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Shoulder pieces to match the belt - exactly the same technique!

The belt and dangly bead bits together - belt is made from foam, foil and paint, laced at back with gold ribbon

Purchased fabrics today. I was not lying about there being sparkles on the sparkles.

I started off by making the dangly beaded bits which hang from the belt - made partly from beads I had already and some new pretty glass ones!

Effie's known for her vibrant and often ridiculous wigs, and that's one of the parts I've been looking forward to the most about this costume!

I ordered a short golden blonde wig which came in tight ringleted curls; then washed and straightened it to utterly destroy the curls it was originally in. Then I put an ash blonde toner through it to take down the golden blonde colour into a paler hue and proceeded to give it an old-lady-hair-parlour-style rinse to achieve the lavender blonde colour. Afterwards I painted in some bolder lavender streaks with a tint brush.

It's a very thick wig so it took a while to dry - then I curled it in sections with straighteners, then teased and hairsprayed the hell of it!

I'm very happy with the result and can't wait to wear it!

Today I went to many fabric shops and bought things for Dany! It was a bit of an education for me as I bought all kinds of things I have never bought/worked with before, and asked lots of people silly/vague questions about dye! However, I managed not to spend toooo much money, which I'm very happy about! Looking forward to getting started in the coming week!

I also managed to find a wig in a good pale pale pale blonde colour!

Yesterday I locked myself up and started this dress. Today I finished it. There was a lot of coffee and a lot of lace, but the whole thing was accomplished, amazingly, with minimal swearing.

This is probably the prettiest thing I've ever made! I'm so proud of it! It's also the best made - I think my sewing's really come along this year! And it took the shortest time...-marvels-

I am SO excited for the ball!

Just need to to work out shoes and make my accessories and I'm ready to go!

I found the perfect apple-green silk dupion for this dress. And then I did not buy it.

Reader, I was doomed never to see that apple-green silk dupion again.

I have replaced with with apple-green duchesse satin instead, which I love anyway so it's not so much of a problem...Also have some gorgeous gorgeous embroidered cream lace, lots of velvet ribbon and my body weight in steel boning. This bodice ain't going anywhere.

So, I've had the boots finished for a while, but haven't had time to upload a picture. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, especially the go-faster stripes.

The wig came and I put a few more layers in it and flicked the ends a bit more - all good.

Ordered some official WEWY pins - they are fabulous! Monkey is having the player pin but I have stolen many for my hat, bag etc! Yay!

Monkey made Mr Mew for me! And he is absolutely adorable and incredibly cuddly. Yay again!

The necklace was done out of fimo and one of those little screw-in hook things. GOD I HATE FIMO @_@.

I put up a progress picture of the armour. I really like how the armband came out!

Still so, so much more to do

I completed the hat today and am pretty happy with how it looks! I had an oversized baker boy hat, which I padded to get the huuuge puffy shape, then painted the white accents. They look a bit wibbly in the picture, but they aren't, it's just the shape of the fabric - I spent ages trying to make them beautiful and straight! I put some badges on it just to take a picture but obviously they aren't the proper pins. Yay!

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