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I started cosplaying in 2010, when I attended my first convention.
My first cosplay was Nana Oosaki, put together in about a week (it was terrible!). The first cosplay I put together properly was Jill Valentine's RE3.
I mostly cosplay videogame characters.

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Finally found the vambrace that I made a while ago. Started adding decorative pieces to the border. Will be adding the fastenings to the inside.

The shoes were just an ordinary pair of brown shoes (you can see the unpainted one on the left). I was lucky that I found some in the exact style I wanted. I fashioned a toe plate out of worbla to give it a more rigid, armour-like appearance. I am part way through painting a design onto the toe plate.

The shin armour was, again, worbla and foam. I didn't use the sandwich method for the lower piece and so attached the fastenings to the outside of the armour. I then made little decorative pieces to make it look nicer and provide an extra level of security.
The top plate bends outward slightly at the knee to allow better ease of movement.

The paint job on these is far from finished and I'll hopefully be adding another plate to the side.

Started on the paintwork. It's not finished yet, but a decent start!

All made from worbla and foam. The staff is made from two cardboard tubes (from inside a roll of cling film!) stuck together and filled with expanding foam to make them sturdy. It was then covered in worbla. The details are also worbla.
The chest plate was molded over a dress form, which was padded out to my bust size. I will add the jewels to the shoulder parts later.
The abdomen piece was again made from worbla and foam.

All primed with wood glue and painted with acrylics. This is the unfinished paint jo.

I decided that I preferred suede cord to waxy cord as I like the contrast - it gives a better overall effect.

The leather 'corset' will go over the boned corset - I was initially going to glue the panels on to the regular corset, but I don't want to ruin the proper one so will be looking at how to go about it - possibly using hooks of some sort to hook over the under corset to keep it all in place.

The leather I am using is from an old coat I had lying about - I used the lining of the coat to line the front of the dress, so there is a fair bit of recycling going on here!

The paint came out a little shinier than hoped but it still works!

I have also started embroidering spirals onto this pattern. Will do the same for the other sleeve and the main dress and hood.

Slightly modified a dress pattern and lined the top (will be adding an underskirt later).
Will be adding the hood separately.

Corset is just for the base.

I finished the scales for the dress (finally!). They wrap all the way around.

To make the scales I pained the same fabric I used for the chest area of the dress gold then dabbed bronze paint over it to give it a bit of texture and a two-colour effect. I then cut all the scales out and sewed them all on by hand.

All that is left to do is to attach the gold part of the dress and the halter strap, and finish trimming the wig (I think...I hope!).

Finally DONE!

I used the same fabric that I used for the chest area of the dress, sewed in some wire, then painted it. I then sewed darker thread round the entire length of the wire and sewed the beads onto the 'head'.

Got it mostly sewn together now, just making adjustments. I installed a concealed zip in the side as I don't need to make it removable just yet.

I also made the pleats narrower than they originally were, and part of me wishes I had made them narrower still. I'm not the tallest person around, so I'm worried that the orange section of the dress will seem rather small in comparison and maybe the narrower pleats would have helped make it seema little longer.

I still want to try to make the scales a little more metallic.

I've sewn together the panels of the dress - the back still needs some work before I finish it all off.
I made the pleats on the dress narrower as they were far too wide before.

The bronze teardrop pieces are earring charms that I glued onto fabric and covered with copper leafing (I'm improvising here!). For the 'scales', I painting the gold taffeta first a lighter gold, then dabbed bronze over as they look gold in some references and bronze in others. I was contemplating making them a lot more metallic, using foil/leafing, but...it was just too expensive and too much. Maybe some day.

Started to apply gesso to the kara kesh after adding the remaining details to the end of the arm piece - the rectangular parts were cut from foam, the circular part was the cut-down top of a Kinder Egg capsule (lol).
I doubt I'm going to be able to smooth it all completely as the worbla itself was a bit lumpy, but I'm going to try my best!

I sculpted the crystal out of polymorph, and attached it with strong glue (I was an idiot and forgot that I should have painted it all before I attached it...that's going to make things difficult!).

The Kara Kesh itself is pretty much all made. It's very lumpy, so I'm hoping that I can smooth it out a bit. Just need to add a little detail to the arm part and then gesso, sand and paint it all.

I ended up attaching the finger pieces using springs, which looks a lot better.

I also modified the pleats on the dress, making them a little smaller. My aim for this week is to get the back panel pleated and cut out, then maybe the panels all sewn together and the main part of the dress lined.

Decided to have a bit of a break with Hathor so drafted a pattern for the pieces that attach the chest armour to the shoulder plates. I then got ambitious and made one. Again, just using worbla and plastazote. Just used a pen lid to press the circular grooves in - the lines need a little tidying.
I moulded the gem pieces out of polymorph, I will attach them once everything is painted.

It looks freakin' huge in the attached pic, but it's all proportional with the piece it attaches to!

The pieces aren't really lined up properly here, and they're not sewn together yet but I thought I'd see what they looked like together!

The top part is lined and pretty much ready to sew the embellishments on to. The fabric is the same as the lower part, just in a different colour (and I used the lighter/slightly rougher side). It was originally for the longer bottom part of the dress, but it was the wrong colour. I wanted a contrasting colour to the lower part as the background in case there are any gaps in the embellishments.

Just need to pleat and cut out the back part of the dress then I can sew it all together.

Tried my best to shape the top part. I'm not too bothered about how it looks since it will all be covered by the scales/beads :).

Cut out two pieces of worbla for the holding piece for the palm crystal. I cut out a small ring of EVA foam to act as a padding to smooth the edges out and stretched it around the 'crystal' before sandwiching it between the pieces of worbla.
I closed the casing at the bottom but left the top part open to insert the connecting pieces (currently waiting for a spring to arrive to test the, since the silicone tubing idea didn't quite work out!).

Ironed the pleats into the dress then sewed them in place.

I hate pleats.

I love it! It's a bit darker (closer to the references) IRL, the photo doesn't really do it justice.
Unfortunately, the gold fabric is a bit too dark to use for the longer skirt, but I will use it as the base for the bust area.

For the 'wire' connecting the palm gem to the fingertips, I used floral wire and silicone tubing with a 3mm inside diameter and 5mm outside diameter. It was more practical than using actual wire (and easier to work with). The silicone tubing is thick enough that it doesn't 'crease' when it moves, and the florist wire gives it strength and flexibility. I probably should have gone with a smaller inside diameter, since filling the tube out completely with florist wire makes it a little too stiff, so there is a little bit of space inside the tubes. Fortunately, this should hopefully not matter much.
I will paint the tubes silver before attaching them.

To make the slightly domed palm gem, I use polymorph, which I molded to shape using the concave bottom of an espresso cup. While still soft, I trimmed the edges (still leaving some of the 'flat' area). When hardened, I painted it using nail varnish (after practising on a spare bit of hardened polymorph, it was the most durable option!). I used a light red, then a burgundy, and then a shimmery semi-transparent multi-tonal gloss.
Ignore the worlba - that was just to see what it looked like in the 'shell'.

