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My first ever costume was Kiki (Kiki's delivery service), I made it to wear to a party but it looked really bad and so I didn't want to wear it out of the house! I then bought my Sophie Hatter costume from a friend. Now I make some and buy some costumes.

Previous cosplays (with date they were made/bought):
Sheeta (Laputa), made (2014)
Blindfold (Xmen), bought (2014)
Paprika, bought/edited (2014)
Nausicaa (flight suit), made (2014)
Maze card (Card Captor Sakura), made/bought a base dress (2013)
Nausicaa, made (2013)
Gumi Megpoid (Vocaloid) mixed made and bought (2013)
Clarisse (Lupin iii, Castle of Cagliostro) made, with bought shirt (2013)
San curse mark version (Mononoke Hime), made (2013)
Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon) bought (2013)
Boat Spirit (Spirited Away) made (2013)
Hikari (Evangelion) made (2013)
Major Kusanagi (G.I.T.S Sac) made (2012)
Mario, bought (2012)
San/Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) made (2012)
Arrietty (The Borrower Arrietty) made (2011)
Beedrill (Pokemon) made (2011)
Oddish (Pokemon) made (2010)
Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle) bought (2010)
Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service) made (2009)

Made for my sister or helped her with:
No Face (Spirited Away), made (2013)
Edward Scissorhands, put together (2014)

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Calling this complete (since I worn it at Amecon) but there are still edits to do (mostly on the bow and arrow)

Made a chemise yesterday and this morning. Instantly regretting not making a full length under-dress :p but oh well.
Also I'm not 100% on the frills (collar and cuffs) so I'll see how they look with the full dress when it's finished.

I'm dying some cotton as I type, I hope it will work, but I'm not certain. I went for thick cotton just because it was easy to buy, I couldn't find wool anywhere.

Unhappy with the first bronze that I used I decided to go for gold. I primed with gesso.
Since then I've painted the first gold layer. Then I'll paint another. Then I'll paint bronze on top and add all further details.

Started painting it. Whole thing is crap really. But I guess it's my costume and it doesn't have to be the best thing since sliced bread (why is slided bread such a great thing anyway, I like rolls and buns)?

The bronze paint is a bit too dark. I may try gold on top to lighten it a bit.
The type of paint is a NIGHTMARE. Enamel paint, sticky, gets everywhere and difficult to wash off (I think you need white spirit for it but I'm too lazy to leave the house to get any).

Also I didn't bother priming properly. I just put a couple of wood pva layers on it. And I didn't bother sanding it. So it's lumpy and warped.

I've also changed my 'attachment plans' a few times. First I was going to use buckles, then changed to elastic strips. Most recently I've decided to try felt. The reason I will try green felt is because the armour is very fitted (tight actually) so I don't think it needs support to stay on, I thought green Felt was less obvious than black or white elastics. Once it's painted I'll experiment and post what I decide on.

Wore this to Kitacon. It kind of reminded me of Avatar meets Pokemon :p. I'd like to develop it more as it wasn't that great. But I won't be working on it for a while so I've marked it as complete for now!

Just before MCM May 2015 I had nearly finished this costume.
I just needed too... Finish my shirt, and I was concerned about my hair being too short. I got sick of my shirt and my hair so I gave up on the costume (leaving it all at home). Then my friends turned up with a shirt and jeans for me at the event :) I wore their items, but I plan to finish my own for next time!

Previously all of my upper arm bits where seperate. Today I added the pieces all together. I then did the detailing on one arm piece (majority of it... Still a little detailing to go!)

Now I need to; Finish this detailing. Go and detail the other arm. Then put all the elastics/straps underneath to secure the armour. Then I'll seal it all. Maybe a tiny bit of sanding? And finally painting and sealing. If I'm lucky I may finish this year...?

Used worbla for all upper arm armour (8 pieces). Bought from Coscraft.
Cut patterns into newspaper and when happy transferred to Worbla.
Used two sheets of worbla for each armour. Added 'trims' to edges of 6/8 pieces of armour. Trims are just extra bits of worbla securing edges (see in image gallery).
I used form board inbetween worbla for the largest of the upper arm armour.
Next step is to work on gauntlets.
Next step to finish creation of upper arm armour is to add detailing and then attach pieces together (currently still all seperate pieces, 4 for each arm).

Using foam board with Worbla either side and 'trims' on the edges.

