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The top layer of the bodice has now been assembled, as have the boning and lining layers. I made the latter two out of some white dress lining I had in my fabric stash, and I've sewn the boning channels in, ready to have the actual boning added.

I've also made a little more progress on the kokoshnik, but I'm nowhere near done yet.

I'd like to be able to document this cosplay seeing as I don't really do it that often, so here's my first journal. I've already made a mock-up of the bodice (out of the cupcake print fabric that you can see in the photos), and I've cut the lining and partially sewn that together. I have also started the kokoshnik (the crown) by cutting craft foam to a size I was happy with, gluing it to a headband and painting it silver. I am currently in the process of gluing individual rhinestones to it - it's a bit of a tedious process but I'm hoping it will pay off.

What you can see in the photo is the front of my bodice's outer layer. It's duchess satin with an overlay of fairy organza in an ivory colour. When I attach it to the rest of the bodice I think I'll have to sew the curvy seams by hand, but fortunately TheStarlightFairy offered a helpful tip to stop the seams from busting. I'm hoping it turns out well!

I've decided to go with a fleur-de-lis pattern for the hem of the skirt. So far I've stencilled and cut out 30 repeats of it...the next step is to get them attached to Bondaweb, then actually onto the skirt itself. I'll be embroidering around the edges once they are on securely.

I actually made the base for the armlets ages ago. We're talking last year here, which is kind of ridiculous. I've been working on the dress over the past couple of days; I've decided to make it in at least two parts. I've so far made a base for the underskirt, and I am hoping to cut the hem to shape and embellish it soon (I'm going with a fleur-de-lis pattern).

Last time I attempted April (which must have been in 2008/2009, I think), I went about it the completely wrong way - I used cheap fabrics, and instead of making a mock-up I dove in and ended up with a mess that in the end, I had enough of and chucked away. Now that I've got several more years of sewing experience under my belt, I'm ready to give April another try.

This time, I'm making a mock-up out of calico. I've got some lovely bright yellow gaberchino fabric to use for my final version, which I'm looking forward to using!

I've also received my wig in the post (the fringe needs trimming), and my boots are on order. I'll have to make boot-covers, but I've done that before so that shouldn't be a problem.

Good lord it's been nearly two years since I worked on this. Ugh.

So now that I finally have somewhere to wear Miko to (and a Jack Darby to wear it with!) I'm finishing Miko off at last. I made the plushies today while having a Transformers Prime marathon with one of my sisters.

The belt has given me no end of trouble - I tried making one out of foam and fabric, decided I hated it and binned it. Then I bought a yellow belt which turned out to be too short to go around my hips (although I have since put it to use in my everyday wardrobe, so not a complete loss), and now I've ordered a metre of yellow PVC to give making it another go. Argh.

The wig pieces are on order; hopefully sewing in the pink wefts won't give me too much trouble, and neither will the pigtails. But we'll see.

I also redid my shorts - I can't carry off shorts very well as it is (they make me look stumpy) but I shortened them a little more and hopefully they look much better now.

So far I've made the cape, one scarf and the top for my Celes cosplay. Given that the cape and scarf aren't very exciting to look at while they're not attached to anything, here's a photo of my finished top. I also included a close up of the trims that I had to hand-stitch onto it. The pearls dangling were all hand-strung as well :)

I'm really happy with the way it's turned out, although I feel like it's missing something. I'm satisfied enough to call it complete, however, and I can always go back to it if I decide to add something else.

I just scored all of the materials I need for my corset for a discounted price because I work at the fabric store where I bought them all C: Happy days!

The skirt has been sewn and I'm in the middle of hemming it at the moment - I've handsewn the entire thing because I felt like doing something I don't normally do with my costumes (I usually sew everything with my machine). Hopefully that'll be done soon.

The ever wonderful Sisceal has saved me several jobs for this costume too by saying I can borrow her wig, hair accessories and forget-me-nots that she made for her own Thumbelina costume :) Yay!

