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I started cosplaying in 2004 and I got into it by accident. I never knew conventions and cosplay existed! now I just cant stop doing it!.

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The skirt at it's current stage. Needs a little more tailoring on the waist, but other than that the skirt is done. I need to make the top and finish the apron though!

This is where the dress currently is. It still needs a little more tailoring, needs the pockets and also the black pleats.

The wig for Junko FINALLY arrived. This wig is interesting. It's a back parted skin back and top wig with bunches that have been treated with heat and back combed to mat them, so that you can then pull them into shapes to create the volume and tendril like hair Junko has. Under the bunches, you clip on ponytails to give it length.
In the picture, all I've done is spent 5 minutes pulling the bunches about to see how it worked. I still need to properly work on it with a knitting needle and some sort brushes.

The skirt and Boots I've decided on.
The boots aren't accurate, at all but it's very hard to find mid calf boots that actually FIT around my calves that aren't super expensive. I found these for a very good price and could see they were fairly wide on the calf.

The skirt is a skirt I already had, just a shot to see how they look together.

The top is still in progress (the top in the pictures isn't the one I'm using at all) it's currently waiting for button holes :D

Ruffles man...god damned riffles. I keep picking costumes that have copious amounts of ruffles. This time though, this one had blue edging on the my opinion, the edging would have been done with thread, so I did a bunch of tests with zigzag stitch on my machine. I found that with certain settings and careful guiding of the fabric you could create edging with thread without gaps.

There are bits where I messed up a little, so there are tiny gaps but otherwise, I'm really pleased with it.

I have since learned that this technique is called satin stitch! I learned something new with this costume.

This took AGES to do.

These are from ages ago, only got around to updating journals recently.

There you can see the materials for the skirt and apron and also the actual apron, which isn't done yet.

I'm taking Rena to Ayacon 2013 and having thrown the orange wig out because I hated it and having sold the other wig I had I need to style a new one. I found I had the ASH style from Coscraft, good enough.

I straightened it, then bobby pinned a back parting in and also pinned the odd sort of "comes around her face" style she has going on. I suspect heavy use of heat will be needed to set the fibres into this shape, along with some spray, hair glue and silicone sealant to make sure it doesn't move.

Here's a shot of the bow in place.

I'll be getting some full costume shots later today and some proper photos of the wig all finished up soon.

Here,s the wig fully styled. It just needs the bow added, which has since been done.

I used a combination of hairdryer heat, back combing, hairspray and hair glue for this.

This was something I was working on along side the skirt. I finished styling it about a week ago.

It started out as a long wig as you can see, then I cut it, then I straightened it and trimmed it further until I had the right length.

Making bows is so easy and fun. I've made tons of them now.

This one was made using yellow poplin and has no interfacing as it's fairly sturdy on it's own.

All that was missing at this stage was the waistcoat buckle and the buttons.

Oh. I actually did the fastenings on the shirt and waistcoat with popper tape, it's SO much easier than buttons and it just looked neater.

This was also after I fitted the waistcoat. It was a little harder to fit than the shirt and it seems to smush my chest down a little.

I used the same pattern for the waistcoat as the shirt, only I split the back into 4 panels. The design for the waistcoat has a back middle seam and 2 back princess line seams, which was kinda crazy but due to the pattern being bigger than me, this wasn't an issue.

I got lazy though and didn't take any progress shots of the fitting for this part.

The shirt finished, with the sleeves sewn on and the brown edging on the neckline. The ribbon is also on the back of the collar too.

I used my own pattern for the puff sleeves. The same one used on my Rena dress. A pretty standard sleeve pattern.

I made the puff part from the same cotton as the shirt but the cuffs are made from drill and buckram.

The bottom edge of the sleeves had a run of wide super loose stitching so I could pull it, to runch it up. This is a really quick and easy way to create ruffles! and idea for puff sleeves.

The cuffs are 2 pieces of drill and a piece of buckram in the middle. Making sure they were stiff enough to not fold over on their own.

I then stitched the Grosgrain ribbon on in 2 parts. I used the smaller one to do the bits in the middle that come down into the cuff and then I used the thicker one so edge the cuffs. Not PERFECT but still fairly pleased with the result.
I also did the line of brown stitching here too.
The cuffs are tight enough to stay put, which is perfect.

I fitted the shirt further by taking it in by about an inch under the bust on the 2 front princess seams. Looks much better now!

This was the final fitting.