Marking this as in progress because I've had items for this cosplay for years but not done anything about it...
This year or next I WILL remake my Kiki costume finally :)

Not really got a plan for this, just experimenting at the moment with wire to see if I can make some sort of base shape for the Groke because I am tiny and she is huuuuuuuuge!

Commissioning this from Einmyria :)
She started it on the weekend with me watching (she makes it look so easy).
Thankfully she has left me with the pattern so I can make all the future xmen cosplays :p

Have been adding the rings to the body of the gun with paper mache on top. Started using filler to get a smoother surface on both gun and helm.

Have bonded breaks in helmet and am putting more clay on the top to make the details stand out.
Need to buy a new wig and material asap :)

Made a green cloak with a hood to go with this out of an old skirt!!
Thought the outfit was too white and boring :p

Ignored this project for a while but started on it again.
The gun has been primed and sanded but since it has damage on it I had to start paper maching those parts. Then I planned out all the details in pen on the body of the gun (hope to add these using foam). And finally I added to metal links to the gun which the strap will be fitted to (used glue and paper mache).
On the helmet: I have broken it in two places to fit it togther in a more rounded shape (because it lacked shape the first time round!! So right now I'm trying to re-bond the pieces (using expanding foam and paper mache).
I think I will have to paper mache and prime the whole thing now because the smooth surface is ruined will all the breaking and fixing :p it will be worth it if it sits on my head better though!!
Wig has been chopped into because I'm using it this month for my other Nausicaa costume. Not 100% on it and may get a new one if needed.

After consulting with the other card captor cosplayers I am adding a maze on the waist of the dress. Quite messy but I'll still wear it, can't be bothered with freezer paper because I'm lazy!!!

Not sure what wig to wear -brown (can be seen in Hikari pics) or my green Gumi wig (seen in Gumi pics).
Also I don't have shoes for this as such. I have black pumps I could use but I'm not sure if it's worth buying new shoes!!!

Ok, so the collar wasn't as hard as I thought.
I have managed to add that, add the zip and change the arms/arm holes to allow more room for the chest!
Overall I am so proud of how this is turning out (considering that I don't know a thing about sewing!)
Trousers went well with the tutorial, my only issue is that I think they are too light! But no going back for now (might re-make them in the future if needed).
It's hard to tell the colours of animation sometimes, in the film her clothes are really dark to begin with and they lighten up right at the end. So I guess my clothes are a combination :P but maybe closest to the 'happy ending' colours.

Just need to paint it now!! Going to use freezer paper if I can find any. This was suggested by Kei Lin Sama for another costume and I think it would really help me. Luckily I also have scrap material to test on before painting the real thing!! ^^

Just got the collar to make and add, need to add a zip in the back and then need to smarten the dress up and paint on it.
Going to start the trousers now, had to get cotton for them as it's hard to buy anything else where I live!!!!
Never made trousers before and want to get it out of the way incase I get it wrong!! Using this tutorial :) very helpful ^_^

I think this costume is going ok so far but I think it will be one that I work on to try and improve over time (as I did with San)

Also need to cut jnto the wig a little more before MCM :) really looking forward to finishing it, I take pride in costumes I make 100% by myself cause I'm a noob and not great at them, so anything is an achievement really!!

Wow so the painting is a lot harder than I expected it to be. Had to cut my Maze pattern down massively as it was just too big to do, also having all kinds of issues with the paint like smudging and expanding etc.. So the pattern is full of mistakes, I have also made the maze a bit wonky :p (A true sign that it is a work of mine as I always make stuff wonky).
So this costume should be completed on time, it may just look really bad :p

Decided to buy a white dress to paint a maze pattern on, bought it and have designed the maze :) the next step will be to paint the maze in the dress and then to perhaps make a shawl or belt to break up the white on the top part of the dress. I also needs to decide on a wig and shoes ^^

So after a lot of editing etc took this costume to Ayacon, I tried the curse mark version and it went ok, but it needs to be worked on!
I was going to try the 'blood' version too but got locked out of the room with the blood in it for my photoshoot, so I have regular San photos to upload instead :P

Taking a random attempt at this with some left-over material from Clarisse's skirt. We will see how it turns out (it's a darker colour than I would have bought and may be too thin for my liking).
Wig is mostly done however needs to be a little choppier :) and I bought earrings!
If this works out I'll wear it to Oct Mcm 2013 instead of her flight suit.

