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erm stared cosplay in october not long :D

favourite part is making them and them turing out awesome!!

*still inexperienced* so i like to challenge myself with mega amazing costumes lol

actually i have too many costumes planned..and why would that be eh REISS?! blegh lol

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insomnia hit me like a sack of shit the other night so i decided to dig out mai lulu materials :D

half the skirt has been sown (not the belt bit...the back bit)
so i just need to paint on the lacey stuff *not looking forward to itttt*

been making belts like crazeh whenever i have a spare hour from college or workiing...expect to see some photos sooon-ish :)

also wigness have been ordered YAAAAAAAAAAAY
again...not looking forward to style the mofo >_<

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