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Wing system is finished :) They open and close so smoothly. They're made from PVC oval ducting, which makes them nice and light but still sturdy. Overall I'd say they weigh 2-3 kg. The total wingspan is well over 14 feet, and they're opened by simply pulling on strings. Now to figure out how to cover them without hindering the movement too much...

Baaah didn't manage to get any photos of this guy before he left ><
If anyone got photos of him could you please drop me an email? Thanks! ^^

Dug her out of storage and tidied her up for Expo this May :) She went down a real hit. Expo was brilliant, but now my neck hurts sooo bad DX


Finally finished XD This took way too long to make! He's off to America now... Bye Kovu!

The eyes and horn now glow :D
So she can be a 'nightmare' on Halloween day

Head is finished. Didn't turn out quite as I expected, but I still like the end result. And the commissioner thinks he's cute, so that's all that really matters.

Haven't really done much on the suit lately... Going back to school is taking up so much of my time.
So there probably won't be too much progress until October :/ And then it'll be a huge rush to get her done in time!

Wow, lack of progress much
Tail spine has been finished and works so amazingly well 83 Did this for free for the customer as an experiment, but will be offering moving tails for £30 from now on.
Also the head has been lined and the body plan worked out. Thanks to school for slowing me down, but Kovu should be finished by the end of the month.

So I had a huuuuge panic the other day, I barely have enough money to buy the foam needed for the insane amounts of padding on this suit.
And then I had a little brainwave. I'm just going to buy thin, 1-2" thick foam, cut out pattern pieces for the padding and stick them together, giving a hollow shape that will be lighter, cooler and cheaper! Plus I can stick a couple of fans in the gaps if it gets too hot.
It won't be as sturdy, but I don't really care. This is a personal suit and I can always upgrade it later.

Feet and handpaws done
Starting to work out how to make a nice, bouncy, 'whip-action' tail- Will begin work on that tomorrow.

As the title says
It is my most comfortable head to date, the only parts in contact with the wearer's head are the hat and the lower jaw. This makes it surprisingly cool and a lot less claustrophobic, and also means cleaning has to be performed less often. After so much grief this head has given me, I am so happy to have it actually looking pretty good.
Hooray for improvement! :D

Haku's huge size, while a defining feature of his uniqueness, has caused several problems with transport and postage.
So we have chopped off his head and tail and sewn them into a one-person puppet suit, where the dragon appears to wrap around the wearer, with one hand inside the head operating the mouth and one hand acting as a claw. Inspiration was taken from the costumes worn by actors in the Lion King Broadway. I might take him around a few cons or put him up for sale straight away, as I need to make room in my garage for newer costumes!
Photos coming when he is finished~

Ugh... This head is giving me so much trouble. I keep getting a canine shape from it, need more practice with felines -__-
On top of that, some fur I ordered then cancelled from CRs Crafts because I didn't have a credit card, has apparently still been sent to me. I HAVEN'T PAID FOR IT, but it's gonna arrive and I'm going to have to pay to send it back -__-
Or make items and sell them... Let's see how much it totals up to.

Duct Tape Dummy, shoes and handprints have arrived, along with the foam. Let's get this head started!

God I love these things <33
Definate recommendation for lion's manes, horse's tails etc. Anything with long fur basically. They're so much better than wigs and so much cheaper than NFT's long fur, plus they come in an amazing variety of colours.
Anyway they arrived today, and now I'm having a hard time keeping them away from the cat's claws to weft them together on the machine.

Ordered the fur from
Hopefully it will arrive in a week or so.
Shipping was a killer, but totally worth it for this quality of fur.

Finished the chestpiece through which I can see
Vision is absolutely fantastic :D So much better than from my wolf quads. Hopefully this means I won't be walking into so many people >.> And it frees up my wranglers, who I always feel guilty for dragging around to look after me.

Well, finally got a new owner for Linky boy :C
Sad to see him go, but I can tell he's going to go to a good home who'll look after him :)
Bye-bye Wolf Link, and thank you for all the great memories TT^TT
(I get too emotionally attached to my costumes >.>')

I just bought some Kanekalon hair braids for her mane. They arrived today, and they are MASSIVE. There is so much hair on one braid it's unbelievable o.o
Now to weft it together and attach to the head... I think I'm gonna have plenty left over.

Fur is going to be delayed for a week >.>
And it's from America so it's gonna take another week or more to arrive...
Ah well, gives me time to make my DTD...

Wolf Link is being improved with a new head, feet, legs and tail and an improved bodysuit. He will be attending LFCC 2010 along with Amaterasu again.

I have finally got a way to joint the legs so they move fluidly but I can still put weight on them :D
I won't be doing any running for fear of faceplanting, but hopefully I'll be able to move around a bit without my handlers if they want to do something else.

We will be mainly hanging around the DLR entrance on the Saturday, and we will also be in the masquerade. Sunday we'll probably just be wandering around outside, that is if it doesn't rain!

Finally, after 3 months of non-stop work, Haku is finished!
We'll be seeing you at Expo ;)

The fur's here! Thank God!
All that's left is a bit of the mane, leg flaps and general grooming... Can't wait for Expo!

I've run out of fuuur! 8 days before Expo! DX
I've ordered some with 1st class delivery... Hopefully it'll make it in time!

Need to figure out a joint system for the legs that won't end in them snapping or me faceplanting onto the floor :/
Also have found a Pokemon group to go with, yay! :D

Ok... I have no idea how to get this thing up to Expo .-.
Usually we go on the train, but this is waaaay too big. It's not so much the overground trains that I'm worried about, but the underground and DLR.
Thinking of taking the car, which is a bit inconvenient for my parents, but it's the only way we can get up there!

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