I also molded the crystal on the back of the device from polymorph.

Because I couldn't find a dress pattern close enough to what I wanted, I decided to make my own. Yes, the girl that sucks with following patterns decided to make one. Oh dear.
I do have a dress that I could have traced, but I wanted it to be more fitted like Hathor's.

So, I used the old cling film and masking tape method (I'm sensing a pattern here...).
Wrapped myself in cling film then masking tape, then marked on the major points of the pattern (both are rather tricky without someone to help!).
I then cut myself out of it (be careful!), laid it flat and made cuts where necessary so the whole thing laid flat.
I then separated the bust part from the main body. I did this because 1) it was easier to shape the bust, and 2) on Hathor's dress, the orange fabric appears not to cover the bust area.
I transferred the bust pattern onto muslin, and sewed it together where I'd made the cuts to keep the shape (can you tell I'm a complete noob with patterns?).
It's going to need a little more shaping, but that's what the muslin mock-up is for.

I made the 'rings' using the same method as the fingertips.
Things need a bit more finishing/smoothing, and I trimmed the rings down a little after taking this pic.
I didn't smooth the joins in the fingertips as much as I could have, because these are going to be covered by the pieces that will hold the wire.

I made duct tape patterns for the fingertip pieces, cut them out of worbla and assembled.
I will sculpt the ridges for the joints once I have whatever I choose to use for them.

To make the pattern, I wrapped my left forearm in cling film, then in duct tape (more rigid/sticky than masking tape), then masking tape (easier to mark than duct tape), and drew on the pattern that I needed. I then cut this pattern out, transferred it onto worbla and molded it around my arm.

Once the basic shape was achieved, I heated it again and held it tight, so that it fit better/tighter around my arm.

I'm not sure yet how I will do the gem or the parts that connect the fingertips to the main palm piece, but I am hoping to be able to sclupt everything else from worbla.

So I failed at taking progress photo for this, so here's a list of what I did:

- I lost the butterfly I made for anime Sena, so I made a new one. I bought a blue plastic folder that matched the background colour I needed, then drew a butterfly design, cut it out and painted on the white highlights using acrylic paint, then used Sharpie for the black lines (it was more durable and a lot smoother than using black acrylic) before bending it into shape. I attached it to the wig using a long black bobby pin.

- I found a skirt that was exactly the same pattern as the one that didn't fit me, only missing the trim. So, I tea-stained some light cream fabric to get it to the correct colour, made ruffles, then pinned and sewed them along the edge of the skirt.

- I reused the old socks, painting a white line (using fabric paint) near the top, then going over with gold leather paint (trying to use things I had around the house!). By using white first, it meant that the gold was not as opaque and didn't require as many layers.

-I reused the shoes, wig and tie from anime Sena.

I lost the old one so had to make a new one - to be fair, it was a bit overdue ^_^;.

It took ages to find suitable plastic to use at the base. Fortunately I found aplastic folder on eBay that was just about perfect. I drew the shape of the butterfly, then cut out a template, transferred it to the plastic, cut it out then created a fold and added the black lines using a Sharpie (it looked a lot neater and cleaner than paint) and the white are using white acrylic paint. The acrylic is a bit fragile but it was the best I could come up with.
Just need to add the clip and it's finished!

Again, worbla and plastazote. I should mention that I am basing the armour off that in the artwork - her in-game armour is a little different.

This needs some smoothing and finishing.

I wanted to remake the hat so that it sat a little better on my head and was easier to take on and off - the previous one involved a lot of hair grips XD.
The challenge on this one was to make it out of materials that I owned already.
I drew up a quick pattern based on nurse hat patterns I found online. For the main part of the hat, I used a piece of wonderflex to keep the shape and covered it with white fabric. To the back of this fabric I then attached the 'legs' of the hat, which were made from thick paper. Then I cut out the pattern of the hat, sewed it along the top edge and down the sides, then hand sewed the edges of the 'legs' and back. I then bent the legs back and sewed them to the middle strip and sewed the bent back strip to the back of the front of the hat just to keep the shape a little better.
The only thing left to do is to sew clips (which I salvaged from an old set of clip-in hair extensions) to the underside to keep it in place. I made a trial hat before I started on this one and the clips made it far easier to attach/remove and adjust. I will attach photos of the whole thing once it's finished!

Started on one of the vambraces - a bit of a trial and error thing and didn't want to potentially waste Worbla by doing them both at the same time.
I used the relatively easy cling film and masking tape method on my arm to draw up a pattern, then used thin plastazote for the 'core' and worbla for the exterior (it's much easier to use than wonderflex!).
As there is a thicker something lining the vambrace, I am using thicker EVA foam to act as the base, which I will cover using the same (or similar) fabric as the body suit.
I am not sure if I will make the body suit or buy one - it depends what works out cheaper.

The edges still need a little smoothing, but the shape isn't final yet - I need to wait until I've made the under layer to get the right shape.

Bought from Bodyline.
It was a full uniform set, but the skirt isn't that great (and also too small), which I was expecting, so I will be making the skirt separately.
It worked out cheaper to buy the set for the jacket and shirt rather than buy them both separately (and I bought it in person from the Harajuku store so I didn't have to pay postage for anything!), and it's pretty good quality.
I will be replacing the buttons on the front of the jacket as they are not accurate.

I tried it on the cheek rather than the forehead...and it looks a bit better I think! Positioning it correctly on the forehead is difficult, and the wound would more likely be circular - straight cuts are a lot easier and quicker to do. And this way, there is less blood so it will hopefully not get on everything!

I am finding it a lot easier to use the wax by 'melting' it slightly with a lighter before scraping it out of the tin, and then applying it with a flat instrument (I am using a metal ruler, but it is probably easier to use a spatula!) and smoothing it down with that as you apply, and then blending the edges into your skin with your fingers. The wax that I am using is already skin coloured, and blends even with my pale skin. Applying powder before the bruising effects makes things easier too - I am just using regular translucent matte powder (Rimmel, so you don't need anything special!). I applied a layer of powder on top of the colouring to tone it down too (skin coloured eye shadow dusted lightly will probably work better, but the powder was closer to hand).

I am not wearing foundation in the pic - the edges should blend a little better when I am.
The stage blood is really runny too! It's difficult to work with, so I am looking forward to getting the gel lol.

Preliminary test using scar wax and stage blood.

I was deciding between using liquid latex and scar wax to make a head wound, but ended up getting scar wax because it was cheaper (and I found some that had stage blood with it!). I have also never used scar wax before, so it's something new! I am just waiting on some blood gel arriving, as it is thicker and doesn't dry and flake like stage blood.

The only issue with the wax is that the blood only sticks in the pit of the wax...it just rolls off my skin where the wax has been. I am hoping that the gel is a little better, but I am also contemplating buying some blood paste for inside the wound and for areas that have come into contact with the wax.

Progress is occuring!

I will be getting the dress and the hat commissioned from the lovely Frederica la Noir :).

