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I've ordered the wig, hoping it arrives anytime soon! Also finally decided on the fabric i want to use. Cant wait to get started!!

So the coat is finished! Just having to add extra touches like the sleeve and back panels. Need to trim the front also, then its done. Im leaving Luke to sort out all of his EL wiring for it.

I have finished the green bodice at last! it was tough as i've made it without using a pattern, and it took me a while to shape the panels correctly to my body shape, curving the seams, but i got there in the end! I also interfaced the inside and added boning to each seam panel for extra stiffness. Expect photos soon! Currently im working on the skirt. The basic part of it is finished, now i need to cut it to length, hem it, reduce it a bit at the waist and put a zip in.

Yesterday i spent most of the day working on the white coat and i've pretty much nearly got it finished! All i need to do is sew the black fur on the collar, which im still waiting on. Hurry up mr postmannnn!! The cuffs came out really well and im proud of it overall. I managed to get sexy buttons for it also. Photos will be up once i get it to work and get it on the tailors dummy there cos i dont have one at home.

Today i finished the top of the hat and secured it all so it doesnt fall apart like a lamo. I added the bottom part of the white trim, i still need to added the off white layer to finish it off. The belt it around it too, managed to find a PERFECT belt in Oxfam! Go me!! So the hat is nearly done. Also i did a hair and make up test, it was pretty sexual XD

So tonight i decided to start the talllllll stovepipe/chimney hat whichever you care to call it. Im no good at making hats from scratch, so i bought a basic top hat and used stiffner as a tube to extende it upwards, then covered it in felt. I still need to finish off the top and add the band, belt and goggles. The band and belt should be no problem, and i've bought a pair of goggles online which i can paint when i get them. Excite!!

So the dress is finished now. I added some sequin trim onto the top and around the split of the dress, just to give it some extra razzle dazzle. My corset arrived and its given my boobs great support, so i dont have to worry about a bra. I've ordered some 4 inch heels (yikes) online. So dont wanna be THAT tall, but i think Jessica will look wrong with flat shoes. So all i need now is the gloves and its done!

Okay, so the past couple of days i've been working on the dress. I got the most beautiful shimmering satin material, with a slight sparkle effect sheen on it. I've pretty much finished the dress now, it need a few darts here and there to match my curves and whatnot. I've also ordered a corset online, which im expecting in a day or two for support of the breastages! So hopefully pics will be posted soon!! Im currently deciding wether to use a wig, or my own hair. I mean, i have red hair anyways, so it makes sense to use it really.

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