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I first did Lag Seeing at May MCM Expo 2010 and after a nervous start I loved it.
Since then I've travelled more Expo's and cons and now a member of Watapachi cosplay.

Events I attended:

London MCM Expo October 2009 (No cosplay)
London MCM Expo May 2010 (Lag Seeing)
NEMAcon I June 2010 (No cosplay)
London MCM Expo October 2010 (Kouta Tsuchiya; Oz Vessalius)
Kitacon III April 2011 (Kouta Tsuchiya; July; Czeslaw Meyer)
London MCM Expo May 2011 (Orihara Izaya)
NEMAcon II June 2011 (No cosplay)
Hyper Japan II July 2011 [Olympia 2, London] (No cosplay)
Ayacon August 2011 [Warwick Arts Centre] (QB, Ciel)
Fushicon I November 2011 [Northhampton Park Inn] (Orihara Izaya, Remilia Scarlet & Jacob Meepsville)
Kitacon IV April 2012 [Hilton Birmingham Metropole] (Hansel, Meeps Cat Kigu)
Amecon August 2012 [Keele University] (Ryuuji & Umbreon)

Events I'm attending 2013:

MCM Comic Con London May (24-26th) Cosplay: Frosted Ezreal
Ayacon August (16-18th) [Warwick University] Cosplay: TBA

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Joined: 10th Nov 2010

Completed costumes: 15

Photos uploaded: 43

Progress journals: 3

Events attended: 11


This costume is on hold until I can find a Gretel. If you are interested PM me and we can organise which event. I'm pretty easy.

Adding this costume as a pure challenge to myself for 2 reasons.

1. I plan to make the full armour regalia.
2. I plan to actually learn to skate. When I tried when I was a teen, I failed bad :P

Coat - The coat is almost done. Just need to add the '66' on the front.
Shoes - Using an old pair of dunlop green arrows which needs customising.
Shorts - Bought these from Primark. Easier and look perfect.
Shirt - It's a simple blue tee. I probably have one, if not will likely just buy one.
Sword - The sword is ready to paint. Got all the spray and enamels ready. Just need to prime it and paint.


Using my own hair for this one. Same colour and would just need slicking back :)
The facepaint I'm not sure of. I'm no expert on make up so going to see if products like masscara would be viable or not.

Don't think I've seen this character cosplayed and even though he's a minor character, I enjoyed the look of him. Not sure where I'm going to use this costume yet either.

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