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*There's stuff written on the kettle
*Detailing on the front of the hat
*Good luck with that jacket, buddy

*Harness system needs a few adjustments (replace temp leg straps to foot length, tighten, secure, sew back metal)
*Bum wrap needs fastenings
*Buy tighter shirt, this 10 is legit too big
*Iron everything
*Finish the damned jacket (patches, pockets, shoulders, sleeves, hems)

I started this 2 weeks ago, since this picture was taken, the harness system is about 90% complete.
This was the harness system at 15-20%

I couldn't get a good picture so I p.much stood on my Mum.

One of the boots for Rita (Vesperia) is done thank fuck.
Hopefully my material for the other will arrive tomorrow,,

The seller decided to send me an orange wig instead of the light brown wig that I ordered.
Thanks for that, chum

More like sunglasses but ay. The lense will be painted with glass paint as some point.
*That's my Syaoran wig, not the wig that I'll be using for Rita

There isn't much left to do now
The hat needs the cord, symbol and horns adding.
The jacket needs final touches, fitting and the chains need adding.
The shirt needs dying and printing (I was wear a shirt underneath, ignore the white)
I need to dye the gloves and then that's pretty much it I think??

Boots, leopard print leggings and jacket

The jacket is nearly done, I just need to hem it, tidying it up a bit, fix the sleeve turn-ups, add last details and make the detachable bottom bit.

I don't deserve them omg.

I informed the group that I couldn't do this because I'm poor as fuck.
Some people in the group put money in a pot to buy this costume for me as an early Christmas present fjvbewfkbjv <3

Most of this is pinned together and it needs fitting ;;;
I put it together so I could see how it was coming along ;o
As you can see, I've allowed myself to change the design slightly (bigger collars, extra studs, etc)
I'm about to do the sleeves and line the jacket right now.

To distract myself today I fixed up my jacket pattern.
The test showed me a few errors that are now fixed so I should be ready to start making the actual jacket this or next week.

I am selling this costume, details here:

In truth, I have two and I'm selling the spare. Please message me if you're interested! x

Pattern complete, I've located my Calico so I can make a mock-up to see if everything fits alright.
I made the torso long so I can mess around with the lengths on the mock-up ;oo
I just worry that the crop-jacket that this design has will look unflattering on me so it's experimentation time!


There are a few things that I need to fix up after Amecon.
The bells kept falling off,
The trousers need taking up,
shoes need painting,
I need a prop of some sort because my posing skills leave much to be desired.

Photos from the shoot to come soon yeyeye

I had to take the roller blades off after insisting on wearing them for like 30 minutes.
It was so embarrassing, everybody who witnessed me trying to roller blade seemed to be in hysterics.
I can't rollerblade, I've never really done it before and look. This is my dedication to cosplay.

After 30 minutes I swapped shoes with Ikki and admitted defeat.

I sort of impulse bought this on eBay so I figure I could use it as part of this costume. (Picture is off eBay)
I looks a bit tacky idk? You'll only see the dangling parts when I wear it with my Terezi wig so I guess it'll be okay.
I'm going to buy magnetic studs for her snake bites at a later date ;;;;

I bought these 3 fabrics (along with other fabric for the costume)
I'm going to use the top 2 fabrics for the jacket, the bottom right is lovely so I might use it somewhere.

So, I bought these cool looking specs with the intention to use them with Militarystuck Terezi (because they look wicked cool) but I figure they double up with default Terezi too so I did a tester today with them.

yep, I like these.
I might get a new wig, though

All that needs doing to fully complete the straight jacket is the straps and buckles.
I think it looks much better than my first attempt!
It needs taking in some more, it's waaay too big. I might do that later tonight.

I forgot to post this to show that the base jacket is now completely wearable with hood and collar. The zip is sewn on now too instead of just pinned.
I'm currently sewing the details, pictures maybe later when I get my SD card back from my Mum ;;;;

The jacket stops around the top of my hips.

