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So I actually worked on this before everything else because I always start with the part of a costume that worried me. In this case it was embroidary, which I didn't feel like I could avoid since the costumes been animated with such lovely detailed stitching! So this was my first time hand embroiding anything so it was a bit daunting, I'm pleased with the results so far! I still need to do the back but with my time getting cut very close I might have to finish that part for another con!

...I'm going to be so waaaarrrrm in this thing.
So my capes more or less complete just need to add some fur trim to the collar and a hook to keep it in place on myself.
I've used Melton fabric for the base and a burgundy colour velvet for the pattern. I've lined the cloak aswell and I'm really happy because it's not billowing like I though it might! The first set of pom-poms I discovered were too small so annoyingly I had to buy some bigger ones... Stupidly I didn't take into consideration the velvet and pom-poms might be different colours, so I had to dye them a little darker (which actually worked in my favour since I noticed the string between pom pom and cape is meant to be lighter in colour. Whoop!)

Another thing almost checked off my list today! Day of productivity, joy joy.
The skirts been relatively problem free so far, the purple sections more or less complete, I need to make a black underskirt with a possibly layer of netting in between just to give the skirt the extra lift it has on Cheria. Also need to find or make the decorative gold hoop on Cherias belt/skirt. Guess I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for things of that size and shape.. x3

...So in theory this might work as long as I've got my measurements correct.
If the holes still distort the bodice shape I might try putting a panel of white fabric behind the criss crosses to at least give the illusion there are holes.

So today I actually made a proper start on this costume. Pretty bad considering I put this up as in progress a year ago... welp..
Anyway managed to get a good chunk done. Here's my progress on the bodice, the main challenge I've found is trying to figure out a solution to stop the crisscross cut out pattern from distorting the shape of the bodice too much!

I have a few ideas of how I can go about it... So fingers crossed. I've found lining the bodice to work out pleasantly well, makes for a neater edge for the appliqué patterns.

Since I have no fabrics at all, I'm starting with the more solid pieces. Basically the only thing that's solid... being the central brooch... looks the most fun to do so....

(I've made a start! Joy. XD)

Will probably make a set of throwing knives, just not sure what type yet. :)

Just finished making the bikini top..If you ever hear me say 'pfft I'll just make a bikini instead of buying one' ever again punch me in the gut. Just do it. XD I thought itd be simple and to be honest I bet it actually is but it took me all night to figure out... orz. But it's done now and I've sewn it super strongly together because I'm really paranoid about it pinging off or something equally embaressing. D:

Shortened the chain of the necklace, currently adding poppers to the bow... All I have to do after that is add a couple of fasteners to the skirt, elasticate the sleeves for extra hold and attach the beads/flower to the belt securely! Basically just small fiddley bits. After that I just need to purchase some contacts and bracelets and I'm done!! Wheeeeew!

So the last piece of this costume I need to make will hopefully be the easiest! The black bikini top! I've looked about online for one thats usable but unfortunately Yuna has a weeeeird 'T' shape to the back of hers that I think will be easier just to make. So getting my hands on some bra cups and black swim suit fabric soon! :D Will also look into buying contacts.. Not sure what online shops are best though... Hmm.

Ok so trousers are just your standard elasticated type! Finished now, nothing too complicated making wise thankfully. I just looked at my pajamas for some sort of reference pattern wise.

Shoes are super cheapo boots from Primark :D Covered with red and still in the process of covering the rest in white! After making these boots I just want to make a pair like Goku's instead! XD;

So after trying to seal off my staff head with glue I discovered just how bumpy and uneven the damned thing looked after being painted! Weep. So after sulking for a bit I managed to remedy it by recutting out two more pieces the same shape out of card and sticking it over the top. (This turned out to be not as hard as I thought it would be thankfully!) I then managed to ruin my efforts by essentially doing the same thing but with varnish... ah ahm so dumb! So just one side is nice and smooth and crisp...and this is the side everyone will be seeing unless I decide to go a third round on this staff! XD Blah. learningcurvesLEARNINGCURVES.

The pole part has given me a lot less stress and I'm pretty pleased with how it's shaping up. need to sand down a few bits to make it look a bit neat but overall it's getting close to completion!

So I've pulled my Terra costume out for Kita as I won't have time to finish Zelda to the standards I'd like! I'm going to attempt to do all the finishing touches I wanted the first time round but didn't have time to do!
- Paint design on tights.
- Add beaded decoration in hair.
- Fix gold on shoes (peeling off :()
- Finish shoes ( Still needs flowers etc attached )
- Make sword

So that pretty much all that needs to be done for this costume to be fully complete and really the odd jobs left sound like fun anyway so I'm looking forward to it!