The colour for the armband was difficult to match, but I found a tea green fabric that will hopefully work - it's just a case of matching the colour when I make the badge.
I am having difficulty finding a simple plain red cardigan, but I am still searching! I also appear to have lost the shoes that I was planning to use, so I need to find a new pair. I am a little gutted, because they were perfect. However, I do have the exact same shoes in black, so I may try painting those if I can't find anything good enough.

I am planning to make the earrings from the plastic of an old candy floss tub, lol.

I will be using my own hair for this (I just hope my roots don't look so bad at the time!). I may be taking fake blood for Saeko, so I may add a little in the afternoon for mis-transformation Lisa :).

It has reached that point where I can almost visualise the finished outfit!

I just sewed the shoulder parts onto the back of the dress. I am waiting for more fabric for the underskirt, which should hopefully arrive tomorrow.

I am 'cheating' a little. As in, it appears that Dany's dress is pretty much just draped, but I don't trust literally just draping chiffon over myself. So...I am going to make a skirt, with an elasticated waist (the belt will hopefully hide where this joins the top) to give that floaty look, then I am going to add the chest section and the back section to that.

You can see in one scene that Daenerys wears 'Arabian'-style shoes...they appear to have a curled toe. Unfortunately, I couldn't really afford these in advance, but given that you can't see her feet most of the time, that's okay.

Apologies for no pictures of the painted fabric, etc. ...my camera died. But here's a photo of the belt!

Well, now she bloody does.

I am ready to tear this wig apart, seriously. The cap is so small it barely fits over my polystyrene head. Fortunately, the wig itself hides the parts of my head at the back that are exposed.

I mainly put the bangs back in because without them, a lot of the wig cap was exposed.

Makeup test (minus the contacts - I have Freshlook Colourblends in Amethyst). This is pretty much my 'fed up' face lol. So sick of this wig. I will be re-crimping the wig too...will plait it to travel so the crimping is all fresh when I wear the full costume.

One of the beaded parts for the dress.

Well, this is looking to be a disaster. It won't be done for LFCC. The fabric went missing in the post, and the new wig...is horrible D=. The colour is better, but it is so thin on top that I can't style it without the netting showing through. The wig car itself is also quite small - I have quite a small head and thin hair, usually find wigs a little too big but this one is so small that it either pulls up at the back or at the front.
There just isn't enough time to order anything else.

I am giving up for now. Hopefully I will have it done for Amecon.

For the belt. You can't really get a good look at what beads adorn her...dangly things. So I bought pretty much everything that I saw that looked similar and/or would look fitting with the dress. This is what has arrived so far (there is more!).

I thought that craft foam may be a little too flimsy for my clumsiness so I bought a large sheet of hard 1mm EVA craft foam, which is much better. Paint drying in pic.

The fabric I originally bought doesn't work for this - it has a gold rose design on it that is much larger and more prominent than it appeared to be in the pictures, and the fabric is quite darker. So, I have ordered some new fabric, and shall just apply the gold design myself.

I am making the belt (and the shoulder pieces) out of craft foam. I made Maria's belt out of foam - I guess it's my material of choice lol. I shall be painting it all gold when it is fully cut and sealed.

*It is still very rough - needs tidying up.*

Still not 100% sure that I'm gonna suit this... D=

The fringe still needs styling.
Not the makeup I will be using.

No progress pictures for this, sadly, but I did make the clip myself.

I couldn't find a piece of plastic the correct colour and didn't want to use card, but I found a notebook with a blue plastic colour that was almost perfect. I drew out the shape off the butterfly and cut it out of the plastic, then painted the white areas on using white fabric paint (it was all I had to hand!) and then drew the black lines on with a Sharpie. I clipped it onto the wig using an alligator clip, which I also coloured black.

Simple, yet effective!

The wig...is awful. The quality is quite good but the style is completely untameable for my skills. But I don't know if I have time to find another one, and it will be tucked beneath a cap so all is good!
It just needs a little more styling/smoothing. May try using hot water on it to straighten it out a little.

The thing with Jill's hair is that in the ingame graphics, it looks like it is cut quite close to her head at the back. It isn't. her hair in the actual game is longer than it looks with this outfit and according to the concept art, her hair is tied back and clipped up. Obviously I can't clip up a wig this short, and finding a short wig in the style and colour that I want is proving difficult, so I just decided to tie the hair back like this.

The lenses are orange - you just can't really tell in this pic. Damn phone camera.

Her bra has white cups but black straps...so rather than buy two bras and splice them together, I just covered the cups (well, one so far) with white jersey fabric and glues the mirror tiles in place. However, I underestimated my needs so need to order some more tiles before i can finish this.

Damn bra is quite heavy...may have to uncover the strap hooks again...

Needs styling, but here it is! Silly me thought the fringe was on the wrong side and combed it over...it was on the right side ¬¬.
It's a little thin, but the fibre is great quality. Don't think it's worth buying another to salvage wefts though...Sena's hair isn't massively thick anyway.

note to self: stop taking wig pics in my PJs.

Took up the skirt and the slip and I am currently working on the jacket.

The jacket closes with buttons, but Sena's jacket has no buttons. So, I am going to sew up the button holes and add hook and eye clasps (the sewn-up button holes will be hidden) so that it closes correctly.

I also removed the gold trim from the shirt collar. You can still see the holes from the thread, but this actually works...Sena's collar has a line on it that I can never be sure of what it is. So this works :).

The uniform arrived today. It's great, except there are a few things tat need tweaking (which I expected). I asked them not to include the gold band around the shirt collar, which they did (¬¬), but luckily it can just be unpicked.
The shirt and the jacket need taking in; they look quite baggy. The skirt also needs taking up...I have trouble with skirt lengths so I thought it would be better if I gave a longer length than I needed >.<.

I was expecting the shirt to be white, like it looked in the photographs, but it's actually an off-white, like Sena's is, which is great :).

Will take photos some other time.

Paid for the uniform and sent my measurements...I hope it is as nice as it looks in the photos. It's actually my first time buying an outfit so I hope it works out! >.<

Having difficulty with the wig. The Sena-styled wigs that I have found seem a little too white/platinum...her hair does have a bit of a yellow/golden tone to it. May use my own hair and get some longer extensions.

This was pretty simple and not entirely accurate - sadly shorts like Elena's are out of season and therefore difficult to source at short notice this time of year.

White top was from H&M - high ack, slightly racerback just like Elena's.

Pinkish purple top was from Primark - I'm pretty sure that she wears two different colour tops during the game - a blue-ish one before she reunites with Drake after Sully is shot and the one I based my top off which she wears from the plane crash scene.

I shortened the tops and sewed them onto one another so that I didn't need to keep adjusting it.

The 'shorts' were a pair of Superdry cargo pants that I got in a sale, which I shortened. They have a strange design on the seat of the pants, which you can only really see from behind, so they aren't completely accurate.

Black belt is from New Look.

The sandals are Gola walking sandals that I found on eBay. The stitching was originally pink so I coloured each stitch by hand, painted the pink panels on the side of the soles and removed the toggles on the front.

I did get some photographs, thanks to the lovely Leonie Heartilly (who also loaned me her Alice gun for the day ^_^), but won't be able to upload them until I sort out some computer issues (aka not having one that doesn't seize up everytime I open a program).

