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Cosplayer since November 2007, srs cosplayer since may expo 2008! Oooh, many years and still going.... xD

Proudest moment - Entering the Masquarade in May 2009 with the Saiyuki group!

I love meeting new and interesting people at conventions and expos and keeping in contact with them via dA, CI or tumblr afterwards! ^__^

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Joined: 11th Jan 2009

Completed costumes: 25

Photos uploaded: 84

Progress journals: 35

Events attended: 14

Yeah, I think I've actually got a costume completed for an event with over a week left to go before P.A.N.I.C sets in...
I'm actually proud of the work gone into this costume, despite having to rope in the cavalry for some advice [all it cost me was a small box of chocs and the promise of doing the washing up more often...]


I think I shall do more cosplays like this in future... I like to learn new things [like actually having and using a pattern to make clothing :D]

Looking forward to Kitacon 2015 - and updating this afterwards to reveal who the costume really is ^__^

It is compleeeeete! With only 45 days to go until I get to wear this, I've actually done it. I've managed to get a cosplay complete at least a month in advance!
It's a miracle!

Outfit: 100% done
Wings: 100% done
Sword: 100% done

So, there is only a few weeks to go before Kitacon... and I've only just got this near to the finishing point.

Outfit: 100% done
Wings: 95% done [fecking huge things that they are! image to show size]
Sword: 90% done

The Outfit is pieced together from off-the-shelf items [and ebay]
For once, I'm proud of how a non-weapon prop has turned out :D
I feel so smug about how I've decided to make the sword/hat-pin!

I love this cosplay, it's so comfy...
[and not as hot as I feared]

I hope to remake the coat [as I didn't use a proper pattern to make this and think I could and _should_ do better]

I also hope to make the weaponry for it, in order to consider this fully completed.

[Additionally; I need a new set of facial hair - this one ended up with blood on it from my random nosebleed mid-masquerade at Kitacon...]

... and the progress made on this is slowing down due to lack of time (and secretly working on the book version of North at the same time (shhhh, don't tell anyone) which is progressing nicely)

However: I have at least got most of the base items bought, so I hope to get the majority of the pattern-making/sewing/fur-stitching done on the coat done, and the shirt made, and hopefully the trousers acquired before the end of December. Then I can spend January making the belt, the tattoos and (possibly) a sack-bag to carry things in!
Well, written like that makes it sound like I've done nothing at all... The hat is finished, the wig&beard have arrived, the boots have been dragged out of the shoebox, the coat pattern has been sorted, I just need TIME to make it now!

Still, once I've got most of this put together, I have a reason to annoy my Bunnymund and Sandy to start/finish theirs!

...and I've only just got this dress completed... I haven't had time to do a hair practice, so the first attempt will probably have to do.
Hoping to wear this on the Saturday, have no idea if there will be any BBC Merlin cosplayers or indeed, if this costume will be recognised. :D

-Prata V.

All that's left to do is paint the detail on the other side of the coat... then I've actually done it =D I've finished both cosplays on time!

Hurrah, I've finally finished this dress.

Can't believe that I procrastinated it so much I only managed to finish this with less than a week to go until expo...

Very happy now. Cannot wait to wear this!

I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...I hate fake-leather...
Horrible stuff really...

Hello, long time since the last journal on this costume.
Still, I've already bust one needle (like last time, this is why I wear my glasses when sewing) on this remake.

Yeah, I decided that I wanted to Mr Grumpy McSnarkypants again :D

This time, I'm using a thicker base cloth so it shouldn't lift up as easy as the last one did.
Also, the hood actually fits my head this time - previously I'd run out of material to remake it!

As is evidenced by the photo, the only things I have left to make are the belt(s) and the Dai coat-thing. Oh joy. Remind me again why I left that until last, last time? (also need to remember where I left my boots, and choose the right trousers)

I've had more time to practice using only one hand, lets see if I can do so for the day of expo XD

Well, who knows - I might actually put up an image of the finished result BEFORE expo this year... :D ... but don't bet on it!