Also, those aren't the trousers I'll be wearing. Those ones are a size too small for me so I'll be purchasing some jeans ans hope that I don't put on more weight fivjbwkfebvkfjfml

Derpy picture ajxcnavkdv

More progress today B)
I'm still fiddling with the collar positioning.
I'm currently pinning the stripes on and then I'll resume work on this after I get home on Sunday evening/ Monday morning by doing the straps and whatnot.

I found the trousers that I got for this costume. They're uhh, a tad tight (kIgotfat) so I'll have to purchase some new ones.

The last time I made a journal on this costume was the last time that I picked up the materials for this costume.
I picked them all back up again today (finally!) and got my ass into gear.

Most of the base of my jacket is now down, I need to sew various parts together, hem a few bits, overlock some seams then it's onto the 'details'. (straps, hooks, black and white stripes)
And of course, I need to learn how to rollerblade.
/cries on my rollerblades

Alright, so I ended up just buying this costume because my motivation didn't shift much after May Expo. I'm more or less satisfied with the costume but there's things I want to tweak here and there.
-Belt is too big
-Appliqué is messy
-Pants aren't poofy enough
(-Hat inaccuracies)
-Dafuq happened to the bottom front. Fix it.
-Back Appliqué

But really, it is completely wearable as it is.

I'll be wearing this on the Saturday of October Expo 2012 as long as I don't go changing my mind again.
Lonely Syaoran )':

For Kitacon IV,
The issues with my dress will be fixed and I have new shoes B) taller/bigger shoes. I'm going to break my neck oTL
I'll also be using a different wig.

I hadn't touched the wig since I pulled it out of the wreckage that was my Japan Expo 2011 suitcase.

And then I received a curious parcel...
( Thank you, Street-Angel <3 )

I hastily fixed the wig a little to make it presentable before hopping into the costume and getting photos with Oathkeeper (I have Oblivion too)

Ignore my face, I don't have any make-up on.
I'm quite satisfied with this~
I need to cut the long sections on the base wig, I've just clipped them back for this.

Nagisa has these in here hair.
Hers is a hair tie but I did them as hair slides because getting a hair tie over two massive clip on ponytails is near impossible without snapping the elastic.
They need another coat of paint and then they're done 8D

I've moved this to complete 'cause it pretty much is complete.
I just need to make her green hair tie things and get some brown lace up boots.
For October Expo, I'll be borrowing a pair of brown boots from Street-Angel but I will get my own accurate ones asap.


The wig arrived and oh my goodness it is gorgeous!
I'm going to do a little bit on 'interpretation'
Her hair is straight buuuut I really love the volume and curls >_>
I'm going to tame the curls and trim it so it's the right length but otherwise, I'm going to leave it as it is. I honestly think it looks better this way (':

I want another one of these wigs in a different colour so I can use it in lolita ;-;
Bow in the picture is AP (Angelic Pretty) - I wanted to see if the wig was loli-able lololol

Okay so my dress arrived forever ago but ayup, here's a picture.
My petticoat arrived this morning ;D (7am oTL) Which explains why I'm awake right now hehe
It's exclusively for my lolita, but I thought I would try it on with my SP dress.
I think it's too poofy for this maybe? I would've loved an A-line petti but I'm a sweet lolita so it's cupcake for me (': I didn't really want a petti that I would only wear with this cosplay (which would be the A-line) sooo...
It's either look like a giant bell, or no petti at all.
ScarletConcerto and I both agreed that the dresses would look better with a petti, and we did say A-line, but we'll see.

NOW I'M GOING BACK TO BED, WHAT IS THIS?! Who is actually awake at 8am kvdjdbvAVJBKL

Dresses were finally shipped yesterday 8DDDD
I can't wait for them to arriveeee~
I have my waist all thinned ready for my dress so I can actully fit in it >'D
I think I know what wig i'm getting for Nagisa so i'll be ordering that soon too~

All that's left is to make the 3 tiered purple collar, finish sewing the left boot (which i'm doing now) and possibley shorten the large male pants ;D

In photo: Dress, sleeves and scarf.
Spent forever trying to get cord through the thick material to keep the mitts and dress together oTL

Almost readyyyy~

After I get back from Japan Expo I'm starting on making Steak 8DDD

I'll update with a picture tomorrow (/later today after i've slept)

On the plus side, I'll be ready for Japan Expo~
On the negative, I only have tomorrow to finish ;--; Which means I have to actully do some work oTL

Still left to do:
Applique black pads to oven gloves
Make 3 tiered collar + white trim
Sew oven glove things to dress (with cord)
Finish sewing the fur to the left boot
Possibley shorten large male pants if I have time

aaaaand I think that's it ;D

I wanted to use purple (manga) cord to join the mitts and dress, but none of the shops had any so i've settled for pink (anime) and i'm just gunna' go with it.

