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I've been involved in the cosplay community since 2009 and I started looking at cosplay when my friend suggested cosplaying at the London MCM Expo, May that year. My first complete cosplay was Original version of Miku Hatsune.

My first proudest moment is when me and my friend got shortlisted in the Neo magazine competition with Miku Hatsune, original form. Second being when our Amulets from Shugo Chara got picked to go into the Cosplay Fever RED book, and my third proudest moment was when I got ask to become an official Blazblue cosplayer for the day @ Bunkasai and the HMV Gamerbase event to promote Continuum Shift 2. I got my Taokaka costume signed by the designers of the game.

At present I have reduced the costumes that I make for myself, as my attention has moved to helping others make the most out of their cosplay experiences. I've moved more towards Fabric based costumes, as sewing is more my strength, but that doesn't mean I won't attempt any armour at all. Over the years, I am still learning and developing my skills and that's the beauty of this hobby. There is always another technique to acquire.

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Getting this one out of retirement for a private photo shoot. A few things need to be changed, but hopefully it will be easy to fix. The skirt will become a knife pleated skirt and the straps will be fixed too. Just got to find everything up in the attic.

Noel will be returning to London Comic Con in May with an update. The belt, holsters and guns are traveling back to Cyanide so he can do the necessary work on those pieces. I will be re-making the top, cutting the hair shorter and making the boot covers fit my leg rather than falling down every time I walked a step. I have proper references now thanks to the art book and will be making adjustment based on those.

The skirt may be shortened and the pleats will be pressed properly in. I hope I can make version two a lot better than version one.

Haven't picked up this costume for a while and it's time to start her again... the bows have been made and so has the collar. Got another sewing pattern in the post coming as I haven't got a clue where my other one has gone to. All the fabric is still with me waiting to be sewn. Attempted the gloves, however I need to buy thicker wadding or rope to finish them off (will be using gloves from Eternal Sailor Saturn)

Boots are now complete. Waiting for the end of the month so I can grab either my tiara or her wig (Christmas was an expensive period for me) Hopefully I can get this done for May Comic Con or sooner.

A re-wear is happening soon, not sure when though but in 2014 she will be coming back out again. Got a brand new wig and gloves. All I need is to re- leather dye the boots as the spray leather dye wasn't worth the money, so back to sponging technique.

Need to send the guitar back to Cyanide and see what he can do to fix it xD

The reference that I have for the back of the cape, is incorrect, so have decided to re-make the cape, place all the details on then re-do all the yellow bias tape on the cape before calling it complete. Still got details to do on the boot covers and other accessories. Wig replacement hasn't arrived yet and beginning to panic slightly. Hopefully it should come together for Expo.

Completely done now, wig has been cut, new scarf has been made and all fits pretty well. Cyanide and me will be working on the lance together when he visits.

Found my wig for Noel and it was completely botched to hell so I have decided to buy another one. I need to cut and style it but shouldn't be too hard to do so.
Done my boot covers and are being sent to Cyanide hopefully in the next week. Waiting to buy a zip for the back of Noel's top. Brought more stockings for the costume. Cyanide still working on the holsters but the guns are complete.

finally got started on this costume, this week and have got the main pieces completed. I need to grab more fabric for the cape, however the top is done except the buttons on the black band need to be gold not silver, so I will need to replace them.

Skirt is longer than the characters due to modesty reasons. Cyanide has started the holsters and it re-vamping the guns from the previous Noel. Found my gloves and made another tie for the top as the other one wouldn't of fitted with the top.

I haven't been able to find my stocking but they are easy to replace. Started on my boot covers which will be finished off by Cyanide with some decoration. All in all it's all in motion and should be finished by Expo :D

Got most of this costume completed now, Shirt done, Skirt done, Scarf done. Already had the shoes. Legwarmers in the post, Gloves to mod are in the post. Cyanide is doing the lance, I need to style the wig aaannnddd... Complete and for under £50 Target Achieved..

Brought earrings, hair bobbles and fabric.
Shoes have been dyed and wig has been relisted. Going to make all the accessories first then make the actual costume because I can spend more time concentrating on the main body of the costume without any distractions.

Brought blue and white cotton for another costume so I extended the amount that I needed to make this one. Only thing I need to find is white bias tape and interfacing so I can start this one off. Shouldn't take long to do. Got the gloves on watch and leg warmers are easy enough to find.

Complete and ready to go. The rifle is on it's way to being complete too. Need to pack it all in the suitcase and add final details on to a few things. Easy enough to wear and easy enough to shove everything in the boots for travel :D Hopefully going to be hot otherwise might just have to pull out Older Yoko just for the jacket.

From my previous Noel costume I have red ribbons with the arrows on them. White gloves, blonde wig, stockings and base shoes for the boot covers plus the base guns.

Got an item on Ebay on watch that I can make into the top for Noel, I got some blue drill cotton upstairs however I will need to match this with stuff that I might need to buy as I don't know how much I do have.

Guns will be adapted by cyanidecustard and the gun holsters will also be made by cyanide with the belt included. The hair clips will possibly be made out of fimo. Should be a pretty easy costume to pull off but we shall see ass the simple ones can be the most annoying.

Finished and complete ready to be worn whenever, wherever. The uniform has been modified, the rifle still needs more work, however I got things sorted and can wear this costume at any convention coming up.

Modifying the uniform now and got the black leather patches on the trousers to sew up. Getting the badges sewn up. The rifle is getting a re-vamp and we should be all set for sniper debut :D Excited for this costume.

Other wig got refunded and been used for extensions for other wigs. Purchased other wig and also waiting for jumpsuit. All complete just got to wait on deliveries and Expo October.

Got the boots dyed white, need another bottle though. The soles have been painted red, details need to be added then the tops of the boots to be sorted. Got the scope scoped out. Gloves are completed. Nearly ready for a photo shoot.

Wig arrived today, however its not what i expected at all. There is a bold patch. the colour of the blond is too golden yellow and there are random white blonde patches all around it. Sent a e-mail to the suppliers and waiting on what will happen next. Looking at another wig at the moment, it much more expensive, however it has the look I'm looking for, for EVA.
Still need to purchase boots and jumpsuit for the costume

Nearly there, got the jacket to make now. Wig been styled, Base clothes have been sourced. Boots need the bobble bits glued on and some insoles in the boots themselves. Gloves have been made by Cyanidecustard as I had enough of looking for proper gloves over the internet, been searching for over a month or so now. CYanide is still working on the guitar for me.