I don't think that I made that great an Elena - couldn't get comfortable with the fact that my face shape is completely wrong for her (something that never usually bothers me D=) - but I love her character and ended up wearing her all day and into the night :).

Also known as the MEGA HEELS OF DOOM. I'm not good on platform heels (not even platform wedges), so this should be interesting.
They don't look very tall in this picture, but they are about 4.5 inches tall. And that's high for me! I'm only a size 4 lol.

Bought from New Look.

This took somewhere between six and seven hours to complete (seriously, I was sewing all day ¬¬). Handsewn, made from pink leopard print faux fur fabric and black crepe cotton fabric. It closes with velcro at the back.

The coin looks photoshoppe don but I swear it's actually attached to the choker! >.<

I was working on this from about 2pm until 8pm today X_X. Ironed interfacing to the back of black crepe cotton fabric, took apart the bag that I took the leopard print fabric from, cut the fabric to size, then sewed it to the cotton with the edges of the cotton folded over, sewed another piece of cotton to the back to even it up, and I have started to sew the velcro onto the back. I will add the coin once it is all finished.

Onyx ring made by Frederica_la_Noir, silver ring bought from Claire's Accessories, as part of a set.

Love the onyx ring! It is a perfect fit too. I was worried that it wouldn't fit, because my fingers have been quite swollen lately for some unexplained reason (look at the finger the silver ring is on...you can tell that it is tight...when I bought it, it was loose on that finger).

Bought from Claire's Accessories. It was originally a double-layered 'spring'-type ring. It was a little on the small side (my fingers seem to have swollen lately :/) so I sawed it in half, filed the sharpened edges down, spray painted it gold and here we have it :). It is not 100% accurate, but it is the closest I could get on my current budget and time frame.

Made by Frederica_la_Noir. She did an awesome job - even added detail I hadn't noticed myself >.<.

I'm still trying to source the stacker rings that Maria wears. No such luck - all the ones I can find online are mega expensive. So, I'm just going to see if I can find something similar in Claire's. I did buy a set of plain thin silver rings (using one for the solitary silver ring) but sadly they won't fit onto the correct finger for the stacker rings.

I also have the undershirt! No pics yet; I'm in the process of altering it. Still waiting for black fabric for the choker, which is the only main part of the costume that still needs doing - will order some more tattoo transfer paper soon too.

More progress. It's starting to look a little like Elle's jacket now >.<. I have the large front, arm, and back panels done, the right wrist stripe and the thinner line down the arm and across the front of the jacket. The left pocket is also done, with just one more section needing to be added to the right pocket. Then, it's the left side of the jacket (a couple of stripes) and the neck.

Ignore ze face. It was about 4:30am when I took this >.<.

The belt is now done, I found the tights and I attached the belt to the skirt to help keep it where it should be.

I may need to take the skirt in a little more at the sides. Didn't believe it when people told me I've lost weight - looks like they were right, because as you can see in the pic, there is a lot more give around the legs than there once was.
The cardigan is a little longer than it looks here...it was riding up in the dash to make it in front of the camera before the self-timer went off XD. need to find a suitable undershirt too.

The wig may also need a little more pink dye on the front on the left hand side. Also going to try and straighten it a little more to flatten it.

Spray-painting the belt and coins (they were originally bronze) now.

Can't help but think that the coins are a little too small, but they are the biggest I could find! I think there were bigger sizes in the set I originally bought, but that got lost in the mail, sadly.

Paint is still wet in the picture, hence uber-shininess. I know that the clip isn't completely smooth but I gave up trying to get it that way lol. It looks kinda worn though, and from the amount of times Maria died, I'm going to say it's in keeping with the character >.<.

What remains to be done:
* Print out tattoo and test (after resizing).
* Find tights (I bought them...they went walkabout).
* Make choker.
* Correct stitching on cardigan.
* Find gold stacker rings or ones that could be used as such.
* Attempt to straighten one side of wig a little more.
* Full outfit/makeup test.

The paint looked great on small sections, but not so much on the larger areas. So, I took the leftover fabric from the grey trim of Nemesis Jill's skirt (and there was a lot of it!) and started to sew it onto the jacket - luckily it was the same colour that Elle's jacket appears in the in-game graphics. Watching clips again on YouTube, I was a little worried that the paint was too dark and blue-ish...problem solved! The paint acts as a good guideline though.

So far, I have the front panel sewn down, the large arm panel mostly sewn with the final edge pinned down, and a little bit of the detailing on one of the pockets done as well as the horizontal stripe on the front of the jacket.

Starting to think that it might have just been easier to make from scratch lol.

As you can see, I have begun to paint it properly. Obviously the pic is a work in progress - the lines to the left and down the middle are duct tape, just to mark off where I need to paint...the left isn't in the correct position and the one in the centre is just the end of a former guide line. The paint needs two layers to look good, and I think I am going to have to buy some more. There is a lot packed into those little bottles but I don't think it will be enough!

Almost done!
I just need to rinse the roots (and maybe perfect them >.<) and straighten it a little on one side.

So a friend of mine cosplayed this outfit earlier this year and quite frankly, I adored the pants that she used. They were darker than the cream some cosplayers use, which was what I wanted because they do appear darker in the main game than they do in the later character art. I originally thought that she had made them because they look so close to Jill's.

Anyway, since she bought them in Kohl's, she offered to have a look for me and send some over if she could find them. She did! $8 in the sale! The postage cost more than that lol.

Needless to say, I'm in love. They are stretchy and so comfortable. Makes me so excited for cosplaying this outfit now!
They look a little blue in the photo for some reason - they aren't. They are like a light khaki (the last ref pic on the photos page, that's what sort of colour they are).

After October Expo I will start to gather bits and pieces for the rest of the outfit.

Figured I should give an update on this. It has been sitting there unfinished for quite some time and I've finally kicked my arse into gear about it.

So far I have:
- Removed the cuffs, shortened the sleeves and reattached the cuffs.
- Removed the hood and formed a collar.
- Added interfacing to the inside of the collar (both sides, inside the fabric) to make the collar a little stiffer so that it will stand up on its own.
- Removed the original zip.
- Attached one side of the new zip and began to attach the other.
- Test-painted one side of the pocket and half-test-painted one cuff.

Need to do:
- Finish attaching the second side of the zip.
- Sew the collar up.
- Finish painting the jacket.

I decided to paint the jacket because it does look more like fabric paint than extra fabric (no seams in the HD pics and character model, where there are seams elsewhere on the jacket). I mied black and white to get the grey but also added a little light blue since Elle's jacket seems to be a blue-ish grey.

It still needs some trimming and styling, but it is dyed. I need to darken the roots, but have no idea how I am going to do that yet lol.
I also need to try and flatten the top...the wig is lovely and thick but sadly Maria's hair is not! I was actually contemplating removing some wefts but I just know that will fail terribly.

It has taken all day to do this so far (in intervals!) and I am too exhausted to do more progress now. It is a shame that the pink didn't come out darker, but it is a light wig so this was expected.
I only sprayed the lower layers, because it appears that this is how Maria's is dyed.

