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Progress of the cabinet. Made from thin MDF and then stained to make it look like heavy wood. All the details added are using foam which has been coated in rub 'n' buff.

Sleeves in progress, layered with all the colours of material. A mix of hand-sewing and also wonder-web!

More progress with outer fabric details... almost getting there... XD

Just showing how it is progressing, putting it together now :)

Just another progress of my ears, finally finished them, now just gotta paint the bastards! :)

Nothing interesting relly, just i came up with the idea to make the weird shoulder "pot" things... out of flower pots haha xD
I had to trim them down to size though, as they were too tall in height (couldnt use smaller ones because the width would be too little...XD)

Started on the ear, it is made from worbla as a base at the back) and then yellow craft foam at the front. Then used fimo bake clay for the ridges so that i can scribe the markings into it ^^

Used a brown leather belt for the base and the pieces on them are made from thick foam, wrapped in white drill cotton fabric, to give them dimension.

One half of Faize's shoulder piece progress :)

More progress on certain pieces; the loincloth is now fully assembled and I made the middle strip for the shirt. This middle strip is made using black leatherette and mauve fleece. I also made the trim pieces for Faize's shoulder-piece. Completed one wristband :)

Middle trim on the shirt ^^ the shirt is made from a cream silk fabric its so nice :D

I made the wristbands using pringle tubes, deep purple fabric and foam for the golden raised parts (as seen in photo). The foam was then coated in royal gold rub 'n' buff.

Started the loincloth with black and white leatherette, gold fabric and metal buttons.

This was my prop progress. The scissors were made using light MDF wood,, cut out and then strengthened with coats of primer. The 3D details were doing with a mixture of Worbla and fimo clay.

More hat progress; here I was just gluing the decorations on, around the hat rim :)

This was the start of the hat - made from craft foam, cardboard for the base, covered in fabric and then the piece which goes around is made from black leather, and decorated with 3d paint and gems.

Man-skirt progress pics. Was made with my heavy duty shiny blue material (which was actually dim-out curtain material <3!) And hemmed with lilac cotton.

Just another photo of my Fimo clay pieces, all hand-made. And then either baked in the oven, or heated with a hot-air gun! And then the beads glued in :)

regrettably, I haven't really taken (m)any photos of the needle and it's sheath in progress. however, this is the origins/starter of them both. as you can kinda make out in the photo, the long black needle/sword shaped thing is... well.. the needle :) it is made from wood, which has been sanded to make it more swordly-shaped. the sheath was made from Worbla.. as you can see in the photo, that was a rough mock-up of the shaping. shit loads of heat gunning later, and i now have a sheath. i didn't really take any progress photos of it, apart from this.. but the sheath is all done now :) and my fingers have lots of nice lovely heat blisters....

A lot of the pieces for this costume have been made from fimo clay, moulded and shaped and then baked in the oven, with jewels and bead added to them :) as pictured, is my progress of the pieces for the belts - crafting them from the fimo ^^

The sleeves had to be made separately from the body part (duh), haha. Once the shapes were cut out... I had the task of doing the damn design on each piece of material. I started by drawing it out freehand with a piece of chalk. After a few hours, when I had drawn them both out (and was happy that they both looked as similar as I could accomplish), I then had to fabric paint the design out. However, I had to do it twice. First with WHITE fabric paint, as a base. Because the UV green paint would not go straight on to a black fabric :( - So, painted out each design with white - let it dry - and then go over with green. And, voila - after about 4 days, they were all done, ironed (to fix the paint on), washed, and sewn onto the body piece.

The mask was one of those things which I wasn't sure if it would work OK, but it ended up being fine, thank god! I used a "party" mask as a base (the ones you get from fancy dress shops?) - I then cut a portion of the top part off, as well as the nose. Unmasked Zant has a flat, large, weirdly shaped nose - so I used foam to shape it out, and had to tape it into the mask and push it outwards, in order to make it look like his nose! I then just had to paint the mask white lots of coats, paint on the black around his eyes. I used foam (again lol) to make his orange eyes (and varnished them, to give them a shiny look). Lucky i had a wig which was perfect to cut a few pieces off - for the hair he has ;D

Made a start on the shoes today oTL. They were originally just bulky "builder" boots", I had to start by making the weird shape of them. Which was accomplished by shaping out bits of foams and duct taping them to the shoes. Extra tape was added to strengthen them. Once the shape was fine, I did lots of base coats of white paint, and then painted them gold. The next stage was adding on all the raised golden details (the shoes seems to have some odd kinda crocodile design on them? o_O) I had to cut out endless pieces of foam in order to get all the pieces I needed. Superglue them onto the shoes, and then paint them. And they were finished! Phew!