I attached the collar onto the neckline of the shirt as you'd imagine. It was a little more awkward than I anticipated due to the curve involved and the patterns being different.

I stitched the collar together insideout and then turned it rightside out, as you do. Pressed it so it looked neat and then I stitched a sort of hem around the outside and the neckline to neaten it up further.

I then stitched the grosgrain ribbon on and did the line of brown stitching that's on the design. A lot of people stitch a super thin ribbon on for that but it was my personal preference that a line of stitching would work better.

Having made 3 Sailor senshi costumes, I knew what I was doing with this collar.

I made the collar using cotton Drill as I wanted it to hang and not be blown by wind super easily.

I also needed to make the collar and attach that before I could add in the..thing above the buttons on the shirt.. I don't know what it's called.

This was the first fitting of the shirt. I took it in about 2 inches on each side and about and inch at each dart at the back.

As you can see, it's still not totally fitted yet.

For the shirt I used the pattern 1941 by Simplicity Amazing fit shirt. View B without collar or sleeves. The pattern suggested I needed to cut the size 14..this was not the case, the base shirt was way too big so I had a really long process of fitting it. Which resulted in a highly fitted shirt that I'm really happy with. Which you'll see later.

The neatest zip I have ever done! I am so damn proud of that zip. Also snap button closure.

Just wanted to show the edge of the skirt and how it looks with the lace and grosgrain ribbon.

I missed out taking pictures of the pleating process, sorry.

First I pinned all of the pleats in place, then I ironed the pleats lightly so they held a shape whilst I machine stitched the top so I could take the pins out.
I then steam pressed the pleats in, which took a long time because of the length of it.

Then I stitched the skirt closed, leaving enough room for a zip, then added the waistband.

Bear with me, I hope I get this all in order. I was taking progress shots as I was making the costume and styling the wig. Couldn't upload any of it because it was a secret from someone. Now that's been revealed. I can post.

The skirt was the first thing I worked on, having never actually made a proper pleated skirt from scratch, I felt it best to tackle the "harder" thing first.

I made it out of cotton drill, it's white, so I needed a fabric that was fairly thick and wouldn't show light through. Drill was perfect and happens to be a Favorite of mine.

I cut a massive rectangle, about 160" long, which I then stitched brown grosgrain ribbon onto and hand stitched the grey lace to the hem.

I actually didn't use a pattern, rather I used this:

Only I didn't want to do an elasticated waist, so I put a zip and button in, which you'll see later.

Most of the fabric is here, just waiting on my brown drill.

Got enough for the skirt and the undershirt, got my brown grosgrain ribbon, some nice pointed grey lace, some nice pale yellow poplin for the front bow and a pattern that will do well for both the shirt and the waistcoat.

Looking forward to starting! first time making a pleated skirt :D

I'll redo this at some point in the next 4 years. The entire thing will be structures and made from good materials. I will also do the lace correctly.

Steel boned corset too. It will be done!

I wan't to reboot this costume, I learned alot about latex doing the mask and I feel it could be so much better if I did it PROPERLY.

The original mask is so painfull to wear. I stupidly diddn't give it enough shrink room so I can only wear it for about 10 minutes at a time before it hurts far too much.

After doing alot more research into the way the costumes were constructed in the films and really thinking about how I could improve it. I decided that I owe it to myself to give it another go.

I don't have an ETA on it, I'm just putting this here to remind me to actually do it at some point when I have funds to be able to.

Latex work on the dress itself should help to make it look far more skin like and grungy like in the film. An improvement on the mask, possibly making a neck sheet to make it less obvious that there is a "line" seperating the head from the neck. Doing the bandaged version of the head should help with this, at least it'll give me the chance to make it less constricting!

I could use improvment on the body makeup too. I need black veins and "muddying" up and I'd like for some of it to look greasy and wet.

More research, more time, more funding and more detail.

So, I found a really nice handmirror on ebay. It's very heavy and as you can see from the picture, is made from some sort of metal. I'm thinking it's brass, it's very very similar to Neptunes mirror so I had to go for it. I diddn't want to try and make it because I knew I'd never match the craftmanship that this mirror had.

The back of the mirror was just the back of the plate that is screwed in possition to keep the mirror in. It had a very weird design on it but was mostly flat.

I used air dry clay, not paper based, I'm not sure what it was but it's a really nice one. Seems to just be called "air dry clay" how usefull huh?
So I sculpted the back on over the span of about 2 days. I then used a fine surface polyfiller to smooth out the majour imprefections and try to level it off.

