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Cosplaying for about 7 years. Made far too many costumes. I love challenging myself with new techniques and trying out new ways to do things.

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Ayacon was awesome! I completely fluffed the masquerade thanks to nerves but very pleased with my award! Also had major fun in the Cosplay Chess and met so many lovely new people!

Going to re-wear him next year after some improvements and some more armour! I'm going to spend the rest of the year fixing my list of tweaks I want to make to this, then start the full armour set in the new year.

Currently my list of improvements are the following:
- Shorten the main belt as it was a little too long.
- Fix the two zip stops I lost on the coat.
- Put magnets in the shoulders of the coat and the flaps to hold them on better.
- Repair any loose leg plates. Happily didn't lose any though!
- Green stuff the edges of the worbla to smooth it out and repaint.
- Attach the belt clips more securely as the front came off on one side.
- Attach the buckles more securely as they loosened a bit.
- Remake the blades of the staff to be stronger and repaint in chrome for a better look.

On top of that I'll be making the upper arm, rib and shoulder armour, cape and helmet. The cape will have to match the lining but will be wool rather than cotton. I've actually designed this costume with the full armour in mind so it will be completely interchangeable in a matter of seconds. I'll also be making the helmet similar to the movie construction with hopefully strong magnets to hold it together.

I'll also be working on my performance, I know I'll do better on a stage I'm more familiar with so I'm going to aim to get everything done for May Expo. Got plans already, just need to build some stage props and practise to make sure the timing is right!

Oh my god I can't believe this is almost done!
Today I painted the torque and staff. Ran out of paint for the staff but finished the torque. Also finally managed to make the belt buckles too!

Remaining now is:
Top coat the torque
Magnets in the tunic
Finish painting the staff
Glue the bulb base to the staff

Then it's done!
Really happy to have the eggy in the bulb piece now so I can play with it without fear of dropping! It's so much fun in the dark!

Boots are finally in progress! Got the back main piece on tonight on both boots.
Tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to finish them off completely!

Finally got the boots glued together! Impact adhesive is a god save! The back of the armour is now fully assembled and ready to be painted also.

Tomorrow will be mainly working on the boots and patterning the front armour. Then paint all the things on the weekend!

Just small bits today really. Fitted the leather strap for the vambraces and attached all the belt armour to the belt.

Annoyingly ran out of paint so had to get yet more.
Weekend will be reserved for painting and finally finishing this bad boy!

Thor is so frustrating! Actually been more problematic that Loki has been!
Had issues with the boots today in that my neoprene glue doesn't work on neoprene. D=
Will be back to trusty old impact adhesive tomorrow!

Got the wrist wraps and top finished off today as well as the back armour fitted and cut out.
Will be glueing that together tomorrow and starting on the front armour!

This weekend proved to be highly productive. I've now finished the vambraces, tunic and trousers fully. Once everything was aged all the plates were added yesterday.
All that remains is making the belt buckle and painting the torque and staff!

Vambraces are now done and just drying from varnish.
I've also done the leg pieces. I've sprayed then hand aged over 500 tiny pieces this weekend! I've posted a tutorial for the paint job on my tumblr for anyone interested.

All done on the cape now! The frame is in place and attaches nicely to the base shirt! The cape is almost 6ft long! It's absolutely insane! If it gets wet it's going to at least triple in weight though because it's 100% wool!
Next up is the back armour!

Just a quick update for the cape. Almost time to put it together. The magnets are currently drying in the frame!
Thought I'd add a photo of how it's actually going to work. The black shirt is the base shirt for Thor. The two squares of worbla each hold a magnet. Each magnet has 6kg pulling power which is hopefully enough for the cape!
The cape will slot in through the flared part of the chest armour and be held in place by the shirt. Easily removed for changing and if stepped on won't rip or damage the costume!

So I started Thor a bit after doing Loki so he's not as complete as Loki is.
So far I've got the trousers and base shirt that holds the cape fully finished. Still to do it:
Boots - actually leaving these til last as the actual base boots are very close.
Vambraces - Need painting and the wraps need poppers added.
Belt - Needs painting and magnets added.
Chest armour - The base shirt for this is also done, the armour needs patterning and making however.
Cape - Needs attaching to the frame that will hold it and magnets added.

If you can't guess by now, magnets are awesome!

