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Hi I'm Pepper. I'm happy to cosplay from about just about anything, but I've mostly cosplayed from anime and TV/film.

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MCM's coming up quick, so I'm trying to power through Yosano as fast as I can.

The progress so far:
Wig - 95% done - it's mostly cut, just needs a little bit of trimming/evening out in some places.
Butterfly hair clip - 45% - Butterfly cut out from foam, needs priming, painting, and to be glued to the clip.
Shirt - 70% - The front ruffles have been added to the shirt. I've started tailoring it to fit me better. The sleeves still need shortening.
Skirt - 5?% - I had ordered fabric but the wrong material has arrived, so let's hope the seller will swap it without problem.
Shoes - 50%
Tie - 90% - Friend gave me his that he's never used. It's too long atm so it needs shortening.
Gloves - 100%
Tights - 100%

So much progress today! I've spent the last couple of weeks casually working on the pattern for the jacket and yesterday/a bit of this morning I transferred it from my test fabric to pattern paper. Today I cut all the pieces out and dyed the yellow and dark red parts (the fabric I'm using didn't come in these colours). I've tried two dark reds to see which is better.

His wig's about 90% done as of a few weeks ago too but I want to change a couple of things.

A little while ago a friend gave me her Kanda cosplay coat because she didn't want it anymore. As much as I adore Kanda and have always wanted to cosplay him, I can't wear ponytail wigs because of reasons, so sadly I can't use it for him. Rather than let the coat sit around and staring at it sadly, I've decided instead to combine it with my Allen cosplay stuff and modify it to work for him!

I'm hoping to wear it for London October MCM 2017.

To do list:
- Modify the coat (e.g. resize it, shorten it, adjust some detailing)
- Modify the belt (e.g. resize it, adjust some detailing)
- New gloves
- Boot covers/detailing

- Upgrade the wig/add more wefts where it's thinned a bit

Already have:
- Wig
- Face paint
- Innocence arm (optional since it'll be covered by the coat)
- Trousers
- Base boots

The Sooyoung poster arrived today and it's high enough quality that I've managed to finally work out what the peachy parts of her dress are made of!
It's pretty voille mixed with layers of net to make it poof out.
So simple but brilliant =D

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