So it's been a while and the past few days I've slacked off a bit so I bring progress in a shape I have never brought progress before! Weapon Props! I'm surprised myself that I haven't really ventured down this path just yet...I guess it just always seemed really intimidating to do! ( Plus last minute cosplay making means weapons come last D: )

So I've aquired a PVC pipe from B&Q, which has been spray painted blue and red...which also happen to be the current colours of my hands. (I'll use gloves or something next time!) Also failed to realise the spray paint wasn't going to get rid of the 'overflow waste pipe' printed on the pipe several times. Classy Yunie. Remedied this with a bit of white acrylic and another spray over thankfully!

The staff head is work in progress, as an artist I'm not much for measuring, angles and all that headachey stuff so I found getting this pattern (although simple looking at first glance) quite hard to sketch out! Still bits are a bit squewy because I fail hard with my (blunt) craft knife! DX; But I think it's turned out ok so far just as long as you dont look at it up close.. (if you do I'll hit you with it. <3)

Make-up! So I have in my possession white face paint that I can use for both this and possibly Marcy. <3 I'm not very practiced with this kind of thing at all so I'm hoping it's something I'll get better at! So I slapped some on my face and this is what I came up with...will probably have another go layering the white on a lot thicker next time since it's not very white here! Will do so when I have some liquid latex for cuts and such. Fuuuun. <3

I hope I can make myself look scary enough! XD I'm toying with the idea of white or yellow contacts! Hmmm!

Also.. that's not the final wig it's just a wig I have as backup. :)

So the dress just needs some frog clasps at the top, not sure whether to purchase these or try making my own! Maybe I'll go for the latter and see what happens... Also need to shape the bottom part a little and add more red bias. After that it's just the red band that goes around the dress, which I'm thinking I'll make seperate just so I can possibly arrange creases within it myself and sew them in place.

Armwarmer things I'm thinking of padding so they look a little more cartoony. Same for the arent really my speciality though so I'll just see what I can do! XD; slow. Armor nearly ready to be prepped for paint. c:

..Ok I'm so RUBBISH at this kind of stuff. XD; This literally took forever to figure out and there were two of us trying! So this is the final shape that's been put together as a rough hopefully when I cut it out of foam and form it a bit it'll look less... yeah. Anyway progress is progress right? :D

So I've managed to find these so far for her armor, I would of preffered to have made my own but to be honest I just dont have the time right now! I think when I rewear this I'll more then likely revamp bits of the costume I think can be improved! Still waiting on a couple more jewels to come through the post, Also still looking for a circular one about 30mm in diameter that isnt going to be shipped from china! Guh, I think I may of sourced one that will work instead but I'm still holding out for better. :)

So now its time to put pleats in... going to try this sometime today. Photos of the front portion of the skirt layed out. That's a lot of satin there. DX

So I've cut out my skirt pieces and sewn them together...a process made slower because I'm a moron and sewed the wrong pieces together! So after carefully unpicking it all and resewing, I've got a skirt that's correct! Still need to put the correct pleates in position from what I can tell from my ref there's either 6 or 8 of them. I think I'll just have to see what works best proportionally, as I need space for the crests on each panel. Hrrm.

Also brought a ton of blue jewely things, guh....costing more money then I wish to admit. XD Why is this hobby so expensive?!

So this took a lot longer then anticipated... I underestimated you pleated skirt of doom.

Ahem. So today I managed to finish off the skirts floral pattern, sketched in the part between the front panels. Joining up the vines wasn't actually so hard... being patient and waiting for paint to dry tested me. In fact most of the time I didn't wait and wound up having to do MORE work to make up for the damage. Amount of time taken can be measured by the natural sunlight to crappy room light as seen in the photos. x3

Also the completed pattern has more detailing on flowers that the camera didn't pick up at night. Honest!

So now all that's left to do is add some fasteners to the top and find me a black bikini top. :D

Hoooookay. So I've gotten technically a third of the painting done now!
The outer pattern is practically done, the flowers still need a bit more detailing. Just need to mirror/repeat the image on te inside of the pleates for when they open. Still need to get rid of the remaining chalky bits but I'll wait until I finish before doing that.

Ok so now I've got most of the costume complete I have no other choice but to face my demons! So I've started chalking out the pattern onto the skirt, I'm at the stage where I can lay some paints down. Wish me copious amounts of luck. XD;

So not only have I finished the bow today I'm well on my way to completing her top. Ok its true its basically a scarf, but there's shape to it...kind of. Anyway it's a bit of a relief to make something that doesn't require a pattern painted on it, not that I dislike doing it.... its just a nice rest. XD;

Also first attempt was correct! :D

Done most of the painting on the obi pieces now, just need to do a little on the inside parts that may or may not show! After that just need to sew it altogether, I hope this works...

So today I think I'm going to -try- to get the majority of this part of the costume complete. After looking online at how different people have tackled the bow I feel a bit more confident about it! I've made a very small start here I'm hoping when I sew the hooped pieces in they will point upward!

