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I started cosplaying when I was 13.

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So after a few years of this cosplay lying dormant, I've decided to improve on it and rewear. This is one of my favourite cosplays I've done, and I know I can do even better.
Bag was made by my buddy Andrew.

This needs a little bit of wefting in order to frame my face a bit better.
Thankfully Haru is totally the kind of guy who would wear guy liner, so I make no apologies for making make up :P
I'm kinda sad that we're doing the summer costumes now, this cosplay looks a lot better with the black shirt :P

Had my first go with worbla today to make the crown, and also my first time using a hot glue gun on a cosplay. The crown is more is less finished, I just want to add some blood splatters to it, and I may bling it up a little more in my own time.

Harness and Wig to do, then I am done :)

So I've shaped the top and got some gloves. Now to paint her symbol on the back of the... thingy and then attempt the harness... ngl, totally petrified of it.

Bodice is constructed, with red and blue detail attached. White shirt base is bought. Bow is made. Skirt is complete.

I love The MagicalLucy okay i'm gonna go and marry her now

Also translates to BETTER make up test.
Omg, finally looking forward to this cosplay again. GOOD.
I messed about with the wig a bit more too, so it looks much better on me now, and actually resembles his thick hair a bit more.
I need to blend a bit better, but other than that I am happy with this and shall be doing this on the day.

Have to be honest, I burst into tears when I first put this on, I hated how I looked. After talking to a couple of people about it though, I feel much better about it. I think my main concern is because I'm cosplaying from something live action, so the fact that I look nothing like them is more obvious than usual. Also, Courfeyrac is meant to be womaniser HOW AM I MEANT TO WOO WHEN I LOOK ABOUT 8 YEARS OLD?!
Anyway, cosplay progress... yay.

So I was feeling pretty down today so my beautiful friend TheMagicalLucy (who actually is magical) sent me the WIP of my costume and I freaked.
I am so excited for this cosplay it's not even funny. I'VE WANTED THIS GROUP FOR NEARLY 3 YEARS I'M GETTING A BIT EXCITED.

I didn't really fancy doing a new costume page for this, especially since I didn't do a shoot with this costume. But I wore Pinkie at GemuCon, except a regular clothing version.
I actually had this dress made with Pinkie in mind when I visited China last year, except I didn't like how I looked in it. However, I've toned up since last year and I finally felt confident enough to wear it. So i wore that, some sweet jewellery I own, navy leggings and my Harley Quinn converse (my girliest shoes are mega uncomfortable to wear sadly), I also borrowed some hair clips off WaterJewelEmi to finish it off. And I borrowed her Ema Skye glasses for a photo, which looked great.
Photos are by Martin Paterson and Kuroi Ryu. Malon is LittleGeeky, and Apollo is MoonLily.

Trousers = 95% done, just need to hem the bottom. Also take them in a bit because holy cow I actually have lost weight since last August.
Waistcoat = Rewearing my old Austria one. The duller gold actually works much better than the brown waistcoat I originally planned to use.
Jacket = Still needs buttons adding... said buttons have been bought though.
Hat = Peak has been made gold, rest still needs to be blinged up and feathered. May add the Post Office logo to it as well.

Just need to add the buttons and it is complete 8D
It's a bit scratchy but it swooshes really nicely and I'm so happy with the colour.
Hopefully the trousers will be done soon and the hat, although I still need to do feathers.


Okay, I'm pretty happy. Can you tell?

Okay, there are a couple of things I want to approve after AmeCon.
1. The boots. You may have noticed that despite being marked as "complete" the boots are still in progress. That's mainly because with the modifying I was doing on my current boots... well I wasn't happy with them. I knew they'd look better unmodded but more inaccurate so I left them like that. I plan to change them to wear at another convention so they look better. But for Ame, they'll do.

2. The buckles. As you can see from this photo... well.. they look like what they're made out of :P (if you're thinking cardboard, it's actually very stiff interfacing but yeah) My original plan was to cut them out of balsa wood but WOULD MY CRAFT KNIFE CUT IT? No. So I had to improvise last minute. I may use some over clay next time, as I'll have more time to experiment. I'm not too happy with the buckles but like the boots, they will do for AmeCon.

Otherwise, I'm pretty darn happy with this cosplay.

I look pretty bad but oh well maybe its the lighting

I'm not sure how much I like the colour, it's different to what the seller showed me and the zips weren't on the photo.
They're also a teeeeeennnssiiee bit of a tight fit, there's not much toe wiggle room.
BUT, they're a nice size and the colour may work, what do people think?
Doing that pose was hard... especially with a straight face, so I derped on purpose.