Everything is coming together, Cyanide is doing the guitar from scratch and i've been cutting the pattern to size. Need to dye my fabric a little darker first before cutting and making the jacket. Gloves were wrong and now sourcing a different pair but proving difficult. Wig needs a slight style, however everything else is pretty much ready and waiting.

Miltank I choose you for Sunday of May Expo 2013. Repaired the horn on the headband, changed the colour of the bell to a darker gold. Sanded and re-painted the head piece as it was massive on me the last time. Thinking of a hair grip rather than a comb this time as it kept falling out of the wig. Fitted the zip in properly and have ironed everything and made two more ankle ribbons as the others fell apart. Waiting on wig to return back to me as my sister borrowed it from me. Got to move one or two buttons on the apron then SORTED!

Completed the main fuku of the costume now, everything been placed on and moved around to make it look better. A zip needs to be placed as the other was completely mangled.
Need to find and style my black wig, and find the accessories for this costume. Fire bow is half way to being finished for MIA. Going to have a rest for a few days before tackling these last few bits and pieces.

The brooch has been sanded down and painted with fresh paint. New sleeves been sewn as the others were too pink to be put back on. A new bodice top has been made for the fuku and the front bow has been re-done as the other looked terrible. Back bow has been shortened to be more screen accurate. I still hate lycra with a passion. Will be tackling the underneath of the fuku too as I want to put a new hip roll in as the other one on there now looks like it is on its last legs.

A lot of unpicking but it is doable just a lot harder than I thought it would be, however should look better than the past photo I have now of it up.

Everything has been sourced, the boots need to be sprayed white and details to be painted. Bracelets completely done. Looking into a new scope for the rifle as the other one is now broken. Cyanide will be helping me. Thinking of going to Cornwall for some beach/dessert shots.

Everything has been sourced, wig,gloves,shirt,trousers,scarf etc etc Only things left is styling the wig, find the guitar and get the jacket made.
Really looking forward to this costume. Comfortable and cosplaying with some of my favourite people :D

Jacket is half way getting completed, was not looking forward to it but has been quite pleasurable experience. Gone majority of the bias tape on, got to grab some white zips before I can do anymore to it. Might need to be taken in a little on the side, but we will see once everything been sewn glued together. Once all that is done the final piece is the hood and the buckle on the front of the jacket. happy days. Cyanide is still currently working on the cannon. A lot of work still to be done.

OK, I give up on buying shorts on Ebay, first lot of shorts was too small, waited for a replacement they havent arrived. Back up pair was delivered and they were still 2" too small even though they stated they were a size 14. So using different fabric to PVC (The same leather I'm using for the jacket) I will be making my own pair of shorts. Just fed of of spending a lot of money on shorts that don't fit. As you can see though the boots have been completed and the gun is in progress. Made my boyfriend's Kaito coat so its now onto mine. I'm absolutely dreading it ... EEP!

Got 2 pairs of boots that are identical on watch. One lower than the other due to a defect but these will be sprayed white and painted anyway so it wont matter to me too much what state the boots are in to be honest.
Going to get some self cover buttons paint them yellow then superglue onto the bracelets. Did the gloves the other day. We are almost set to wear this one for a shoot sometime.

Having trouble with the shorts at the moment, so has purchased a back up pair of shorts just in case I never see the replacement ones for the others. Started on the boots and need to make the white bias tape straight and neat on the boots.
Got some leather to start making both Black Rock Shooter coats. Making Black Rock Kaito first then my own jacket, as mine is more complex. Still unsure about the cutting of the wig, so going to take another look nearer the time to see what I can do to fix it to make it look better

Nearly there, last few pieces will be done nearer the time. Boots need another layer of white leather dye, goggles been dispatched. Shirt has been dyed. We're on our way. Not sure about the guitar at the moment, but thinking up a plan. Bracelet needs a few small pieces. Gloves are being a pain to find so I am going to buy a random set of gloves add the gauntlet pieces then dye them with leather dye.

Brought some wet look leggings with a white top the other day in the sales.Got home and realised that the top is beige in colour so quickly brought some dye today so I can make it the right colour.

Brought some black boots in a charity shop which are absolutely perfect shape, comfort and size for Haruko except the colour so more dye will have to be brought to make them white.
Found the perfect wig then its just the making of the jacket to really get done.

Originally was going to use PVC for the coat, however Asten gave me some really nice light weight leatherette off cuts for my gloves and boots. It was incredibly easy to sew and cut to shape, so will be using this material for both coats. Once they have been finished I will be using a high gloss shoe polish to create the shiny effect that PVC has. Need to grab the bias tape more but made the cuffs to the gloves. Got boot tops still to make.

shorts have arrived but are too small so waiting on a replacement pair before I send the other pair off to be returned. they were perfect but way too small as they didn't customize them for me.

got the boots and made some progress on the soles of them waiting on some leather to finish the flaps up, and also I need to buy 25+ metres of white satin bias tape xD

Gloves have arrive and again waiting on leather to attach and make her flaps on them. Other than that it will be the construction of the coat for her. I'm really dreading it

I keep buying things for this costume, just getting too motivated to wear it now I think xD Finally got the boots and been doing the details of the platforms today, will be tackling the tops of the boots at a later date before polishing it all with gloss polish.
Looking into materials for the cannon with Asten and I think the last piece that will be the coat. Going to make kaito's BRS coat first then going to attempt mine as its more detailed. Its exciting!!

I thought shorts would be easy enough to do.... I was wrong, scraped them in an hour or so of starting them. Brought some nice custom one off of Ebay :) and have now cut and styled the gorgeous wig that has arrived. Boots are on watch, I've watched a few pairs but these seem to be the ones that always stuck out to me. Asten has the belts for me and gloves I'm still looking for a good pair. Working on the coat next year so i got a couple of months to figure it out and work on it slowly to get all the details right on it. Asten has found a tutorial on the gun, and informs me he will be gather supplies for it in January.

Brought the bikini top and its now been modified to suit BRS. Gloves on watch as well as wig. Brought the black collar she wears and keeping an eye on some very snazzy boots for her. Gun is being made by Asten. Hopefully start work on making the shorts once I get interfacing and draw up a new waistband for them.

