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I'm still trying to get the hang of this cosplay stuffs so please be patient with me! XD I think i've got the sewing machine part down now (I only recently bought one) which makes cosplaying SO MUCH easier (hand sewing takes forever :[ ). I've only really done simple cosplays so far but am aiming to do something more complicated. Am open to recomendations also :3 Danku~~

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First fimo creation~~ hes so kewt. goes on the end of the microphone :D

The wig came and its slightly too yellow ;_; but I guess I'll have to work with it D:

So I played around with how to do the hair. I'm not buying a wig, my hair will suffice! Okay its not as long and brown but whatever! I'm tired of wigs :(

Almost finished the top part of the cosplay. Woop~~

The hat is slowly getting there~~

Made from a ring cardboard base and then a cereal box wrapped around and taped to the base. The cereal box has slits in the top and folded out slightly to give a curved less cylinder shape. The gaps inbetween are taped over to cover them up. Then another bit of cardboard is used (oval-ish shape) on the top and taped.

I shall be covering it~~

Made the skirt~~ its just a simple circle skirt with a zip on the back~

The belt is a long bit of fabric with ruffles (pinned down) on each on the sides of the long fabric with a bracelet joining in the middle front.

This is without the petticoat. With it, it will be more poofy and cool looking :3

The bra and wrist cuffs are pretty much done~~

The bra was made by simply cuting out cicles for the booby bits sewing together adding straps and buttoned at the back (with ruffles surrounding the outsides of the bra). Its a miracle the thing stayed up!

The writ cuffs are also buttoned~

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