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Just posting a completed photo of it.

Well, near enough, just need to sort the bandanna around the neck thing, but that won't take long XD

I've done most of the jacket, and am now gluing on the feathers, I'm terrified something is going to go wrong here

Finished the base of the jacket finally, a few things went wrong in the process, but luckily they're things that can be hidden XD;
Took me longer than necessary since I got confused as to how to use the pattern pieces
Will hem, tidy it and add the feathers and whatnot to it tomorrow ~

After finishing up on the undercoat and taking a break, I decided to style the wig before starting on the bolero jacket, considering this is my first attempt at styling a wig I think it went ok. Might do more tweaks before expo.

*Including before and after pic

Spent the day hand sewing the boot's strips, first I sewed all of the buckles on the ends and then I sewed white crochet thread along the top for the patterns.
All in all it's very time consuming XD I have three left to sew the crochet thread into and then I have to either glue/sew them onto the boots.

Added the head of the staff~ Trying to work out how to cover the open parts of it though. Also extended the pole I painted by rolling up a magazine and tying it with wool then wrapping it in duct tape XD

I tried sewing the black sleeves on, but it screwed the tunic up completely so I just unpicked them and refixed it again. Decided to just wear a black shirt underneath for ease x_x;

Now to start on my Moogle >:D

Again hasn't been a great evening for me, I thought I'd finished but when I tried it on I couldn't manoeuver one of my arms on the inside to go into the sleeve. So I needed to adjust it several times, and pull apart etc.. Still haven't sorted it out but tomorrow with some luck I'll finish it ;_;

I've finished the boots and sewn one of the black sleeves, just got to sew the other tomorrow then sew them onto the tunic, I was planning to get it done tonight but things happened and yeah.

Ikol's all done, took a bit of a break from this for a while but am now getting into it to get it finished completely. All that's left on this is working out how to perch Ikol on my shoulder.. I'll probably put velcro underneath the tail unless I can come up with a better solution.
Made the feet by wrapping up garden wire in duct tape and painting it, I actually like the rough sort of look it gives.

Stuffed with added eyes now, just need to sew one of the wings on a little more for support, sew the hole closed in the stomach and add legs c: I'll work out how to perch him on my shoulder later haha XD;

Ikol is underway~ :) Will probably finish when the eyes arrive. I'll try and finish everything other than this tomorrow ~
Made the wings poseable which will or will not look successful when this is all done i v i
All in all nearly done, can't wait to have this finished and start on my second May cosplay XD

Decided to have a bit of a break while my burns healed, started on it again today~ Finished the gloves so far. Decided to keep the gloves and the golden parts separate for ease of wear.

Took most of the day again XD I'm so slow at this

Only managed to really do the crown today, didn't have as much time as I would have liked working on the costume today.

Made the chest piece and cut and sewed tunic pieces together, which proved too tight. So only had one real outcome today :( Hopefully more will get done by and on the weekend.

Bought paints, foam and fabric to make a start on it ~
Deciding whether or not to make an Ikol plushie to sit on shoulder..

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