So seeing as I've been working on this for a while just thought I'd do a bit of a list of what's done and what's not

So far completed is the coat and boots. They're completely ready to wear now with no further work needed.
Everything else is at least in progress, so here's a list of what still needs doing.

Trousers and tunic - need plate armour painted and attached.
Belts - Need two buckles made.
Vambraces - Need priming and painting then added to the leather straps.
Shoulder piece and belt cover - Needs a top coat and attaching to the belt.
Wrist guards - Need a top coat and adding to the straps which need poppers.
Staff - Needs priming, painting and the bulb attached.

Essentially everything needs to be painted for it to be done!

Spent this morning de-constructing the top dress. I have no idea what I would do if I didn't have Tobuscus' play through vids to stare at! <3

The top dress isn't as tricky as I remembered it thankfully. It's essentially going to have to be made as a skirt and jacket style top which will button onto the skirt at the front. I'd like to not have to attach it to the red dress so I'm hoping the skirt will be able to stay up with just a waistband which will sit on my hips with the belt covering it.

Found some excellent gold chain for the other belts and will be gem hunting today for the jewelled belt. Wig has been ordered so hopefully that will arrive soon and will be getting shoes today too.

It feels like a lot to do still but it's not a huge amount really (except the embroidery!).

Just for my own ref really, a list of what's left on her now:

Zip in top
Eyelets in back panels

Red Dress:
Buttons and loops on white back

Make purple dress
Lace trim on purple dress
Embroidery of doom(!)

Purple belt
Chain belts with gems
Dye and style wig
Find good (non feet killing) shoes.

Despite it being two weeks since the last update I feel like this has progressed very quickly.
The under skirt is complete with lace and buttons attached. The pants are sewn together. The corset top is now complete too but waiting for a zip (annoyingly I've had to use a zip on this one as there's no visible openings and it seems the lacing on the back is for aesthetics only), and the red dress is completely finished and just waiting for some buttons on the back.

All that's left to do now is the purple dress which I'm slightly putting off for now until I feel better and can get my head round the design without sneezing all over it! So for now, have lots of progress photos!

Got quite a bit done in this last week. On top of a commission I've got the underwear cut out now and ready to sew and the underskirt with top lace prep'ed. Still waiting on the top dress fabric which will hopefully be in the shop this week. Will likely have to go in this week anyway for Jack so fingers crossed it'll have arrived!

Discovered I also need a hell of a lot more lace than first expected. After trimming just the under skirt I've used up pretty all of the 5m I originally bought. Luckily the cotton will be enough to cover the corset so I won't have any extra costs now on this costume other than the thread for the embroidery and some extra lace. Slightly dreading the embroidery, but simply for the time it's going to take!

Working out dressing time it's going to take a while to get us both into costume as there's no zips at all and all laces and buttons. DX It'll be nice to have a fully accurate costume but extremely annoying for no quick releases!

Going to order the wig this week too, I've found a perfect one on CosCraft though it will need a little bit of dye just to darken it!

Managed to get essentially everything I'm going to need for the costume this week which is nice but crippling on my bank account! Currently got a two week wait on the main fabric (the red and purple brocade) as it's being ordered in from the company. Everything for the under garments I was able to get while in town so I'll be getting on with that while doing some other costumes.

I've got a lovely cream lace with a slight stretch to it for the pants and base corset, the corset will be lined with soft cotton which is also going to be used on the under skirt. While I could cheat I'd really like this to be done as accurately as possible and get each layer right.

Jack's brother returned the game last night so I'll be playing through the opening today to get some nice refs of the back of the dress and everything underneath!

All that remains to buy is some nice base shoes, wig and the gems for the belt. And a crap load of thread for the embroidery! DX

This is likely to be my big piece for the year so I want to get an early start on her. It's going to be going with Jack's first ever costume which I will wait for him to upload before saying what it is.
Going to be getting fabric for her tomorrow hopefully after a while of planning. I've been researching and hunting for a few months now for the right type and have finally found a nice substitute for what they would have used at the time. Thankfully with the sales still on it's currently half price so won't be too bad.
I'm aiming for a heavy brocade cotton for the purple and red and possibly silk for the white of the sleeves. Also thanks to sexy times at the start of the game I'll be making all of her under clothes too including her lace underwear! XD
I'm really excited to be starting this at last as I've been planning for so long for it!