Black fabric has been bought today, got 3 metres for £30... eek. its very very good quality fabric though, and wanted to get more than enough, to make sure i can do the ma-hoosive sleeves!! XD

This was the wig to start with, before the cutting and styling and shitload of hairspray!!!

Bought the white trousers
I have a purple shirt ready to modify
I have the white gloves and mask ready to modify
I have the knee-high boots ready to modify
Made the Gold cape-clasp
Waiting for the wig to arrive

The amount of diamonds I have cut out for this costume? I've lost fucking count.

progress on how the "skin" diamonds look on the glove

OK well... one of the trickiest things for this cosplay was deciding how to do all of the "skin-coloured" diamonds which run on the legs, gloves, stomach etc. - I didn't want to cut them out of the material, as they would not come out as diamond shapes (I tested on a cut-off from my morphsuit, they would just re-shape into weird circle shapes), and fabric paint seemed like an option but sometimes it doesn't come out the way you want (I would have probably had to mix paints to get the right colour, and there would likely be some type of inconsistency in the mixes I would do, knowing my luck), anyway today I happened to be in perfect luck to find some awesome fabric in *pretty much* the right colour! There seems to be alot of inconsistencies in the colour of his skin (ranging from really pale, to quite a dark, merky green) - so the fabric I've got will do!! After having cut some diamonds out and tested it on a glove, i am content with it :)
ALSO bought a new metre of red fabric for my cape - thicker cotton; because the thin polycotton I bought originally is just way too thin - and since I need to glue yellow diamonds to it... the glue would just go straight through and stain the material... ¬_¬

Cape is going well, and is well on the way to being finished, bought lots of yellow fabric paint today, so I can get started on the yellow diamonds. Also, received my white morphsuit today and purchased some blackout contact lenses for the dark, sexy eyes :D

The cape has been cut out.. I love it. I have also made a cape-hood. Basically made from chicken-wire, which was shaped into the right(ish) shape, covered with loads of duct tape to make it all secure, then covered with red fabric. Progress is going pretty well, next step is to paint on the yellow diamonds!

white zentai
red fabric
resin stuff

YAY :)

...has been ordered :) I went for this one, hoping it will be perfect!

Wig has been purchased - it's longer than necessary, so that it gives me room to cut it to the right shape and style :)

Cotton twill arrived today :) and I have the fabric paints, so will make a start on the patterned trim soon!

Finally I have made a start on this costume. First thing I want to do is make the boots; I have suitable brown sandals to use for the base, then I am going to use craft foam to make the body of the boot. Have purchased fake brown leather and a cream fur trim, as well as gold buckles - so should be able to make a good start on them!

I bought some horns today which I will paint the right colour later. I think they are pretty much perfect, gosh I am SO excited to do this!

Bought some additional little bits/accessories to take with me to the expo, such as a ribbon, tie, chains, etc - just some gothic-lolita style things to fit with the male Stocking look :)

finally my boots are complete~
so happy! they actually turned out good!
very excited now :)

I have started on the boots :) they are half completed now, just need to make all the details for the sides of them :D
cannot wait to get them done!

I got some demon ears today and painted them red, just to add a bit more detail to the costume :) I'm actually so excited for this! <3

Okay well I'm perhaps 50% done on sword? So far I have cut the basic shape out of plywood which is pretty strong :) I have them sanded all the edges to ensure it is safe. Then, I gave it one coat of white paint - before the hard task of getting the blue LED wire around the edge. I had to drill tiny holes all the way around it and then tie the LED wire down with small wire. After making sure the LED was secure around the edge, I then used silicone to seal it down so that it wouldnt move anywhere! XD done one side so far, need to wait for it to dry overnight so that I can rotate it and do the other side.

