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After a few years break from cosplaying 2019 is the year I intend to get into cosplay once more!

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the shades came... bit oranger than i was expecting but meh... gonna order the stockings/ socks now lol... n :O speedily get this done ( bar gun) for October... because yes, i am mental! Freeezingggg my bitss offf i shall doooo :P

I ordered the gloves and glasses things for this the other day ... and the gloves are her , so i can edit them ... yay! :P Seen as i'm all settled in now i'm going to try and get back to doing my cosplays lots... so i'm going to edit the gloves in a bit, and try and do the boot covers n bikini flames today ! Hopefully get progress pictures done this weekend, This shouldn't be too difficult to get finnished lol ... i'm going to order the stockings/ socks today probably ...and get some chopsticks to edit on sat.

GAHHH!! painting flames on this sttupid thing is harder than i thought... it keeps scrunching up and being stupid! So i'm going to stitch the flames on withh red material... because it'll still be a damn sight easier... and will look 100 times better... because the material of the bikini's making the paint go patchy :S

I'm gonna do the gun... :S

God knows how...

But it must be done ...

I'll probably have to wait till next summerr/ spring time to take photos with it ... becauseee i'll be freaking cold in this... and i have nothing to keeep me warm that won't ruin the cosplay!

:| so yeah... doing the gun... because its justcalling to me and demanding to be done... i likeeeee guns... in a non deathy evily way... i'm good at doing the whole preciseee thingy with them for some reason... not that i've eveerrr actually used one lol. :D

Right so .. Scarf's finished... and i had a faff with the idea of boot covers... I think it should go ok... so long as i paint the flames onto the white material after, add Zips... and Elasticate the middle section... where the boot goes in on all the reference pictures... i've tied a peice of ribbon round it on the pictures... to try to give the effect i'm hoping the elastic will give it:P Materials ( using as a base) just pinned onto one of the boots btw

Undecided on if i shoud atempt to get the wig to work into Yoko's upstyle hairdo... or just leave it down n do Yoko like that instead.

I cut the facey skull shapy thing out today... using a random peice of craft foam :P so i'll glue it lottts ... n paint it ... n add it to a clip soon.. its just temporarily masking taped onto a clip so i could use it for progress pics :D
painting the bikini to saturday or sunday while the parentals are away lol


in the process of tacking it... welll ... handstitching it... but i don't trust my handstitching skills... so i'm gonna go over it on the sewing machine soon!

The photo only shows the front peices of the scarf... seen as i've started with them...
The burgundy is the ribbon i brouh for my Saeko skirt...
I plan to stitch it all together... to make a ring shape... and then fold it like it is in the picture... flding the edges under... and tack it ... the stitch it! seen as from what i can see... its a circly scarf thing she wears!


I've decided to make boot covers for Yoko's boots... seen as i'm on a verrry tight budget... i've cut the material out for them and will be sewing them together, adding the flames and adding the elastic soon. Going to buy some zips for them too to make it look a bit more authentic :)

I'm in the process of making the scarfy thingg ... seen as i have the stuff for it just lying around!

Going to do the Flame patterns on the bikini next weekend while the parents are away so i don't have any awkward explaining to do!

Maybe this will get done quicker than i thought!

I'm just testing with the stuff for this i've already got... the wigs not styled mind... just loosly tied back so i can faff :P

As you can probably tell... my body shape isn't right for Yoko... but i'm doing it anyway... for two main reasons... One... because i can openly admit i'm not the right body shape.. and i just don't care! I wish to do it so i shall And two... because i like the character a lot!

Yeah... photo's actually quite dauntingly scaryyyyy ... very... :S


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