Got everything cut out as of yesterday. Although it's got a bit of stretch in it I'm still going for princess seams on the top just for a nicer fit. Going to sew it all together today then it's just the details and put the zips in. Managed to get everything bar the purple for the trim so I'll be ordering that from my normal online seller. Waiting for the wig to arrive too but there's not really much to do on that so that's not too urgent.

Having a go at making some proper gloves for the first time, I've always done the draw around the hand method so this time I'm going to experiment with the proper way to do them. It's more work to do compared to the basic way but it should give a much nicer fit on the palm.

Managed to get most of the fabric yesterday in town. Got some lovely thick jerseys for the trousers, cape and the dress. Just need to get a nice purple for the trim, a red for the cape lining and a dark blue for the detailing. For the meantime though I can get on with making the base of everything and get most things made up by tomorrow.

Got a beautiful wig for her too! It's a great blue/turquise shade and is really thick too!
Going to start on the cape front too today as I've got some gold left over from Nina.

Yay Kita debut went really well! Had a few minor issues which are now sorted and just need finishing some time between now and May. I'm going to replace the zip and hopefully give it a full run at Minami as I missed out on photos with Silver. :(
Gave up on searching for more gold beads so I've now got pre-strung beads to sew on which will be a bit easier!

Managed to get quite a bit done despite being away the weekend. Did quite a bit being leaving and got straight on with it when we got back last night. Left the cape and streamers drying so they were ready when I got back so the pattern can now be added to the cape. Just finished attaching the last of the pattern to the tabbard too so that can be attach to the dress when it's done.

The skirt is in progress. I can't complete it until I can dye the sides tonight (ran out of paint) and add those as the bias need to go on top. The jacket just needs the front panel and bead work done and that's complete. The jacket is a little tight but it's needed to hold the collar up when that's added.

Going to work on the hat and collar today. The way things are looking I should have everything completed before Kita! Right now it's looking like this:
Today - cut and heat hat and collar, dye skirt sides, paint tabbard, finish streamers.
Tuesday - Cover hat and collar, beads on collar, attach skirt sides and finish.
Wednesday - Finish hat and add beads, add cape detail and finish. Attach everything together.
Thursday - Begin panicking because I've not packed or done any other costumes, finish off any details for this.
Yeah I'm not going to uni again this week. ><

Wigs have taken up more time than I would have liked but I'm finally getting on with everything now!

The dress is now completed. The dyeing took longer than expected but I'm really pleased with the colour (though my mum wasn't too pleased with what it did to the hob!). Painting has taken a while as I don't exactly have a steady hand (I have essential tremors so my hands and legs shake constantly). Luckily Jack picked up some Cider for me last night so that made things a lot better and sped up work considerably! Just need some more to finish it off now.

The jacket is finally sorted. I've never made one for myself before so it took two goes to get the front panel correctly fitted but it's all good now. Just got to cut out the lining and collar today and that's done and I can get on with adding details.

The red sleeves have been beaded successfully. The ribbon still needs to be attached as I'm not fully sure how I want to do it yet, either sewing or fabric glue. I'll probably go with sewing.

Dyeing the streamers today too so they'll be ready soon too.

Left to do now is:
Jacket details
Tabbard details
3rd Necklace
Dye & applique cape
9 days left to go now! I really hope I can get this done in time!


Woo fosshape has arrived! It seems after messing me around last time, they sorted themselves out and sent it out the day I ordered it!
It was the main worry about getting this done in time for Kita as it's for two main parts of the costume that a lot of the rest needs to be attached to.

Mixed up the dye today. After the red mix failure I've opted for a 1:1 orange yellow mix. I'm going to hopefully dye everything needed today and do the gradient dyeing over the weekend!

Working on wigs today as well to hopefully clear them all out by the end of the week. Luckily thanks to the multiple heads I can work on 5 at a time while each one is drying.

Dye test 3.
Test 2 went relatively well, I think I've got a method now for the orange. After an hour boiling, let it dry, then make damp again, let it dry again and wash. It gives a much stronger colour for some reason and doesn't wash out!
Did another test anyway today this time mixing in some red so see if I could get a more rich colour as it was still slightly pale. Didn't get a good result for the orange but the colour was spot on for the gradient dyeing I'll be doing!
Going to do the final test on monday with just a stronger organge/yellow mix and then do the actual dress pieces!

