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I got started into cosplay when I met my friend chelsea where we started this anime club, we then got to meet the plymouth cosplay group where I got to meet everyone else we all have been friends for about 3 years now.
What I like about cosplay is that I have meet alot of great people and some creepy people, it boosted my confidence greatly and I love that I just get to act like the characters!
Ive started to do modelling with my completed cosplays to show them off as to say.
Im now part of the The1stCapedCrusaders so if your into DC heros and villians have a watch there is a cosplayisland, facebook and youtube account
Check out my Facebook Page NightMare in Wonderland for the FB view

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Ah lovely I have another lot of photos to place up soon <3

ok this is killing me I REALLY want my wig to turn up in the post where are you baby i need you in my life

So far I have the leaves for this but i have been on the hunt to look for the perfect leotard to match with the leaves. the cape will take some time but it should go well I hope! got my chelsea and her ace cape making skills! I hope to get this done soon because it will mean I can be the new ivy for the home made batman films! when this version is done I may try out some different designs for ivy!

Im doing a new look to the queen of hearts and I hope for it to go well. I got a new dress from my aunts for my birthday and im going to put it to good use but it will need to be sorted with some chopped off heads in like a fish net bag closed up with a heart I took the idea from lolly pop chainsaw I will also add a lot more blood to the look a bit like when vampires finsh eating and the left over is around the face. I hope to do the makeup from the tim burton film and either have red spicked hair or black short for this weekend I will be trying the hair with black to see how it goes! for images to make the queen of hearts even more pschyo i will carry around a fake human heart with the makeup it seem I have been eating into it! I DO HOPE THIS GOES WELL

So far the outfit has been brought which i am so pleased with I got it for 36 pound at a fancy dress shop. The material is good the only problem are the boot covers being too tall and big for my legs so the outfit will be needing sorting so that it can work with my short body. My wig is on the way as my mother sally is able to pay for it and then it shall be done ever so soon my prettys! makeup will be done by mother sally toooo! <3

Ok going to try and buy a prober mask for this! i have been told for about 50 pound Smart FX can help make this better by adding latex to the dress and creating the mask from latex, banages and such like

my god this dress looks huge on me now! DAM LOOK I HAVE COLLAR BONES

yeah because of the amount of coffee staining the dress smells like coffee when someone has died. cosplay with a smell

i shall get more decent photos in time

Having a new look to it for promstuck! cant wait to be with my john

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