Can't wait to wear all my things together. The PVC is going to be a bitch to work with but I am up for the challenge. Making the TV series costume as the normal black rock shooter is too plain for my liking.

I should have wig, gloves, bikini top, boots and collar all done before this year is out next year will be working carefully to make the jacket complete, finished correctly and accurate.

I didn't realize until now she wears little leek hair clips in her hair and so I am making them for this costume, I haven't managed to sell this costume and so going to wear it again for good measure :3 to go with a geeky Kaito

Got started on this properly now as I have some money and some time that I can invest in this costume as I want to wear her as many times as possible. Got the wig styled, shoes, socks, gloves all sourced. The skirt is being re-made due to the first one being too small and I couldn't move around in it enough. The jacket is being made by Asten and its half way through.
Haven't got much further to go with this costume, so hopefully I might have a teaser shot up sooner than I thought :D

This costume is going to be the death of me, so much pink!!! Ergh! Armwarmers are done, Skirt is done, Accessories are done, just the top and finishing the shoes off to go, I might re-do the neckti depending on how much time I have left as the white lines are annoying me where they are to now >_<... I hope I can successfully achieve everything before Friday... there's a dance to be learnt too GAH!

Brought new wig and new gloves for this costume, would like to rewear it in the future :)
Need to change the silver buttons to black buttons or paint the original ones black

brought the remaining fabric the other day and will get the top started as soon as I can then the skirt, as I want to see how to atatch the brooch onto the top so it doesnt move around and hit me in the face or fall on the floor.

Got my new shinies and couldnt wait to play with them :D they are so awesome and glad I brought her weapon as now me and my friend can change our weapons and make even better ones xD we will be annoying people at Expo with them xD TRUST ME... Still thinking how to do the arm sleeves...

My friend brought all the black satin in the world yesturday >_< and will be starting my dress as soon as she can, I will be attempting her jacket and trousers as soon as I can once I grab a sample from a store.

I will be making my friend's jacket as well and will be starting her Kaito jacket tomorrow, so a bright and early start for me tomorrow xD

Yes, my brooch and my weapon of choice is coming through the post :D, just brought them now so they would arrive in time for Expo :) I cant wait to play with them as soon as they come >_< My friend got her brooch and weapon already and they were really awesome to see working... :D The brooches are perfect size for us, just got to find a way of attaching the brooch to the costume now O.o

Dancing is going well, need my middle pink colour to get started on the main skirt and top of the costume, then think about the armwarmers again ¬_¬

FINALLY got my pink wig from Ebay :)
need to Style it up abit but its alot of fun wearing it,
The bow looks massive but thats how it looks on her anyway xD
Now to practise the dance in wig and shoes to work out how hard its going to be ...

The colours were slightly off with the Satins and it didn't look right to me so today I re-made all the bows that I did before and made the other bows for the costume, she has sooo many bows ¬_¬... Luckily these are all done now so I can concerntrate on the main costume now :) I put some heel grips and insoles to the shoes so I can practice dancing in them now properly need to get some pink ribbon and finish the shoes off...

No word on the wig at the moment as it is still in the post will contact seller on Monday if it hasn't arrived by then

Did a test shot, and I'm happy with how its coming out, theres a minor detail on the jacket to complete and also slight modification to the belt to do, still got to sort the Rifle out... Pretty much complete now ... Roll on Kitacon

(Small icon picture just to show roughly how it will look)

My guitar is now hanging in the garage with a white gloss paint covering on it, dad did spray the guitar string part and the plug in for the lead gold however we are going to spray hammerite gold smooth instead on the metal as the gold dad has sprayed will scratch off the parts.

Will also be getting some gloss black paint to finish the other couple of parts on the guitar, then the neck will be softly sanded and varnished with a darker shade to make it look almost black and the frets will be made Gold... :) Hope this works...

Will not be modifying the guitar purely because I would like to use it for other costumes like Imitation Black and Lost Memory :) Will be photoshopping still the pink on the guitar :)

My guitar is now hanging in the garage with a white gloss paint covering on it, dad did spray the guitar string part and the plug in for the lead gold however we are going to spray hammerite gold smooth instead on the metal as the gold dad has sprayed will scratch off the parts.

Will also be getting some gloss black paint to finish the other couple of parts on the guitar, then the neck will be softly sanded and varnished with a darker shade to make it look almost black and the frets will be made Gold... :) Hope this works...

Well we've been talking (my group and I) and we've started getting these sorted for Kitacon.
I got an eye on another wig for this costume as its lighter than the usual gold bold Len usually has in the PVs... My friend Ayame and I have swapped costumes and I will be attempting hers and she will be attempting mine.

We've gone for suiting fabrics for hers and for mine acetane satin in black and grey, less expensive than the dutchesse and less shiny but more expensive looking than chinese satin... so a good balance.

Hopefully these won't be tooo bad to do and we should get them done within the next 4 months :)

I dunno if Len has a guitar is this video but I'm getting one sprayed and modified so I can use it for the Vanan'ice costumes...

Guitar is now stripped, here's hoping that it will be a easy restoration and re-modelling otherwise me and dad are going to be in trouble. The colour scheme is white, gold, black... the pink will be photoshopped in later as i would like to use the guitar for other Vanan'ice costumes including Imatation black and Loveless.

Found my guitar I want to make into Len's and re-styled his wig as his wig didn't really survive last time as he was styled long before I wore him...

Going to try and bribe dad to help me again with my guitar, A southern comfort and a box of liquorice alsorts should do the trick ;)

UPDATE: Wig been restyled... with extensions and everything so hopefully is looks more like Lens and less like a mess xD

Right Christmas has been and gone got some money so it went towards the Pink wig and petticoat for this costume... Only got the 2 colours of Pink Satin to get now so I can start the top and the skirt, possibly the skirt first then the top (top looks tricker) Need to grab some white leather dye so I can finish the shoes off... and grab some fimo air to do all the gems around the costume... Still saving for the brooch at the moment... its going to be pricey >_< Still thinking on how to do the armwarmers

Painting these boots hasd been a full day job O.o drew roughly where I wanted the flames and then its been one coat after another after another to make sure they look even and flame like... Cut the buckle off the tops of the boots then going to use one of the buckles to place on the strap as it's perfect :)

Only thing let to get on with is the jacket when my sewing machine decides to come back from it's holiday ^^, A few mods on the shorts need to be done. Dad has had a look at the gun and wll be helping after christmas as he's going to help make a guitar too :3

I havent got much to do on this costume now :3... As I got a new job I treated myself to the thigh high boots for this costume and have purchased the red wine leatherette for the jacket. I have done a mock up of the jacket to see what it would roughly look like, a few alterations but it should look like Yokos. Need to work out the lining but the main designs have been penned and measured. Tomorrow hopefully will be the applique of the motifs onto the sleeves and back of the jacket.