Got another star done today. Not overly productive today as I'm feeling generally blah atm. Going to hopefully get the final bits cut out tomorrow and get the other star sorted if I'm feeling up to it. The final star I won't be making until the hat is shaped as it needs to fold around it.
Ordered the fosshape last night though so it should come fairly soon hopefully! They did mess me around a bit with shipping last time (saying it had been shipped and then told me they were sending it over a week later with no reason why it wasn't shipped when they said it had been) but I've given them a deadline so I'm hoping they'll be a bit better this time! *Fingers crossed*

Dye test 2
Gave the dye another test run today, I'm getting a darker colour to stick but it's still very pale, I'm considering a stronger mix but it's going to get fairly expensive.
I was considering dyeing it and then just not washing it as the dye didn't rub out when dry but the fabric becomes too stiff. This was after being in direct sunlight so it might need more gentle drying.
I've read that you can get a chemical the help with polyester dyeing so I may look into that along with other brands of dye.

I've started work on the stars today. It's the same design as the back of the cape so it made it a little easier as I've drawn it already. It's currently in the oven baking so photos when it's out!


Dye test 1.
Mixing both dyes has gone well and I've gotten the shade I need. The only thing I have to do now is work out a way for it to take well. I knew I'd have problems dyeing it because of the fabric I'm using (synthetic blend silk jersey) but there was nothing else I was going to use so it's just a matter of getting around it.
Although I've got machine dye, I'm testing out different methods to get the best result. I know I won't be able to use it in the machine because it washes out too quickly. I'm currently testing out a method similar to dyeing polyester which is basically boil the hell out of it. If it's successful I'll have a good method but will need to still test out new methods for gradient dyeing as some sections need multiple colours.

Oh, and did the pattern for the cape with zero mistakes! Yay!

Managed to get quite a bit done yesterday, though I've now realised I did all the easy parts and have left myself to sketch up patterns for the hard stuff today. Sent my mum off to get some more beads in town, I've fully cleared out my collection that I had which makes me slightly concerned about the total number I'm going to use. Originally I had estimated about 5k but having only just managed two necklaces out of 1k I think it might be leaning more towards 6 or 7k. Not too much of a bother though, they're fairly cheap so I don't mind bulk buying them really.

Done so far:
- Dress full cut out
- Head scarf cut out
- Tabbard cut out
- Medium and large necklaces made
- Streamers cut out
- Sleeves cut out
- Cape cut out

To do today:
Pattern on cape
Pattern on tabbard
Test out orange dye

Although I've done a bit of work on it already. I'm properly starting today! Still need more beads as I've now used them all up on just two necklaces >< and I'll need to get some more fosshape too as I only have 300 and would prefer 600 for this as it'll need to be very sturdy (no it's not another Clow Card hat!).

Wrote up a 6 page list of what needs doing last night, it's mostly for me but it'll give judges a good idea of how I went about things if I miss mentioning something.

Done so far:
- Dress full cut out
- Head scarf cut out
- Tabbard cut out
- Medium and large necklaces made

Long way to go still but aside from my dissertation I'm all done with uni work so I'll be working on just this and wigs for the next 3 weeks.

26th Feb 2010
Picked up some more supplies today. Got all the dye needed as well as clearing out their supply of beads again but it's still no where near enough. I managed to use about 500ish in the first necklace which is the biggest but I've got two more to make then the thread of beads going around the headpiece. DX Too many beads!
Going to experiment with fabric dye a bit. They didn't have the shade I wanted so I'm going to try mixing two together to see if it'll give me the colour I want. Definitely going to be testing it first before putting it near any final pattern pieces!

So far I've spent one evening cutting things out for the base dress. Got the skirt of stupid weight done along with the first set of sleeves and the separate head scarf. Need to finish cutting out the dress so I can start dyeing it!

Cape, hat and base dress is now sewn together. Going to try it on tonight to mark out the bust and get that done. The shoes still need doing and I need to add a few details to the tights, hat and cape then it's just the staff to make.

Progress is slow, I'm getting far too distracted. ><
The hat, cape and dress base is fully cut out. I'll have to make the bust once I've tried it on and marked it out.
I'm hoping to get this finished by tomorrow evening if I can make some progress tonight and get sewing!

