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I started cosplay in 2005, when my friend Redkun told me about Ayacon, and we both decided to go together as Sheena and Zelos. At that time I never so much as got to touch the sowing machine though, as my mother took over the entire procedure. I couldn't make my own cosplays Amecon the next year either, and her lack of interest more than showed in some of the cosplays where she was more willing to compromise on things I felt were really important to get right.

After Amecon, I snapped and made an investment. A sowing machine for my student flat, whose very first job was to make a Pronyma cosplay for Auchinawa. It was tiring, it was stressful, I had little-to-no-idea how to use my sowing machine, and I had one of the largest and fragile props to make on top of it. At the end of it all, the cosplay was never (and still isn't) fully finished, but it still managed to debut at Auchinawa in something resembling glory.

The next convention I went to was Amecon 2008, and since this time the cosplays were all up to me, I decided to do 2 that would require minimal sowing, and one to help practise my skills. Ellipsis from Saturnalia, Shadow Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, and Sunako from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge - who had a skirt that I had to make from scratch.

2008 unfortunately, was the year of the dissertation, so Minamicon's new costume (C.C.) was commissioned, but I was back on track for Amecon when I was rejected for the JET Program, and tried to get two costumes done. My 'secret' one ran out of time, but Gwendolyn was on good track (though it wasn't finished until about 5 hours before it debuted ^_^)

Auchinawa had no new costumes, but created Karura for Minamicon, as well as Kyoko from Skip Beat - though very, VERY little work was actually involved in it.

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Didn't like the original helmet, so started from scratch and used thinner cardboard and no foam. End result was a much smaller and better shaped base. Superglued the mask on to get an idea of where and what the front needed to be, and made my own paper mache pulp to fill out the lumps in the helmet. Test batch took 3 DAYS to dry, so expecting this to take most of the week. Least it gives me time to work on the armour.

Back armour has been mached and currently drying - will find out if its been a success and can continue with the front tomorrow.

The middle corset is done. Need to add the zip and attach it to the sides. Top half also needs zipping, and have since discovered I bought different coloured velvet from the sleeves. Decided to ignore it and continue on.

Original plan for the helmet involving rock plaster fell through, so am using a butchered Power Rangers instructables page and made something from cardboard and foam. Will paper mache tomorrow - hoping it'll look right.

Back armour is starting to take shape - just waiting for additional foam so I can do the front and the helmet.

On Friday I finally started work on the jodphur-like trousers. Made a cheap pattern copy out of spare fabric and it worked well, so applied it to my faux leather. Unfortunately something clearly went wrong mid-design, because they're far too big for me and will need to be re-sized somehow. Plan to do that along with the gold chest area tomorrow.

This is a LOUSY cosplay when it came to me planning it. I keep realising certain things aren't the way I think they are too late to change them. Ah well, its now done, and personally I think it looks great.

Cloack 85% complete - ran out of fabric for the top half so need to pick some up along with tassels and green cord to finish it off. Quite happy with the bottom half considering I had no pattern and its my first real cape.

Tunic all stitched together (with the best zip I've ever done). Just need to stitch a fastener into the collar and stitch on the bottom lining. Would do it tonight but feel sleep deprivation setting in which will only spell trouble.

Experiments for belt colouring resulted in one success, so will be painting leatherette with acrylic paint/PV glue combination.

Sewing machine is back so can finally start sewing. Dress/tunic thing is about 60% done, just needing to add the collar, zip and hem the bottom.

Shoulder paldron is made from foam, and the design done in 3D paint. Still need to heat it to shape though.

Since I failed the get the perfect shirt off of ebay, I used a white from Primark, made two lengths of white strip and ruffled them via the thread. The rose I got from hobbycraft.

Wig is being very vexing when it comes to styling, but think I've got a recognisable style now.

The only reason I'm stopping this for tonight is cause I ran out of fabric paint. I have ONE HALF OF A SLEEVE to go and need to go buy another pot of fabric paint just to finish it. -_-

Anyway, kimono is taking shaped. Pattern and lining all attached. Just need to hem, add collar and sleeves,

Oh, and actually finish off the obi and scarf, but will make it on time for tomorrow.

Sewing machine busted. So its been coming apart. Also can't put on the pattern, make the scarf, or the obi, or really any part of it. So gonna improvise. Gonna do the patterns in paint instead of thread, and hope that saves me enough time to borrow someone elses machine later next week.