Everything is done!
I just need to decide whether I want to make devil wings or not...Hmmm..!

this has begun :)
Will post progress photos soon

I still need to do some stuff on the back, and some small bits on the front
Also need to finish off the leg armour pieces.
Make a neck-piece and add the armour pieces on to that...
Oh and make another piece for my upper arm...
And the sword... (in progress)
I'd guess I am 50-60% complete?
Better hurry!!!

all thats left is to;
modify glasses
find a suitable belt ¬_¬
and perhaps make some devil wings?
and maybe make some pointy ears...
but mostly it is done woohoo!

For the base parts of the scythes I cut the shapes out of relatively light plywood and then sanded all the edges and points, for a nice smooth finish.
I then painted the base with 4 coats of Royal Gold paint on either side; to give them a nice glossy and even cover.
I then had to trace out all of the edges carefully with a measuring tape in order to ensure that the black edge was consistent and straight all the way around and wouldn't be all wobbly. Painted that with 3 coats of dark black.
The handles have been made out of quite thick (but light) wooden poles, sanded the top off, and cut a slit in, so that I can fit the head base into it, and then screw it in either side

I got hold of some faux black leather, so I shall be making the arm-band :) *dances*

I have almost finished the blazer - used brown leather for the cuffs and the lapels on the blazer, and I am about to sew 4 large buttons onto the front! Photo will follow shortly ^_^

Today consists of spending the day making the bulkier, shaped golden armour piece... proving hard but I WILL DO IT! >.<

started on the sword base today! Will be working hard on it all weekend so fingers crossed I will get it finished :)

I got a shirt, deciding to fabric dye it since its so hard to find a normal pink shirt, and then I shall fabric-paint the detail on!

Wig and contact lenses have arrived, hip hip hooray!

my glowing wire came today - which i will be using to make my Edge sword glow up ^_^ its actually *PERFECT* I cant wait to get started on making the sword now!

WIG ORDERED - YEAH MAN! standard 15-27 days wait >.>
but yeah, hope its gonna be good quality!

for a makeup test and costume test *fingers crossed*

Today I boguht; police hat, braces, purple ties, body makeup, handcuffs, and white+black stockings. It cost £27 ... ouch! :(

Okay well I bought myself a black rosary to accessorize the costume and also did a few adjustments to the wig and thr Honekoneko plushie, in time to wear it tomorrow at LFCC ^_^ yay!

I was getting really stressed at this costume :( it just seems to be looking kinda shit at the moment, but I'm going to troop on and attempt to get more of the "shirt" done this weekend, i.e. get working on finishing all the frontal armour detail, etc... wish me luck >_>

so ready to give up on this costume its turning out to look pretty shitty and stressing me out :'( meeeeeeeeh.

Since I have had this planned for a while, I was also finishing my 2nd year at University so progress was slow but now I can focus on it! I had cut out the majority of the chest armour pieces - the process included using thick craft foam, papier mache-ing it, painting it and glueing it for a shiny finish. I have now had the chance to glue all the pieces onto my shirt. This is only the FIRST step in a long process! ;w; but this is my stage 1 progress anyways!

I've decided to enter this costume at Hyper Japan in the Square Enix cosplay competition! Therefore, I am going to make even more details to the costume which i neglected to make before. These include the belt and better gloves! As well as an attempt to make the wig more spikier!

Made this myself ^-^ it took about 4 hours all together, happy with how my little Honekoneko turned out! :)

Wig have arrived and been styled :)
Bought shorts, t-shirt, stocking, boots.
Make Honekoneko teddy by myself :) first plushie I've made, so pleased.

This is probably kind of boring, for anyone who actually reads this, BUT - have made the collar, bought all the things, such as the blazer and whatnot - we have also decided to make a BANNER (gonna upload a photo) - since I am going with a group of people. We bought compasses, map packs, etc. OH and since I'm a guy I realized the guys wear BLACK ties so although its a red tie in the photo, I bought a black one!! :) Think that's about it for now ^_^

Well, I have done a planned detail on the customization of this costume! I have ordered the wig, uber excited about receiving that! :) And I have purchased really nice bright blue contact lens.

I am so happy! After about a week I have finally made the keyblade, it was hard work planning how to cut the shapes out and then actually cut them out XD! But I'm glad with the finished result. :3

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