The dress is all sewn together now, but I still need to sew on the ribbon around the waist. I might also need to shorten the underskirts as well, but I need someone else's help for that to see if they are longer than my overskirt (after all, I can't dislocate my spine and look at the back of my dress while I'm walking along :P).


Tights have been ordered and have arrived, hair accessories are done, and I've decided to forgo the earrings because my ears will probably be covered by the wig anyway (and also, I refuse to pay over £5 for a pair of tiny earrings that I'll probably only wear with this costume!).

So that's 3 out of now 6 jobs done, halfway there!

I've now finished all of the painting that I need to do for this costume, and I'm happy with how it's turned out :D Here's a photo of the overskirt, so now I just need to attach it to the lining and get the pink/lace trims on and such.

One job down...six to go :D

Last night I hemmed all four underskirts, as I figured that'd save me a job later on, and today I re-laced my boots so they are ready to go :D I've also been looking into getting some white tights, as Giselle wears them underneath her dress, and I'll probably be buying those on Monday along with the earrings, hopefully.

As for right now, though, the painting on the overskirt has begun! I think this is the most complicated job I have left to do, and then hopefully it'll all be plain sailing from here until completion.

So, things left to do are:
- Finish painting the overskirt
- Attach trims and lining to the overskirt
- Sew all five skirts to the top half of the dress
- Get the zip in
- Order earrings
- Order tights
- Make the wig decorations

And all of these have to be done in the three weeks I have left until Manchester Expo!

The top half of the dress is now complete, save for the ribbon ties around the middle and the need for a zip in the back. I'm not putting the zip in yet though, as I will need to sew the skirts to the top half of the dress first :B

Earrings have been bought, leggings were finished last night :B

The fabric that I ordered for the leggings arrived last week, and today they are a-go-go :B I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to making the stripes - not that it'll be difficult, just tedious, probably.

Also forgot to mention that I finished the undershirt a while ago.

I think I've finally cut all of the blue pieces that I need for this costume, so hopefully they'll all go together easily! From here on out, it's sewing and painting, and a minor bit of wig work.

So in a bid to get this finished for Manchester Expo 2012, I started painting the flower patterns on my blue fabric last night. So far I've got one sleeve done, and it's not going as badly as I thought it would! I've also got some friends who are willing to help me out soon, so yay <3

I couldn't sleep due to the heat (it's so warm at the moment! @__@), so I decided to do some late night sewing, and I've finished Miko's shorts now :D

I wasn't going to have any props for this costume, but I've acquired a (broken) pink flip phone and thought it'd be good for Miko. It won't switch on, but it's not like I need it to, as it's only going to be used for photos.

Overshirt's done, shorts have been started. Also started and completed the wristband today.

Started working on this costume on Monday after a raid through my leftover fabric...

The pink undershirt's tacked together, although I still need to cut some sleeves out of the fabric I have. After I've run the pieces through the machine I'll just need to stitch the purple trim on and it'll be done :D

The blue overshirt is nearly done too; I just need to make the green robot logo and put it on the shirt. I'll probably make it out of felt or something.

I also have some jeans to cut up into shorts too :)

I decided today that I want to embroider the skirt designs on my Rapunzel cosplay. Why do I do this to myself D: Anyway, my boyfriend has very kindly bought me some embroidery thread in pink and turquoise <3

My dress now has its gathered trim sewn on, as well as the ribbon and the cutie mark. All I need to do now is make and add the sleeves, then it'll be complete.

I've also made my necklace :) After a discussion with Sisceal last night, I decided to make the base butterfly shape out of pink craft foam, and it's in the same shape as the jewel in Fluttershy's Elements of Harmony necklace. After that, I added blue gems for the butterfly's body, so it kinda looks like her cutie mark too!

Now for the hairclip...

I've FINALLY found fabric for Rita! And with a £5 off voucher, I've bought 7 metres of the stuff :D Eeeee so excited!

