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I've been cosplaying since 2012 and am striving to make it to more conventions ^_^
To see some more bits and pieces of my cosplays head to my facebook page - LittleRed&TheWhiteWolf

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just the pattern pieces laying flat before sewing :)

Silver bodysuit has been made, just needs a little altering and the lines put on. also has boots and shorts and facepaint :) i just need to make the top, cut the wig, make some boot tops and thats all really ^_^

So I pretty much only decided to do this because this was cheap on ebay and I;ve played the game recently XDXD
Going to add some clear straps/bra to keep the boys in place. and going to alter it and put a little extra material on the legs bit, so you can't see the 'lines' XD

Hot damn this is tight xD I'm worried if it's too tight to cut up >.< :S

was a very impulse buy but i love it :P may need styling

bikini has been finished ages but i forgot to post xD
a test shot of it being worn.

Not sure why there's only one in the picture xD the paint was still wet but it looks really good dry, maybe i wont even weather it (it's got an effect on it like kinda crackled) now i just need to make the neck piece of them.

so had made a bikini to go over the bra but if just all wrong >.< so i've sewn on the material to the bra instead.. dont even care how shitty it looks >< it's finished now.. pic soon :)

I have pretty much finished my loin cloths.. just going to buy some larger o rings and sort the sough edges out

I found the dream material! ahh for me it;s pretty much what sonja would have worn (bar scalemail) i shall use the sequins for another Sonja project though.

ahh, I need a job! I want to make this NOW!
I shall be using these silver disc sequins as the armor, because i like the shape better and i hate the look of scalemail.. but if it doesnt work then i shall use scale xD

Deadpool and harley as you never knew them to be... is going to be funny.. i hope XD

so I decided to have another play with the makeup, sorry if it's smudgy or whatever, i didnt have a makeup sponge and I was too impatient to wait to buy some tomorrow so i may have raided the cupboard and stolen a sponge from a packet of kitchen ones >.< ohh I'm so bad xD but it seemed to go on really easy and didn;t go very bad at all for a first try...

I had tried to glue red leatherette on to the pair of ankle boots I'm going to use to hq, but it wont stick... So I've just decided that I'm going to paint them and be done with :L

I know this isnt completely accurate (the shorts being shorts rather than thong-like) but I'd like to keep a little dignity >< plus this character has come leanway in her outfit tbh. also, I'm going to make some little armour-things for my arm.

ignore the bra, and need to make my boot covers!

Cloak has arrived, just have to wait for my bodystocking (from china :S) and my studs (from thailand)
still need to make my boot covers...

made a little 'plan' on paint. aaand I just realized, the arms are on the wrong sides... -sigh- looks like i have some more sewing to do :P

so I've taken it in at the bottom half, still needs to be taken in a little more, and need to take in the top half around the arms too..

Soo.. my full review xD
it hasnt got the cuffs or white bobbles but I knew that, I don't mind. I got a size medium (12-14) cause I heard they run really small.. Bad choice, it's soo big D: It came with some bootie covers which I'll probably modify to go over some heels, the suit doesn't cover neck and the "cowl" is just a hat, so that's not going to happen, I'll either try go blonde or just stay red >.<
Also, does anyone know how to wash zentai suit-like things? I don't want to just throw it in the wash and ruin it xD (it came from a smoking household)

Got a really nice mask from a seller on ebay called theatrical threads. It's the perfect shape! i'm going to cut the eyes a bit because I'd rather have more of them out (the holes are quite small) It does fit too close to my face but I'm not sure that's going to bed much of a problem, i'm sure some body tape will sort it.

I'm really not feeling great about this... I'm taking a LOT of time on it so I can get it done as nicely as possible... So who knows when it will make an appearance..

the jacket has arrived :D i knew the sleeves were short but I dunno if it looks good or not. :s just got to make the tail and wait for the hat to arrive

I've bought everything I need now, the tophat and coat have been ordered online, £5 extra shipping so they should be here tomorrow or thursday :)

Altered an old school shirt, altering more so I cant have a nice V neck rather than doing it all the way up.

So I bought a wig on ebay for about £16, a bargain tbh seeing as it is brand new and really nice quality :D had to trim the fringe a tad but all's good :D

I've botched it up =/ I've decided I am going to try and alter it, and if it doesn't work I shall start it over - I have plenty of fabric to do so.
I am going to alter it to go over my waist training corset, i think that it will look much nicer ^_^

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