Cut the wig (but it will need more chopping before wearing)
Found old black clothes
Got my awesome buddy to make the headphones
Made a satin thing :P

Have cut my wig, not sure if I'm 100% on it yet but that's ok, I'll look at it again some time. Worried that the colour may be too bright :/also bought some earrings for this :) and have been making a mock tunic out of old fabric, it's going ok but I am struggling a little with the collar and sleeves, I'm sure I'll get there one day. Wip pics as soon as I can get stuff ready enough for pictures/opinions!!!

Spent a while making the gun, would love advice if anyone sees this journal entry. Once I'm happy with it I'll paper mache and gesso on top of the foam. I might be happy with it, I'm not sure, guna sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow :P

Although this isn't finished I decided to take a along some parts of my old costume and a couple of re-made things to a photo shoot the other day! It was a for Uni student's project so I kinda thought, I'd just go help out, see what happens and use it as an excuse to test my body painting!!
I made my white top the night before and it wasn't that great at all :p it definitely needs to be edited!!
The body paint went fine considering it was the first day I tried it out :) but it can be done better of course!
Some parts of my costume were missing (such as a Ashitaka's necklace for my curse mark version and my cloak for my general Mononoke version-I still took my old mask and hood for the sake of it)

I re-made my shoes (as I threw my last ones out after Amecon :P) they looked nice from the side imo but not as good from the front! It's just because of the way I made them.

Bought a wig, some of the 'face paint' that I hope to use to make the curse mark and shoe insoles. I did start making the shoes around working on my dissertation but I need to re-do them as I don't like the way I choose to sew various parts together :P it's fine though, I find sewing relaxing and so re-sewing something small like a shoe is kind of nice!!
I've also made a hand-weapon out of card board/wood pieces which I'll hopefully continue to work on at some point!

So I bought a wig and some leggings for this, turns out the leggings are way too thin (I had a feeling they might have been!) And the wig has a small amount of fake scalp showing (which I've never had before). The Leggings wont do at all so I need to find new ones, the wig however I've been reassured about so I'll keep that and hope for the best!
I've been working quite a lot on the 'helmet'or head ornament lately. I've added quite a bit of 'plastiroc' to it as I'm trying to create the valley of the wind crest (the arrows) as well as smooth out the surface that was paper mache/foamed and quite uneven! I'm not entirely sure how I feel about what I've done so far. But I thought I'd see it through a bit longer before I decide whether to keep or bin it!! I'd love advice and opinions as I can make changes at this stage :)

Sewed the red thing, looks like a bed sheet that's been sewn into a cloakish thingy :) I like it anyway.
And I've made the hat thing (I did make a mistake though with the fabric and as a result will now be wearing it backwards)
I just need make the mask thing and finish the head piece off

I know this mask is way too small but I realised that after starting it and I didn't have time to start again. It will do for the day at least!
It just needs to be painted by my sis now :)

So I've made the mask out of foam and paper mache so far, it needs some more work though ^^ I will admit that I made it too small so I might have to remake it one day but I hope it will be fine for the up and coming Cardiff expo!!
I've also make a black material thing for my sister to wear as the body -it's basically a couple of black sheets sewn into a body-length cloak-type thing...
maybe I should just get some pictures and stop trying to explain it P

So after having the dress be too small I had to re-make it (with the aid of the sewing machine) and so far it's gone really well, or at least it fits me!!! :) The only thing is that I've run out of material and I need to add some underneath on the back (it needs two layers of material as it's a cheap see-through material!!) So I'll have to go shopping for it ^^ which could be dangerous as there is a lot of material that I'd like to buy!!

So after I found all of the holes in the foam I decided to Paper Mache over the top. This has changed my overall plans for the helm as previously I was hoping to carve the details (such as the arrows) out of the foam, now I'm considering building them up out of cardboard and paper mache which is what I did with the detail on my Princess Mononoke mask (thanks to my friend Tedward for the advice ^^).

Carved the foam and found lodes of holes in it :(

...but I had expandable foam and wanted to try and make something with it, my boyfriend suggested that I used it to make the helm piece that you can see in my reference pics, so we went with it.
I made a template on cardboard and squished it onto my head to try and get the shape, then we've foamed on top of it. When it's dry and I have time I'll carve it, who knows about painting it yet I really haven't got that far (any suggestions?)
If it works out I will use the same method for making her gun ^^

So I just need to find some flowers to make a bouquet for this as the finishing touch.
I do also need to stick on the buttons for the clips of the dungarees but aside from that the dress is done.