Yep, forgot to get any taken whilst at Amecon.

Still, shall hopefully locate camera at some point.

Yeah, finally finished the sleeves! (and located the sodding belt - how it got onto the top of my wardrobe I shall never know)

I feel somewhat accomplished.

Photos to come (once I remember to y'know - get someone to take a photo for me)

... is these bloody sleeves finished!

I mean, I have everything else - I just need to put the sleeves on the large black dress! (oh, and try it on of course xD)

No image attached as I've put the 'in progress' parts of the dress somewhere 'safe'. So safe, even I can't remember. Bugger.

Bought purple shirt (of sex).
Located black slightly curly wig.
Searching for brown-grey-fugly-suit online - hope to find this soonish.

Stole gamma-green liquid, yes, that's what we called it in the lab. (now searching for portable Geiger counter and ways of outrunning the army :D)

I should really move this to 'in progress' but it's more along the lines of 'I know how I'm going to do this, but I need a few more materials before I start'

However, the base outfit I already have (shoes, skirt, blazer, boobs) I just need to acquire the tights, the 'fro of seeeeecrets, the shiny shiny material for the jacket decoration and the glittery jewellery stuff... so not much really.

I'm seeing how cheaply I can make this without it looking cheap. :D

yeah I caved in, I've been caught looking at the sales on ebay and found a pretty and cheap dress that I'm planning on scruffying up for this.

I'm planning on taking photos of everything tomorrow, after I've styled the wig.

Hopefully it'll look good... Hopefully~

Somebody stop me. Please. I keep finding myself looking up cheap grey dresses on ebay and grey dress fabric (and patterns) whenever I go shopping...

I have no idea when I'll get around to wearing this, but rest assured I'll find an event.

But first, I need to get a better reference picture.

I'm pooooor and siiiiiick and huuunnnnnngry.... Gimmie money... In fact, pay me to not beg you anymore.... yes, that is a good plan.... *plots*

The fake blood I used on my long tunic hasn't fully come out. I was planning on remaking it anyway but now I have a good incentive to do so. Huzzah!

Therefore, even though this is shown as complete - I'm still working on it!

Ahahahaha, who was I kidding when I said that I wouldn't change catagories with this until I had a photo to upload....

What I should have said was "I'm not going to change this until I have confirmation that things have been dispatched" Whoops!

I am a fool. (or a prat, but then again - that isn't much of an insult now, is it?)

Currently, all I am missing is the blazer - I have everything else either in my wardrobe or on order.

Yes the morning of expo I can be found doing a little victory dance because I finally finished this outfit in the wee hours of this morning! HUZZAH!

...and I finally finished making everything (except for the weapons, but they just need painting).
I am so happy.
I am probably going to re-do parts of this later, when I'm not rushing around like a madwoman!

As much as I love that coat, its been nothing but trouble... I've got to add the designs to it tonight/tomorrow and then the whole costume will be complete (sans wig, but that should be arriving soon - I hope!)

On another note, I've been experimenting with having only one arm, I can do enough to get by, but its really annoying when you realise that there are some things you /definately/ need two hands for... :D

...and this outfit STILL isn't complete!
Although it is mostly complete - I only have the left vambrace to complete and the whole costume will be recognisable as Malik - but I will probably/possibly re-do a few things after expo so that I'm truely happy with it!

Also, my wig /still/ hasn't arrived yet - I may yet have to quickly re-style one of my other wigs...

WHY? Why do I let myself use a sewing machine un-assisted? I mean, halfway through hemming the dark blue rafiq coaty thing my last needle decides to not want to play nice anymore and snap - the sharp-pointy bit flew at my cheek (No scar tho, so it's all fun and games).
I'll be using parts from my other version of Malik so don't expect this journal to get updated that much :) but I'll probably use this page to gloat once I've finished.