For the hem of my skirt, I decided I wanted to include a bit of gathering, because I thought it'd look cute. "A bit" soon turned into just under 3.5 metres of polycotton strips being gathered... e__e I told myself after Belle that I wouldn't do any more gathering. Looks like I was wrong!

So back in January, I was looking for red gloves for this costume on eBay. I found a pair which looked nice and were, including p&p, £1.98, so I decided to go for them. The first pair didn't turn up, even after waiting a few extra days beyond the specified delivery time, so the seller sent out a second pair which have finally arrived. Now I can cross gloves off my list :D

Somehow, whenever I go to the fabric store, I always forget to buy a zip if I need one...and of course, I forgot to buy one for Fluttershy when I bought my fabric the other day. So yesterday I did everything I could on the dress without a zip, and I've just come home from a zip-buying mission so that I can carry on today :)

Fluttershy is officially in progess! I've just cut my fabric out for the dress, so now I'm gonna move on to sewing it all together.

I bought my fabric for Fluttershy today! :) I'm quite happy with what I got, although I didn't get anything for the wings because I was in a bit of a rush. But now I have what I need to start the dress, at least :D

Considering I don't very often cut/style wigs, I'm quite happy with the way this has turned out! :) I don't think it's quite 100% there yet (the cut could do with being made a bit more natural-looking) but it's good enough for me right now, and I can always come back to it later.

My sister thinks I look like Leeloo from The Fifth Element when I wear it. I would like to make it curl under a bit more, but I'll see if I can do that later.

Only the horns and ears to go now!

My sister cosplayed Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II years ago, and ever since then her red wig has been sat in my bedroom, unloved. It loves to shed (great...) but I am determined to give it a go styling it for Lammy, as she has said I could have it. So, here we go! Let's see what I can do.

Bought all of my fabric/notions/etc for this yesterday - my local fabric store was having a 15% off everything sale, so I used the £30 voucher I got for Christmas and ended up having to spend less than £5 in cash! I think I got too much white fabric, but that's not a problem - I can always use it for something else.

I've also bought my earrings and gloves today; they were super cheap, which is great. This costume is turning out to be a lot less expensive than I thought it would be!

I think I've bought everything I need to make this costume now so I just have to get started with the sewing :D

Time to put Ryoko into "In Progress" - the wig is on its way! I've also been looking at fabrics to use for this as well, and I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to be using for each part of the costume.

Scored a silver Punky XL wig in the sale for just under £20! I know Ryoko's hair is sort of blue/grey, but to my eye it's more grey than blue and, as CrazedTeensie has pointed out to me, I can always add highlights in. :) Yay!

Thinking of wearing this to Kitacon next year...

Alrighty, well as my sister can no longer make it to Doki Doki, we've decided to delay our Little Sister cosplays for now and I've chosen to do something different - and I've settled on Melfina! :)

All I've got left to do is the poncho and the anklet, both of which I'm pretty sure I can make in a week. I've cut my fabric out today and I'll be sewing it tonight, and I'll carry on working on it over the week. As for the anklet I have an idea of what to do...just need some yellow paint and a foam ring!

While I was waiting for my hair to dry earlier, I took some photos of my shirt as it is in its current state :) I only have to make the sleeves now and attach them, and it'll be done!

Obviously there's the photos of the front and back of the shirt (and I forgot to flip them so they're the correct way around, derp), but I've also included close-up photos of my buttons and the pattern on the fabric! The colour's wrong on the close-up photo of my fabric, though, due to bad lighting - the actual colour is closer to that in the photos I'm wearing the shirt.

Today I had to go to the craft store to get some card-making stuff for my parents, and while I was there I had a look for buttons for the back of Rapunzel's shirt. I was originally just going to get some plain pink buttons, but then I found these really nice ones in the shape/size that I wanted with a cute, flowery print on them! There were six in the tube and the pattern didn't stand out too much, so I decided to buy them. Yay!

