room out to see what I have left over from my fail try so I will know for sure what I will need. the boby suit came today and it was ok after I sort the little large place on the suit Im sure it will be find ^^:::: lol

I hope As Im not going away with family this year I can at lest get some work do in the 2 weeks without the pain of it allllll till next journal

after an fail try on this cosplay Im now ready to start again and I doing right this time around

I order an boby suit which hoply will be here next week and make an start on that Iv also found someting which would be ten times better to do the head peacse.

also Im happy about my wieght loss and feel an little more able to do it ^_^

so the time line on this cosplay is 2 _3 months like I will be of work in the 6 weeks holidays

Am finsih T_____T but the change now is to get it all down there >.> but I should be ok finger cross Im bring bits and peacse just incase some thing happens so see u all down where ^_^

yes this is going to be my last entry ^_~ u might get an other one saying FINSIH yay dance

but yes NEARLY finish Im 3-5 days behind >.> but its ok getting here is going to go shoping to get the last thing that I need to take to expo but

thing that ARE finish is

Black top white jaket

left and right arm

and all that need's to do is and pants which will take an day >>

so in an few day will have the finish photo finger cross

with 4-3 week ish to go till london expo and coming to the end THANK GOD the big thing is now just finish the wings The left/right arms are done and I have the fabric to do the cloths which hoply will only take an few days

Thank god I think that it on the building side to this cosplay and started painting with the money Iv got left over.

YES this week was been an really sad one and have not been in the motivation to done any think this week but can't let thing stop me XP Iv got an exter 2 day of in the next 2 week that will give me the chance to put the first coat of paint on the wings as iv already started on the right arm and the sword to so everthing is going on nice.

just wish everthing elc would to ~_~

BUT thanks for everone comment ^_^

The lest journal was about 2 week ago and now Iv done

(wings) nearly done few thing to do then painted

left arm built just need painted

right arm built just need painted working on dragon head with LED light

dragon feet need to get done but not that important

new top need to be done

new pants need to be done

sword need to be done

so it looks like I'm near done but not going to take it easy until its done when I got back to work it will be 7 week to the event I really want to get it do. My plain was to completely get it built before I paint it which is 2 week to go lol

wish me luck

cosplay but latly I been working and working in my job miss not giving it an 100%

This is what I do in my day morning Im going to work coming home to walk the dog sometimes try and do an little bit on my cosplay before I go back to work then coming home to start again It only that I ran out of foam to write this journal and If I get pay going out with my mate tomorrow as I need an break XD but the wings are about 45% done and hopefully if I get more foam I will finish it on the saturday yaaay.

So few I love doing this cosplay and think Im about 50% 60% finish >> as long as the wings are do in 1 week and an half I dont care I might have the cosplay finish sooooon which will be great ^^ so next few night will be late one

Im so glad I started this cosplay early as the week has took the engry out of me

This week I started on the 2 most hard part of the coplays the wing and the dragon head. After getting the the fram up I did an few test of the moving wing Im happy with it but would have like to have it moving up lol but I got to think of the time and the height of the wings

I will have all saturday to get thing moving XD I hope to get the feet finish and the dragon head sorted to but wing are important ^_^

Im happy on the cosplay so few ^_^

the left hand is done the right hand is on it way feet nealy done and the wings design are been draw up and Iv got 4 months till the event plux nearly complete the NEW bleach hollow mask so Iv been buisy this week

One of the thing I wanted to get do before the new year hit was to complete the hand claw the foot and start on the dragon head as I sort of wont have it finish with in 3 days I got an start on it which I could get the hand finish

The foot the dragon head will be next then the wings and hoply having the month left to do the pants and the top which I got a back up plan if that was to fail

so far so good Iv got a few people to help with there progress


I mostly anyjoin doing this cosplay well the mask :P and can't wait to cosplay hiyori it nice to have more that one cosplay

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