Got all the fabric I needed last week at the market. I've actually got two different fabric choices for the dress, one is a nice lightweight muslin and the other is a silk jersey in the perfect colour. Right now I'm leaning more towards the silk jersey as it's got a better colour and drop but does lack the opaque look that the muslin has.

Drawn up patterns for everything this morning, the biggest challenge is going to be the bust design and getting it looking right. I'm actually not a huge fan of the separate bust as it generally doesn't look right on me but obviously that's with store bought clothes rather than something I can fit to myself personally and make sure it's right.

Hopefully have the fabric cut out tonight and the costume finished by the end of the week. Biggest problem I'm facing right now however is getting the right wig. I was hoping to find something that needed as little work as possible but now it's looking like I'm either going to need to dye one or alter one with a fringe as getting the right colour and style in one wig is proving to be a problem.

I'm impressed at how quickly I've done this! Started last weekend finally and got everything cut out, so far it's been 3 days work and I've just got to sew the lining into the jacket and cape then attach the trim. Just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it! (Though having the overlocker is always useful too!)

This is the first time I've had a go at making a full suit jacket and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out! Again I didn't bother with a pattern so it's taken less time and still fits fantastically. The fabric has been great to work with, I absolutely adore cotton velvet!

Still not sure what we're going to do with the trident mask. It'll either be a small tie clasp or a crown of some kind.

I've finished everything but the scythe and boots now. I'm not even attempting them right now until I can actually find a regular pair of boots that fit.
I'm a little annoyed I can't do the pattern on the dress the way I wanted but it was just too time consuming and would kill the current fabric.

Ok, probably not the best idea to start the day before the con but here goes. It's not an overly difficult costume and thanks to the stretch in the fabric fitting shouldn't be a massive problem.
Planning on getting this completely started and finished tonight minus the boots which I'll get in town tomorrow.

Pretyy much completely done with this one now. The top is all finished and just needs the collar shaped. The head gem I'll have to do thursday but everything else is done.
The wig is bugging me a little but I'm happy with how the colour is coming along. (Having to build it up in layers)

What an absolute hassle this has been. I originally ordered 2 yards of fosshape thinking it'd be enough for both hats. Stupidly, I forgot that the hats needed two sides so it ended up only being enough for the Rain.
I ordered another 4 yards on the 3rd thinking it'd come in more than enough time as the last lot took about a week total...yeah never assume.
When it got to the 8th and there was no word of even a shipping notice I began to get worried and contacted the seller (Cosplay Supplies) asking if it had been shipped as I needed it by this weekend. After sending another email as there was no reply to the first I got a reply telling me that the order was being processed and it would arrive "on schedule" and they would send the tracking info today when the warehouse was open. By this time I'd already contacted another UK seller ( asking them if there was any way they could ship out in time if I ordered this week.

Today, around 2pm I still had no reply from Dani (who I assume runs cosplay supplies). I sent yet another email asking if the order had even been shipped yet and if it hadn't could I just cancel (as it obviously wasn't going to arrive in time now). It seems my question was answered when I got a notification from paypal that my money had been refunded. Some nice customer service there.
Luckily at this point I'd already gotten a reply from Flints and had ordered what I needed from them with the promise that it would ship the very next day.

I'm now waiting until my order arrives so I can head round to our new house on wednesday so I can finish the costume!

Ended up buying a stupidly expensive wig from the complete tards that work in the wig store in town. Not only did they try to argue that wigs can't be dyed, but one of them was attempting to brush a wig from the top down. Apparently it had taken her two days so far, it wasn't even that tangled and could have been fine in about 5 minutes if she had any sense. These people don't even know what they're selling, it took me about 5 minutes to explain that it's not as simple as human hair and synthetic hair and that there's different fibres. Ugh. Despite my ranting, I did rather enjoy educating them on their shop and somewhat embarrassing the both of them.
I've now dyed the wig (twas a #613 originally) and it's waiting for another spray just to get an even colour.
It's not entirely what I wanted but I'm just happy to get a wig sorted now.

The top is all done and being sewn together. I was somewhat dreading finishing it incase it didn't fit but now I've cut out the back and can see how it has to come together I'm feeling much better about it.