Today I spent my time working on my shirt for Rapunzel! :) I'd already cut the basic pieces out and tacked them together before dyeing the fabric, but then I decided I liked the reverse of the fabric more and had to untack it all to turn it the other way out. I cut off the straps that I'd previously made, as they went all flimsy and nasty in the dyeing process, and made new ones. I didn't want to do that, originally, but then I realised Rapunzel's shirt has seams where the straps join to the bodice, so yay!

My brother helped me install all 22 eyelets into the front of the bodice - I managed to put in 4 by myself, but I'm pretty useless at it so he helped me out a lot and put the rest in where I wanted them. After the eyelets were done, I laced them all up, and that took more than a couple of attempts, lmao; I wanted it laced like Rapunzel's shirt is, and I kept messing up. Got there eventually, though!

After that I pinned the ribbon and lace to the bottom of the shirt, and it's looking pretty cute at the minute :) I've pinned the ribbon around the top of the shirt too, but as I need to use my sewing machine to attach the back panel (where her pink buttons are), and it's past 1am, I figured I'd stop for the night, lol. I shall hopefully continue working on it tomorrow!

Today I went out and bought a couple of things for Melfina!

I hate making collars, so to save myself the trouble I bought a cheap white formal shirt from Asda. I don't plan to enter this costume in any masquerades or competitions or anything, and also, if I made the shirt from scratch, I'd probably end up spending more money on the fabric for it than I did just buying one.

I also bought a blue tie! :) My dad has tons of ties but doesn't seem to have a plain blue one in the right shade, so I bought one from Matalan. I then went to Asda afterwards (to buy the shirt) and they had plain blue ties there that I liked better than the one I'd just bought... D: But oh well! At least I have one now.

I started the collar today - it's only a basic step, but last week I asked the staff members at my local Halfords if they had any big cardboard pieces, and today I cut out the basic shape for Rita's collar. It'll need to be covered and decorated, but now I have a big C-shaped collar to go around my neck :B

Haven't worked out how to attach it to the rest of the costume yet, but I'll work that out when I come to it.

I've also been keeping an eye out for suitable fabrics, but Rita's dress is a very particular's almost a burnt orange colour. Unfortunately, everything I've seen has either been too red, too brown, or the perfect colour but didn't have enough fabric on the roll! :(

Today on a trip to the fabric story I found some polycotton in the right shades of blue and pink for Melfina's poncho, so I got three metres of each and bought some black ribbon for the edges as well. I also got three polystrene rings for the white circular...things on the front of the poncho, but I don't know how well they'll work out. Worth a try, though!

Today I'm dyeing my fabric! I found this really cute patterned cotton in multiple colours, so I ordered some in dark purple for the skirt and some in lilac for the shirt. However, after I ordered it I soon received an email saying that the lilac was out of stock and they wouldn't be getting any more of the fabric, so they offered to replace it with a different colour. I chose white and bought some fabric dye, and today I've finally got round to dyeing it.

As it's raining, and the fabric needs to be dried away from sunlight, my kitchen has been taken over!

I cut out the four underskirts (two pink and two white) last night, and started tacking them together. I finished today :D So now I need to run them through the sewing machine.

After some browsing on the web I eventually found a website that sells dark grey leatherette! I wanted grey because there is a colour difference between the corset and the sleeves/skirt, so I'm glad I waited and had a look around various websites and shops before buying fabric. I've ordered a sample, because I don't want to order the amount I want and then find out I've wasted my money because I don't like it. I'm hoping it's as good as the photo looks, though! I've already got some black leatherette/PVC (I'm not sure which it is) fabric I can use for the corset, as well as some boning that's left over from the Esmeralda costume I made for a friend.

I've also signed Relion up as my Yuna! She is very happy about this because she loves Final Fantasy X.

Here's a photo of my dress so far :) Sorry if I look a little rough; it was a mad cosplay making day today! All I've got left to do on the dress now are the swoopy things and the gems, and then all that's left after that is to trim the wig! Yay!