I bought the dye from Katie Bar's website (it is Raspberry Pink) because I did not want to attempt making my own dye.

I love this wig - it is so thick and feels so gorgeous...it's nicer than my natural hair!! It is also a shade darker than my natural hair, which is good :).

I trimmed the wig in this picture (it is a Namine wig XD) but it needs more styling, I was just waiting until it was dyed before I do that. I have dyed it now, I'm just waiting for it to dry. It may need more dye since I just sprayed a small amount of hair to be safe, but I tested the dye on some strands that I cut off and the colour was pretty good :).

The wig was bought from cosplaywig and I would recommend them to anyone - fabulous wig and fast postage.

Excuse the horrible no-makeup face XD

Leather paint arrived today. I only painted the arch and the inside of the heel to stop the soles from becoming too slippery. The rest will stay Sharpied because to be honest, nobody is going to see it.

I am just waiting for it to dry, then it may need another coat.

First off, I am aware that it is bright yellow >.< - it will be painted!!

I have finished adding the links (although may need to add one or two more) and have fashioned the straight clip from Milliput. It is a little wonky, but it's my best effort! Photo is pre-sanding. I will probably attach the belt to the skirt to keep it in position.

Hopefully the coins will arrive soon...they were supposed to be redelivered today but haven't turned up with the rest of my redeliveries T_T.

Apologies for the state of my mirror also...it's desperately in need of a clean >.<.

Insomnia can be pretty useful sometimes :).

I basically drew the outline by hand, photographed it (because I couldn't use the scanner at that time of night >.<) and then coloured it using GIMP. It would have been a lot easier using Photoshop, but my disk is still AWOL.

Needs some more work but I'm rather pleased with it for now :).

If anyone wants to use this, I will probably upload a larger version to DeviantArt (link on my profile) once it is finished.

And it dyed a nice colour! The only problem is that the stitches are still bright red so I'm going to have to remove them and stitch everything back up again. Which is okay since the cardigan still needs a few adjustments.

I thought that it would take forever to do this, but I have almost finished the sewing the day the jacket arrived :O. Kinda wish I'd ordered the fabric paints earlier so I can get cracking with that too.

I removed the hood and sewed the collar back up then took one of the sleeves up and in (I'll do the other some other time lol).

I will use the leftover fabric from the hood to test the fabric paints when they arrive.
May try inserting some wire into the collar/top part of the jacket to help keep the Elle shape, because it's a bit floppy heh ^_^;.
I may also change the zip to a smaller one.

The best thing about the jacket? It doesn't need taking up! When I tried it on with the jeans, it shows the same amount of tummy that Elle's does! For once, I am happy about my long torso!

I need to remove the hood and take the sleeves up. May run it through the washing machine first since Elle's jacket does look worn in.

Hastily pulled back hair in the picture, not Elle hair!

I removed the straps and coloured in the sole of one of the boots with a red Sharpie. However, it doesn't show too well on the heel, obviously, so I have ordered some paint to paint the inside of the heel and the arch of the boot.

I love how the boots appear either dark brown or black depending on the light...just like Maria's :).

I wish that I had taken a 'before' picture to show how much work actually went into this!

The original cardigan was bought from the Land's End online sale.

It had this strange triple-seam thing going on around the neck and down the front so I removed the buttons, unpicked the seams, and sewed it all back up, creating my own seams to match the ones on Maria's cardigan. I then reattached three of the buttons (luckily they were white so I didn't have to buy new ones) and created new buttonholes. Then I took the cardigan up and removed the excess fabric. I also had to take it in a little at the sides beacuse whilst it was baggy like Maria's it looked a little too baggy.
And all of this was done by hand, no machine ^_^;. It took days. The seams aren't the neatest but it was the best that I could do.

It looks the correct colour in the picture, but it is actually a lot brighter (it only looks dark in this picture for some reason :/)...it is more the colour of Lisa's cardigan. So, I am going to dye it. I also need to move down the third button. It won't be alligned with the buttonhole but that's okay since Maria only closes the top two buttons (and you can't really see the buttonhole in photos anyway). It also needs taking in a little more at one of the sides.

I found another Maria cosplayer who had made the belt from scratch using foam to make the individual links and it looked pretty awesome so I decided to try the same technique since I couldn't find a suitable chain.

I did initially try to do it on top of an existing chain, but decided to do it on top of the beading cord instead so that it is a little more flexible :).

Found these on eBay and thought they were perfect :D. They are just ankle boots and are quite skinny around the ankles, so they fit beneath skinny/slim-fit jeans :).

I am just waiting on the jacket, which I have ordered. I bought a base black jacket that I will alter and then paint onto using fabric paints. I have decided on fabric paint because I can mix black and white to get a nice shade of grey and then add a little blue to get the blu-ish tint the grey parts of her jacket seem to have. Much easier than trial and error dyeing to get a good coloured fabric!

Maria's belt is an omega chain but I couldn't find one that was long enough. So, I am going to attempt to make the links myself and will use this chain as the base after painting it gold (I got the idea of making links from another Maria cosplayer ^_^).

I found a small bag on eBay that looked to be a good match for the skirt. It worked out a lot cheaper than it would have if I had bought another skirt. Well, the bag arrived, and it's a perfect match! And the best thing is that the spots down the middle are smaller, so would work perfectly if I use a bit of that part for the choker. It's also long enough too (it's basically a folded piece of material that has been sewn up the sides and along the top, so I can take a continuous piece. It almost seems like a shame to cut it, since it would be a perfect little bag to carry my essentials in.

Since I only need a small bit of black fabric for the choker, I am going to source some material for Saeko's skirt and use the remains for this. Alternatively, the lining of the bag is black so I may see if I can use that for the backing.

The zip in the back of the skirt wasn't bothering me at first, but the more I think about it, the more it is niggling.

I am trying to think about what I can do about it - if I remove it, I will still need to put in a smaller zip because of the fabric, which means that I will have to unpick everything that I have already sewn (plus, a smaller zip would be a lot weaker. And I can't put a zip into the side of the skirt because then I'd have problems with the belt clips. *sigh*

I bought a bag on eBay (still waiting for it to be delivered) that looks to be a similar match to the skirt fabric for the choker, and if the colour matches, I may use the leftovers to try and make a strip to conceal the zip a little better, but I don't think that will make much difference to be honest :/.

Practically, I honestly can't think of much that I can do about it so if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

Ignore the luminous quality of the fabric in the photo - the flash on my camera is very bright ¬¬.

I was originally going to make the skirt myself, but I couldn't find a fabric that was a close enough match. And then I found this skirt on eBay :). It is a fur-type fabric - depending on the light it can look either matte or shiny and the same can be said for Maria's skirt, so it is a perfect match!
I bought a size bigger than I usually wear so that it wouldn't be too tight around the waist, and then I took it in and shaped it a little.
The only difference is that it has a zip down the back where Maria's skirt doesn't, but it's not a huge detail. The zip actually helps with the fitting, because the fabric doesn't have much stretch so I could shape it to my legs and it is still easy to get in and out of.

