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I'm really arty and creative so enjoy making and wearing costumes. Not many of my friends read or watch manga/anime so going to conventions is a great way to meet and speak to people with similar interests to myself.

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After "making" my pyrrha costume by buying all of the clothes and making card/foam armour I have decided to actually make a costume this time.

A couple of months ago I bought myself a sewing machine and started making my own clothes (and plushies out of the scrap material).

This may be a crazy and terrible idea but I have decided to take on the mammoth task of sewing my own Silica costume as well as a Leafa one for my friend.

I will be writing this journal and letting you all know how I'm getting on. Occasionally I may regret this idea so if you are watching my progress any advise would be much appreciated.

Oh I will also be making my own Pina prop if I have time :D

I am hoping to have these completed by September for MCM Glasgow :)

This is the first costume that I have ever made, and I am mostly do this as there are no Pyrrha costumes out there to buy yet.

So far I have spent hours searching on the internet for clothes that I could use (and modify if needed) to make up the costume.

In her wikia description it says she wears burgundy shorts but later it is referred to as a mini skirt. For comfort reason I have bought shorts (it saves me worrying that people can see up my skirt). I have also bought a red shawl/scarf, long brown socks, long brown gloves, and a yellow boob tube.

I was originally going to make the brown corset armour out of craft foam but after reading a helpful comment I have decided to buy a brown corset as it is sturdier and will support me better. For the costume I am going to sew the front back on itself and then to the top to make one piece.

All that's left for me to do is to buy a wig and green contact lenses then make her yellow armour, shield and spear. I haven't decided if I will make the armour out of craft foam or worbla yet.

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