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I've been cosplaying since early 2009, My first cosplay was Hatsune Miku and I was terrible! All photos have since been deleted, its for your own good.

I've done a variety of costumes, I only tend to take on designs I really like or cosplays close friends have bullied/blackmailed me into. I'd like to start focusing more on film and TV designs in the future.

I have a massive phobia of stages and having too many people looking at me, as such I've only entered 1 competition (that didn't require me to go on stage) in which I won the Master Makeup Artist award.

My work has been featured in OTACOOL, Cosmode (Volumes 38, 46, 47) and received a Showcase from and a Daily Deviation from Deviant Art

My goal is to attempt getting up on stage >_<

I'm always open to group ideas, please never hesitate to ask :D

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I spent the days previously drawing out the designs of the runes I could make out in my reference images, then I had to digitize them, using my cutter again I cut them out on a heat transfer metallic aqua vinyl. Then after topstitching some black leather ribbon with white details, I ironed on each line of runes.

Then I created a band to go around my lower arm to help wear the ribbons

Using my Silhouette Cutter I cut the design into 2mm foam, then used a heat gun to reveal the details. This will later be added to 5mm dense foam and shaped.

Using an embossed scuba black fabric I previously owned and found perfect for this cause.

SO I'm finding my first attempt at a cupped corset to be a frustrating affair to say the least. And I'm running out of time, so starting to feel a tad panicked!

At this point I've got my leggings and top made, so that's at least something, I really need to knuckle down and get more done on this!

Sometimes I frustrate myself with my costumes. I can't tell if I am being overly critical of what I've made or if there it is an honest problem. Like this costume. The skirt hangs just slightly odd to my eye, the jacket don't look quite as polished ect ect.

I'm nervous about making the matching blouse, as it is getting the lapels to match the coat lapels is not something I'm looking forward to but to make it worse i'm working from a vintage 40's pattern, which makes no goddamn sense at all.

I also really want my hat to arrive, I want to make sure i have plenty of time to get a new one if this one fails...


SO very annoyed. I'd made my fuku a few weeks ago and it had a few tiny flaws that I let go...which have now cause massive problems that are leading me to scrap it and start again. On one had I'm looking forward to fixing the issues of the last one but on the other hand its frustrating to have to start again.

THEN I went and screwed up the boots, so thats basted boots and time down the drain.

The only thing Ive managed to achieve these last few days is my earrings. Still really struggling with the skirt as well. TURNING INTO THE COSPLAY FROM HELL

So i've decided to try doing a sailor scout again, though this time i'm doing one i'll probe suit a hell of a lot more then I did Moon! Gonna try get this started early to I can spend next year doing the prop.


I bought a pluto wig from ebay but i honestly find it a bit thin? So i've bought a second one to combine into the first one, hopefully that gives a better effect.


I'm so frustrated, I don't feel as if my costume is coming together in a way I'm happy with. While at first I felt very lucky to find the fabric that I have now used, I can't help but feel it has been a hinderance and and really impacted my ability to get a polished look? Regardless I am now 99% finished the costume and wig, now need to start on my props, really worried about getting them done in time!

Decided that while I want to make the jet pack more, my time limits mean I should focus more on the chainsaw arms, Ordered some materials for it today that had been out of stock, to my frustration and received my custom made stencil for the numbering.

Bloody hell, I have like no time for cosplay right now! Freaking out! Tonight I dyed some 100% nylon stockings to get a more accurate look for alisa, plus started preparing the lace detail for them, small steps i guess, ive also ordered my wig, i hope its ok and doesn't need too much work -_-

I've made some smaaaalll progress. I still count it as a victory though, anything I can do now is something I'm not rushing to make last minute!

I'm running a test on some glue tonight to see how well it holds two materials together, Its so hard not to just jump in and start gluing but I promised myself to try not do that this year! And when I start gluing the pearls onto my belt, I have to take my time or else it will look crap.

I've been having some problems wrapping my mind around some of the detailing on the bust, finally figured out that I'm going to keep that separate from the main top, and make a camisole.

More materials have arrived today and the seller for my flowers has agreed to replace the ones that are damaged.

In todays batch of items, my jewels are the wrong colour! They sent me purple instead of blue, very annoying.

Also annoying is the lack of large, well stocked dress fabric stores here in the UK, I have yet to find a good central location to buy from, I don't want to have to make a trip to london for fabric after all.

Having trouble deciding what to do for the jewel on her belt.

Some of my materials have arrived today, mostly pleased though one of my flowers could be in better condition, will contact the seller about that.

Started research on all the different parts and costs, also ordered some of the smaller bits to start making the accessories.

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