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Just about finished it in time, done the backpack at 10:30 the night before XD
Expo was just ok for me, none of my friends could make it so i was alone most time time ;_; Have to make October better though c:

Got the skirt the other day, its perfect :'3 All i need is to order the backpack, finish sword and then sow the blue things on to the socks XD Hope to get it done this month due to exams in May :3

Some good progress comming along, which is a change for me :B Going to start Fionna hat aftr christmas (Like, tomorrow) Then order the stuff in January, now i actually have money! -Happy dance- Should get an early finish on this cosplay C:

Got everything, except the bloody jacket xD Think il go jacket-less :3

Really enjoyed wearing this cosplay, but i just need to make some changes C: Imma get some orange ribbon for the skirt, re-make the buttons and maybe re make the ears, as the headband they are on kinda gave me a headache ;_;

Just need the Spectra Specs for this cosplay, then im done! <3
Saving up atm, there around £15 on amazon~

19 days to go!
Just need to do the t-shirt, starting that on tuesday xD
Top shouldnt take long to do, 2 weeks max :3

Ive learnt how to do Glimmer Hairstyle, it took some time xD
I want to get started on the t-shirt after ive done the top for SeeU :3
Im either going to make the training t-shirt, or get a dark green t-shirt and do the district 1 logo on it ~
all depends on time and money xD

For this, it looks like il buy a black t-shirt then just add the other material to the sleeves ~ I hope it goes well!

I finsihed the ears and the wrist things, now i just need to do the top! I got a orange t-shirt from amazon, and a black silky blouse which i can cut in half.

I found some msterial for the braclet things ~ Im not sure what it is, but it was used for packaging and it seems perfect ~

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