Finally got round to dying the sleeves today! The pink travels up a little furtherthen the photo shows, its just v.pale. They're pretty much done now just need to add the ribbon and beads on to the part that ties at the top. No problems....yet...

Bias, Ribbon, beads, elastic. Done! :3

So starting to construct some sort of necklace...thing...
The v shape is made out of fimo, and this time I've remembered to put holes in my jewelery before baking it. woo.

Luckily I happened accross a couple of beads that are the perfect flower shape for necklace. Think I might need to find smaller blue beads to sit inside the flowers/buds though.

I would of actually bought a necklace online if I could of found one that was accurate! ]: Turns out I had everything I needed to make one within all my crafting goods. See! It's not so bad to hoard crap... XD;

Ok so I've collected together some beads I think will work for Yunas earrings all four of them poor ear. XD; So most of them will need painting like the ones I used for the Obi beads. :)

I'll probably work on the bow piece of the obi next. I'll wait for a sunny day for the sleeves. ; u ;'

After a whole friggin' week of weeping over the pleats of the skirt I've finally gotten them to lay flat, even and stay that way! It's crazy how one tiny mismeasurement can make the whole skirt look so wrong! So yes I'm a happy bunny once more. So much so that I started painting my obi. :)

Thankyou to Kamiko for finding the time to correctly scale the pattern for me so I can get it as dead on as possible. ' u ' My reference is giant pixels but they're the right sized giant pixels damnit.

So I figured I'd move onto something more solid.
Finished making the hibiscus flower that attaches to Yunas obi, in the process of prepping it for paint. Not as painful as I thought it would be...can't say the same for the back of my sketchbook....XD;

Not actually sure of what the flower would tradionally be made out of, but I decided to make it a bit 3D. Personal pref I guess. ^^;
Also the rope going through the flower isnt the cord I'll be using for the final its just a good makeshift example!

So today I decided to try tackling what I assumed would be the hardest base piece of Yunas costume. Intially the idea of putting three different types of pleat in one skirt blew my mind but I think I've managed to overcome my fears quite well!

So this is the skirt so far, pinned together, needs a damned good iron out as the pleats dont follow through to the end yet. So when I iron the beast it should lay nice and flat. :D

Also skirt is more purpley then in the photo, night lighting is fail. D:

Ok so literally all I've done here is tucked the material in around the corset! XD But this is kinda what it'll look like? More ruffled though! :D In the process of sewing the skirt pieces together now! Luckily I kept the dress pattern I made for Sakura so I can use the skirt part for this. ^_^
The material colour is WAY too shiny on the normal side so I'm going to use the reverse side of the material instead. ^^

Joy! My wig shall arrive in the next few days <3! Expect pics if it's any good! Got some fabric for the skirt and sash, will begin constructing some kind of skirt-thing soonish. Not sure if I'll need to make/buy a pettycoat yet...also still looking into what jewelry to buy, giant hoops and shiny bangles. Mmm.

Should I get green contacts? <_<;; Iuno.

Okay! I have my skirt and belt fabric bought, and it's time for construction!
I hate, -HATE- making pleated skirts not sure why I put this on myself again but hey-ho! Not entirely sure how I'll put the floral pattern onto the skirt...if the image matches/looks non-distort when pleates are lined up...are the unseen parts that are folded over blank? or a continuation? Argh...will have to ponder.

Found a useful ref though. Will probably help.

So this is ACTUALLY my wiggly for Maurauders Era Severus Snape (WHEN I GET AROUND TO DOING HIM D: D: D: ) but I think it'll do for Nana once I tweek the front a bit!

Still deciding on which costume to do, I own a black vest, red tartan boots...really all I'd need is some stockings, choker, punky jewelry and a belt and I'm set! :D basically all this costumes going to be I -think-! I've picked up a pair of boots, got me some grey tights, ordered two(?!) wigs (I couldn't decide which colour would look less horrifying on me XD ) Lastly i've ordered a dress online to modify, not sure if it's suitable until I receive it... However! It's very pretty so it's no loss if its no good for the costume :D

In the case that it sucks I'll have to get the machine out and snap a dress up ASAP! Going to look at fabrics on Sunday~!

No panic yet. :)

Beading jewelry together's quite easy going and relaxing!! Makes a change! X3 The tassels that hang off the cape are done now, will have to start on the harder bits soonage! :x

Ok so in failing to find any close ups of Beatrix's belt I've had to use a little artistic license on the design which looks more intricate then I've probably done but hey ho I'm running out of time! XD
Still need to make the buckle for her huge ass belt, it's so big I cant find any buckles I can just attach! Not sure what to make it out of yet... :s

Working on the shoes at the mo... also the embroidery for the rose is coming along slowly... Time limit.... gwahhhh

'Scuse the mess, cosplay is streeeessful. DX

Ok so managed to get a quick snapshot of the now complete skirt and cardy together! Just need to add the back collar to the white top and I'm done!

ok so cosplay has exploded all over my room and its the equivilantif not worse then Nodames room. So apologies. XD'

Started Beatrix's coat today, well on my way to finishing! Photo shows outer material only, I now have the two different sets of inner lining sewn together. Working on the rose for the back, have to sew that on first before sewing the lining and outer parts together. Wheeeew.