My wig arrived the other day, tried it on and I like it. Did a quick makeup test. Not sure if I really like how I look as Flynn but I love him so I'll continue :)

Nearly done, just need to add detail and the fur trim around the boots

Main bulk of the skirt has been made, just need to add the detail.
Shoes are here too 8D
And I also have a t-shirt for the cosplay.
The leggings wont be worn... I just... haven't prepared for summer yet (... shaved)
(btw, I was laughing because my dog wandered into the shot)

... progress being the decision to use my hair

...and the waistcoat.

The wig I got was all wrong in colour, so even though I'll have roots and my hair will be a tad longer, I'm using my own hair for this cosplay. Well, for KitaCon anyway.
I accidentally ended up looking like Jamie from Doctor Who in this webcam, I'm not sure if I mind.

Basically, I recently ordered a wig for this (... 3 weeks ago), praying it arrives in time for KitaCon. I also bought a first waistcoat which I think looks great.
Will do some more material shopping soon, and will probably dye some linen or something to get the colours right. Also need to get a new brown eyeliner pencil to add the freckles... or go out in the sun and get some of my own :P

Much of the updates were in my original Pinkie Pie costume... which I took down because I wanted to do this version instead.
Basically, already had the wig... and that was it :| I had a pair of shoes that I planned to wear for her, but they hurt so much that they were just unwearable.
I bought some pink material for the skirt and bow some time ago, still sitting in the bag, hope to work on it some time this week. Also bought a 50s skirt pattern.
Today, I ordered a pair of heels for this costume (didn't have them in my size, typical) and I also bought a tshirt that worked really well.
Still need to do loads for this costume, and a makeup test. Wish me luck!

Just need to find a suitable belt, figure out how to cover my binding and make the hat.
Have some photos of me climbing a window.... obv Peter shimmied in through that tiny opening :P

I must emphasise that the top is NOT that colour... it's a lot less pastel-y... I don't know why it comes up like that in images...
But yeah, how it was... and how we've edited it. Added sleeves and a collar. You can just see the join where we combine the two tops. We still have to make the bottom into petals... that bit is daunting. And line it.
I'll probably cover up my binder with bandages or something, I wont leave it sticking out like that.

My ears turned up in the post the other day, so I did a make up test. Thanks to TheMagicalLucy's help, I now know to do a double eyebrow, which I'll do on the actual day. Overall, I'm pleased though. I am wearing the ears, they're just not overly noticeable.
Like my smoulder? For some reason, I was channelling Flynn Ryder.

I only need a belt now.
I still have to attach the collar to the shirt and create the petals around the bottom, we may line it too.
We also have to make the hat, but that shouldn't be TOO hard. I hope :P

So yeah, these shots pretty much shows off my head and shoulders of my completed costume :p
Which.... whilst being completed... needs altering, as the trousers don't even SLIGHTLY fit. I'll leave it as complete though, as it essentially is.

So I think this qualifies as a complete costume now 8D
I'm hoping it fits... heh heh heh. Otherwise..... well, I dunno XD

I went to Birmingham to buy some material for Hiccup and there was a horrible lack of fur-like material to buy. I did buy some, but when i tried to make it look more rugged and textured, it just wasn't working. And it's the wrong colour. However, it does work for the boots quite well. I've gone on ebay and found some material that will probably work better, it's a little more yellowy than Hiccups (his is a more reddish one) and I also found some leather like material for his boots. Will order very soon (I need money).

May cut and neaten it a little

(excuse the derp face and crutches.....)

I now own some amazing shoes for him, and I'm loving the trousers. I'm wearing some white tights instead of socks... the socks just didn't look right. The tights seem to work okay, I maaaaaayyy wear a second pair at the same time.

On the image, my top half obviously isn't my costume. The shirt is actually a dress shirt I recieved for my Birthday and the waistcoat is my casual alternative one. I just wanted to wear something OTHER than my pj top for this photo (this was taken around midnight).

That's my brother's room by the way.

We have material for the coat. It's a little light... but, comapted to the perfect material that was £35 a metre we kind of like this one. It's pretty sturdy nad is close to the material we wanted.

Shoes have arrives, they're a pretty good fit, if a little roomy at the toes... we'll be able to fix that though. They look fantastic, even if they do seem to be more burgandy than brown... ah well, minor error. Many thanks to Monkey for helping me find some ^^

The waistcoat is still in progress... but nearing completion. It look a little weird, but that's becuase it has yet to form the shape of a waistcoat xD

Once the coat and waistcoat are made, there is very little to do afterwards, the only essential is the stockings. The glasses... it would be nice if I could get some smarter ones, but it won't be a tradgedy if I wear my normal ones (plus, I'll have perfect vision 8D). And the baton is merely something to pose with... becuase I like posing with props. I'm sure I'll think of something.