The teal/turquoise band is suede (faux?) beading cord, 3mm wide. I sewed it in place with infrequent stitches so that it doesn't slip out of position.

Found this in New Look today :). It just caught my eye as I walked past - perfect colour. I can never tell if Elle's top is a dark red or a burgundy (though I think it's more burgundy in the in-game graphics. and I couldn't tell with this top (I think it depends on the light), so it's ideal! :P

It needs to be taken up, but I need to wait until I've done the jacket so I know how far.

As the shirt will be covered by the cardigan, it didn't really matter what it looked like so it was taken in mostly for comfort reasons. To be perfectly honest, it's not even the right colour lol...Luna's is sort of a yellow-ish off-white colour. But it was difficult enough finding a shirt with a high collar in my size yet alone a shirt that matched hers in colour.

It is from George at Asda's school range and is age 15-16 years. 15-16-year-olds must be bigger than they were when I was that age because it was pretty big. I'd say an adult size 12 perhaps. It was big enough to feel a little uncomfortable/bulky beneath the cardigan. Plus, I am likely to be so hot in the main hall that I'll only wear the cardigan for photos...and I have a photoshoot booked with one of the guests and I want to look good in it lol. The top swamped me.

Altogether, I think it was taken in about 3-4 inches. I added seams to the front as well to give it a better shape It is very crudely done and was hand-sewn because my sewing machine is a piece of crap. It is still pinned in places in the picture, and the hem is pinned too high (the shirt hung a good inch below the cardigan so I corrected that) and not actually pinned correctly...it's not as short as it is in this pic.
It is also a little looser around the hips now (you can see where there is a pull on the bottom button) because I let it out a little after being over-zealous with the back seams. The pic is just the basic shape.

I left the arms as they were, because they looked okay and they are better baggy for the heat.

Yeah, it's a little sucky, but it will do :). I still need to add detailing to the carved part but it's painted. Shame I couldn't afford to buy some new matte paint!

I guess this means that this costume is complete! If I don't have time to add the detailing, it's no big deal - my hand will be covering it when I have it out anyway.

The tights came today and they are useable (and not too thick!), so the outfit is now done, save for a little more taking in that needs done on the shirt (but that's more for comfort than for cosplay).

Hair isn't styled á la Luna (my fringe will be a little further across), and the makeup isn't done, but this is pretty much it. The cardigan needs pulling up a little too.

Still no pics of the shoes, sorry! I'm not sure if I like them...may buy a new pair if I see some that I like.

That expression...that is why I am cosplaying Luna. I swear, that is what I look like 90% of the time ¬¬. You would be forgiven for thinking I'd been lobotomised.

Anyway, I used foundation, concealer, and skin-coloured eyeshadow (although I may go a little lighter to make my eyes appear a little wider). I also used minimal brown eyeliner and black mascara (I will be using brown, I just don't have any right now). I also coloured my eyebrows lightly...Luna's are light but they are still darker than mine...I look like I have no eyelashes.

I took the cardigan in a little (perhaps an inch at the most) and it feels so much better. The shirt is too long, but I am still working on taking that in and up. I shall be digging the sewing machine out soon to sort the length out.
I also need a little more practise putting extensions in since it has been so long since I have worn them. This time, I put them in too high again.

All I need now for the bottom is the tights, which have been posted, so I hope they arrive soon.

Fringe...I did my best. My fringe is stubborn as hell - even the hairdresser can't tame the damn thing. It is the closest that I can get it to hers with the way my hair falls. If I try to sweep it fully over, I end up with a quiff.

The bag is finished - and is complete with a wand pocket (pictured) :P. It saves it getting lost amongst the ten ton of crap I always have in my bag.

Now I just need to finish the wand ¬¬.

My favourite pair of jeans. I think they might work. Elle's seem to have a little bit of a brown tint to the grey in the model, but in the final art and in game, they do look more grey. These jeans also have a few studs near the waistband but that doesn't really matter...I think they're a good match. They have the same cut as Elle's too... slim fit, not bootcut, not skinny leg.
They are also a little darker than they look in the picture - damn flash.

Yes, this one may very well be a closet cosplay :).

These are the best match that I could find for Luna's shoes in my size and price range. As luck would have it, I didn't even have to pay anything for these, because my mum already owned a pair (and I just happen to wear the same shoe size as her. I won't be adding the swirl to the front because I just don't have the money...my budget for this costume is pretty much used up. Besides...nobody ever looks at other people's feet and you can't even see the swirl on Luna's shoes unless you zoom right in.
I did take a picture of them but I can't seem to find my camera lead so I'll upload it when I do.

The shirts came today and they're a little too big (age 15-16...who'd have though? :/
So, I'm in the process of taking them in a little and adding seams to the front because it does feel odd beneath the cardigan. Plus, I'll likely be walking around sans cardigan most of the day and I have bought a photoshoot with a certain actor from my favourite TV show that I want to look good in ^_^;.
The collar is a little loose at the front too but I'm not going to do anything about that...I hate things being tight around my neck; it tends to set off my claustrophobia for some reason.

I also ordered a pair of black tights, so *touch wood* but it seems that everything for this costume has been bought.

Oh yes, the bag is almost finished too. I don't think I'm going to bother with the Quibbler any more, mainly because I can't find any suitable paper to print it onto and I'd rather save that money to spend at LFCC.

This was bought for me years ago as a present, but I've never worn it. It's a pretty generic-looking locket, like Elle's, although the inside is not entirely accurate...but that doesn't really matter, because it's not really going to be seen.

I will add a picture of Elle and Nora inside. It likely won't be the pictures that are in the locket (since I can't find them anywhere) but there will be pictures!

My new extensions arrived today...and I freaking LOVE them!! They are so soft and the perfect match for my colour...and they are pretty much the length I wish my hair was :).

I know that they aren't as long as Luna's hair. I went for 15 inches because I didn't want them to be too long - the longer the extensions are, the more issues you are likely to have with them...I just wanted them to be longer than my hair. (Plus, you know, I've been so close to giving up on this costume that I just wanted something, ANYTHING, that would work).

They are about 4-5 inches longer than my own hair. They are a little longer than they look in the picture because I had the lowest set clipped in a little too high. Also, as you can see in the picture, my hair is rather box-y (as in the cut is quite sharp at the bottom), whereas the extensions taper off nicely :). They work well with my layers and help thicken out my hair.

And the good thing? I wasn't even wearing a full set in the pics, I was only wearing half of them :). I can't stress how much I love these! May have to treat myself to a longer set when I have the money...I'll be wearing these ones all the time :).

Yes, I wish I had just bought extensions to begin with rather than messing around with wigs!!

The tie came today :). I am limited to UK sellers at the moment with the time frame and most were selling this official tie (it's not the Noble Collection one). It feels nice, the only problem is that the crest is wrong >.< (which I knew about before buying it)...but that part of the tie will be hidden by the cardigan so it doesn't matter :). I'm happy with it.