For such a simple cosplay this one is turning out to be rather hellish! ; n ; I had issues with the white top, which meant a trip to John Lewis ( where fabric is double the price it should be D: ) to pick up some replacement stuffs to make a new top. Said top is coming out fine now thankfully, I has sleeves! I just need to add the black collar and sleeve cuffs :) also need to make that yellow scarf bit, I'm assuming it's just a bit square you fold a few times rights? :s

Skirt is coming along nicely literally just need to add a zip and button :) phew!

I'm on such a time limit at the moment I'm having to spend every day on at least one costume! Today's costume was Yukiko~! Made the pleated part of the skirt only to realise, duh I need a band at the top! D: So that's currently dyed and being hung to dry on the washing line. Waiting for that I figured I might aswell make a start on the sailor fuku, which I couldn't find any images of so I used Chie's one as a model. (this is assuming they're the same!)

It wasn't until careful inspection that I noticed that the shirt's put together rather oddly seam wise, so with a bit of luck and guess work I've managed to piece together a top ( in need of sleeves ) The photo makes it look like there's 4 panels at the bottom but it's actually one 3, there's a crease in the middle that looks like a seam, it actually just needs ironing. :)

So once I've made some sleeves, I'll just have to add the black collar and a necktie and the top will be complete. Whew. :D

Ok so I managed to pick up some houndstooth from fabric land not so long ago, white/black with the intention of attempting to dye it to grey/black. Then realised that it wasn't cotton so regular dye probably wouldnt take to it. So I'm hoping my make shift solution will be ok! Used some indian ink to stain the fabric, I know from many clothing mishap occasions as an artist this stuff DOES NOT COME OUT. D: I just hope it doesnt rain when I wear the skirt! I dont really want to test my theory! XD; Image is a before and after shot, yay! My fabric is no longer seizure enducing! (Cutting it out really made me feel ill XD;; )

..I have found a SUITABLE cable knit red cardigan! I'm so pleased to finally be able to get hold of one, its a little short at the bottom but if I make the skirt a little higher then intended there shouldnt be a problem. :)

Things are arriving in the post almost daily now, my postman must be getting pretty fed up! My wig(s) for Beatrix arrived yesterday, however! They've turned put to be far to light in colour! D: one I can possible use for highlights but the other I'm definitely going to have to recolour somehow. u_u more work to add onto the load! The gauntlet pieces are coming out a bit better then I had expected, I'm just hoping they last until the convention! also my tights have arrived luckily the colour for them is fine and they're super thick so I don't think I'll be making any ladders easily, woop!

And now...

I've finally got the belt done, yet to put it on with the rest of the sash/costume so I imagine it's length will need tweeking. Decided to go with a gold chain/links because I think it's fitting with the style of the costume. The beads are a mix of plastic, glass and wood, basically anything I could get my hands on that made me go 'Oooo pretty'. Also -might- adjust the order of the colours but we'll see when it all come together. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how this has turned out it's a lot tidier then any other beaded items I've made before. ^^; Next beady parts are the in the wig along with beads/tassles that come off the cape/hair. Whew!

Ok so I managed to find myself some rusty pliers from the shed I'm probably fine as long as I dont bludgeon and splice myself with said pliers. Figured I'd give my beaded belt part a try out and so far so good...(Except it took me forever to just put five beads together!)

Ok so I couldn't wait any longer to hold back from doing a bit of the shiney beady stuff~! Main problem is being devoid of pliers my nails have suffered! >_>

So I pieced together some beads I picked up from Hobby Craft, added them with some gold ones I already had added the clasp which I had to brighten up since it didnt match the rest of the costume and voila! Just need to find a nice way of attaching it to the cape now! (Minus strangulation)

Just picked up a few bits the other day, mostly bits to be stuck in the wig, not even tackled that thing yet!
Also picked up some gold and green beads which I'll use with the cape clasp ( Which needs a lick of gold paint because its looking a bit too old. D: )
Sooo much to do.

Found some little bits that can be used to enhance my costume.
I took some artist license when picking fabric for Terra so it's not all exact.
Dyed the fabric purple and was ready to paint the same pattern on but found some nice seethrough sequined stuffs that I think works well on top!
Also picked up some nice stick on gold flowers to make it even more sparkly... ^^;

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