This journal's a little bit more positive than the last one - Alex finished styling my wig today and it fits over my head, which is great :D I have terrible trouble when it comes to wigs because I have a big head lmao. So that's done and dusted - I've made the accessory for it, so now all I have to do is trim the wig to the length I want it at the back.

On the subject of the dress, I decided to move away from the skirt for a while and concentrate on the sleeves - they'd been driving me mad because they kept dragging the bodice down (an unfortunate side-effect of the fabric being quite heavy), so I'd unpicked them from the front and left them attached at the back. However, I've now managed to solve the problem, and I won't need invisible bra straps! Yay! :D I've also sewn the three gems onto the front of the bodice, so that's done.
Just as a checklist for myself, all I've got left to worry about on this costume now is:

- Trim the wig
- Make the darker yellow swoop things and attach them to the skirt
- Sew the gems for the swoops onto the skirt
- Raise the hem of the skirt so it actually sits at the correct length on me

I can do all that in a week...right?

This costume = bane of my existence.

Anyway! Today I got my skirt gathered and sewn to the bodice...and came to the conclusion that I will have to use invisible bra straps because the skirt is so goddamn heavy! D: Also I need to somehow raise the hem because my sister is taller than me, so it sits properly on her but drags along the floor when I wear it.

The photo on the left is my sister modeling the skirt after it was gathered, and the photo on the right is me wearing it after I'd sewn it to the bodice. The hoopskirt isn't sitting properly, though, because I'd thrown it on quickly just to get a progress photo, lmao.

Done all the gathering stitches for my skirt! :D Unfortunately I can't do anything else on it until my sister comes home on Wednesday and acts as a dress mannequin for me. But yay, progress! I feel like I'm getting somewhere now.

All eight parts of the skirt have been sewn together now :) I'll be carrying on with it tomorrow. I aim to at least get the hem done and then will come the part that I'm least looking forward to - the gathering... D:

I've started making the skirt part of the dress at last! I took over my boyfriend's living room and after a battle with his two curious kittens, I managed to cut my fabric up into the eight sections I needed. Now I just need to sew them together, gather it all and then sew it to the bodice :D Yay!

CrazedTeensie's sister, Alex, started styling my wig for me today :) It looked really awesome until it was pointed out that the bun wasn't centered on my head, so I've left the wig with Alex as she wants to re-do it. I'm so happy with how it will look, though :D

Aaaaand the shoes are done! Just got to wait for them to dry properly now.

I also forgot to mention that I finished the bloomers a while ago, too. Now I've got the rest of the time until the expo to finish the dress and style the wig (although CrazedTeensie's sister and mother will be helping me with that, as it needs to be styled while I'm wearing it), as well as finish my friend's Esmeralda costume as well :) Yay!

Here's a photo of my shoes so far - one's been finished, whereas for the other one, I'm about to start dyeing it.

So today I am dyeing my shoes :) I had thought it might be difficult, but the kit came with instructions that were easy to follow and I've been pleasantly surprised by the results of one coat of dye!

I'll upload a photo later because my camera's battery is currently charging :)

Bought a shoe dye kit for my shoes at last! They'll be bright yellow soon enough (and hopefully there'll be enough left over to have a go at my sister's shoes for her Snow White costume, too...if they're the right material, that is :B).

Oh, and I also started the bloomers! All I've got left to do on those is the bottom hems. :)

Made the earrings today :) It's only a little thing crossed off my to-do list but it's still something!

Originally, I was just going to wear the shoes that I made boot covers for when I cosplayed Black Cat - they were a pair of white heels that I attached white lycra knee-high covers to.

However, the lovely Holli posted a pair of white Victorian-style boots for sale, and they were perfect - and in my size, which is a rare thing when it comes to shoes! I couldn't pass up on the opportunity so I snapped them up :D Can't wait to receive them! <3

Today I finally found some buttons that I liked enough to use for the gems on Belle's dress! :) I also bought a zip, and some fabric and elastic to make bloomers with - this was taken from the park versions of Belle's dress, and also I think bloomers are totally adorable so I wanted to make a pair to wear underneath my hoopskirt.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay my wig arrived today! :D It's exactly the right shade of brown that I wanted too so I'm mega pleased. I haven't taken it out of the packet yet because it's very long, and I don't want to style it until closer to the event I'm wearing it to because I don't want it to get all messy or anything (and also I know what it looks like when someone is wearing it because one of my friends has the same wig, but in a different colour). But yay!