Still need to train, however with my new job being so physical it should speed up some of the exercising needed. Still got a few little alterations on the gun to do then COMPLETE and should be ready for Kitacon ;)

These have been fiddly, I found some left over pink and white satin from my fabric bin and decided to have a go... It's been 5 hours + and do you think I've got it ¬_¬ NO so I'm thinking of a different route before trying again... I'm concerned I'll run out of pink satin just by doing the sleeves alone.

right time for another dancing session with another costume this time its from Precure series. I got some shoes that will come in handy for this one and I may have some pink satin left to make some of the accessories from. there maybe a chance of some socks O.o XD

Got my eye on a wig, have contacted the seller to ask how they modelled the wig to make it lush in the first couple of pictures so I can do the same. Pink is not my favourite colour but I don't have to work with too much lycra so I am happy :3 ... Now to learn the dance ^^;

Will be making Guitar during the break now, and will be buying a longer braid for Len's hair so you can actually see it XD and new yellow nail polish as mine was horrible to put on ¬_¬ it dried too quickly. Hopefully I will have blue eyes for his costume next time... Small things but worth the changes.

Finally done all the painting on Len ^.^ Happy times got a few little things to do now including putting black satin on the bottom of the Hakama and sewing up the shrugs. Hopefully this should be done tonight then I can carry on with my other bits and bobs tomorrow and wednesday night.

Did a make up test last night and it went rather well.
Not colouring my eye brows though XD It was really wierd looking.

this is a never ending challenge O.o Its been 3 weeks of non stop painting with Ayame to get these costumes worthy for wear. We aren't going to be doing out guitars as our Kaito couldn't make it to Expo this time round, we will be doing them for another time... Not wearing these for one showing XD that painting has nearly killed us both.

Still got some painting on the shrug and the Hakama, hopefully wont take me long now to finish it off. Got a few roses to make, then this costume should be sorted for Sunday ^^ I got to also grey wash my shoes.

Getting all the basics that I need for this costume and then later on I will start making the actual costume. I got all the small pieces like glasses, chopsticks and shorts. Got some leather to make the shorts slightly bigger. Belt has been purchase.

Donor boots have been sourced, will be covering in white leatherette to make them thigh highs. Leather dye will be purchased again however in red. Got leather for the bikini top.

Ths costume is well on the way to being complete with minimal efforts. My friend is well on the way with the rifle. Now for the hardest part.... the training :(

Starting pencilling out some of the paint work on Len Kagamine and now the bow for the obi is ready for painting. Got the shoes painted, however not really happy with the outcome at the moment.

Going to try and sort the sleeves tomorrow night, so pencils will need to be sharpened, and the sleeves need to be sewn up as well. Got the braid in the hair done, and the chopsticks are on their way to be modified slightly into his chopsticks.

Guitar needs to be found so that progress can get started as soon as possible. Going to have a painting session on the weekend of the 25th Sept so hoping hakuma will be painted.

Still needs to get black satin for the shrug that goes around Len, so much work to do but we are ploughing slowly through

Been making this slowly since Kitacon. The wig was first of all, then bits and pieces were made with some of the fabrics I already had in my house. I did try and do the top first. We screen printed some of the design onto yellow cotton to all the yellow detaisl on the costumes.

However the design was slightly wrong for my costume and hand painted some of my details on, but I made a mess so the top needs re-doing. After a break I got some red and black satin which I've made Hakama and the Obi for the costume. The shoes were brought in Weymouth, and socks soon followed.

Already had nail polish, fan and blind. Currently thinking of buying a few coloured chalk pencils to make lines to help me paint, will be using printing ink where possible all little details will be done in fabric paint.

Asked my dad about my Guitar upstairs in our loft, and he is willing to spray it for me :) Hopefully maybe able to shape the guitar as well.

Thought I would of cracked this dress by now, however the ruffles are getting in my way XD. There's still much more to do on the ruffles. I got the main one on the top of the skirt sewn and looking how I want it to look and the second one has been placed on with pins but looking good.

The third and forth one needs more fabric added to make it look more puffy like, as at the moment it is lacking. So more fabric buying for me, hopefully its just the metre to finish the ruffles down the back and add more fabric to the forth skirt ruffle. Then it's just the gold paint to do on the bodice. Got the wig that I want on the way :3 then its the putting on everything run.

Sorted out the some of the ruffles. All sewn and looking better already. I made them too close together last time and it got way too messy. My cat decide to use the part I haven't done as a cat bed for an hour. That's how the cat is in the photo. I've got more fabric coming my way, and hopefully by thursday I will have a re-vamped dress. Just the wig to get now :3

Got my eye on a wig at the moment, brought some white gloves a few months back that are hanging with the dress, will be buying some more power mesh sometime either this week or next to finished the dress off :) Not really happy with the gems on the bust as you can see the glue mark, I will sort when doing final touches to the dress. Got plenty of time to do this as I don't think I will be going to Ayacon this year.

Wings are all painted now, need to paint a white line on 2 and half wings then they can all be clear coated and mounted. Got a few small pieces on my jacket to do which won't take long at all as its most sticking things on or putting velcro on. It will should be finished either today or tomorrow night. An end of 7 months hard work and a lot of problems to sort out within that time.

She is the hardest thing I have ever started to construct and in all honesty will be my last that I construct. I'm not a very patience person as I have discovered and like to do things in fabric more as if you go wrong you un-do a stitch, with this if you go wrong you have to do the whole panel again from scratch....

Time so far: A day

After a whole day worth of spray different colours and leaving things all to dry, the blades are finally finished :) Still got a few problems of trying to get it attached to the forearms.

3 blades are nearing completion and the others need to be filled in and then primed ready for the paint once again, then its assembly of the wings. Going to have to glue or tape my shoes into my boots that I have made, luckily I got a friend that got some stuff that is going to stick them and stick them well in the boots :3

Time so far: 1 day

Another two weeks to get V-13 looking the part for Expo. The boots have been glued together, final touches have been done at the top of the mecha legs, these have been cleaned up and rubbed down so all the white parts look white again, this also happened on the jacket... Mask needs a final clean, so does the forearms, after the blades are attached.