I had some issues while making the dress with the measurements(I wish I could use patterns but I can't so I made it up as I went along!!) the first time the dress was too big, I then edited it and it became too small, then I edited it again a couple more times and eventually it ended up slightly big in places and slightly small in places!
I am however proud of myself for one thing, I hand-sewed my first zip in place and at first it looked AMAZING! But after all of the editing it looks a bit rubbish :P but I know that it looked nice at first and therefore I am very happy with myself :) (simple things)

I ended up buying cheap black pumps for this cosplay as I saw no yellow ones and thought I could use black shoes again for something else.

I took a look at the wig the other day and I'm not 100% happy with the cut but I can't take anymore off (I've taken a little too much off the fringe as it is) so I'll just settle for it.

:D:D cosplay done!

So I picked up some shoes for this costume as I really, really would like to start making this cosplay next (after Hikari is finished!) I'm not SURE that the shoes will work but I THINK/hope that they will and since they were £5 I thought it was worth a try :3

I'm hoping that S-Lawliet will help me with a pattern for the dress and maybe the trousers, as I've never made a pattern before and the costumes that I've made so far have been pretty poor without a pattern so hopefully that will help :)
I'm not 100% on material yet, any suggestions? I was thinking a relatively thick material might be cool.

As for a wig, I'm eyeing some up right now but I can't find the colour and shape that I want so I'll probably end up buying one that is either not the right colour or a long one that I hope to cut into a bob... we'll see!!

I'm thinking about making the earrings, but that depends on whether I see any similar that I can buy.

The dress is still in progress, I'm pretty poor at sewing and so the progress has been slow (I've been making annoying mistakes) but it's all part of the development process so I don't mind too much!! ^^
I did manage to pick up the zip and buckles for cheap so that was great!

I still haven't found a nice (cheap) pair of yellow shoes yet though so if anyone spots a pair (in size 3) please let me know!! :D

Started making the dress finally, looks crap though -nothing like Hikari's but I'll stick with it for now!! :p We'll see how it turns out!

Chopped my wig up a little tonight with the help of my sister being a model for me (thank you) I probably didn't do a great job as I'm not good with wigs at all but I had to try :P and it's all experience hey ;)

I have finished making the 'Shorts instead of pants' version (It's in the reference pics but replace black pants with shorts)... BUT I've been told I look like a prostitute (I'm not sure if wearing shorts instead of pants has actually contributed to the prostitute-ness, also I think the studs on the jacket don't help)...

Sooooo... maybe I'll just wear jeans or something :/

I got paid and bought a jacket for a fairly cheap price!! :) has studs on it ¬_¬' I think I'll live with that though!!

Made some shin-pads outta cardboard and polystyrene, they look crap lol but this costume isn't all that great anyways so I'm not too bothered...

Still no jacket D:
And I look quite fat in this costume to be honest :P or at least it makes me look fat ;) so I need some toning tights!! wow...and I'm only 23!!!
Hoping to buy some contact lenses soon :) and then I just need to do some editing to the top and it may be classed as 'wearable'!!

So a couple of things bothered me about this cosplay when I made it and one of those things was the ears!!
They weren't a size/shape that I liked and they were stuck on a little wonky~that's what I get for sticking them on at 2pm the morning before MCM Midlands!!! :P
Anyways as I'm hoping to take this cosplay to Amecon I thought I'd re-make the ears... so I've started with a cardboard base, then I've paper mache'd on top and finally I've been putting plastiroc on top (which I really love to work with-I used it for the necklace pieces and the spear thing).
Here's a WIP of the ears with paper mache and plastiroc...I've cut them a bit since this as I realised I made them too big (I never measure anything!!) and they are not very smooth either (they have lodes of bumps etc in them :3 oh well~let's just see how it goes!!)
Afig x

So this may be a while away but I have bought a T-shirt/dress thing that is stripey!!! :)
At some point soon (maybe after Amecon) I will hopefully start the dungaree dress :3 if anyone wants to give me tips on that please feel free :D

So after looking for a while for short shorts I found some during my holiday in Taiwan and now I am just editing them to make them a little shorter. Overall I am quite pleased and you can't see my bum when I wear them which was my main concern :D (apologies to any hopeful perverts at Ameocn!!)