The refund for the wig came and one seller was having a sale with their extensions so I bought a new set - I just hoped I picked the right colour! My existing extensions are a mix of two colours and the lightest is a match for my hair...I'm pretty sure it's #613 so that's what I ordered.
I chose 15 inches so that it wouldn't look so odd with my natural hair - a little short for Luna but still a lot better than my natural length!

I have also ordered a shirt after being unable to find one in the shops. It was surprisingly difficult to find a normal Oxford-style shirt; all the ones I could find had incorrect collars and/or did not button all the way to the top. Most online sellers that had the right shirt type didn't have my shirt type in stock. So I ended up buying a two-shirt set from George's school line :P.

All that is left to buy is the tights (hopefully!).

Oh, and I need to paint the wand. Keep forgetting about that ^_^;. I think I'm just going to use the leftover brown paint from my Samurai Edge to paint it to save on money - it may look a little glossy but it's really just something to hold and I'm probably not going to get any pics of it anyway so it works for me ^_^.

I couldn't find a material I was satisfied with for making the skirt, and I was stumped when looking for one so had a look at what other Harry Potter cosplayers had done. I really liked the skirt Leonie Heartilly used for her Hermione cosplay, and as it turned out it was one of my shortlisted skirts from a random Google search :P. It is from Marks and Spencer's school line and as luck would have it, they had a 20% off event and schoolwear was one of the discounted lines :).

However, the style of the skirt made the cardigan look huge. Sadly there is nothing I can do about the length (I'll just have to bunch it up in the middle when I wear it) but I am in the process of taking it in a little at the sides. I am sewing it by hand so that the stitches are easy to remove.

If I have enough money before LFCC I am going to spring for a new set of extensions. The shoes...my mum has a pair that she said I could have which will be perfect with a little modding :).

(reposting with pic)

I found some extensions that I bought years ago and I think they might work. There isn't a full head's worth, so it's a little on the thin side but since my hair is thin anyway, it's not a big problem. As long as I keep the extensions draped over my shoulders, it looks okay.
The colour is also a little off...my hair was a little redder when I bought these, so they are about a shade or two off, but fortunately you can't really tell in pictures unless you scrutinise. And if it does show up, it's nothing that alterations to the hue/brightness of the photo can't fix. I am pretty sure that they are real human hair so I may be able to dye them a little brighter.
Picture is the worst that they look. Our bathroom light is as close to natural light as we get inside the house so hopefully this is how it should look outside.

I've had enough of itchy, crappy wigs *growls*.

I ordered another wig, and it's worse than the last one X_X. I am seriously so close to throwing in the towel on this one. One way or another, I won't be rewearing this for October Expo as I was considering, I'll be retiring it after LFCC and getting some of my money back :@.

This wig...looks okay in normal light, but if the light increases slightly, it looks horrendous. You don't want to know how bad it looks with a flash X_X.
I'm going to try to send it back for a refund because it was nothing like advertised (it's not kanekalon for a start ¬¬) but I don't know what else I can do at this stage because I'm limited to UK sellers by time. My own hair is too short to use, so...*shrugs*. If I give up on this one, I'm not coming back to it.

*Shirt in pic is not the one I will be using for this costume*

I bought the 'official' Lochaven Ravenclaw cardigan. It's...a litle baggy. Although I usually wear fitted clothes so I don't know if it's really baggy or if it just feels that way for me lol.

The sizing on the website was a little confusing. It only had the chest measurements along with garment, sleeve and underarm length. And there was a huge difference between sizes. I was between an XS and a S by their measurements, so I went with the Small...but I think the XS may have been better.

I'm not going to risk not having a cardigan by exchanging incase the XS is too small or it doesn't arrive in time, so I'm going to wait until I have the shirt and see how it looks (because the shirt I used for the photo was quite thin and very tight)...if it still feels too big, I'll take it in a little at the sides and under the arms.

I made the wand (semi-primed in picture). It's not great, but it's something to hold. I messed up with the carvings, but my hand will be covering them when I hold it and hopefully I can fix it a little when I paint it. Not entirely sure what I'm going to use to paint it yet ^_^;. Hoping to have a little trip to Hobbycraft soon, so I'll see what they have.
It was made from Milliput. It was my first time using it, so it could have been a lot worse!

I had some leftover mixed millput after I'd finished with Luna's wand and made sort of a prototype for the circular clip on Maria's belt. It's not bad for a first try I guess, but I realised that I didn't actually have any clips to attach a little too late. So I will remake it again once I get the rest of the materials for the belt and I can attach it to the clip and to the chain.

Yes, crappy picture is crappy. You can't really see, but the rectangle isn't carved into it, it sort of protrudes outwards. It needs a little work but it's a start ^_^;

I decided to commission the jewellery after failed attempts to make a prototype of the earrings ^_^;. The necklace actually worked out cheaper to buy than to gather the materials and make it myself (and she did a better job than I could have!).

Necklace made by PosiPlush (www.posiplush.com). She is the only person I have come across who has added the decorative bit to the top of the cork. Not only does it make the necklace a little more accurate, but it also makes it a little nicer :).

Earrings and ring made by Svyet (http://www.etsy.com/shop/svyet). I'm in love with the ring :P. She also does a necklace now, and a smaller version of the ring (I preferred the larger ring).

They both came within roughly two weeks of ordering, for anyone who may be interested in buying some.

I have only worn these shoes twice - the photo is from one of those occasions seeing as they are currently locked in a cupboard ^_^;.

In the game's cutscenes, it appears as though there is a small to medium sized heel on her shoes. It's difficult to tell, because you don't really get a good look at them, but these appear to be close to what she is wearing.

I bought them in Priceless Shoes.

A few of the extras that I have.
The wallet was made by Bekki - YourRain on DeviantArt, Red Crayon Aristocrats on Etsy).

This is quite messy - it's just a last-minute prop that I decided to make.

I realised that my dry shampoo can was a good match for a first aid spray can, so I made the label using GIMP and printed it out onto photographic (gloss) paper, which I then glued onto the can.

I'm hoping to redo it properly when I have a little more time, but this will do for now. It's really difficult to get the label right up to the lid and still have the lid fit onto the can. That's why it's a little crinkled on the top. So next time I'm going to try and paint the can and just glue the green label onto it.

Before I got the badge, I was going to put the ID card into the picture slot of the wallet . So I decided to print off a picture that could have been found in Jill's wallet. I was initially going to print off the ending screen from the Remake (where Chris is wearing her beret) but then I remembered about the S.T.A.R.S. team photo.

Bought from Poundland (it was part of a two-gun set). It was primed, painted using Plasti-Kote paints (matte spray paint for the black) and then I printed the badges onto photo paper and glued them into place. The silver on the gun is actually nail polish lol (MyFace's Lil' Bling nail polish in 'silver screen'). The chrome paint that I bought seemed to get darker and darker and this was a last-minute fix.
The badges were made using GIMP and Paint (it would have been much easier on Photoshop but I lost the damn disc), so they're not perfect. The gold colour came out more yellow when it was printed.

