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I started cosplaying originally when i did a cosplay of cagalli in my living room, that was also, the same time i realised never to cosplay girls with blond hair... my skintone and what not does just NOT mix xD, luckily that picture has been deleted from the wonders of the web and my hardrive and ive moved on to darker haired girls and guys.

MY first serious cosplay was one i did of Yuffie in her Dirge of Cerbrus Moogle outfit, that took me days to sew because it was before i owned a sewing machine so i had to sew all my hand ^^; my dad made me a massive shuriken, it was EPIC! then i ended up breaking it multiple times on the day and had to super glue it... bulsa wood fail! but never the less i enjoyed my self, since then ive cosplayed; Tyki Mikk (d.grey-man) Allen Walker (d.grey-man), My own orginal Character (check out my twitter avi to find out who), Sora (digimon), Fuu (Samurai Champloo) and Videl (Dragon Ball Z).

not that many, but who cares, i had fun with each any everyone... well minus Fuu... i wore too small shoes and my feet hurt for the rest of the day >.< that wasnt fun at all...

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Sooooo I havent cosplayed in a while, and now that i have actually finished college and have a job to get the money i need to actually go to expo~ (that and my friend convinced me as for once im going to go with someone else who likes to cosplay xD) i shall be going in october yay!

So this year im going as Okuni from Samurai warriors, i really love the Warriors series, Dynasty and Samurai, but this time im going with Samurai hehe.

Okuni whilst shes not my favorite character (motochika is :D but the mans half nekkid in his new costume so i thought better of it haha)is still a great character in her own right hehe and i love her outfit. Next year maybe ill do Kai but for now, Okuni is on the go.

Ive ordered some Geta for the cosplay and i ordered a wig (which as for since turned up xD) i also have an old parasol lying around the house from where i used to collect japanese/oriental items :)to which im still debating on weather to paint on top of, (i really dont want to, but.... i do at the same time)

But yeah this isnt going to be an easy cosplay, but its going to be fun :D


My cospay is DONE!... well pretty much... everything that needs to be sewn is sewn... its just i dont have the right jeans... so im gonna borrow some from my mum on friday so there ready for sat!

:) Jacket whilst uncomfertable to wear..... is done!! well almost, ive gotta add buttons, pockets and the bow thats on the back. Also the hat is urm... was done... i made it before anything else and so its in a different colour and fabric to my jacket... so i gotta re-make it >.< booo...

Ah well more fun i guess,
Gotta make the Purple Tee as well :3 luckily i already have the jeans and similar looking boots ^^

Well... Ive bought the materials.


I've made her hat.... However because i made it before i got the new materials, its slightly a stronger orange than the material ive bought. Sooooo Gonna have to remake it.... Poo :(

But Never the less it shall be worth it... plusi can just take peices from the old hat and use them on the new one so it SHOULDNT be that difficult lol.


*coughs* Had to Send Taokaka's Costume to the bottom of the pile of Cosplays i plan to do, I just need an easier cosplay to start off with before i can finish her, because making the costume was honestly stressing me out, and then i ran out of material and couldnt find any stuffing for the paws... Oh god it was a disaster.

So now shes been put on hold, and if i can finish her before the October MCM Expo then ill Cosplay her there :) Otherwize it will be anothehr year before shes finished lol.

Oh yeh! im so making it sound like im on a mission! xD

well it this outfit at the moment is feeling like a bluddy mission >.<

Started making my Taokaka Cosplay during the week, after visiting 2 different fabric shops to find the right fabric, still not happy with the first fabric i got, but im still using it as i dont have enough of the second fabric to make the whole outfit.

At the moment it seems to be going okay. ive got the basic shape and what not down. had a little incident on shortness of the dress/coat, but i sorted it out...

Also had a Sewing Machine breakdown, My sewing machine, i affectionatly named Yuuki, likes to have fits every now and again. this means when ever im trying to sew something on it, the top thread breaks and i have to re thread it every other minute... and this gets rather frustrating to the point where i start stabbing Yuuki with the scissors that tend to be in my hand. So im having to hand sew things untill i can get my nan to teach me how to use her awesome 'inside the table' old school sewing machine! :3

but yeh, tomorrow im gonna try and get her to teach me, so i can sort out the sleaves and paws ^^

well thats all to report today! expect another one soon! :D


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