Hoodie - done, but can't find the windscale motifs ANYWHERE online so will probably have to do without.

T-shirt - sewing machine busted so although its in one piece, it looks pretty awful, hope to borrow a friends and 'fix' it.

Boots - in progress

Trousers - still need to be hemmed. Haven't for reasons above.

Necklace - Its not physically accurate but found a circular cage with blue beads and stuck it on a chain from Internationale and it looks great.

Wig - to be styled

Book - Just need to glue on the decorations

HOW has it taken 2 days just to cut and hem the lining??? TWO DAYS. And it looks awful. Thank god thats the bit nobody sees. Hopefully get the actual fabric cut next week.

A half day to create the pattern, another to destroy it, and another to salvage it, but Philip's jacket is now done. I wanted to have it flare more at the bottom, but by Sunday I'd destroyed so much of the fabric TRYING to get it to work, I had to give it up and just make it straight. Still looks great though.

I am so far behind in cosplay, and got no one to blame but myself. Took a half day at work to try and catch up, and 4 hours later, I had the pattern for Philips jacket. Had to butcher 2 patterns to get it right, but now I can cut out the expensive fabric. Just have to decide WHICH one, the darker, more accurate (but very thin) fabric, or the brighter, looks nicer, but very inaccurate colour fabric.

Well, snow ruined any chance of the ball for me, making it 3 years in a row I've missed it. Will have to make a special effort next year and get the whole weekend for next time.

It does mean I have time to do little bits that got left behind though. I don't like the wig I bought, so I can get a new one, and redo the head ornaments since they don't look quite right. Plus actually stitch the 2 layers onto the skirt and come up with a better way to tie them on (since how the artwork shows them attaching...doesn't really work in reality - least not in any way I can find).

Gloves have arrived, blue front been unstitched and re-pinned with leather thread placed. will stitch up tomorrow. Have to use invisible thread for the blue (again) much to my dismay, but black will look too tacky and I can't find a good colour of thread to use instead. Still have to make head ornaments and ruffled bustle-thing.

I knew it wouldn't be done, but tried anyway.

I'm probably gonna have to take the blue section of and redo it for the lacing and to get the pattern right. I'm not happy with it right now.

My practice fabric for the skirt has been sewn up, torn down, sewn up again and then torn down until I'm sick to the teeth of it. Finally reached the point where the skirt is ready to be properly made, so that will at least be finished tonight.

Gonna need more Duchess satin for the skirt. Should have seen that coming.

Cut out the lining and satin pieces for the corset top. Need to actually stitch them together - still have to decide if I'm doing the swirl decoration by cutting pieces out, or stitching them on.

Sit rep:

Mask - done
Gloves - done
Armour pieces - drying
Belt - in progress
Feet - in progress

Stupid foam is taking forever to dry...

Okay, its not the prettiest thing - and REALLY thought it would turn out better than it did.

Had to make a spandex hood from lycra, then cut out the shapes I needed in carboard, which were used to cut out the foam. I hunted ebay for months to find a lime green pvc, and used ivory foam for the undermouth.

For the eyes, I used the yellow fabric from Boa Hancock's remnants, a circle of electrical tape and some yellow acetate.

I didn't want to buy a really expensive wig since I knew I would be hacking it to pieces, so thats a dirt cheap witch's wig - which I kind of regret since A) it looks cheap and tacky, and B) its not ALL OVER my kitchen T_T But at least it appears to have kept the shape.

I always knew all that extra blue acetate from Pronyma would be useful one day...

One hand complete. No thumb (gonna use face paint instead, the motor skills of the fingers is pretty awful so really need one free) and still needs the stud but otherwise done. Fingers are prepared for the second one so will have that complete tomorrow.

Green hood stitched up and mask now in all the pieces I need (save ears). Can't stick on pvc just yet though due to my buckram not being see through and having to wait for my acetate to get here. Looks great when I put it together though.

Bought a cheap wig so need to buy a few extensions to get his triangle hair just right.

Thought I would have this done by mid-afternoon - ended up taking me about 10 hours through some inexplicable time warping.