So when I get back I will buy a jacket (spotted one I like so *fingers crossed*), finish making the shin pads, edit the top (including adding see-through straps) and buying contact lenses.

Added extras would be purple aviator sun glasses and a gun, anyone wona lend me some?? (;.;)


Thanx to my lovely friends S-Lawliet, Sisceal and Tedward for some great advice both face2face and online!! I was kinda feeling a bit lost with this, but I think I know what I need to do next (some alterations)!!! I thought I'd post some pics anyway so anyone who cares can see it's progress...still a bit to do though!!! And please feel free to give me advice if you can think of anything as it's still very much a WIP and will be right up until Amecon I think ;)

Yesterday I finished the stocking things, which wrinkle lodes because of the material :( and then I started a mock-up for the top.
I have made a pattern type thingy today...well I cut up paper anyway (seen in the pic) and have been sewing since! Also I had some great advice from Sisceal about using a strapless bra for this :)
The only issue is that I sewed some stuff the wrong way round without noticing and have to retrace my steps!! (I had sewn on the outside lol)

Well better keep going...

Soooo...had a girly day off work and uni today with a friend. We had a shop for materials and then a sewing session!

I am currently working on the stocking things(and have been all day due to the fact I have no sewing machine). The material I chose is a bit odd I'll admit, plus I bought waaaay to much of it which kinda sucks. Then I've messed up the sewing :P which also sucks (please no laughing at expo).
The highlight of the day is experimenting with double sided body tape stuff that I bought for the stockings and top :)

Ok so, to get me back into the swing of things I took a day off from work, uni and general life to go shopping :)
I found some things for this costume that I'm hoping are guna work ^^ I'll admit I've paid a little more than I hoped but I have better quality stuff than I'd planned...because the cheap shoe shop has stopped selling the boots I wanted :( and the cheap gloves were all too big!!

Therefore I purchased my boots and gloves in the local army prep shop :)

I also came across a little purple boob tube thing that I hope I can work with (extend with more material) for her top.

This costume is going to cost sooooo much as I still have a leather jacket to buy (eyeing one up on ebay atm) among other accessories ¬_________¬ but I'm going to hopefully finish it by Amecon and be able to wear it *squee*!!

Also has anyone seen any fitted black hotpants around that aren't lycra or spandex?? Because I haven't spotted any yet!!

Stuffed my two little Lumas with some wadding so I'm going to call this outfit complete :) because I just need to put their eyes on. Also I'm thinking about making/buying white gloves as I have none.
Feels nice to get a cosplay sorted so quickly (for my friends party in a couple of weeks)...and although not making it myself took the fun out making the little Lumas was nice! ^^

So I've bought my costume in a shop instead of making it. I am however making my second Luma toy to take with me when I wear this cosplay :D

Well I've spent the last couple of days trying to smarten this costume up, I'm sure there is a lot more I could do to it (as this is officially my first 100% made by me costume with all the trimmings!!) but I think I'll just stop and wear it tomorrow and see how it goes :) I can always work on it again some time I suppose (like re-making the shoes which look sooooo bad lol!!!)

Wooooooooh! Happy with the progress! Got a nice wig (which needs a little trim) in a local shop for cheap ^^ have started the mask and ears too!!! Also Dyed fabric with tea for the shoes!! So I hope this will be finished on time, I've have a lot on at uni and work which has slowed me down ¬_¬

Instead of making her spear from scratch I got a free cardboard tube from a material shop, I shall paint this when I have paint ^^ have been making teeth today for the necklace out of some Plastiroc stuff and the white vest is made too (It took me ages as I sew everything by hand). Shoes, wig, mask/ears and spear left now and 3 or so weeks left :)

Found some very cheap slippers (£3 in new look) and I hope to put material over them for her shoes :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Will start making her spear today from Cardboard and paper mache!

The dress is done, the dress is done, the dress is done :) now I can start on everything else!!! (Only after I do some university work though!!)

Ok so yesterday I went shopping for all the materials for this costume (minus the weapon and necklace) then I came home for a sewing session with my younger sister. She made a fab Piplup hat and I made the dress for this costume, which although was 'fine' it's not really going to do and needs to be re-done therefore I have more material today to have a second attempt :)and I'm going to use this persons pattern to try and get a more accurate result!

I am going shopping for materials today to start making this!! So excited!! Hoping to make it in time for Telford over a month away :)

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