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I haven't been a cosplayer for very long since Midlands MCM Expo Feb 2010 actually, but better a late start then never! my first cosplay was Axel from Kingdom Hearts <3

the cons i've been to:

Midlands MCM Feb 2009 (first con <3)
Midlands MCM Feb 2010 (first cosplay <3 Axel org XIII)
JCC 2010 (vampire Axel)
Midlands MCM Feb 2011 (better org XIII)
London MCM May 2011 (saturday only) (better org XIII)
Manchester MCM 2011 (King Axel)
JCC 2011 (Friday night: Axel (waistcoat version)
JCC 2011 Saturday: Gakupo (magnet)
London October 2011 (saturday only)Gakupo (magnet + added waistcoat)
Midlands Feb 2012 (Mephisto Pheles)
Birmingham march/april 2012 (saturday: Mephisto pheles, Sunday: Hatsuharu sohma)
Manchester MCM 2012 (YV2 Yuma)

future cons: (hopefully)

JCC 2012

i only cosplay male characters :D

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i'm happy to say its now finished :D the last thing that was made was the paws for my feet :D

since i've met a few ikuto's recently, i've decided to use some spare time to finish this off, i've got nearly everything made now, ears, tail, hand paws and shirt :D all thats left is my feet paws and im done :D lucky i've already got everything i need for it now :D

and i re-made the shirt now and it looks so much better :D <3 i'll try to get some pictures up soon too lol

i have the wig :D just need to practise styling it :D and i've also made the scarf today, since its his "must have" item i decided to start the cosplay off with it :D

today i sorted out the last finishing touches and completed this cosplay :D which i am very proud of :D

finished the trousers today and the shirt yesterday,

all i have to focus on now is the coat, there's still quite a bit left to do on it, but i should have it finished by sunday (12th june)

finished the trousers today, well mostly, like the shirt, just needs some hand sewing and it'll be finished :D

i also started the coat today, sorted out the sleeve-less part and added a collar. this might take a few days to finish.

made the shirt yesterday, just needs a little more hand sewing to completely finish it off.

and i started the trousers today as well.

the deadline for this is 14-16 of june.

both Roxas are now complete :D one is will be sold tomorrow at London MCM and the other isn't finished yet, all it needs is the gray star and rings :D but missing them for MCM isn't that much of a big deal. I'm glad the Roxas' are finished, now i can start making cosplay for myself again :D

i'm making this for a college project and I've made a completely new design up for this. it'll be finished for about mid-june time.

i can't actually start this yet, i need to finish the sketchbook designs for it but i know how i want this to look so i'm going to be working on it as soon as i have the money.

much has been done since the last journal, i've made both white jackets :D both are fully complete and i have a complete black shirt as well :D

all that's left is, another black shirt, one pair of trousers and the details for one of the roxas: the sweat band, rings and star thing on the black shirt :D

time is running out too, both need to be completed before MCM london in just a few days! :D

almost finished the white jacket, just need to get a zip and its done.

i brought some cheap trousers instead lol never mind xD and all i need to do is edit them slightly and they'll be perfect xD

i finally had time to finish the jacket :D now all that's left to make is the trousers :D

finally got round to almost finishing the jacket, done the belt, the belt hoops, the blue/yellow things on the sleeves today. all that's left is the yellow buttons, adding press studs and tying up a few loose threads.

also i've been given a deadline for this, the 26th of march, in that time i just have to make some trousers and finish the jacket off, i think i can do this :D

brought some fabric to make the trousers today :P i couldn't find some useful ones cheap enough so i was talked into getting fabric and making them instead, so i'll start these shortly.

also i put the blue collar on the jacket today.

Wig arrived in the post today!

Gloves have been edited and are finished :D

Jacket is almost finished to, all that is left would be the yellow trim around the collar, the blue on the shoulders and collar and last but not least the blue/yellow parts on the sleeves, oh yeah the belt part too *keeps forgetting about that part*

after that there isn't much left to get or make for this

had a bit of white fabric lying around so finally started the shirt

the jacket is fully finished it needs a few edits and i also need to make the gloves, i'll get round to this eventually

brought the gloves today, i need to edit them a little bit first and I've also started to make the jacket.

and best news the wig is also on its way! just gotta wait for that to arrive in the post :D

looked around and found the perfect wig for this cosplay so i ordered it and now its all paid for as well :D

looked around and found the perfect wig for this cosplay so i ordered it and now its all paid for as well :D

finished making the jacket today, ready for the MCM midlands Expo 2011, i spent all day today on that sewing machine!

glad its finished though :D not bad for my first time making a cosplay completely from scratch :D

yes mission impossible isn't actually that bad!

i styled the wig! 4 hours of none stop work and the wig is done!, it'll be fully finished in the morning since i'm writing this at half 1 in the morning :D all that is left is to finish putting the highlights in :D

i'm very proud of this wig styling, it is my first wig styling ever!! will upload pictures later :D

started the jacket and got most of it made. still more work to be done, like the black lines and the orange bubbles :D

time is running out though...

Finished the shirt today, i'll upload photos later :D

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