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The jacket was just a plain leather jacket which I then added cap rivets to in order to spell out 'Daft Punk'!

Well, i'm still on the pepakura stage of the helmet itself but i have had confirmation from the DT lecturer at college that i can use their vacuumformer for my visor. I've found acrylic plastic that's about 80% black tinted and i'm currently looking for high-power RGB LEDs and a way to change between patterns.
Not too much work to do, eh? :P

Believe it or not, everybody, but i'm actually making progress! :P It's not so much that it deserves it's own picture...But i have a feeling you guys will be looking at a finished Recon helmet in about...a week? Yeah, a week. :P My better half is currently pepping the chest piece for me whilst i crack on with the helmet. Got so much to do in such little time! Need it done in... -checks calendar-... 23 days!!! I'll be attempting to wear it to the Halo: Reach midnight release, at my local Gamestation. Hopefully that means i'll get some pics of it out and about, mingling with gamer nerds :P
But, i'm not gunna make anyone any promises. If it's not done by Reach, it's no real biggy. I'll just have to make sure it's finished for October :D

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