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Got the belt generally put together today. The studs do need sewing on to the belt but you can see how it's going to look.

So today I've been working on the buttons for Kili's coat.
Started off by making original copies in foam and made moulds from them. Then I used polymorph to make duplicates.

So today I made and coloured the weird little mini neckscarf thing Kili has. It started off as some grey really textured fabric and I very lightly brushed it with fabric paint until it took. Hoping in the next few days to get the shirt coloured and get the boots started.

Trousers are done and textured, mostly using fabric paint.
Next stop is building the boots.

Brought my fabrics for Kili today. Rather then pick up fabrics with the correct colour, I've gone for texture and I will dye accordingly.
Hopefully in the next few days I'll get some trousers sewn and get something sorted with the dyes.

So this is just a journal to mark my progress.
At the minute I have the trousers, shirt and waistcoat now 100% done.
and my thread has turned up for the coat now so tomorrow I'm going back to embroidering the coat, which is about 1/3 of the way embroidered.
Hopefully by the end of the week I can get a photo of most of it together.

So got the shirt done today. I need to dirty it up and add some detail around the join at the front with some string. Then it shall be on to the rest.

So I've started on my next big cosplay, which is James Kidd
So far I have the trousers made and half painted. Hopefully I'll have the undershirt made by next week also.

So originally this was going to be the Wolverine and the X-men variant but my Scarlet Witch doesn't know if she's going to have the time to get her costume finished so I've opted to change for something I'm a bit more comfortable in.

I'm going to be basing it off the pirate version shown in two panels of the 2004 Nightcrawler comic.

Everythings pretty much done and the new lance remade, YAY!
I was never happy with the Javelin prop from last year and it feel to bits after a few hours since it was made so quickly.

I was originally going to remake it buuuuuuuuttttt I don't really like remaking things so I decided to make Freya's ultimate weapon for fun.

So all the edits to Freya have all been done so that's a plus and now I'm working on the prop
Originally was going to remake the Javelin but after making one last year I thought I'd do something a little different and instead started working on the Dragon's Hair.
So far I have the bottom bit made and parts of the lance bit made.
Bit worried about the bottom being too sharp so I'll probably blunt it even more. Added alot of random detail because it was just so plain and bland without it.

Freya's getting some major edits for Ayacon 13.
Hat wings are being remade
Pouldron/grates are being remade
Mask is being remade
Leg details are being remade
Spear is being remade
Velcro is getting added to everything
An underneath shirt is being made
and I'll possibly edit parts of the feet.

So it's got to that age on a costume where it could really be done with retiring...but annoyingly...I like this costume too much. I enjoy wearing it and it's comfortable.

So since I don't want to stop wearing it just yet I'm now going through the process of remaking parts of the costume.

I'm remaking:
The robe
The Pauldrons
The belts
The bags
Freedoms call
and I'm rebuying/styling a wig.

Fun times!

Just some images thrown together as a reference.

The coat basics have been sewn together, need to pick up some lining for it then i can really get stuck in with the details.

Supposed to put this up about a month ago, progress has slowed on this cosplay so I can work on ones for Kita. Decided to try the coat and the trousers on together. I've got boning in the bottom of the arms and the bottom of the coat to fan it out a bit. Not happy with how it's falling at the back so I might make something to go underneath like an underskirt the same colour as the trousers.

Started the coat last week but got some pictures today.
Made a huge collar for it, probably too big but oh well, adds to the effect.
Tempted to add wiring into the bottom of the coat and the bottom of the sleeves to give it the fluffed out shape.

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