Once dry, I used a very fine sand paper and sanded it so it was fairly smooth.

Then using acrylic paints, I painted it. The symbol was awkward. The paint had started to crack so I had to be quick finishing and getting a top coat on to seal it in. The first stages of the symbol were horrific. My hands were so shakey from having flu that it was hard to get a straight line. I finally managed it, having to thicken lines to get it to be vaugley symetrical. The symbol took about 10 coats to make it stand out enough.

I then used good old PVA glue, never watered down. I added about 4 thick coats over the top. This dryed suprisingly hard, I can't even dent it with a finger nail. It's made a nice glossy shine without being all plasticy and it's protected the paint from chipping or flaking.

If you look REALLY close, you can see some of the paint where it started to crack and you can see the imperfections. But honestly, I'm happy with it.

I swear it is!

The mirror is done and I'll have pictures up tonight of that.

The shoes are mostly covered, but due to being sick for a week and then the silicone glue I was using (which is not the plumber variety) has really done a number on my resphiratory system (lungs) I was stupid and diddn't open the window and then suddenly after that I became sick again with some sort of flu. Likley triggered by the silicone glue decimating my immune system even more and allowing the sore throat I'd just recovered from to go into a full scale war on me.

If you are ever using a form of silicone adheasive which has a sharp, sour almost vinegary smell, use caution. Open a window, try to do it outside, use a rebreather if you have one, or at the very least, a dust mask with an open window. Don't pull a Darwin like me.

Also, use latex gloves when using this glue, It's increadibly waterproof, which means you have a hell of a time washing the damn stuff off!

Saying that, the shoes are looking pretty swish, I just need to neaten them up, cover the heel bits OR paint them and add the straps and the costume is done.

I'm still waiting on the brooch though and may have to make one myself.

Using Ranma 1/2's Brilliant tutorial for creating the glove tops, hip roll and shoulder rolls for the scouts uniforms. It's genius and before starting you'll think it wont take that long.


It took me collectivly, probablly something close to about 10 hours to complete JUST the glove tops. The result is great though, I'm very happy with them.
I'd deffinatly advise others to use the same tutorial when making them. One thing to bear in mind though, is that the best material to use for it is a stretch material.
I'm using lycra, both for the main suit (white parts) and the coloured parts, like the skirt, glove tops, collar and such are also made using lycra. You CAN find lycra in almost every shade you could think of, you just have to be prepared to dig for it. It took me about 3 days of searching the internet to find the colour I was happy with. I'll supply some links at the end of this journal entry for great places for stretch material.

You can use other materials for the various rolls that the sen shi have on their uniforms. Say you were doing an eternal variant. This calls for shiny things, so satin is your best bet. I favour a matt type satin like duchess, never acetate satin (which is usualy called ecomony satin, its VERY shiny in a bad way and it's usually not backed with anything or backed with a slightly plasticly feel)

If you were using satin to cover the glove top rolls, then you'll have to cut your peice of satin FAR FAR bigger than the length of your foam roll, this will ensure complete coverage when you form the roll into a hoop and fix in place.

For my glove tops, I have attatched snap buttons to the very top of the gloves and then to the inside of the glove tops, to fix them in place and ensure that they wont slip. They are very snug.

Here is a link to Ranma 1/2's tutorial:

And the following are links to several places to buy good quality stretch fabric:

I'm still trying to decide what version to do. I'm leaning towards the super stars? one, the one with the heart brooch and longer bow at the back.

I think I can easilly make the shoulder bits detatchable so that the same body can be used for her first transformation and the supers one.

Soooo torn on a wig though. I really like how this one looks:

but then theres these that are likley far more accurate to the colour:

Then this one which is a slight bit more blue:

Hmmm decisions.

Got the shoes though, and ordered samples of some fabric.

Finding the perfect fabric for a sailor scout is harder than it seems. I'm a firm beliver that satin is not for any senshi APART for the Eternals.

So satins out, which is a shame because there are infinite shades of satin.

I want a stretch fabric for the skirt e'ct. So that when it's attacthed to the body suit, it also stretches, making ripping far less likley and allowing the costume to be pulled up over my hips.

Now, as with every senshi, the official art for both the manga and anime differ, and not just between the 2. The in anime colour differs from the movie colours which also differ from the official art for the series. Then you have the artbooks, which differ, mainly because they are mostly hand painted, you'll never get the same shade with paint mixing, no matter how hard you try.

So out of all of the art work, which one am I meant to choose? Do I go a lighter shade? close to a sea green? or do I go dark? like a bottle green?

