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I've been cosplaying since 2005. i found out about cosplay online and thought it was KICKIN RAD so I made the worst Rinoa Heartilly costume possibly ever. I didn't use a wig, just my regular dark blonde hair. yeah. then I taught myself to sew and the rest is history or something.

UPDATE 2013: not that it matters to anyone, but for now i will no longer be cosplaying, as i've just completely lost interest. i can't say id never do it again but at the moment its looking highly unlikely. so thanks to everyone who liked my costumes - and cosplayisland for my showcase. peazze out yo

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Deciding that i will do Meryl finally at Midlands 2013. reasons being she looks extremely simple to make, and god knows after plugsuit i need something simple! in a perfect world i would wear my plugsuit, but well, it's not the comfiest thing and one of the shoes came off just from the photoshoot.
I'm at university now and i dont have my sewing machine with me, which is another factor in making a simple costume. and i get a month off for christmas which will be plenty of time to get her done.

Putting this photo here to make room for others in my gallery! Jason was such a sweetie and whispered "moon of my life" in dothraki into my ear. i think my face was like O___O because other people behind the desk looked amused haha.

You can't really see these properly on the full shot i uploaded, but luckily i took this as well. it's made with real shoulder pads, and craft foam, covered in the infamous vinyl.
The little 'screws' are bottle tops with craft foam on top.
the velcro you can see is for the chest armour.

This is about the third time the legs have been made. yep. previously i tried to do the leg lines with a sharpie pen, but it ended up smudging and wouldn't come off no matter what and i died inside.
so this time, i cut the pattern out of some spare leatherette and glued them on while wearing the legs. really tedious. i fucked up a lot on the right leg and there's some leftover glue marks, and from the little knee thing, the dreaded pen marks again. but i might be able to remove it as it's only a little bit, and the glue marks should come off with some scrubbing. i'm saying should because i will not accept it not working, no way in hell am i making these for a fourth time!

it's been like this for a while but i never took a proper photo. if it werent for velcro this costume would be a disaster. as you can see i still need to re-paint the green things, but other than that it's done.

I was unsure of how to finish it, and the top bit is what I came up with today. not sure if i like it, it sort of looks too big, but i cant think of ways to make it any smaller. I like the bottom bit though.

These were made with foam and covered with velcro, the orange bits are craft foam. there's a little slit at the bottom with velcro on, that's how I get them on.

Looking through my CI i thought it was a tragedy that i haven't already done this costume when it could take like 5 minutes. I found some really nice polyester/suiting fabric for cheap for the skirt. I'm planning on altering a shirt and adding the green stripes.
I already have the undershirt from Rei's school uniform, although i think i will make a new collar for it because it's far too small, and annoying.

Dany's hair is a mess of braids. Luckily her hair is messy since she's out in the wastes in the outfit, but i'm not sure i'm happy with it. wig styling isn't my strong point so i don't know if i'll be redoing it or what. i kept pieces of hair at the front instead of having it all tied up, not sure if it will stay that way.
Also - not sure if the ends are TOO wavy, I was thinking of using the hot water method to loose them a bit. not sure if it needs to be trimmed either, i will need to try it on again

wanted to put a close up photo up so you could see ALL OF THE STITCHING.

I've been hand sewing for more than 6 hours, and the detail on my Dany top is finally done! i will hopefully finish the whole thing tomorrow if i get some suitable wool to make the straps out of. The detail was so time consuming but i'm really happy with it, so it's worth it. photos soon!

Really not happy with it. I'm going to adjust/remake the straps because they don't match the reference at all. CURSES.

I literally just wrapped the fabric around me and it was exactly the same as how Dany's is laid out. |: I wasn't expecting that. I made a pattern out of scrap fabric, and this is it on the actual fabric. it's only pinned for now. It doesn't really look like much now but i'm going to be handsewing some details in, etc. i've also got to get some tattoo makeup, they don't really suit Dany lolz

One trouser leg is done, which is weird because I have no idea how to make trousers and just winged it. I'm dead happy with the results, especially the seams down the front and back.

Made lots of progress this weekend, the top half of the costume will definitely be finished tomorrow. picture is of the base tank top, apologies for the huge ugly bruise on my collar bone and my bra sticking out (i was actually using it to measure where Harley's would go lolol).
Also finished the wristbands, which were pretty simple, and the gloves which I hate making oh so much |: Won some boots on ebay that I will be using as a base to cover up.

a lucky find on ebay, as you can see they had smaller eyelets around the bigger ones, so i just covered them up with some scrap pleather I had.

I have some leftover eyelets from my Garnet cosplay so I decided to make the choker myself. I couldn't find any similar buckles to Harley's so I made one out of craft foam and stuck it over the top, it's really secured by velcro underneath.

I have bought the stretch faux leather, and the wig. I really hope the wig arrives in time, would suck if it didn't.
I also unlocked Harley's character trophy in Arkham City, so I have delicious HD reference if I need it. I'm really excited to make and wear this cosplay!

Before and after photo of the shoes. These are then used as a base, and the leg parts are stretched over the foam and glued around the bottom.

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