I am slightly concerned about transporting the hat still. Covering it last night compromised the shape and now it's fairly soft again (which was a bit surprising as I've not had that happen before) I annoyingly burnt a little of the lycra attempting to heat it again but it's on the back so it's not overly worrying.

I seem to have packed my latex away so the head gem will need to be done on Wednesday.

I'm feeling really good about this costume atm, I'm beginning to get nervous now about the comp though. Looking at the rest of the people entering (took a look through the email list) I know already who has first and second place bagged really. There were a few people I didn't recognise so I'm eager to see the rest of the entrants on the day and see the kind of competition.

Finishing this at last tonight. Wigs and uni work got the best of me and I just never got chance to finish it before now. Suffice to say the scythe will not be coming to Aya given the prop rules (not to mention the two hats of doom also coming with us).
I'm hoping to get everything finished off tonight at last!

Well, I ordered a wig through Katie Bair a month ago, went to check the progress of the order as I'd still not got it and my order is still being processed. DX I've now had to cancel my order and I'll be heading to the wig store in town later today to grab the lightest colour wig I can for dyeing. At least dyeing it might give me some extra points with the judges.

The boots are all done. I wasn't sure how to do the top of the boot, however believe it or not I actually had a dream that showed me how to do it! It seems my dream was a pretty good shoe maker as it did in fact work and now they're fully completed.

Finally started on the hat ready for heating tomorrow. By sheer luck I have just enough fosshape to do the hat to the size I want it, though it means it's likely it won't fit in a car. I'm hoping to have it fully done tomorrow and covered so that all that's left is just the final few details. The top I can finish today with left over fosshape so that's sorted too.

After individually painting and glossing all the beads, they're all ready to attach. I'm finishing off the shoes tonight then might make a start on the hat of doom. I'm really eager to start on it despite having other things to do. ><

The raindrop beads finally came today! I've added them to the raindrop plushie so now that's all done.
I've got 8 more for the collar, 2 for the ears, 2 for the shoes and 12 for the hat. ><
I'm finishing off the top and the shoes tonight hopefully then it's on to the hat of doom!

Trousers are all done now!
I was hoping to get it all done by Thursday but I've decided that I'll be entering this one into the competition for Aya so I'm not too worried about spending extra time on it.

The top is coming along well, I've got the front pieces cut out now and need to trace out the back and sleeves then it's ready to sew together. I've ended up making the collar along with the top after realising how much the seam would show if I did it in two sections. It caused a few problems when redesigning the pattern but it should be sorted now.

I've got the shoes half done and ready to heat. I'm not overly happy with the shape atm so I'll work it as I heat it to get a better shape.

Still waiting on the beads and wig so that'll be done later.
I've now got a huge amount of fosshape for the hat. I'm moving in two weeks though to our new house so I'll cut it out now but only sew it together once we're there.

Once this top and shoes are out the way I've just got the hat and little details to add.

Today I've been working on the trousers, as they're lycra I've opted to cut each diamond out individually and the sew it all back together in alternating colours.
It's a pretty time consuming process but it's looking good so far.
The only thing I'm a little disappointed with is that because of the shape of the legs it's not possible to get the diamonds on the seams to line up without altering the shape of them or the legs.

Spent a good amount of yesterday working on this. I've got the cape and the main body suit fully done so that just leaves the hat which I can start once the fosshape arrives. I've decided not to pad the legs as it doesn't look great on the people who have already tried it. Instead I've gone for something similar to the Arabian trousers in Aladin.

Having a few problems fitting the top which is starting to bug me. It not major problems really but lack of sleep is definitely not helping.
Made a mock up of the dress with the lining just to check how things fitted. At the moment it's looking like it's just a problem with sizing which should hopefully be easily fixed by making it a little bigger (ended up forgetting if I'd included seam allowances while cutting so that's probably what's gone wrong there.
Things to fix:
The top of the collar definitely needs to be extended as it's way too low.
Add in seam allowances.
Shorten the back, the top panel was definitely to long which didn't help with fitting.

Suffice to say I'll be staying up tonight to get this done in time hopefully. If the next go doesn't turn out better I'll just leave it til after Minami and work on it til May.

Running through this one fairly quickly. Should have all the accessories done in a few hours. I'll be doing the skirt after that and should have that done this afternoon. The top is next and hopefully I can finish it tomorrow morning. After that it's just the cape and boots for both of us.

