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Cosplay has basically taken over my life from 2007 to the present...not sure when I'll give it up though lol

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Head layer 2 step by step.

This is the layer of news paper to make the head strong enough to hold it's shape without the balloon.

1) Make sure you balloon is dry.

2) Wripp up lots of news paper

3) Grab your wall paper paste / mix some more.

4) Cover the balloon in the mix and the news paper

5) Leave to dry

LOL xD i dunno why im tell you the steps but hey who cares lol

Layer 1 step by step:

Layer one is basically the inner lining so my face is attacked by news paper. So here we go.

1) Blow up a big punchball balloon (poundland). Make sure it is bigger than your head.

2) Get some brown fabric and cut it into trinangle pieces so the all fit toghter.

3) Mix the wallpaper paste or Papiermache mixture. I used wallpaper paste because it is stronger and dries quicker.

4) Cover the balloon in the mix and the brown fabric

5) Leave to dry.

=D there you go 5 simple steps....take about 10-15mins

Riiight this helmet is gunna be a pain >..< anyone got any ideas?? haha x


4 on the under skirt
6/7 on the over skirt
1/2 on the top

OWCH....and yes i know you can see my bra...but hey tis a cool bra!

So I just finished styling my wig 8D tis not perfect but I think its ok ^^ I will post a pic later x

My Butch is x-Blade-x ~!! thanks for being my Butch hunni ^_^


ta ta for now x

Base wig has been bought nd best thing about it is I can actually use proper heat things on it, so i can curl nd straignten it as much as i want 8D Ill be styling the wig nd making the costume all this week so it is ready for lfcc 8D

^^;; guess what guys, i was almost finsihed sewing my dear lyserg until I actidently put him in the scraps pile, nd now ive just destroyed him to make kirimi xD Silly nessa is silly.

So now instead of making Kirimi im going to re-re-make my not yet revealed (cos i hate it) emerald cotume.

ttfn guyz xxxx

Ahhh right ok so after a msn convo with Reiss (Ryaoki), I've decided to cosplay Brass from Medabots. I've got an idea of what im doing...I can't really explain cos I dunno how to explain it. I'm stealing his idea and wanting an opening up back thing and light up eyes. I'm also considering wearing rollerblades as her 8D Well wish me the best of luck guys this is gunna be my hardest cosplay to date.

Right guys to far so good, ive made the main body of the costume, i've done the trousers and i've got some boots/shoes. Just to make the collar, put the jacket decoration on, get a wig and make my horn then i'm done. Hopefull it will be done by the end of next week 8D. I shall upload pics once my camera actually deicedes it wants to contect to the laptop ^^;

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