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Cosplayer since 2012 - I'm still a newbie.
I jumped straight in after being introduced to Expo's by people I met after coming to university in 2011, attended by first Expo in 2011.

I'm a shy but friendly person - so please don't be afraid to message me.

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Surrey and Hampshire

Joined: 30th Nov 2012

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Needs more practice, need sewing motivation for my pile of fabric...

The contacts are here.

Shirt was re-made, bought jackets, new wig, styled new wig... gotta iron everything for a full test next weekend!!

Bought a second hand costume.

I'm thinking about having a go at making my own shorts, as I am not fond of how these look.

Make up test 1. Unsure about this make up, I might try something a bit more simple next time.

Socks are here

Still undecided if I would prefer to go for a bra shaped top (for the support) or a bikini top... as I am not as well off as Yoko.

Temp tattoo has arrived. But I am still unsure what outfits to go with.

Wig arrived. Not bad for £8.88.

First costume prop is complete

Costume complete, make up left to decide.

Did a quick ear test run.

I'm still lacking the correct footwear for the costume, but I'm going to keep looking for the perfect pair of shoes for this costume.

Its the waiting game for photos now.
There is a preview available here:

On the 30/11/13, I decided to spontaneously bid on a blonde natural looking wig which I won.

I'm going to use this wig with this costume.

As I have yet to wear this costume, due to the fact I could not attend the friday of MCM due to university work and therefore had to cancel the premier. I am hoping to wear the costume for a photoshoot soon.

I'm currently working on shortening the skirt, as I am currently not happy with the length.

Glue gunned the clip to the bunny, hairclip is now complete. Adding some poppers into the shirt to help strengthen it.

My face looked terrible, so I had to edit it out.

But wig :D

Need to alter top, style the fringe, shoes and socks.

(Sorry for it being so blurry, will take better pictures in the future)

Added shorts, tights and belt.

Belt needs colouring gold, shirt still need modification etc....

Not much but its some of the basics, shirt (Needs the additions of a pocket and the blue bits via ribbon) tie (unsure about the colour) and lapcoat (Had an extra pocket but since it is my uni labcoat I don't want to alter it much).

As expect the wig was far from perfect, it was brown (No red at all)

So I'm slowly sharpie dying red tones into the wig.
This will take a while...

Hairclip, I still need to find a good clip to glue on to the back.

Costume (Previous owner ->

Purchased wig, *fingerscrossed that it looks as good as its stock images*

Note: it wasn't D:

Purchased from

Aries dress is pretty much complete,I might alter a few minor details in the future though.



Going to buy some socks in town, then just waiting on eyelashes to arrive before I can do a test run.

Wig is styled, and works with the hairclip. But I need a lighter blue coloured hairband, my current one is too close to the colour of the wig and therefore is difficult to see against the wig - in photographs.

I have made her neck bit and I am currently in the process of making the dress.

Purchased a second hand Yoko scarf (
Previously used by

When I get some free time I'm going to tidy it up slightly.

After waiting for my wig head to arrive, I have finally started styling my wig.

Bought wig

Prepared the pom poms for the costume since they did not cost me anything.

Main body of clothing should be made some point after new year.

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