Edit: I did the badges in perhaps a little too much of a hurry, so I've redone them. I'm replaying Resident Evil 3 and realised that the badges on Jill's Samurai Edge are a little different to what I made. Also, the trigger of her gun is black in Nemesis, but it's silver in the replica, which I used as the model for painting. Meh, I'll be using this for other Jill cosplays too.
The picture is the old badges; the new ones are a lighter blue in the middle and black around the words.

A Viper pistol mag pouch.

I unpicked the 'Viper' logo from the flap. You can still make out a faint outline if you look at it up close, but it's nowhere near as obvious as it was before.

Yeah, there's just so much about this wig that I'm unhappy with. There's no way I can wear it for a full day. It's far too thin up top (see pic), and I'd rather get another wig for the cost of getting another to salvage wefts from

I can't even send it back because the cost of return postage would mean that there is really no point...since the skin-top is ao small, I think I'll rip all the wefts out and use the base as the base of Alexia's 'hair' for a trial, so at least this wasn't a total waste.

I have another wig or two in mind, but I'm going to wait until closer to LFCC before I buy anything. I may have to cheap out an another couple of details, such as the wand (I'll make it myself) and the shoes (I have black ballet flats, they'll just have to do without the flower XD) to afford it but meh...these things happen. I'm just annoyed because my research found that cosplayers were happy with this seller. But to be honest, I'd have gotten a better made wig from a fancy dress store.

Just ordered the wig. I was initially going to use extensions and go a little lighter next time I dye my hair, but a wig works out way cheaper than extensions.

I've been putting off progress on this for a while and I have no idea why. The wig is one of two big purchases for this outfit - the other being the cardigan - so it's good to get it out of the way. I just hope that it is okay when it gets here.

I'm going to slowly work on the earrings but aside from beads, etc. I'm going to leave it until after May Expo to buy anything else for this.

I've started on The Quibbler. For the front cover, I'm using an image of the one she has in Order of the Phoenix, but there aren't any of the back so I'm making my own back page.

I want to write some articles for the pages, or maybe just print off some of the Quibbler ezine to use. That depends on whether or not I can afford the proper paper to print it out onto. Otherwise, I'll just use a store-bought magazine for the centre (I could be in character on the journey haha XD). I'm not too bothered about what is inside it, as long as the cover looks good. However, I would like to have something Harry Potter-relevant inside ^_^.

I'm not quite sure what I am going to print the covers onto, so I'll have a look at what's available.

Boots found on eBay after quite possibly months of searching for a pair that I was happy with. I was worried that they would be too light, but Jill's boots seem a little lighter in the CGI scenes and that is sort of what I was aiming for.

The boots originally had a strap and buckle across the top of the foot and a small one at the top of the boot, but I removed them. The black straps are from an old pair of boots that I had. They aren't attached in this picture, but I have affixed them now. I basically positioned them and cut them so that they didn't cover the zip (I was initially going to leave a flap to cover it but this made it difficult to zip them all the way to the top), then I glued them down at intervals and added stitches at intervals.

Black knee-length socks are worn beneath them...they're pulled up a little too high here.
And yes, I am only wearing one boot. That's laziness for you >.<.

I found an old bottle of Stargazer nail varnish and decided to paint my nails. When I was done...I realised that it was a perfect match for Maria's!
Second detail...sorted!

The bag is all knitted now. But my mum still won't let me touch it lol. She wants to add the lining and everything else herself. So I guess this piece will be entirely commissioned from her lol.
I don't have any pictures other than the 'in progress' one on the main photo page, but I'll take a few once it's finished.

I was hoping to buy everything for the earrings this week but sadly everything else is eating up my funds. I hope to start on them soon though.

The shoulders initially had D-rings and other clips attached, so I removed these and added a strip of webbing so that they resemble Jill's a little better. Aside from what you see in the photograph, I also added a horizontal piece near the bottom. The webbing is a slightly different shade in the picture (it was hard to find a close match; most were too green) but you can't tell from a distance and in normal light.

This was the closest match that I could find. You can't see the colour very well in the picture, but it's a mix of blue and purple tones.
I may try weaving other colours through, because there are little colour variations on Luna's bag.

I was going to try weaving as I suck at knitting, but my mum kindly offered to knit it for me. Apparently she was thinking about knitting something, so it works for both of us :). Thanks, mum!

I tried using a red Sharpie on the soles of the boots, and it works! I've only done a little squiggle, but it doesn't just rub off so it may hold, and it is bright enough.
The soles are real leather so I was thinking about trying to dye them with leather dye; the only problem being that the soles are already scuffed and the dye probably won't stick to the scuffed areas. Not only that, but it may be difficult to get the red as bright as I'd like it to be.
However, the heel is just plain wood and the colour comes out a little darker than the sole, so I may paint that part with just ordinary acrylic, since it won't be coming into contact with the ground so hopefully shouldn't scuff.
So, Sharpie it is :).

Bought this one for £3 on eBay, it just arrived today and it's pretty much perfect ^_^. Compared to in-game footage (pretty much the only reference of her back there is), it's the closest match to her back pouch that I could find. I found a better picture and it does appear to fold over at the top, and not be a zip.

I finished sewing the grey trim onto the skirt. I used a grey jersey fabric because it's the closest colour match that I could find and also has a stretch similar to the skirt.

I pretty much just pulled and pinned it and then sewed along the seam by hand. I'm going to go along the second line of stitching on the seam so that it holds better.

I couldn't believe it when I saw this belt - after so long looking for a decent match for Jill's, I finally found one ^_^. The clasp and eyelets on Jill's belt are grey/silver but I think I'm going to leave them as is for now. All of the silver paint that I have found so far for use on metal is too chrome.

H-Type LC1 suspenders (which you can't see in the pic - sorry!), bought from the same surplus store that I got the belt from. Jill's suspenders in RE3 don't actually have the horizontal strap on the back; they are like two seperate strips that cross over. However, I'm just leaving them as is because there is no way in hell those things will stay on my shoulders if I take that part out. It's like I have no shoulders at all, they keep slipping.

The wig is 'Secret' by Sepia; one of the only bob wigs I could find in a style similar to Jill's. I wanted it in colour 33, but it was out of stock and the store I had ordered it from said that the supplier couldn't tell them when there would be more available. So I settled for M4/30, which looked very similar to the 33 in the swatches but it is a little darker than I was expecting. Still, it works.

It looks and feels natural (it's quite thick), but photographs taken in low light (especially in darkness with a flash...I covered all angles here lol) it looks obviously fake. But since I'm only wearing it during the day, it works.

It was quite curled at the ends when it arrived but I straightened it with the hot water method and surprisingly found out that it didn't need trimming.

I look so tired in the pic :(.

A leather look stretch skirt found on eBay (brand: Bershka). I sewed the seams in the same way I did with the top.

The seams were added by by gathering a minimal amount of fabric at the back and sewing down in a straight line to hold it.

The seams are unfinished in the pic - they go further up now.

Jill's top also has press-studs/buttons at the back (her top appears to fasten at the back), but I'm leaving these out. Due to the stretchy nature of the top, there is a good chance that it will just look awful.

I found the top on eBay, from an old line at Zara. The colour is not exactly the same as Jill's, but her top is so hard to match in the right style.

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