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Kitacon IV (April)
● Thursday Night: Momo (Peach Girl)
● Friday (Day): Sango (InuYasha)
● Friday (Night): Olive Penderghast (Easy A)
● Saturday (Day): Yoda (Soul Calibur)
● Saturday (Night): Scarlet (FF7)
● Sunday (Day): Mikuru(TMOHS)
● Sunday (Prom): Thumbelina

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I was planning for ages on how to make this. I was telling myself this might be a no-expense-spared project! However the other day whilst giving my flat a clean out I found the bow in which my laptop came in. Inside the box was the protective foam packaging.

A few hours, a crafting knife and a LOT of masking tape later my hiraikotsu is taking shape and I haven't spent a penny on it!!

Since i'm wearing this to London in May i've decided this costume needs a good re-working! So far i've made the gold decoration more accurate and made brand new armor from craft foam!

Still need to make neater red ribbons, new shin guards and also make a Hiraikotsu!

top- make it tighter and boobies n stuff
skirt/buttcape- tidy up and add frilly edge

Need to get a wig, make earing and get a pouch too!

After browsing the fabric store for about an hour I came to the conclusion that a gradient fabric doesn't exist! So instead I got some light denim and I'm gonna attempt to dip dye it :D

Well I've bloody gone and done it

No pics til after kita though- I want this to be a surprise xD

Ohhhhhhh dear ^^'

Lets face it, it was way too bloody short and slutty. So I brought some yellow cotton and made one from scratch!!!

Not on my pc so can't upload progress pics now but will do, but i'm really happy with the end result!

Now with my beloved J-po, styling that wig!

Got a good portion of the dress done today! What still needs to be done-

- Hem the bottom
- Add dungaree straps (Need to buy clips)
- Add metal zip (already ordered waiting to arrive)
- Make zip pull

But so far I think the progress is looking alright!

I tried on anything together before- and the top is too small :'(

And i'm also out of the fabric I used.

So this week i'm on the hunt for a cheap bikini top I can use, otherwise no Kida for London :(

Will get pics up once the wig has been de-tangled.

I also have the necklace sorted but its been sent to my uni address not my home address (where I am now) so I need to pick that up too :)

So the other day I was just chilling in abakhan fabrics in Liverpool, when I found a load of light blur fabric in the bargain bucket. And even though it isn't the rib knit type like Rinoa's is, I still brought it for the coat since it was cheap.
Today I started making the coat using an old waistcoat as a guide for the shape, it is still incomplete but will be finished soon :)

Wasn't too hard to make in the end, more or less all of it was done by hand too xD

It took me about an hour to get it all on though, so many little bits to it >__<

So happy how this looks! Now to style the epic bangs

Finally got started with this properly, but since I have only a week this wont be very accurate for Kita, but you should be able to tell it is Ruby. There will be a much better version done for London though!

All I need to do now is finish the gold design and add the armor then Sango is DONE!

What has changed-
Buttons along sides gone
Shorter (a lot shorter O.o)
White ribbons to tie with

Note to self- don't bend over or lift arms in air when wearing the dress, went a bit overboard with the scissors!

First came up with the idea for Phoenix waaaay back, but I wasn't confident enough to go for it. Then one day I decided to buy the base catsuit on ebay, which was my best desion EVER.

So happy this is complete, was originally a dream cosplay, and now i've finished it xD

They failed again T__T since i'm cutting things close to kita now, i'm just gonna buy a pair on ebay for now, and attempt making them again after kita.

First of all a massive THANK YOU to the article/tutorial that Ranma 1/2 wrote on this site, without it I wouldn't have known where to start!

However, because of the fabric I used, the boots were so hard to make! After several attempts, this was the best I could do, I know that they aren't perfect, I might attempt them again after Kita.

Well don't be for long, my friend is a youtube vlogger and he filmed the event, so a youtube video explaining everything will be here soon. And you will also get to see my character's epic death scene

Today I did some more work on this, I spent AGES working on the gloves this morning, and they failed :'(

but then I worked on the emblem and I'm very happy with the progress so far xD

Big thanks to jac for helping me make the dress FIT. She also changed it so it is no longer a halter neck, but has cross over straps so it looks beautiful and still shows of the chocobo :)


The dress finally arrived for this- but it is really too big T__T. Was supposed to be a UK size 12, but it looks more like a 16- now need to work out how the hell do I alter it. It's a shame- since it is a beautiful dress too.

So I put this costume up, but to be honest I wasn't 100% sure if I was going to go ahead with this since I had no idea how I would look in something so fitted. However I brought the base catsuit and today it arrived- and I nervously tried it on...

And I don't look bad at all- still in shock but I think I can actually pull this cosplay off :D- Phoenix will defo be done for Kitacon!!!

Finished this today- when the wig arrives i'll get more pictures up XD

Very happy how this turned out, compared to the disaster of my first attempt!

Shoes have arrived and i'm in love with them, they are PERFECT!
Took some pictures of what I have for this costume so far- Left my blue headscarf at my dads though >__<
Things I still need to do for this costume-
Buy Wig
Buy Belt
Buy/Make Waist Thingy
Make Frilly things for wrists

Found the perfect shoes on ebay the other day for this, but the auction ends tomorrow morning and I'll be too busy to fight for these shoes, should someone else bid eeep >_<
This is also the first time i'm bidding for something on ebay, I usually look for buy it now stuff :S
Please let me win!!!

not done the main factor which will decided if i'll defiantly be doing this costume, but I found a few bits that can be used in this :)

I can here the final fantasy victory theme as I change this to complete!

This turned out a hell of a lot better then I thought I would, considering it is the first time i've made a cosplay from scratch :D

Struggling to find time to do the finishing touches for this, because of uni work, and like a fool, I left all the cosplay stuff back at the family home >__< however i'll be going back tomorrow for everything.

I attempted to do the arm...thingys but they failed bad style! Will give them another try but if it fails again then i'm just gonna forget them.
I also done the gold pattern on the top and added the blue detail too.

I have also brought a new wig for this costume, because the one I had was the wrong colour and also a bit short. Will get pictures up when everything is complete.

And just before I ordered some gold spray paint, hopefully it will arrive in time! If it comes this weekend, then the costume should be complete by Sunday :)

Been busy this week, not only have I done the 'epic' fish, but i've also done most of the top and added more to the skirt. Only got to add the finishing touches to the top, the arm pieces and then spray paint gold boots :D

I finished the skirt today :D Need to start on that top tomorrow though, now thats gonna be hard!
Was going to upload a picture my camera is messing up >__< will get one up soon though!

So I find out I'm going the next London expo (Oct 2010) and after searching the internet for ideas I rememeber this figurine I saw ages ago of Luka from Vocaloid. I fell in love with the idea of being able to wear gold boots instantly!
So planning begins. I want to make this costume as accurate as possible, but hitting the deadline will be tough since i'm going into my third year of uni so i'll be working around all my uni work!

And yes, I will be making a giant fish :D

I never really taken many pictures of cosplay stuff but I will do from now on! I wore this to the London May Expo 2010 and the night before I was up until 3 in the moring styling the wig into those evil bunches!
They lasted 2 minuets
never even got one picture of the bunches looking the way they should, I ended up having to braid them. But most people recognised the character, thankfully. This was my firth really cosplay and my first expo and I really enjoyed myself :D

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