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I've met some really amazing cosplayers and friends on here, and some elsewhere that cosplay. You know who you are. <3

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I totally wish that CANAAN got more love. It really deserves praise.
A lot of people complain that there's a lot of plot holes, but I think it's more of an anime expressed through actions rather than words - and the ideas are gorgeous, and the characters are brilliant.

Well the things I was going to take pictures of decided not to work, so the progress died. >.<

Going to debut this at Expo though, so no pictures until then....Maybe =3=

FINALLY finished this to the best of every detail I could possibly manage. Re-done so much, and finally got identical boots. Come at me London |D <3

Finally got me some PVC thanks to SachikoYumi x3
Going to finish the shorts off and make the gloves, then the final stretch is to make the wrist bangles, obtain some boots, and paint the boots


Thank you *itsuke minami* and *GilbertNightray* for making my rifle, I hope it'll be done soon c: <333

Didn't realise I have no progress for this costume at all o.o
I must of forgotten to take pictures of everything so far, so I'll get to that.

Lot of updates going on. c:

So I'm re-doing the cowl with some binding stuff as I think that'll look better, but I have NO IDEA what to do for Yoko's boots, I need them at a cheap price and I'm really aunduashd about it. ;_; help?

Well, I managed Nemacon by the skin of my teeth, but there's always time to improve!
I'm on the verge of adding fur to some IMPRESSIVE boots I managed to get my hands on! (thanks mom~ <3)
Afterward, I have to replace the gold with silver on my belt, add some yellow material to my skirt, and make the lace necklace.

Henceforth this is back in progress.

Just writing up the stencil, then painting it on the jacket, afterward trimming the bottom, and sleeves with white material. Then it'll be done~

This is an amusing one,
I have no idea about the wig yet.
But I have a jacket I want to use, just have to cut the sleeves off.
I have a yellow shirt lying around, I'll have to find it or buy a new one,
and a new binder, borrow some shoes off my friend, and obtain camo pants

In the process of making the jacket so far :D

I'm happy of how the wig turned out in this, and I'm proud I can suit it enough to satisfy my own mind.

I have one more necklace to finish, and I think a minor amount of beads.
The shirt is half way done, just need some elastic to tighten it.

Skirt still has to arrive, I hope before saturday. Need to look for some boots to edit, and add some leather to the fur.

God help me finishing this for Sunday's Nemacon. If I do..

I don't want to just wear Vanille to one con, and as I'm so excited to wear this, I'm going to also wear it to NEMACON, if anyone's going, idk. I've heard some awkward things about it, but because it's new, I think it'd be nice to go and check it out.

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