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Well i started cosplaying about 3 years ago thing the first cosplays i did was Hidan and squall from naruto and ff8 they wernt amazeing but hey got to start somewhere . ims till developing my skills but ive been told i make a great sanji (one piece) that's a character i do many variants of.

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ok so made a start on the sword today erm im trying to do it on the cheap but still keep it looking good etc . this is the basic outline and handle attached need to make the hilt next once this is done paper mache for smooth surface and yeh see where it takes me , also im making the original design of the sword from FF7 and FF last order cos i prefer the original to knew design XD

ok so , TO DO
Hair needs stronger stuff and to grow abit,
and a few other bits n bobs xD but this is the version im doing for ame :D

Got bored (couldn't sleep DAMN HEAT)and started throwing together a second variant of nobu and taking derpy photos so yeah enjoy this teaser shot XD

(obvs i have no wig here wig will be done soonish) but yeah derpyness ftw XD ....why am i always so giddy and hyper when i am meant to be tired god damn it

well i really wanted to do this variant but no idea where i was going to find the shoes/boots in the pic

but thanks to the amazing Indecisvetrollop i am now watching these for when i get paid :D

now to get a long sleeved Tee.

ordered these today love the shading and the color think it really stands out

ok so those of you that saw the old wig i got basically it came and it was already tangled also the shading was really light instead of the dark purple shade that i wanted. anyway got refund on old one and this new one arrived today tangle free,and amazing shade ... sooo happpy :D

Finialy did all the detail and attaching diffrent parts tonight used some old bits and bobs for the piston looking section then bought some thick gold poster paint for the back of the gun and used sticky back foam for the Connector bracket

Really happy with the completed work now . took a while but was worth it consideringf i came form 4 cardboard tubes xD

ok so erm painted the back end of the gun today took a while to get the right shade ( or close to ) but i think Ive got pretty close going to add another coat of it tomorrow

also made the trigger section today got a plastic toy gun from shop cut back end of and grinded down a piece of wood so that it would fir snug into the back end then sprayed with silver in order for it to recive its gold coating tomorrow

so all thats left now is the coats of paint and the detail painting i have the handle which i will put on once the painting is done

Ok so yeah got my paint and shirt out today and started on the first coating of his polkadots on the shirt i used a circular spounge for the first layer just to get the shape got the fabric paint from hobbycraft lightend and thickend abit with White immulsion. so yeah happy with first coating need to do collar then get my detail brush to accentuate the sections on the dots that have faded

Ok so started on the gun a couple of days ago ( you probs have seen the pics)
the main barrel was easy long plastic reinforced tubing about 16" in diameter.

the hardest part was the drop at the end of the gun tried many things but none worked until recently . got 3 long tubes about 3/4 " in diameter cut two down and left one its full length then taped these together then placed the longer tube down the 16" tube and bolted into place , once this was done added the paper mache which has now set (see pic)

Still got alot of work to do the paper mache needs smoothing then painting also need to add the handle,end tube and the trigger part but hey wouldn't be fun if it wasn't challenging

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