I'm leaning towards bottle green at the moment, mostly because Uranus's colours are fairly dark (the blue) and Neptune is meant to match with her somewhat. Jupiter is already green, so I cant have that shade or shades of green. Most people tend to use a fairly light shade it seems, matching the skirt to her hair but the more I look, the less her hair and skirt match. Her hair is lighter.

I've found this:

which I'm leaning towards more and more, the more I dig for images and watch video clips.

It's fairly cheap too which is nice.

This photo is a bit pants but it shows that I did actually rip the skirt properly. Since it was so pants I put it here rather than on the main photo page.

Thought I'd put a journal image of the orange wig up too so you can see how short I managed to cut the blasted thing.

So I managed to cut the orange wig you see in the images too short....HOW?! I have no idea. I've never cut a wig too short before so I was really annoyed.

Anyway, I managed to find a UK based wig seller on ebay and found a wig that I think could pass for Rena the wig in person is far more gingery than my photos show, here is a link to the images from the seller:

and I've attached an image of the wig on me with the Rena hat. Still somewhat unsure as to which one to use, since the orange one is...too short now.

So I finished the wig today, like I said I'm going for comfort over accuracy for the first time ever. The wig is not the right length at all it just comes past my shoulders but I don't care because I dont want a massive wig for this run. Eventually, I'll make it accurate.

Hell, if I'm going to do her chest accuratly you can give me a break on the wig at least!

I also modified the skirt today and added the rip up the side. I've washed my white shirt ready for applying bias binding and then I need to do the booby stuffing!

pictures to follow!

So Junta gave me permission to salvage his Venus wig. The man doesn't respect his wigs! the thing was tangled to hell.

Anyway, I wanted to have a wig for Marikawa, but I don't want it to be as long as hers for now, not until I can get myself a wig thats easier to handle than the ones we used for the scouts. So I have cut it far shorter than her hair actually is. The wig end will fall just past my shoulders and even though it's not accurate I'd rather not have the damn wig flying about tangling up and being a pain.

Comfort over accuracy for this one. I'll do her accuratly someday but not for Ame!

I'm currently waiting for the wig end to dry, the part I've put into the mini ponytail at the end I decided to spray with loads of hair spray and some hair glue to help keep it in shape and to make the ends look's taking a while to dry. So once thats done, I can style the rest of the wig and take some pictures.


How friggin big IS her hatchet?! it keeps changing sizes depening what screen shot you look at!


The wig arrived today. I admit that it's not as accurate on colour as I'd usually do. But Rena's hair varies depending on what you're looking at. In the anime it's more of a ginger, a very light brown ginger colour. In some artwork it's orange and in some it's light brown.

For this run of the costume I've decided to use a dull orange wig bought from a seller on ebay called "tokyo_frontier"

The seller is good with communication, but be aware that the wigs they supply seem to be somewhat thinly wefted, yet the wigs themselves are good quality. The fibres are nice and fine, are cut well and are of a good quality. I'd recomend this seller for wigs that you wouldn't need to style very much. I don't think many of their wigs would be good for "up" styles. ponytails and very flicky spikey styles for example.

But if you want a wig for Nami from one piece then I'd recomend the one I've got for Rena:

at the back it will come down to your hair line and comes down to your shoulders at the front. the fringe is also long and will covern your eyes. so VERY minimal cutting is needed.

I will likley get another wig for Rena after a while since I think I can use this wig for Nami if I wanted to, if I do get another wig for Rena though, it'll be a more brown colour.

So now I have the boots and wig. The costume is pretty much done apart for attaching poppers to the bows and dress to attach them, getting some sock glue and making the hatchet

Si got a delivery of Plastizote today, 3 different thicknesses, it looks good and I'm certain I've seen this stuff before but marketed as something different......I think it may have something to do with plumbing or something.

Should be a fun experiment.

So the boots I managed to buy for Rena were for women with stupidly slim calves. It diddn't say this on the listing and I thought I'd be ok but no dice.

Iv'e since found a buyer for the boots and have bought a replacement pair and they are on their way to me now. These boots are for a wider calf and are of a higher quality. Whats best is, I managed to haggle the price down to what I paied for the other boots, so theres no real loss.

They aren't in that cute style the others were, but were advertised as "victorian" the only thing victorian about them really is the fact they are lace ups, no cute heel.

The wig is also on it's way, though it might be the very last thing to arrive the seller informed me of the shipping time and I worked it out and I should still be clear of Ame start time anyway so it SHOULD be fine.