As I had a complete disaster with the blades, I have to re-start the painting again and my dad explained how to spray paint properly. We sanded the blades down to remove the paint that I put on the blades, these are now primered and waiting for the proper paint once again. Hopefully this weekend we will see the blades done and some of the wings done.

Time so far: 2 hours

After some fail attempts at cutting some foam to shape and many burns to the hand I have managed to make the boots, there is some final touches to do, however these wont take more than a day to do. I'm happy the way they have come out, I'm proud of my mecha boots as they are my first. I can safely walk in them, which is also a plus. Also the last contact adhesive I'm not buying again as it has stunk the house completely out.

Purchased some hinges for the wings so hopefully on sunday these will get done as the attachment of the blades.
Time so far: 3 hours

Got one of my boots looking lovely, the other I think I may have to get extra blue PVC for :S I hope not...*fingers cross* Made the big parts of the lower legs and its now becoming a reality that I may have a completed V-13 by end of May :D Picture shows the two pieces together and how the back looks like

I wasn't feeling too great today, however I thought to myself I need to something to V-13 to keep her going as I have little time left and most will be used up on fixing her and doing her wings, so I did a bit of work on the boots. Dark blue material is glued to one boot and I made the light blue strips to glue on top of this, as I had one already made I stuck the white triangle to the middle of the boot.

All whats left on that one now is all the big white pieces. The other boot needs dark blue done, the white triangle to be made and everything needs to be glued on to the boot.

Time so far: 1 hour

Brought a few more cans of spray paint to do the colouring of my wings and blades, light blue went on fine, royal blue started causing problems, sprayed little and often as I was told, the wind blew the paper onto the paint and it stuck, so it had to be done over again, then it stuck again...

After trouble with the blue I did the white on the blades and that stuck onto the paper. I walked away from the whole situation cause I have to do the light blue again on one blade and re-do the royal blue and white on the other.
Time so far: 2 1/2 hours of going backwards. One wing was finished in the process...

Need to: re-spray blades and finish wings.

I finally after much umming and erring started the lower boots... atm going alright, better than expected :) I got all the grey pieces on and painted. Need to still do a lot of work on them still...

Upper boots grey pieces are now painted plus the black have been done too. Waiting on the final piece of the puzzle which is the Lime green PVC which is currently being shipped. 8D really can't wait to do all those pieces hehehe...

Wings/Blades are still being painted as I need to fill some holes before primer and paint. Still working how to put the wings together...
Time so far: 8 hours

I had to tear a few things off and rearrange, and basically restart the upper boots again...
Made bigger blue strips and made the blue boxes on the previous photo (underneath somewhere) smaller and cut them in half. Made the white pieces using the same method like the rest of the costume and proceed to hot glue everything together. All the grey bases all went on and I attached some black lycra around the legs so I can bend my leg in the way she does, without showing skin. Still got lime green parts, painting and front parts still to go on them.
I thought it was time to stop when the hot glue fumes were making me have a headache XD.

Started to spray paint the blades, need to work on my technique and so will be re-spraying so they look less patchy. Brought some magnets to see if I can try another method to attaching the wings to myself. Still need to find clear persepex though ¬_¬ any ideas please let me know.

Time so far : 6 hours

Right, I seriously got to get cracking on this now O.o eep its coming up to a month left and still nothing really been done. The body suit pieces are done except for the green PVC which I will get on thursday along with more buckrum and spray paints.

Going to do the little fixtures at some point during the week then its just boot parts and trying to fix all the wings together and making them float, hopefully *fingers cross* by next week upper legs, blades will be painted and attached to forearms, plus wings will be painted and ready for assembly.

Brought 2 metres of power mesh to do V13 and Sandplay, it wasn't right for V13 so I used most of it on the sandplay costume, I did a few lines of 9inch wide pieces and started to make the dress look more fuller and regal. I was going to go in between the original dress work, however its in a terrible stat and so doing the dress fully is my only option. The bottom has been half changed I need to get a load more power mesh to finish the dress off complete -.-
Time taken: 2 hours

FINALLLY got rounds to these, after having a brainwave when I couldn't get to sleep last night.
Made a base from from buckrum and then started building parts on top of the base. With a highlighter I roughly pen outlines to get an idea of where things were going on the upper boot. Started with all the dark blue parts at the top then going to start the white and grey parts tomorrow. Hot glue is not kind. Still got Bigger boots to contend with ¬_¬ ergh, however now that I know roughly how to do them I should be okies to start them soon as well.

I have brought the perfect boots for this costume, just painted the heels white and have painted some of the metal white :) Happy days all round...
Got a new wig on the way to for this costume so it won't look like barbie hair ^^
YAY! all set for Kita!!

YAY! something went right for a change and didn't give me any aggro ¬_¬
PVA gluing the blades today ready for painting so they are soaking up the rays in the back garden.

Started the Wings as well. I thought they would take up more craft foam than I thought so that was a plus side 4 to every 2 blades :D Woop! I got two of the basic shape done. I got to get some more to complete the others and the details on the blades. Put the zips in the back of the jumpsuit so I can work out a harness for the wings.

Not much else to say but :S BOOOOTTTSSSS Why must you be so evil looking... After Kitacon hopefully these will be underway...

Time so far: 5 Hours

I have finally finished my hat which I am pretty proud of (see completed photo)
Didn't take much but the hat looks a lot more better than it use to.
I am still tackling the skirt as more and more netting just seems to fray continuously, so I am thinking of re-making the entire skirt. I have added more netting underneath to give it more volume like in the reference picture.

I have nearly finished the top half of the dress. I re-did the purple around the top half, and found some lovely trimming that suited the dress more. Hot glued some gems underneath the bust. Fabric painted and drew a design onto the bodice. then strung it with elastic thonging for the many string look. To be it looks more regal and very happy how it is going thus far.
Time so far: 3 Hours

I really should do the boots, however I still havent establish where to start yet O.o and its getting close to May with only 2 and half months to go... So I will be attempting the wings and blades as they are easy enough to do :3

It will be a layer of buckrum sandwiched inbetween two layers of foam and then details are added. I will be making all the componants, and then trying to work out a clear harness to fit everything on.