Because YOU'D THINK that I haven't worked on this costume at all.... well I have xD

Wig is done, made by the AMAZING Demented-Kid. So many people think it's my real hair... Even people who KNOW ME. I love how natural it is... I could just MARRY that wig.

I need a new shirt for it, I can't wear my brother's old one again... however, it's not a huge tragedy if I have to wear one of my blouses. Although, I will certainly need one if the issue below comes apparent.

The coat.... may not be done for Expo ;_; I just fear that I can't do it in time. This costume has been put off for way too long and I would like it to be complete. So I am going to push to make sure it is complete.... however there are no guarantees. It's certainly the hardest part of the costume.

I found some LOVELY material for the waistcoat, it doesn't match the picture entirely, but it's a good realistic alternative. I accidently cut it a little too short... which just means we have to be be careful when we do the seam allowance. There was a bit of an issue with the sizing, but now it's all sorted, we just needed some new lining.

Cravat is done, I just need to figure out how to tie it properly.

My main worry is the shoes... I don't know WHERE I'm going to find some noble looking shoes like that. I've looked in shoe shops and on ebay but nothing is coming up. People who are good at shoes..... HELP! I'm also worried that these will cost the most money.... MONEY THAT I DO NOT HAVE! (becomig worryingly like Ausria here xD)

The trousers.... we've bought some from a charity shop (ftw) and we're going to alter them. They're not exactly the right colour... but they'll do. They're very comfy.

For the white sock things.... I'm not sure what I'll need, I'm looking into those. Possibly some white aeroplane tights? I'll ask people ^^ I don't fancy while leggings.... wedgie xD

Costume arrived a few weeks ago. It fits fine and reminds me of when I was a Scout xD I can use an old school blouse for this one, which will hopefully make it a little cooler. My dad has given me a tie so 8D I can't find the shoulder belt thing lawl xD Hopefully.... it's in my room..... somewhere.

Unsure on whether to change glasses yet.... if I get some new ones for Austria then I'll use them.

I found some boots on ebay.... but they're going FAST and I haven't had the money for them. I have now BUT... they may have gone ;_; Hopefully not. I don't need new boots too much.... however, my old ones a very slightly too small, and they show way too much skin when I sit down xD Good old knee high boots eh? ;D

Wig is complete.... it was rather stylish when it arrived and it had a HUGE fringe.... like, not just in length but in overall.... fringeyness. Now, it's a lot shorter.... and VERY uneven, I'm not that happy with it but meh, I cann't cut wigs to save my life so there we go. At least I look a little more like Estonia now that when I had it.

I just need too:
Tidy up broom
Hem the cloak
Attatch the cloak and lining together (joy.... there's MILES of the thing)

I designed the logo myself, I liked the tradition touch. "Weird" is spelt like that intentionally, it's how they spell it in the book. I'm worried I'm going to be explaining that all day. The "s" at the end of "Sisters" is hard to spot (invisable on the photo). Created with: water-colours, acrylics, pastels and ink. Adjusted in Photoshop.
Transferred onto t-shirt by a local T-shirt transfer company (Teetshirts)

I really need a wig cap though... seriously my hair pokes out everywhere. I didn't have this problem with Train becuase I pretty much have the same hair colour has him. However this wig shows my hait way too much.

I do love it though, it needs some touching up as the fringe is a little ling and it's nto naturally spikey (I just ruffled it a bit) but other than that i like it =D
<----- That's my HI GUYZZZZZZ face


Went to our local shopping centre today and saw a broomstick in a halloween store. It was a fairly good size and only £2.99 so we bought it; and I had to carry it for the rest of the shopping trip... Anyway, because it's Halloween broom it's a little untidy, and Tonks rides a Comet 260 which are meant to "look flashy" (Harry Potter nerdism here) so... It needs some neatning. Plus I want to customise it and make it more like Tonks. This may include adding glitter, ribbons, charms and writing "Comet 260" on it.


Found a Cherry Coloured spikey wig on ebay which is perfect for Tonks. Ordered it and it should be arriving soon. It may need a little bit of additional styling but it won't need to much because I really like it.

I was listening to that xD

Anyway, I thought it might be a nice idea to have a top with the Union Jack on it. NO ONE in the shops of course (where's the pride people?!) but my brother asked in a shop and they said they'd print one for me. It arrived today... throught I'd share it.

It's a little higher than i would have liked... I'm worried the pncho will cover most of it, however I LOVE IT! Only thing is.... I lack ownership of a plain white bra....

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