The fur I used on the boots.. In the anime it's pure white. But after all that traveling she's really going to have super clean fur? I think not. The manga references I have in colour show it a little dirtied down, so I've gone for more of an off-white/ cream.

Also, under the black pads on the mitts, i've cut a slit so I can take my hands out and actully use them. It's discreate. One half of the pad will be attached with black velcro or snappers (undecided, depends what I can find more of)
I've done this incase my phone rings or I need to eat/ drink something. I had alot of trouble with this when I cosplayed Cheshire to Midlands in 2010. Lesson learnt B)

I was going to finish sewing the left boot before I went to sleep but I've had around 3 hours sleep for the past 4 nights and really can't stay up any longer.

...... *FACE PILLOW*

New photos added that I forgot all about 8D;;;
These photos were taken early Saturday morning at Kitacon III

I need to fix the boot covers before I take Patty to Japan Expo (Paris)

Since this photo was taken, I've made the scarf and started on the boot covers :3

The left glove is fully stuffed (I removed some of the stuffing after this photo)
And the right glove was only partially stuffed by the point.
I'm going to applique the black oval pad things on (with the white trim around as seen in the manga, might as well since i'm following mainly manga colour references)later. I'll buy the stuff for it on my next fabric shop adventure on Thursday 8D

Yes, I tore open a cushion for this. ;--;

I bought some ;D
But they're not as loose as I wanted them on the thighs so I'll have to attempt to return them oTL
I wanted authentic manly underpants for Niche but I may just have to make some out of the spare polycotton I have lying around ;--;

I've taken the dress in so it fits better around the top but hangs looser around the bottom. It's only tacked so if I don't like it I can easily undo it. I'll be finishing the fitting of the dress a few days or so before Japan Expo.
I still need the hem the thing and get on with the rest of the costume.
I'll definately need help wriggling in and out of this. ( Jay, that means you 83 )

Have a picture of me in the wig with the tacked/ fitted dress 8D
I think the colours go quite well~
Also, I have to bind at JapanExpo. Niche isn't meant to have boobies - and I have them ;--;
Words written across said space for reminder B)

Also, I'm wearing glasses 'cause I'm BLIIIIIIND

See photo for information yesyesplease.
(It should be the other way around but whatever)

The wig arrived this morning at like 7:30~
I woke up like "Who the hell?"
Relaxed again.
Realised that I'm waiting on my Niche wig.
Have a spaz out. See Parcel Force Van. Spaz out some more.
Jolt into parent's room yelling "IT'S PARCEL FORCE. MY WIIIIIIIIIIIG"
Dad relunctantly got up and signed for it.
Took forever getting into the box. It was covered in cellotape and it was tiny 8l
Got into the box.
Spacked over the colour.
Put it on. Tied elastic bands rounds the ponytails.
Spun arround.
Took pictures. (Half asleep, no make-up, look hideous)
Take wig off.
Go back to sleep for 6 hours ;D
IT'S SO SOFT AND THE COLOUR IS PERFECT ;w; (I don't look like an idiot in this colour like I thought I would~)

Pictures will be up after I get back from work 8D
I wanted to work on Niche today but it was 3pm before I realised and that's too late to start anything when I start work at 6pm ;--;



About to order the dresses pictured.
Honestly, I'm so hyped for October ;w;

Ordering dresses for Reizo, ScarletConcerto and I from FanPlusFriend :3
Too lazy to make these dresses. IT'S IN YOUR HANDS, FPF.