I think the top is going to be the most time consuming part simply for the fact that it's in so many pieces and needs to be fitted just right. I'll be using the lining as a practise so hopefully it'll go ok.

Almost done with Alex now. I'm just sewing the trim onto the jacket and that's all done. Pockets are all done on the tunic so that's finished. Cape is waiting to be sewn together and onto the jacket and then it's just the boot covers which won't take 5 mins.

Really loving the jacket now. Had a few minor hitches getting it all nicely fitted last night so that slowed me down but now it's almost done!
(Currently got a Zack wig drying so I can finish that tonight too.)

Almost done with this and I can start on Menardi tomorrow (and somehow do my assignment in time for Tuesday).
Finally got the damn brown cotton! I'm just about to sew the jacket together along with the lining and then add the trim.
All that's left after that is the cape, pockets on the tunic and boot covers. I will do this tonight!

Plan for the next week:
Tomorrow (Friday) finish Alex start on Menardi + wigs.
Saturday + Sunday - Menardi
Monday - Assignment + wigs
Tuesday - hand in assignment + wigs
Wednesday - Menardi
Thursday - Menardi until we leave.

Managed to get quite a bit done this weekend. Accessories are all done apart from the belt which needs covering in lycra. Will have the trousers done by tonight and I'm making a start on the tunic as soon as those are done.
Going searching for brown material this week so hopefully I can finally find the right stuff and finish the tunic by Tuesday. Then all that's left is the jacket and cape which I can do wednesday and thursday. I have to be finished in time to start Menardi by Friday.
(Oh and do three wigs this week.)

Thanks to almost a week long migraine now and stupidly strong migraine meds preventing me from going to uni (and wigs currently drying) I've found some time to do our own costumes at last.
Starting with the smalls things for now as I'm feeling a bit out of practise and generally unfocused. Going to do all the fosshape stuff first then move onto the tunic if I can ever find the right brown cotton. (Seriously, how hard is it to get brown cotton!?)

Managed to find a pole long enough today and I've gotten everything else sorted including some tips from Laura. <3 For some reason I seem to have magic skills that burns foam when cutting it with the mini circular saw. It leaves a nice clean edge but means we have to keep stopping so we don't set the fire alarm off. Once the blade is cut out I can attach it to the pole (once we cut that too) and start on the paper mache. Tomorrow I'll be playing with Latex for the scales so hopefully that'll work!

So after finally finishing Zagato today I've been able to start on my dress. This really is a push for me, I've never started anything so late (Celestine was 5 days to go) but I can honestly say I'm really happy with the dress. The bottom falls really well and granted I've not tried the top on yet but it seems to be the right size. (If not then I'll be tightlacing!) All thats left is the cape which I can do tomorrow!

Well everything is pretty much done now for Zagato. I'm just waiting for the cape to arrive which I'm praying will get here on time so I can mutilate it tomorrow night. The gems still need doing and the crown needs another layer of material but everything else is done now.

After about half an hour of setting up the threads and adjusting the tension on all four the overlocker is finally in action and what absolute WIN! I'm going to be hemming on my normal machine still, just to save time on threading up the overlocker differently each time. Hopefully it'll all be sewn together by tomorrow and I can start on the gold detail. :3

I'm pretty much ready to sew everything together after tonight. I've just got the cape to cut out and I can get to work with the overlocker! I'm hoping it's going to turn out the way I want it or I'm going to have to line everything pretty quickly. XD

Well I should hopefully be starting the main body of this tomorrow (later today). Tonight I've been working on the crown and the gold/purple armour. I've used the same method as I did for the belt of The Big, building up layers of Fosshape to get the base shape. It's all currently drying along with the crown and main chest plate for Emeraude so I'll be covering that tomorrow hopefully. The crown for Zagato still needs heating so that'll be a job for tomorrow too. At the moment the only issue I'm having is deciding how to cover it all. I wanted to use the satin I've got, but the lack of stretch in the material is making me doubt it a little. My other option is to use a white lycra and paint over it but I know I'm not going to be happy with that. I have enough of the satin to make a few mistakes so I'll go with that for now and hope it works the same as last time.

Finally managed to get the material for this and Zagato today. I managed to find a good up close image of the artbook version of her so I'm going for that as my main ref image. I'm hoping to get the crown and possibly the belt part of the cape done today for both of them.

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