All of the patches are now attached, though some look kinda terrible due to my sowing machine having multiple disagreements with my invisible thread after discovering I hadn't gotten the right thread for the dark brown chunks. And haven't put the second collar on due to it failing twice. Regarldess, they're now all on and just need the external accessories (the giant X, multiple studs and some hand sewn black patchwork.

Wanted to start the shoes today, but its just taken too long today to start. Head mould though is now painted and ready for me to start making the mask (yes, I'm REALLY behind schedule - since when is this news?)

Have I mentioned how much I HATE working with pvc fabric? It hates to be hemmed (I ended up using electric tape as a shortcut), and its an uphill struggle to get it through a sowing machine. That said, I did, and I now have two shoulder pads plus the 3 brown patches (with normal fabric) on my suit. The main piece has suffered yet another setback so will have to start again.

Since Boa has done nothing but drive me crazy, I finally got round to starting Stork. Rae was MIA all day so the mask has had to be put aside (again) and worked on the body.

Front fabric is REALLY hard to cut, especially without my proper scissors, and even harder to hem. Ended up not doing either and stitching to another fabric to 'fix' the issue. Whether or not it works is another story. Was going to get out the machine, but roommates turn in the living room.

My god, this will be the first time since...ever, that I've made a costume that will NOT require work at the con. Jacket is done, hat is done, skirt is done - all systems are go.

Only issue is the pantaloons. The ones I've bought aren't great, but don't really think I can make a pair without my roommates help (and she's disappeared T_T), so will do with what I've got.

Cape is lined and ready for lacing, belt buckles are painted and drying, and thanks to my roommate the hat is ready for ribbonning. Tomorrow sees belts being finished, cape stitched on and hat completed.

Had to take the zip out due to length issues. Replaced with velcro which works better, and stitched up the two belts with buckles to be added. The gold trim is mostly creative license after looking at the reference art too often, but think it looks good. Also got the arms 'almost finished'. A few stitches are needed to seal them up and then they're done.
Obviously the cape still needs to be made, the lining is working as a base for actually cutting it out. Also, petticoat and pantaloons arrived from ebay. Petticoat looks great, pantaloons...not so much. May have to make a pair regardless.

Stitched on the arms and the zip, so its starting to take shape. Think the collar is too high and need to put on the gauzy sleeve parts, but it definitely looks like a jacket now. Really too late in the day to be this far behind, but history says I do my best work under pressure.

Lillets skirt is messed up - have to start from scratch. Dammit T_T

And the headdress is done! I can wash my hands of it and focus completely on the other factors.

Still working out the mathematics for Pronyma's waist high leg slits, but answer goes on backburner while tomorrow is spent dedicated to wings. Rub n buffed two today, and the holders are being strengthened with fabric and glue. Painting to begin tomorrow.

Got Ricky to paint the body symbols, but need to do them again. Also started work on the leg covers (to my dismay, I found the ONLY pair of leggings in the world that AREN'T skin tight. Good thing I'm stitching them to the body).

Started styling wig since headdress is nearly complete. Didn't go too well but I'm hoping I can spruce it up once the headdress and co are finished.

Wings are coming along too. Need to put in some 3d designs and another coat, then I'm going in with the rub n buff. Will be starting work on the holders tonight to.

I should never glue early in the morning - I've only gone and glue two parts the wrong way round. Admittedly its not a terribly large mistake but given how difficult the foam is being in just going into the shape I crafted...Its causing more than a few tears.

Tomorrow all the foam gets put away and its time to bring out the sowing machine again.

Hokay, spray paint hates the carpet tape/Primer that the wings are now wrapped in - so unless it dries unbelievably well that's another £6 down the drain and I need to get my hands on a TON of acrylic paint next week.

Headress - looks GORGEOUS even in 5 pieces. I've put on some of the 3D designs and tomorrow I can finish it off and put it together hopefully - so ONE part of it will be complete.

Headdress - still in 5 pieces getting its third coat of glue - the main designs look great and cant wait till its solid enough to paint and see if its going to work as well as I hope.

Wings - On their third layer of paper mache. Will get protruding designs glued on tomorrow and the penultimate layer of mache will go on so I can start working on the harness.

Body - Base is made, need to modify leotard for the high legs (just discovered that this costume means no underwear, joy of joys -_-), and need to shape and trim leg cape.

Still to start:

Chest Armour

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