Will be ordering this wig after I figure out if I wanna pay for EMS or risk it and be a cheapskate.
Normal/ Free shipping takes 15-25 days
EMS takes 7-10 days
The Ebayer ships 2 days after recieving payment.
I&#039;m thinking I should just risk it (I need it in 20 days)
But EMS is $20/ £13(ish)
The wig being £27(ish)..
I&#039;m really stuck with what to do so any help with this matter would be greatly appriciated!

May or may not be done for Japan Expo ;-;
If I have the time, he'll be done for Japan Expo.
But if not, he'll definately be done for October Expo, frying pan included 8D

So far 8D
Needs taking in by an inch or so at the sides, hemming and ironing XD
Spent the majority of yesterday working out the pattern for this and i&#039;m so proud &#039;cause it&#039;s functional ;w;
Also, it's fully lined~
Look at it put together, I think the bottom parts are too big, there's only 6 on my dress and I know that there should be like 8 or more XD I think it looks fine, though. I'm more worried about the seemingly lack of pleat in the front c': There are 3 in the front which'll be more prominant after I add the detailing from the manga on there. Hmmm.. I might still decide to add more pleat in (like darts) regardless 'cause it feels empty this way XD But I know I shouldn't 'cause it'd add to the inaccuracy...
Oh the drama.
Sorry that it&#039;s a webcam shot~ Dad had to take it &#039;cause I can&#039;t find the timer on this thing ._.;
Now to iron this, hang it up and finish the glove pattern 8DDDDD

I bought material for the dress thingy and the HUAGE oven glove things today 83
I was going to start working on this today, but then I remembered that I have work ;w;
I bought a lighter shade of pink for the sleevey oven gloves, because on multiple references, they were a lighter shade 83
If I finish this by Saturday, I'm going to get the material for the spikey collar thingy... And perhaps base shoes along with the material for the boot covers and scarf~
Wig is being ordered tonight methinks 8D
When I get back from work...
*Rushes off to dry my hair - gotta' be out of the house like 5 minutes ago ;----; LAAAATE*

P.S. Steak may or may not be made for Japan Expo, it depends if I have the time ;-; ( which I prolly will at this rate >'D )

Progress had started to get this ready for Japan Expo 8D It's the only new costume that i'm making for JE so it'll get done in no time :3
I really can't wait for thisss~

I'm in a MASSIVE SP mood right now <333
I'm gunna' rewatch it all starting from when I get a working computer at home 8D
I can't wait to cosplay Nagisa >< It's been so long since I first wanted to cosplay her ;w; Cosplaying her is a bit like a dream cosplay for me hahaha
At October 2011! Undecided days? With NavigatorxNami as Shizuma and Reizo as Tomato (Tamao/Tomao/whatev)
I think it was mentioned that we'll be buying these so they'll be completely identical? (Not from Ebay)

I'll defo be taking Patty to Kitacon 8D I can't wait to wear this again!
I'll prolly change into this on Friday, but I'll defo be wearing this on Sunday (before/after I wear Tsutomu (Gokinjo Monogatari)
Can't wait 8D

Get a sepparate journal 8D
They look passable, but I didn't paper mache them as smoothly as I wanted XD The shape didn't turn out as I had planned either ;-; with no time to fix, they'll have to do *SIGH*

I only have today left to finish this XD /I'm traveling Friday midday-ishhh (ttly not skipping college)
*The wig is still being rebraided Friday evening and I'll sort the front/ fringe out when I get round to wearing it ._.;
*The binouclars are almost finished. I managed to start painting the brown on last night 'cause the spray paint I got was quick dry >8D So just gotta' finish that for those and loop them through the strap. ( And theeeen glue the ends to stop them from sepparating 8l )
*I've still gotta' do the left boot covers (ahaaa) but rly, that's not gunna' take very long 'cause I've already fitted the navy, so I just gotta' sew the white on and then sew onto the shoe c:
So no rush rly 83 I can always sew the cover to the shoe on my train aswell 8D /'cause I'll be lonely BAAWWWW