I have since made the dress up, the sleeves are on it, cuffs and collar too. The collar is a bit wide, but should be easily fixable at a later date. The dress has also been finished on all of the seams with double stitching on either side of the seam join so it looks all neat and such. This is one of the most stitched cosplays I've done in terms of prescision and acuracy though!

I've got the bows to make and attach, and the hat to make, and sock glue to obtain. and a bit of weight to lose!

Well, last night after Si got home from work. He read my LJ and such and said to me that he would pay for the Rena mats. He said, he wanted me to enjoy the convention too. I'm very reluctant to accept but I dont think he will give me a choice.

So I thought I'd share with you guys some images of the wig and boots I'll likley use:

The wig is nice. I really like the colour and its not a neon orange one. it might be a tad too light for Rena but I really like it.

is the direct ebay link.

The attached image are the boots I'd like to use, but I want to have a scout in the charity shops first, just in case!

I'm fairly excited to be able to make her. I get to make a hat, which I've not done before. But I'm more excited because I love Rena, shes my favourite from the series.

Simon (Junta) is awesome.

After a long hard think I've decided that I really cant afford to be buying in fabric, boots and a wig right now for Rena in time for Ame. I'm still unemployed so I really cant justify it. Being able to pay bills and live is more important.

She will get done, just not right now.

Due to still not having a job. I have to be very carefull on how much I spend on this.

I've decided to use cotton drill for the main part of the dress and I already have some black fabric I'll use for the black parts. I'll be then using purple and blue polycotton for the collar, wrist cuffs and bows.

The most expensive part of this costume is going to be the boots and wig. I now dont have suitable hair for Rena, the colour is wrong because I had to dye it again and my hair is getting too long.

I have found some suitable boots on ebay but I'm going to be hitting up Yorks charity shops just in case. I have found the perfect wig though. Its still orange, but it;s a nice DULL orange and not a neon orange and more importantly, it is not a smiffy's wig!

The dress is going to be cut in a princess line fashion. I was lucky enough that Tofu is amazing and was able to draft a pattern just for me, so it's going to fit perfectly....which is nice for once!.

I wont have contact lenses so my eyes wont be blue. I have dark brown eyes naturaly, so boooooo.

Also I'd really like to make her hatchet, but I HAVE to make it cheap, so if I cant make it look good I just wont have it.

On the off chance.....anyone got a pair of size 6-7 brown lace up boots with a heel on them that would fit with Renas style?

I went through my patterns today and found 3 that I can use. One is a hat pattern..which is nice, since I've never made a hat before. It looks pretty has a lining...though I've no idea WHY a hat needs a lining....especially a hat like Rena's anyway.
I may end up lining it anyway just so I can put some wadding in one side of it to make sure it stays fat and toward one side when it's on my head.

For the dress I've found 2 patterns. 1 pattern is for the main dress body and its a Butterick 3992, an old period style dress with room to create a high collar and plenty of room to modify it into the style we see Rena wearing.

For the sleves though, I decided that I'd FINALLY tsart doing puff ruffle sleves correctly...and yaknow..use a damn pattern instead of just going "lalala done" and winging it. I admit my past puff sleves have been fine (apart from the eternal senshi...but I'd love to see you get a proper puff sleve like in the artbooks with blasted sheer lightweight chiffon!) but I though, for Rena I'd start to take my sewing to the next level and actualy study patterns properly, start doing linings correctly and generaly just try harder.

Rena isn't hard, but I want to start doing better quality costumes.

My sleeve pattern is being taken from a very very old pattern by McCalls, its a number 7005 and was originaly printed in 1980! I have some OOOOOLD patterns, which is very usefull, since the older ones are often the best.

This pattern has some nice runched sleeves, which if we look at Rena's sleeves, they arent far off. I will be modifying the pattern a little, so that they are also puffed. I am aware that mixing pattern brands is often a bad plan but I've done it before so it SHOULD be fine........right?

So yes. Now I have to pick my fabrics. The dress is a no brainer, it's obviously a good hard wearing cotton blend of some sort and the bows I hazard are similar, but iof a stiffer variety of material....which I will also interface for extra stiffness.

The boots.....may be a bit awkward what with my legs having issues fitting into most boots these days, but we will see.

I'm undecided about a wig for this one. My hair grows slowly and it's currently the right colour for Rena more or less, and I could easily style it. Saying that, the hat would attatch to a wig far better than my hair.

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