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Well I am new to the cosplay scene but have always had an interest in costumes and role plays so it was just the next step. What I enjoy most is taking on a whole new persona to link with your cosplay as well as the pretty clothes and wigs ^.^

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The main onesie part of the costume is done and the tail attached, still to go are the ears and wings. I also need to get some yellow converse style shoes to make the outfit complete. If I have the time I may try and make a giant spoon for all the cakey

I have only cut basic back lengths of wigs, never into an actual style before. So not being able to find the correct wig it seems this may be the first attempt at wig styling...wish me luck!

So far I have found the dress pattern I wish to use, waiting for delivery and time after exams to sew. Still hunting for a wig that would work for her hair.

All accessories and wig bought, just need to make the actual costume

So far everything has been purchased and the jeans edited, I ran out of paint for the bikini top but should get some more soon

So I got myself a sewing machine for £15 and this is what I have got now, I have the wig and just for details and arms yaaay!

So far I have the pattern and material I just need to get sewing....with no sewing machine -.-
The wig is on its way so I need to get a wiggle on.

right the skirt is nearly completed and so is the cardigan, my wig is on order and the neck tie is done. The only issue is trying to get the sailor part of the shirt done as I am not sure how to make it.

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