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As you can see I don't have many complete cosplays, I have a terrible attention span and general drive for everything I do XD. I am hoping to be more productive in the coming year though. I find cosplaying to be incredible fun, there is something about being in costume at a gathering of like minded people that just elevates the experience. So, even though I am not very good I still enjoy donning the persona of a character I like for the day and having a great time with my friends.

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So today we had our awesome Okami group despite me not being fully finished XD. My staff broke this morning so I couldn't take that and I didn't attach the horns because I forgot the body glue, plus the wig couldn't be styled well so it was left alone. I apologise now to the rest of the group who were great, and especially to Eternal_aranel, sorry to dissappoint. >_<

So, I finally have *really* started XD. Quick update to say I have all the pieces of the staff except for the four clay 'claws' that will hold the yellow balls in place. I believe I have figured it out now so it is just a matter of putting it all together ^_^.

It seems to be a trend to not post progress pics just to tease Eternal_aranel XD. I think this is ok though as it isn't much and is only one part of the costume XD.

In the end this wasn't ready for Desucon so it will just be for Ayacon now ^_^. Have completed the tunic and have everything I need to finish the rest now =).

As I am basing this gijinka on the fanart found ; I decided to take at least one liberty with it. That is the staff, I don't like it very much, it's kind of boring :P. I decided, then, to attempt to make my own design and came up with the sketch attached. Unlike the original fanart this staff design allows me to incorporate the four balls Yomigami is seen holding in the game to the cosplay ^_^. I think I can make it and certainly will try XD.

Mtani roped me into the Okami group for Aya this year but having played the game now I am psyched for this =D. We got the materials for our robe/kimono today when we (me and Mtani) went shopping for some cosplays ^_^. Will get started putting it together ASAP.

So if you read the info on this costume you will know that I am planning to do this for Desucon (June 2011). Wanted something simple and easy and since Mtani is doing Astrid, she suggested I partner with her as Hiccup ^_^.

So we went out material shopping today (haven't done it for saoooo long XD) and I got some I can start with. The black is just for the simple trousers and the green fleece is for his tunic. The problem with the fleece is that I think the darker side is the right sort of texture whereas the lighter ide is the more accurate colour. So I can't decide which side to use XD. Any suggestions?

SO the plan was to finish the cosplay and get some photos here in Norway but things didn't goto plan, almost finished but now there is no time for photoshoots (more important things came first ^_~). I will take a photo when it is done but photoshoot quality pics will have to be at a later date :P.

Started a couple of days agoo and thanks to having some of the neccessities already I think I have made decent progress (by my standards at least XD). I have cut the fabric for the coat and trousers, made the tail and almost finished the armband as well as cut the material for boot covers. I have effectively gone as far as I can until a) I buy the remainder of what I need and b) get access to a usuable sewing machine XD. Will be going shopping on Monday and will finish it off when I visit Mtani in a couple of weeks and hijack her sewing machine muhahaha! XD

P.S. I know it doesn't look like much atm but I just started so use your imagination :P

It is done, the cross is made and attachable to the top, the tail is sewn to the trousers and I remade the wrist strap for the claws (original was too unstable and one of the claws fell off).

Only need to attach the ears to the wig to complete this costume and I am expecting the wig in the mail sometime in the week or two ^^.

Thanks to the help of my aewsome girlfriend, Mtani, I have managed to complete Ikuto's clothing. Effectively the costume is complete in the sense that I now have all of it made (except the cross), I just need to attach the tail to the costume and ears to the wiig (when it gets here).

The first costume I have ever done that was completed ahead of time XD

I have now completed the headpiece, but unfortunately that's all the progress I have made on this costume so far. The sword is still in progress, had a small hiccup with it and I now have all the material I need for this costume. Actually, I think I have all theparts of it now, just have to put them together into something that will hopefully resemble the real thing =).

I recieved the foam, I really didnt think how much I had ordered XD Considering I only planned to use it for Ikutos cat ears I have quite a bit left so I think that will go towards Dilandaus armour.

Anyways, the ears are made, they look ok, you can tell they are the first I have made though XD. Also remade the tail and I am much happier with v.2 =)

Just the cross accessory and the clothes to make now, best get to drawing some patterns out XD.

Edit: why doesn't this display commas properly? 'o.O'

I completed the claws now and attached them to the wrist strap (made of pleather), have also made all the 'belt' pieces of the costume with the same pleather. Made the tail, but i'm not sure about it, may remake it =/

Ordered some furniture foam to make his ears and have the material for the clothing so that's next ^^

I'm late in starting this, I actually ordered the wig in January and have finished the claws (though I may do more with them, unsure =/). I get money this weekend so that will be going towards everything else I need for this cosplay ^^.

Yep I did, I have started earlier than I said I would but that's not so bad right? XD Haven't done much though, made a start on the headpiece and armour which I am making from wonderflex (great stuff btw). No pics yet, will put some up when I have more to show ^^.

I know this is a journal entry and is meant to be an update on my costume progress. Regrettably that progress is zero as I haven't started yet =P. I plan to wear this to the London MCM Expo in May '09 so I'll likely start in december after I finish uni for the xmas holidays ^^.

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