Having bit of money from sewing a blanket last week gave me the opportunity to start revamping the dress that I brought. I purchased a few pieces of ribbon and some fabric paint.

The hat was re-ribboned properly and hot glued into place, just need some netting and a few sparkles to finish it off. Started painting the middle part of the dress a more darker purple to fit in with the new ribbons on the hat. :D

The dress picture is before painting, it shows the new sleeves and shows all the trimmings were re-moved

Time so far: 2 hours

I didn't really want to tackle my cloak (V13) tonight so I thought I would entertain myself with a bit of destruction. I took all the purple ruffly edging off, the gold embroidery and the gold string (which were all hot glued on)

Taken the silver netting part of the purple and taking the black loops off. Its almost completely naked. I took all the ribbon off the hat so now I got a basic black hat to work off of.

The sleeves have been adjusted so the fit more to my arm and the lace has been removed and place near the hem of the sleeves to give it a pleated look.
Some ruffles at the back of the dress has been removed as well as these have been damaged from dragging of the floor.
Need to buy some ribbon a couple of metres of black netting like material, fabric paints and some patience. I got plenty of time so I dont need to worry until after May Expo.
Time so far: 3 hours

I'm planning to re-invent it and bring some more life into it. Wont be for a while, but hopefully it will be done for a ball in the near future, maybe not Kita but possible Ayacon.

All the pieces of the mask is now done, I need to neaten the mask up bit more before the big day. By using car tint, 4 layers went on a piece of an A3 clear plastic wallet. This made it dark enough to not see my face but I can still see out :D This was glued and sam then wired the electronics in (See completed mask picture) These will be alot more brighter when I purchase the right batteries for the LED we were just testing the connections in this photo.

Also got my base shoes for V13, still having to try and work out some problems before trying to start on the bottom half of V13. Did solve her wing problem though which was a plus ^^

Finally finished the jacket, the main top part of the costume *throws confetti* I need to clean it up and fix up a few tiny things, however main bulk done...
Clean up the forearm mecha parts, and have varnished all the pieces on the back.

Going to do the Non version's coat rings tomorrow, and re-do the hair as I need to put in the proper hair bands and place the hair piece in...
Time so far: 4 hours

My jacket now has blue straps and collar now *celebrates*
Got some painting and cleaning up to do before finishing the back off with the large grey pieces on the back...

I have also found the shoes I'm going to use. Got to work out how I'm going to do what I want to do with them, not a bad day today, but still a lot to do ¬_¬

Time so far: 5 hours

Had a few days off from V13 as she was irritating me plus I couldn't do much else as grey leatherette was needed... this arrived this morning and so I decided to do the back of the jacket ¬_¬ wasn't easy I assure you lol

First cutting things in card to make sure everything fitted still on the back of the jacket, then contact and PVC/Leatherette... Making paper patterns for the strap that goes round to the front was the easiest job, making it fit together in foam was a different matter (very fiddly)

The leatherette was really dark (see picture)nearly black so this was painted to a lighter colour. All the back needs some PVA glue painted over to give it a shiny mech look. Just got the top half of the jacket and the blue straps. Phew!

Time so far: 7 hours

I took a whilst trying to get all the pieces fit as cardboard first, then cut all the components out of foam. Did the usual method of contact and PVC. To glue it all together I used hot glue. A few mistakes happened on the first arm, and so bit of painting may have to be done, the second came out perfect. I will make the blades closer to may Expo, as I'm going to do them all at once...

Onto the legs next, I'm going to take some time out for a while to chill before doing them as I need to get grey leatherette and some leather dye to do the backs of legs and the back of the jacket with...

Time so far: 6 hours

Started doing some of the basic stuff again today as the jacket is still staring me... tried sewing the middle part of the jacket and it wasn't going right what so ever. Back to the drawing board and managed to try the same technique for my mask and it worked beautifully. Disaster was evaded.

Next task of the day was the gloves to go under the forearm mecha gear. Drew around my arm, made 4 pieces and sewed 2 together and viola gloves (first pair in my lifetime) ^^ Then I stuck the small handplates onto the gloves. Just the white nails and knuckles to do when I get more craft foam...

Time so far: 6 hours

When I was away, my wig arrived for this costume, today I started styling it with some hairspray and hair putty... The wig was giving me a few problems in the beginning as it is sooo long ¬_¬ after the back was tame it was the front O.o after much sticking and swear words I have managed this and victory was mine(see picture) a few things need to be tweaked and the hair triangle needs to be made and fixed on... Not bad for a afternoon of work... now onto the jacket again ^^'

Time taken: 1 1/2 hours

The one part I was looking forward to making about this costume :3
Templates were made first to make sure all the parts would fit together properly, then these were transferred onto craft foam which was glue onto buckram.

It was then Cut and contact adhesive was applied to both the craftfoam and PVC which covers the craft foam eventually. This was done with all the pieces and glued together. Sam is doing the electronics at the moment as we did buy a big LED to fit in the middle, however this bulb is not in our good books ¬_¬ (see picture)

First it was a 9 volt, then a 6 volt, then a 3 volt, and actually its a 1 volter which means we went through 3 bulbs for nothing.... so Sam is hooking up some smaller LEDs... A clear visor will be tinted and placed in the void. Elastic will be placed at the back to hold the mask onto my face.

Time so far: 2 days

The one of the things I wasn't looking forward to making O.o
Took around 2 hours making a mock up of the jacket as the PVC I brought was not cheap...
I took two patterns I owned made newspaper patterns from altering these patterns then made a cloth mock up to make sure it was done correctly.. (top pic) This shows the amount of detail that needs to actually fit on the back of the actually jacket and in the other picture (bottom pic) you see the leatherette pieces sewn onto the PVC jacket with some details in marker pen still... I have alot still to go but I am on my way :S

Going to hopefully get the mask started in the next week also :)
Hard bits are still baffling me but slowly making sense... lol

Time Taken: 2 hours of planning and another 5 hours of sewing (PVC is not kind)

Done the base jumpsuit for V13, it took a few thinking attempts before trying to sew it all up.

Wasn't as bad as I thought, I sewed the lines in and placed poppers to easily get out of the jumpsuit. It fits so well and I'm pleased with the progress :D
Time so far: 1 Day

Having looked at the completed dress, the bias tape is way too thick for the dress, and so I have taken it all of and will be replacing it with some thinner bias tape.

