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Bought a man-sized army shirt and modified it to fit me.

Still need to replace the pocket, take in the sleeves and make the Galactic Fed patches somehow, since finding someone to embroider them for me proved too expensive. Getting there!

Also, I love my gloves. So Comfy!

So Samus' type of tiger-stripe camo doesn't actually exist.
Which means more work for me. Lucky for myself, fabricsprayUK just so happened to have a camouflage fabric paint pack.

Now to make some stencils!

It's almost there. I took the time to dirty the hoodie up using black acrylic, brown fabric paint and bleach before I used the Orange.
Needs more orange.
I missed a few spots with the hoodie creasing while I sprayed. There are also a few small stitching details that have to be seen to. Used Fabric spraypaint for this FYI
Almost done!

I made the midnight launch my deadline to do the following revisions-

-Re-model and construct a smaller and curvier chestplate
-Make a replacement back shin
-Smooth out all the armour some more
-Re-do all the straps and buckles
-Reinforce parts of the armour with more fiberglass
-Sand and re-paint EVERYTHING accurately with automotive paints

Thankfully I managed to get the tedious stuff out of the way and i've left recreating a few pieces of armour for Expo in October ^__^

Dare was amazing to wear, I was so suprised at how many people recognized her next to the huge recon spartan ^^
I'll be re-doing her chestplate with an updated model (its way too big) and making sure to detail it this time with 'DARE' across the top and the UNSC logo in the middle. The helmet needs patched up after it was dropped and cracked with a few details needing added too, and my knee plate fell off my shin armour in the last hour.
I was minus my ODST pistol because of time restraints and gonna need to do something about that white seam on the shoulder pads. Otherwise the armour needs a bit more weathering and the ab plate needs a few colours that are missing ^^

I don't like how bungie keep changing Dare's armour, so i'm just going by the blue artwork colour scheme and 3D render for the detail- For one, Dare's armour is NOT green, and the small details such as text and logo's are white in-game and black on the renders.

Didn't get the prince or elika 100% finished in time for expo, but they were good enough to wear even if it was only for half a day xD;
I didn't have time for the scabbard, the scarf was thrown together the night before and the shin pads were quite litterally made in the masquerade queue xD
Most of the craft foam parts took a beating at expo and need painted again, but i'll do that and remake a few bits for next time I wear him, possibly Minamicon or May expo,
we'll see!!

A lot still to do, and at the same time a lot done x3
The sword shape has been cut, but still needs filed, sanded, paperclayed and painted.
Got the main shape for the jacket and undershirt, of which the jacket needs another layer added and the detail along the front seams.
Got the belt done, and it looks rather sexy.
Trousers and scarf are currently lying as mounds of fabric and the gauntlet and glove are finished.

4 days to go. Bollocks.

Hunk's not far off complete! I know I have't really updated as such but I want him pretty much finalized before posting something more.
Just cutting and fitting the red lenses to his gas mask and constructing the shoulder braces, and with one or two bits and pieces he'll be finished in advance to Expo ^_^
*Scurries off to the Prince*

Well...5 meters of gorgeous aligator skin material arrived and and my god it's sexy.
We've got enough material to make a good start on both the Prince and Elika,
Tis looking good people!
Will update with something worthy of calling an update soon! ^_^

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