Oh dear lord, why is expo at the end of this month?

Right, I should move this to 'in progress' soon, as I've got the shoes, jeans and shirt sorted. I just need the jacket, the wig and The Hat....

...but I refuse to change catagories until I have a photo to upload.

(should really call this Oh dear part two...)

As you can see, I've been busy working on this. This time I've been sewing the shoulder-harness-thing and the waist belt and sash. The triangle-shaped buckle and the wrist-things are my next project. (can you tell I can't remember what they are actually called?)
Also - I have decided that hoods are horrible horrible /horrible/ things to sew without a pattern to work from! Thank Interwebs for Altair cosplay tutorials - I couldn't have done this without them!

The only thing I regret about choosing this costume is the fact that I am nowhere near my workshop so I can't make the actual weapons (So I suspect I shall have those next time I wear this xD)

Image shows current progress of the robes, frnt and back.
(yes, the robes are split at the back, but I was in a rush to upload pics that I forgot to check you could see everything was correct before putting my camera away and rushing to my lecture!)

Yes, yet again, I've been left on my own near a sewing machine... Why am I allowed to do this?

Basically I've managed to create the robes, I've already got the trousers and boots (but they are already part of my wardrobe so I don't think I need to photograph them and then add said images seperately).
Have I ever said that I dislike working on sleeves? No? Then here it is - I dislike sewing sleeves!

The shoulder-belty-thing is currently in progress, I just added it to the shot to show that I'm working on it :)

Right, the next time I update this I should be working on the hood and the sash... hopefully... yeah, we'll see if I don't end up sidetracked again...

Even though this is not completely finished, I have to admit to being impressed by my own stitching (the lace on the neck and sleeves was sewn onto the dres at approximately 3 o'clock on sunday morning. Yes, I was still trying to finish this dress whilst at Ayacon. Still, I'll possibly have it finished in time for Kitacon 2012!

Yeah, after wearing this (which was incredibly fun) I remembered the reason /why/ I rarely cosplay anyone with long hair anymore...

Thus I've decided to never cosplay anyone that would require a wig longer than my own hair... (Not that I'll stick to this, but I'm going to try)

Alright, now I'm panicing!

This is all I've got made as of 21:10 on Sunday. (There is actually two layers to this, you just can't see the under-shirt I've got under there!)

I've literally got tonight and Monday morning to finish this off... (Why did I decide that I should go for a brief trip from mon-wed... on Thursday I set off)

This may be finished off in the hotel room!

~flails away to sew more!~

I've spent the morning finishing off the armwarmers - by the time you read this, I will have finished the belt as well.

Here - Have an in-progress shot!
(eagle eyed viewers may spot some glow bands in the background...)

All I've got left to do now is the hair-ribbon/bow-thing, but I have to go buy more ribbon for that!

Yeah, leaving things until the last minute is not usually a good plan, however it does tend to focus my attentions....

Right, I HAVE to thank Spinni for helping me with the pattern for the dress - without her, I don't know if I could have managed to start this outfit.

This costume is a money grabbing WHORE - I swear, for a whore!nun I have seriously spent money on this!

Once I have the underlayers sorted I shall probably upload a photo of this... possibly... maybe... I don't know...

But I have sorted the accessories (veil and necklace) I don't know if I'll make the book, it depends on how much time I have left after making the dress.

Yeah, I'm silly... I seem to leave everything til the last minute...

I've just spent the whole day sorting the shirt, the tie, the trousers, and the headphones out. I've also begun work on the armwarmers and the belt.

When I get my act together and found my camera, I'll upload an 'in progress' picture.
(but then again, I may wait until I've finished making the whole thing before uploading a picture.... it depends)

This has been a pain in the butt to make! Due to the fact that I lack any sort of dressmaking pattern. All made by meeeeee! (from scratch)

OH! Many thanks to Spinni who helped with the darts and the lace-thing at the front!

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