The jacket is now complete, and the wig has been styled. I did't realise it was quite short on me... :S

Done her claws and they are now on her jacket, need to make some black felt parts to go over the claws parts when they aren't being used.
The mask is in progress, Placed red acetate into the eye sockets and started work on her smile. Some elastic needs to be fixed on and some LEDs need to be installed into the mask. Some alterations of the boot covers need to take place and then DONE!
Time so far: 2 Days (paper mache needed to dry)

How many weeks now? 2?
O.O and I'm already panicking... ¬_¬ Time to get my ass in gear.
Got my petticoat today in the post, its a really nice one...
I put everything on to see where the black underskirt fell and it was too long so I cut 2 inches from the bottom and took 2 inches from the purple top dress, this made the lovely shape I was after. Now I have cut the ruffle pieces to sew on the dress sunday ( I need a new zip: didn't get a big enough one, atm there's a bright green one there)

Staff has also been started, Dad is making it so I can pack it in the suitcase and carry it that way and I have made and papermached the top part of the staff (shown in picture) Need to get some fimo or air drying clay to make the other details on the staff before painting it all...

Cape now has sewn on bow and snaps so I can easily place it on and off.
Not a lot now, just need to find some material for the scallop edging around her underskirt...
Time so far: 3 Hours

O.O Im officially hating pleats right about now XD
Any way, the cape is complete and the dress now has a skirt part attached YAY!

The ribbon really did bug me and so new thinner ribbon has been attached, looks so much better now... Im wondering whether I should make a petticoat cause at the moment its not puffy enough ...

Black underskirt base is constructed just got to hem and place the netting detail on and viola! Not more to go but its enough XD

Time so far: 7 hours

Started a lot today,
hand sewed all of the flower brooch and sewed it onto the hat :D So now that is complete (Still not sure on the ribbon)

Started the main dress, and the bodice is now complete with bows pinned at the moment. Got to get more fabric to finish the skirt off, and buy more black cotton to finish the underskirt so I can measure the purple skirt front properly.

Cape is yet to be done, but well on the way to being done for expo :D YAY!
Time so fa: 9 hours

Making claws for her now, made some out of cardboard this morning. Got to paper mache then, when I do that I will be working on the new mask as well as it can all be done at the same time less mess that way (I think)

Hopefully start paper mache next week when I get a day off and have free use of the dining table mwhahahahaha

Ok this school uniform is not as quick to make as I originally thought XD
Finished the hat, as you can see my lovely assistant is wearing the hat in the photo, a few adjustments and hey presto!

Made the red tie today for a little something to do after I made a shirt this morning. I have placed a zip in however I have already broken this ¬_¬ grr..

Need to get some more thread to sort the middle part of the collar, un picked the sleeves as I want to remake these as well... Taking 3 steps back and 1 forward at this rate Ah Well! its getting there... just...

Time so far: 4 hours +

Whilst doing one hat, I've decided to do another hat ^^
Got the basic black hat going on, got the flowers sewn on and the circles pinned..
Going to make the flower on her hat as the one I found was a tad expensive for my liking...

On to the dress and cape after a few days of non sewing :)

Been busy the last few days, trying to sort this one out...
(this costume is not as simple as it looks O.O *twitch*)

The cutting of the skirts and top part no worries, the collar was a lot more harder than I thought as its not a simple sailor collar :S so that took bit more time to get right...

Luckily I have many patterns to get the necessary pieces out of to make the costume work. A few alterations for the corset and its complete ^^ I love that piece, the bow looks right, the front looks right so *thumbs up*

The hat has been re-made several times, however the present article is looking as it should be just got to sew the black felt on and stitch the black ribbon on then hat is complete yay!

Time so far: 3 days on and off

Decided to make this uniform as I love the design its really cute, plus I've wanted to do her for a while,
Cut out all the pattern pieces for the main dress part from the sleeves tonight, then tomorrow its the white pieces plus sleeves once I figured out how to do them, I got enough fabric to make my hat out from as well :)

Progress pictures up soon

Finished her lovely dress/jacket the other day and cant stop wearing it :) I love it soo much. Started the boot covers today, just need to do the other one and sew the backs.

May do the little paws on the braces, will look for a boobtube if not will have to make one. One more step to completion :)

Dress is in progress I am delighted with the outcome so far :)
Just got the sleeves/paws to do now which shouldnt be too difficult task, going to sew zips in the wrists so I can actually use my hands...

My stuffing for the ears come from old pillows from my student house XD Reuse and recycled, we liked this :D

Boot covers will be in progress once I know whether I need more fabric or not ^^' (someone doesnt think she brought enough) Then Taokaka is COMPLETE

Time so far: 2 evenings worth

I final found a bell shaped polysterene thing yay! I've painted this gold and sewed it straight onto the costume ^^, I have also sewn her ears to glue onto the hairband with the horns on when I get them back...
Last bit to do is the apron, socks, tail, and the pink head accessory and she is done :)

Got all the ebayed items brought which included wig, shorts, braces, and mask base :)

Going to the fabric shop tomorrow to collect some fabric to get her dress in progress and her boot covers ... Shouldnt be too bad
Time so far: 10 hours surfing e-bay XD

Got going on this today ^^ Found my cat tail from the cat maid I did at christmas and browsed the internet and got my eye on some red shorts, braces, wig and brought a plain black face mask.

Going to go to the fabric shop later on in the week to pick out suitable fabrics to start the main top on the costume and the boot covers... :)

Today was very productive I got the dress and the bloomers comepleted :)
The bloomers were abit tricky to understand as the pattern was for historical bloomers so made them up as I went along :P The most time consuming thing was the frills everywhere O.o so many frills lol

Time taken: 6 hours +

I brought some supplies for this the other day including the pink buttons and the pink drill cotton for the main dress...