So nearly two weeks after I ordered it, my wig has just been shipped out so I'm waiting for it to arrive now. Dunno how long that'll take. There was an error when the store received the wrong wig from their supplier, so they've sorted that now and sent the correct one on it's way to me.

I always seem to have the worst luck with their store, haha XD But their wigs are so nice... D:

My boyfriend just bought the wig I had chosen for Belle for me :D He made a deal that if I helped him with some stuff, he'd buy it, so I agreed! It's a Godiva 951 XL from's store, and I'm hoping to use most of the long length to make up the bun. Now to wait for it to arrive...

After much swearing, sulking and threatening to throw it in the bin, I've finished the shirt! I made it a little too small at first, then I made it too big (oops...), and now it fits just right and I'm very happy with it. :) I've still got to add the buttons to the front of the shirt, but I'll be getting those from CrazedTeensie on Tuesday, so they'll be added then.

I've completed the chest part of the shirt (apart from the bow and halterneck part, but I'll be doing that last), so now it's onto the rest. Progress is going swimmingly :3

Today I've started working on the shirt! I'm hoping to wear this costume next week when we have some friends over for Easter, so I'm sewing as fast as I can! I don't really have a suitable pattern to use for the shirt, though, so I'm (as with a few other cosplays of mine) making it up off the top of my head and hoping all goes well...

Well, in the last journal I wrote, I mentioned that I might have found the fabric I wanted to use; I found out that the shop I wanted to buy it from does samples, so I requested one and it arrived's totally the wrong colour! D: It's more of a dusky pink rather than a light purple. I'm glad I asked for a sample first instead of spending the money (as it's £11.99 a metre, eek!), but this does mean I'll have to go back to searching. Oh well!

My wig arrived in the post today! :D I haven't tried it on yet but I'm very happy with how it looked when I held it up on my hand. Yay!

Might have found the purple fabric that I'd like to use for this already, haha! I think I'll be debating it a bit more, though, as purple seems to be an awkward colour in fabric (what is it with me and awkward colours?) and I want to be 100% sure it's the fabric I want before buying it. :)

Forgot to mention - one of my best friends (who is planning to be Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame for our Disney group) is letting me borrow the perfect prop for this costume - the Beast's mirror! :)

So after nearly two months of searching, umm-ing and aah-ing, I finally bought my Belle fabric! :)

Next week there is going to be a 15% off sale on at the fabric shop I go to, but today my mum wanted to go on the way home from work to pick up some things, and I decided to take my purse with me in case I wanted anything. I'd already seen the fabric I wanted before on a previous visit, but I'm so glad I went today because I happened to pick up the roll of lighter yellow fabric I wanted by chance, and it had 12.5 metres on it - exactly what I needed! I decided not to wait until next week and instead bought it all today, because I knew that if I'd left it until next week, it would have either been partly bought or gone entirely, knowing my luck. That, and, being a student, I get 10% discount anyway, so I didn't mind paying a little extra to make sure I definitely got my fabric!

Also, when the lady was cutting it for me (she had to pull it off the roll to make sure there actually WAS 12.5 metres and I didn't get ripped off), there was actually closer to 13 metres, and she was kind enough to only charge me for 12 even though she let me have all of it! :) I think it's because I go in there so often, haha.

As for the darker yellow, my mum pointed out that the one I originally chose didn't go well with the light yellow, and she picked out another one instead for me that went much better with it. I had actually seen it before and wasn't sure about it, but in the end I decided to choose that one because it was a closer colour to Belle's dress. It's got a faint pattern on it, but I like it because it gives the dress some more detail, and it's not really that noticeable until close-up.