IS A TOTAL ----- :imhappyplz:
I cursed so much whilst braiding it 8l Hmmm..
Well, the fringe is cut and the wig is temp braided, redoing it Friday evening (/18th) with Street-Angel's help 'cause I failed so hard XD;;
I look so weird with a full fringe ._. don't like it XD *swishes fringe to the side a bit* 83 thats better~
&The wig was waaaay longer than expected.. 110cm? LIES - I haven't measured, but its atleast 120cm ><
Its quite heavy too but now that its braided it wont mess up XD (hopefully)
I'll get pics tomorrow when I look less tired *has massive bags under my eyes, no joke ._. * .. Well maybe tomorrow, I'm comming down with a cold now and I feel awful oTL
Until next time when I get my butt into gear~

IS A TOTAL ----- :imhappyplz:
I cursed so much whilst braiding it 8l Hmmm..
Well, the fringe is cut and the wig is temp braided, redoing it Friday evening (/18th) with Street-Angel's help 'cause I failed so hard XD;;
I look so weird with a full fringe ._. don't like it XD *swishes fringe to the side a bit* 83 thats better~
&The wig was waaaay longer than expected.. 110cm? LIES - I haven't measured, but its atleast 120cm ><
Its quite heavy too but now that its braided it wont mess up XD (hopefully)
I'll get pics tomorrow when I look less tired *has massive bags under my eyes, no joke ._. * .. Well maybe tomorrow, I'm comming down with a cold now and I feel awful oTL
Until next time when I get my butt into gear~

One boot cover completeee 83 ( needs some touchup and then its done and I can finish the other one XD ) -They look like wellies c':
& Also my binoculars are almost ready to be paper mache'd~ I bought a brown belt to use for the strap today too.. No idea how I'm attaching the binoculars to the strap yet but I'll figure something out XD
As for the wig, I'm collecting it tomorrow (EXCITE) and I'll be styling it asapppp~

I've put Ag/Akito on hold until I finish this, Patty is top priority right now and if I have enough time I'll make progress on Akito, but if I dnt get it done- Its not big deal.

So happy.
Collecting it from Jay on Sunday c:

This is the wig i've bought: (/cba posting pic)
I decided on this wig after a positive response on my dA poll c:
Hopefully it'll arrive in time x_x (I payed for EMS afterall ;-; Expensive)
Will have to cut in the fringe (like I did on the other wig (/Can be seen in pics atm) plus cut sides into it) &then braid the back.. Will prolly tie with elastic bands at the ends then tie the purple ribbon round that in a bow c:

As for boot covers, I bought some navy Klona cotton from Abakhan.. But rly it looks a tad lighter than what I'd say is navy.. *suspicious* Maybe Abakhan is lying to me? (Looks more like a blue 'Jin' colour, can't describe xD) hopefully, if it is different, it wont be too noticable x___x;;; *panic plz*

Jay's jacket is done, it was a real nice fit too which pleased me 8D & I startd mine today~ I finished the torso and I'm gunna' do the sleeves tomorrow c: Am so excite for this~ (I also need to buy more stuff for the black&white, I used it all on Jay's jacket oTL)
The wigs arrived too, they're at Jay's house. Apparently the wig and jacket colours go nice together, so heres to me picking the nice colours? XD I haven't actully seen the wigs.. But I want mine nooow D8

Cheetos xx

Walked into my English Lang class after buying the orange material and by the look on people's faces, they were thinking "WOW, ORANGE!"
Neways, I got started on Jay's jacket today 8D I didn't get very far tbh oTL I've finished the base jacket and the sleeves are rlyyyy long 8D
The jacket is HUUAAAAGEE on me 'cause I'm so tiny compared to Jay XD
Going out to buy more suppplied tomorrow to do the collar and hood, then will do the zip, stipe thingys, pants, straps and hooks on legs, eyepatch blah blah
Jay has bought our matching wigs c:

I've started collecting the bits and bobs that I need for her binoculars aaand I've chosen the material for the boots c: I will have working binoculars~ sorta'.

At October Expo 2011.
Is is decided.
Don't try and stop me.
(Its gunna be the Winter or Summer Miator uniform~)
Tangle(Tangleclaw?)<- I think? - is gunna be Shizuma? I think we have a Tomao too 8D (OLI DO IT)

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