Got some fimo and a headband to make the head accessories :)
Just got to find wig, bell, and socks now

Will be getting the bulk of this done after Expo.. got to finish miku hatsune magnet and Penelo before sorting this one out :S

Due to a let down by a commissioner me and my dad have been tackling this weapon ourselves :S its been alot of hard work.
First started with the template which I drew up within a few hours (see on the left)

Then dad found some hard wood and cut out two flower shapes (see middle top)
Dad attatched two thin pieces of metal to the bottom of the rose pattern.
The blade is made from some soft wood which has been plained down and sprayed silver. With help from an old snooker cue the handle was formed, abit of black paint and the main basis was done (see right)

Abit of white and burgandy paint on the rose's frame, found some green and red acetate to make the coloured inserts. This was perfect as it looks like a stain glass window in the reference picture. (see middle bottom)

Now to stick it all together and make the final silver details and put the bandage looking ribbon on the sword and viola it is complete :)

Time so far: 9 hours +

Well.. Claves is nearly completed I can see the light ^^
Boots are now corrected and finished Huzah! the belt has been extended,painted and fixed on, flower still needs painting and then it can be pinned on the belt.
and finally silver pen to do the detail on the stocking.

My wig is finally here and its gorgeous it fits really well and I love it sooo much I can't wait to try everything on :D Thankyou Sephnoir

If all goes well it will be debuted at Minamicon if not it will be at MCM Expo in May :D

complete the cape today yay! last piece of the main costume to be done.
The boots are now paper mached ready for painting and layer of PVA
Just need to sit and work the belt out around her waist and make the top of the stocking out of some leatherette... maybe will purchase a pen to draw the daggers on the stockings also. Bit more work to be done ^^'

Havent done alot to Claves for a while and so very slow progress at the moment..
Re-painted the bracelet and its looking better than what is was like, painted the brooch on the costume just need to hot glue it on.

Sleeves are half completed, got to do red ribbon and the triangles on the tops to do. Cape is still in pieces at the moment but should be done by the end on the week.
Glued shoes now paper mache and painting. Rose needs painting, last bit will be the belt around the middle. Having problems with getting the rose sword as my friend moved away so that should be coming undamaged in the post soon. *fingers cross*

Hey there, been incredibly busy over the last month with uni work and being ill for at least 2 weeks... anyway back to being creative ^^ woop!

I have almost completed Amulet spade, the shirt, shorts, and sleeves are done with painted suspenders ^^ (just got attach short suspenders) Brought wig, socks and white shoe laces :) Made spade cufflinks and hat brooch too!!

The last piece is doing the hat which my friend is going to help me with.
Then its hop! skip! jump! to Minamicon or MCM in Midlands....

Been a busy bee for the passed couple of hours, and now I have the sleeves completed except for blue spades cufflinks :) and I have the front of my shirt in progress... would of done bit more but kept screwing up the sleeves >_<
Should be done before the weekend is out woo!!
Pictures coming soon when I ask nicely for a camera or find my charger. :P

Yesturday I decided to start Claves Boots as these are the other main piece of the costume.

Covered some charity brought shoes with the base and the top cover of the boot, ran out of glue sticks so have to get more before I can do any more.

Done the calf pieces of the boot, as well as the centre piece at the front, all needs glueing before starting the paper mache part once again.. :(

Time so far: 4 hours +

brought alot of blue fabric yesturday and a shirt pattern which has been adapted to do the long pieces at the back, got everything cut out except for collar and the back bow part of the costume.

Now to sew everything together ^^ it shouldn't that hard to finish her off now :) Still got to find my charger for my camera though :S

Got the Humpty lock on the way, got the boots and shorts already sorted :)
The biggest thing now is the shirt with the sleeves, still cant find blue/white long socks :S

Buying the wig soon, and getting fabrics in the next month.
Going to make the spade charms for the sleeves tomorrow and make the big spade for the hat at the same time hopefully :D

Pinafore dress is completed after loads of annoyance due to knife pleats ¬_¬
Got the jacket to go, however will be doing this as soon as C.C Jacket is done for my sister..

I must either find or make another tie to go with the outfit
Time so far: - 2 days

I have recently completed a pattern for claves, and have sew the fabric pieces together to create half the outfit... there are more things to be done like the belt around her waist and her boots. The sleeves are cut just need to get some white elastic and sew them together :)

pictures coming soon once I retrieve a camera
Time so far : - two days

The shirt was brought for £3 in the charity shop :) blessings those shops are, it was a man's shirt so some alterations had to be done to fit myself, it is fully complete and waiting on me to do the pinafore and jacket out of white polycotton and demin...

time so far 3 hours

An update on the gauntlet, found some grey gloves in a charity shop, and found a flower brooch for claves belt pouch piece. The gauntlet is now papermached and drying for the night before I will attempt to paint it...

SO far on Gauntlet: - 2 days

Started abit early with the gauntlet as I thought it would be the hardest thing for Claves :)
I design a templete from card and cellotape to see whether the design would be suitable... then cut craftfoam pieces and hot glued them together with my new glue gun ^^

I havent found a glove yet which would be the basis for the gauntlet, however today I have paper mache the pieces so my hot glue lines wont be seen (they are abit aweful)

Onto the drying and hopefully the painting in the near future.

I have asked Sephnoir to make my wig for me as I have not alot of experience with wigs and would possible ruin it to the core... so this was definately the best option for me.. should be picked up in the next couple of weeks and should be progressing with the gaunlet soon too...

I have been a bit bust today with some cosplays, fiddled around with Penelo and have sewn one side of the snaps I have on to the bows, as I was attatching the ribbon on sailor saturn's back bow...

I dont think im completely happy with her head piece but i have plenty of time to try and re-do that before expo, I have a pattern coming my way so hopefully will be able to try and finish her this weekend yay hey!

Hello there, just been painting my stars for sailor saturn, there is two boot stars, choker star, waist star and the main purple star for the tiara :) just need varnishing...

hello there another busy day for me, I nearly didnt do the bows tday as the electric was out for around 3 hours today, but alas i have suceeded in making the bows for my costume, the fabric took a while to find but a trip up bristol I got 3/4 fabric i needed but forgot to get the interfacing ¬_¬ silly me :D I started the back tails and then waited until yesturday to grab some interfacing.. ^^ my sister helped me iron the interfacing on and helping me making sure the bows look like they should...

next is getting the purple to do the sailor flap and to finish off sailor mars bows too.. next will be finiding gold paint and varnishing the stars wish me luck :D

Hello, I've gotten started on my cosplay and started the fimo pieces which are the head band, the star belt, brooch and the stars on the boots..

I have modelled the purple star and varnished it.. it came out rather well and I have also done the waist belt star I just need to paint it gold and varnish it ..

The brooch needs more fimo and a pin for the back and the small stars for the boots need to be started :)

The image is a mock up of the tiara to show the finish purple star

Will be buying fabric at easter and should be getting started with the bows


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