Long journal is long! Thanks if you read all of that. :D

My shoes arrived today :D They're a little big (which is something I never thought I'd be able to say!), but I can always stick in-soles or something in them. Just need to make them yellow now :)

Just bought some shoes off eBay for this costume :D Unfortunately, as I have huge feet (size 9...ugh) I find it difficult to find shoes in the right style AND colour, so I've had to go with some white heels which I'll paint yellow at some point. :)

My friend James (who goes by Devil_Trigger here on CI) was asking me what I wanted for Christmas, and so after a bit of debate I told him he could buy a wig for me if he liked. He offered to buy me the new wig I wanted for Aerith as a joint Christmas/birthday present (as it was a bit expensive just for a Christmas present imo and I felt bad that he was spending so much), so he's ordered it for me! :) A big thank you goes out to him <3 I can't wait to start cosplaying Aerith again :D

My brother found some red fabric in our attic while he was getting Christmas decorations this year, and if there's enough I'll probably use it for this cosplay. :)

My hoopskirt arrived this morning, yay! It's awesome. I have glided around the living room wearing it and wrestled with it to get it back into the bag it arrived in. Unfortunately I forgot how the guy packed it, so I had to make up my own method and use two bags instead. Much fun. BUT YAY :D

This cosplay can officially be counted as in progress now because yesterday I bought a hoopskirt for myself! It'll be here in the next couple of weeks, hopefully, as it's coming from the USA. I'm so happy to finally own one! :D I don't think I'll be buying fabric for this until after Christmas, though, because I may be getting vouchers for my favourite fabric store and so I'll want to put them towards this and Bo Peep. :D

Okay so, the party is...tomorrow D8 But I've got the bootcovers done! All I have to do now is make and attach the leg cuffs and the collar to the bodysuit.

I currently have superglue all over my fingers. Ugh.

Okay, I've pinned, cut and tacked the bootcovers together; all I've got to do now is run them through my sewing machine, hem the tops, then glue them to the shoes. :D Hooray! I'm happy with the progress I'm making, although I'd like to get this done asap, as the party I'm wearing this to is on Saturday! Eep.

Gloves arrived this morning! :D I'll be attaching the fur trim to the bodysuit instead of the gloves, though, as I want to re-use the gloves for my Zelda cosplay. I hope to make a start on sewing the bodysuit and/or bootcovers later today.


I've sewn the bodysuit together and the last thing I need to do is attach the leg cuffs and the collar. I've also cut out the mask to the shape I need, ready for the fabric to be glued on. :D

Bodysuit pieces are cut out, fur is bought and ready to be cut up, gloves have been bought and are on their way, and I have a suitable mask to use for the mask base. I've also got white lycra to make boot covers with (as neither of the two pairs of white boots I have access to/own are suitable), so those can be started any time too!

I've just finished covering the headband in the same pink fabric that I used for my dress. All I've got to do now is attach the flowers!

The wig arrived this morning and it's absolutely gorgeous - it's full of different shades of orange, yellow and some red, and it's super curly! All I've got left to do is make the headband of flowers, and then this cosplay will be completed <3 Yay!

So we found out that the shop my boyfriend was thinking of that would sell fake flowers actually shut down as well as the one I was thinking of (boo! :c), so I had a quick look online and found out that Hobbycraft sells them, although they didn't have much of a selection online. I thought it'd be the same way in the actual store as naive of me!

We got there and there was a whole corner of the ground floor dedicated solely to fake flowers and floral craft. |: I ended up spending a good fifteen minutes debating which flowers to buy, and eventually went with a sprig of bright pink flowers in assorted sizes that I thought would match my dress nicely. Now I just need to turn them into a headband!

I finished the dress today and I'm incredibly happy with how it's turned out! :D I can't wait for my wig to arrive so I can see how it looks together.

I started the dress this afternoon and all I've got left to do is add the shoulders (which I have to make first) and then hem the top. I feel like I'm making really good progress and it's coming out exactly how I wanted it to! I bought too much fabric though; I've got just over two metres spare, I think. But better to have too much than too little!

Unfortunately the shop I had planned to visit for buying fake flowers shut down some time ago, so I will definitely be visiting various garden centres with my boyfriend for them instead. :)

As it's my birthday today and I've recieved some money as a present, I've decided to start this by buying a wig off eBay! It's a gorgeous pumpkin-ish colour and it's really curly, so I can't wait for it to arrive. I've also recieved some vouchers for my favourite fabric store, so I'll be going out later to buy some fabric as well. :)


As mentioned earlier, I ended up going out to the local fabric store to spend my vouchers. I found the perfect shade of pink on a roll, but unfortunately the fabric was slightly see-through and so I had to buy twice the amount so I could double the fabric up for when i make the dress. I also got some nice white chiffon for the shoulders, and some pink ribbon for the tie around the middle. I'm looking forward to working on it!

My boyfriend has said he will take me to some garden centres to look for fake flowers to use in the hair, so hopefully that search will be successful too. :)

I've just finished the skirt and braces; my sewing machine refused to co-operate so I had to sew the buttonhole by hand! But I'm happy with how it looks, and that's what matters :)

The skirt and braces are pretty much done - the only thing I'm missing to finish them off is a white button, and unfortunately the only one I have is one that's going to be used for one of my boyfriend's cosplays! Tomorrow I will raid the house and see if I can find another one instead. :)

Making this as complete, as I've finished the actual costume and I'm waiting on my sister to finish the prop. :D

Taken a picture of me wearing the shirt, and I've found my white belt that I used to wear too! So that's the whole outfit complete now; all I have to do now is buy a wig, make ears and horns, and everything will be finished! :)

I just came back from going out to buy some black fabric paint. :D Now to finish off the shirt!


First coat of black paint has been done. :D I don't know whether I'll put a second coat of paint on it, though - I'll have to wait until this one dries and then see what it looks like, and go from there!


Decided to do a second coat of black paint after all. :) After that's dried, the shirt will be complete! Hooray! That means I only have to buy a wig and buy/find a suitable belt, then do the ears and horns and Lammy is finished!

Just finished the pants. :D I took an old pair of jeans that I don't wear anymore and used some green and yellow fabric left over from past sewing projects to make pocket covers, sewed them on and voila - Lammy pants! This cosplay hasn't cost me a single penny yet, but that'll soon change - I do need to buy a wig, after all!


My sister just gave me an old red shirt that she doesn't wear anymore and said that I could use it for Lammy. :D I'm in the middle of making a stencil for the design!

Boy, this cosplay is going a lot faster than I planned. XD


I've painted the first coat of white paint on the shirt for the happy splat/cloud logo thing, and I've uploaded a photo collage of the progress I've made so far. :D When the shirt's dried, I'll paint the next coat!


Second coat of white paint is done :D Waiting for it to dry.


Third coat of white paint is done...and I've run out of paint. D:

I only added this cosplay yesterday and already I'm working on it. XD So far I've started making the watch (I wanted to keep the cartoony feel of Lammy, so I've decided to make my own), and that's almost finished - I just need to get my hands on a piece of velcro to keep it held together around my wrist, and then that'll be done.

I also started the shoes - my sister, FreyaCrescent (who, coincidentally, is my partner for this cosplay) had a pair of blue shoes that she had previously used for cosplay in the right shade for Lammy's shoes, except that the soles weren't white. Seeing as she needed them white for the cosplay she was using them with anyway, I said I'd paint them for her if I could use them. So, they're currently drying as I type, then I'll be adding a second coat. :D


Finished the watch! :D Decided to go with a popper instead of a piece of velcro, as I couldn't find any of the latter and I have plenty of poppers in my sewing kit. Now for the second coat of paint on the shoes!


Shoes are now finished! :D Just need to wait for them to dry.

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